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#sugar-meeting meeting, 2011-05-08 19:25:35

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19:25 meeting Meeting started Sun May  8 19:25:35 2011 UTC. The chair is CanoeBerry. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
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19:26 CanoeBerry SLOBS meeting has just started, with 6 board members here in person in Montevideo, Uruguay..
19:26 icarito <icarito!~icaro@r186-51-141-110.static.adinet.com.uy> has joined #sugar-meeting
19:26 CanoeBerry mchua_afk: can you join?
19:27 In room: walterbender, cjb, bernie, icarito, alsroot, CanoeBerry (and guest dirakx)
19:27 Walter welcomes us.
19:27 Question on Sugar Labs South America..
19:27 icarito responding..
19:27 RafaelOrtiz has quit IRC
19:27 RafaelOrtiz <RafaelOrtiz!~dirakx1@r186-51-141-110.static.adinet.com.uy> has joined #sugar-meeting
19:28 CanoeBerry Different existing groups and need to align local labs better.  30min session w/ 30 participants introduced themselves..  Early conversation begun..
19:28 cjb: similar to UY, PY, AG not fully sharing as much as possible yet..
19:28 icarito: very diverse groups, local labs need more than tech people..
19:29 bertf joins us in person..
19:29 aside: dirakx == RafaelOrtiz
19:29 bernie has ~3 agenda items coming..
19:30 icarito: f2f meeting was critical nonetheless to kickstart relationships, that can continue online..
19:30 RafaelOrtiz +1.
19:31 CanoeBerry icarito: feeling the need to professionalize local labs beyond just hobbyists, towards services that help the labs pursue our sugar mission..
19:31 walterbender: will talk to icarito tomorrow (Monday) to push this forward, digging into underlying reasons for certain slowness..
19:32 walterbender: beyond amateurs vs. professionals, let's talk about demographics?
19:32 icarito: CanoeBerry's "angry MBAs.." joke may be relevant..
19:34 in discussion: an email earlier this year suggesting Activity Central might replace some of Paraguay's local labs activities..
19:35 comment/concern above from walterbender/bernie
19:35 icarito: open question, yes
19:35 icarito: suggestion to make bank of projects, posting ideas/resources..
19:36 anonymous comment: the more Activity Centrals the better
19:37 anonymous comment: local labs preferred in general to paid consultancies?
19:37 observation from all: 4 people in the room are Activity Central employees..
19:39 icarito explains AC's work negotiating contracts towards making Sugar sustainable..
19:39 bernie would like to see more inter-deployment cooperation..
19:39 spreads knowledge..
19:41 just an observation from walterbender: orig dextrose came from py collab w/ uy, bernie flying in, tomeu flying in etc, collaborations w/o 3rd parties..
19:42 icarito: i am not just an AC employee -- AC is hiring the community, and selling services helping Sugar..
19:42 (bernie brings forward ~3 agenda items..)
19:43 #1 accounting / finance
19:43 bernie analyzed SL finance over the past 10 days using Bradley Kuhn sw tools..
19:44 Jan 2011 SL balance was: $19,591.09
19:45 line items being examined, bernie explaining strange accounting standards he's been helping decipher..
19:47 Last year nobody went to the GSC mentors summit.. as folks here in room try to decipher Google's donating $5500 for travel etc.
19:47 $20,000 Gould grant received..
19:48 $10564.09 of above spent..
19:48 Etc
19:49 cjb: makes more sense now to see actual numbers..
19:49 bernie: remember, individual donors' names cannot be published..
19:50 bernie: actual liquidity number?
19:51 So: $9635.91 (remaining Gould funds) of $19,591.09 not available for spending, as of JAN 2011
19:52 walterbender: some has been spend over the past 4-5 months.. students to web design summit in NYC (RIT), travel money to EduJAM/UY..
19:53 bernie: server funds allocated a year ago or more, but not yet spent..
19:53 bernie: wishes more shirts etc purchased
19:54 bernie: is dissatisfied that funds seem to need complex/bureaucratic ticketing approval processes..
19:54 travel/hw whatever
19:55 bernie: is very happy Mel tried to solve this important problem, but not happy with the solution proposed
19:56 bernie prefers 1 person providing quick approval on items "like any other NGO.."
19:58 cjb: should we pick numbers above which funds should require board approval etc?
19:58 bernie: sure!
19:59 bernie: $42,181.45 income into SL since mid-2008, when we began..
19:59 (incl $20K Gould grant)
20:00 $9955.18 funds was available "unencumbered" as of Jan 2011.
20:01 walterbender: Revenue seems to have come from only 2 sources: indiv donation money, money from Google.
20:01 cjb: can/should we find a fundraising person?
20:01 bernie: agrees
20:03 walterbender: we've only had a few thousands per year in unencumbered funds every year, and we're spending a large chunk of it this year.
20:04 cjb: agrees, should expenses above $200 require approval?
20:04 many seem to agree..
20:04 bernie: more t-shirts businesses please!
20:04 walterbender: yes, we've delegated this to local labs..
20:05 bernie: authorization for t-shirts has..
20:08 walterbender suggestion: bernie approve funds instantly if under $200..
20:08 bernie MOTION: A slob (to start with, Bernie) is authorized to
20:08 approve spending tickets filed on the bugtracker up to
20:08 $200.  For amounts larger than this, we still need a full
20:08 SLOBs motion.
20:09 seconded by walter
20:09 +1 from me
20:09 6 people authorized, mchua_afk vote pending
20:09 CanoeBerry Motion carries (unanimous in room)
20:10 bernie has 2 more items: gplv3, governance documents
20:11 walterbender: has a potential trademark issue he's working on with SL's lawyer
20:11 bernie on GPLv3...
20:12 bernie wants to avoid executive board making executive decisions in general..
20:12 icarito has quit IRC
20:13 CanoeBerry cjb / bernie on plebiscite / referendum / non-binding vote?
20:15 walterbender proposes non-binding referendum w/ community regarding Sugar Labs ensorsement of GPLv3, and recommended process by which developers could update license of modules they maintain..
20:16 bertf: GPLv2 issues preferred by some developers.
20:17 Referendum would be among SL's ~150 members.
20:17 walterbender: but indiv developers would continue to have their choice on the license of their code..
20:20 bernie: feels ownership of Sugar belongs to entire community not just Python developers, but also wiki contributors etc..
20:21 cjb: uncomfortable with larger group(s) pushing license changes on individuals? even if sometimes wise?
20:25 CanoeBerry has quit IRC
20:29 CanoeBerry_ <CanoeBerry_!~CanoeBerr@r190-135-39-195.dialup.adsl.anteldata.net.uy> has joined #sugar-meeting
20:29 CanoeBerry_ Connection restored to in-person SLOBS meeting in Montevideo, Uruguay.
20:31 RafaelOrtiz has quit IRC
20:32 bernie MOTION: We will have a Non-binding referendum of the community regarding
20:32 whether Sugar Labs should recommend distributing Sugar modules under the
20:32 GPLv3 or later (instead of the previous GPLv2 or later), with individual
20:32 developers being responsible for deciding whether to update the license
20:32 of the modules that they maintain.
20:32 +1 from myself
20:33 RafaelOrtiz <RafaelOrtiz!~dirakx1@r190-135-39-195.dialup.adsl.anteldata.net.uy> has joined #sugar-meeting
20:33 bernie 5 of 5 present approve
20:33 CanoeBerry_ icarito left room ~10 min ago
20:33 RafaelOrtiz hi.
20:33 bernie #action walter will find someone to run the referendum
20:33 CanoeBerry_ walterbender will set it up
20:33 volunteer will manage it
20:34 CanoeBerry_ is now known as CanoeBerry
20:34 bernie MOTION: Patch for our Governance page to bring it in line with what we're actually doing: http://fpaste.org/JfrD/
20:35 CanoeBerry (Clarif above: 5 of 5 present voting members were.. walterbender, bernie, cjb, alsroot, CanoeBerry)
20:42 m_anish_afk is now known as m_anish
20:45 bernie walter seconds
20:45 +1 from me
20:51 5 of 5 present voted yes
20:51 we need to check what majority is required to change our Governance document
20:52 CanoeBerry question being: this is a "constitutional" kind of change -- are 2/3 of 7 slobs sufficient to carry to decision?
20:53 or does SL's constitution require 2/3 of our members, referendum-style?
21:01 reminder: education meeting every wedn morning on irc, in spanish..
21:02 questions around inviting other linux distribution folks to SL Advisory Board?!
21:02 Bernie should invite 1 or 2 folks.
21:02 Widely-used distros especially.
21:03 cjb: what SLOBS should do.
21:04 walterbender: has been trying to help local labs raise money..
21:04 PY etc
21:05 bernie would like to add a donation-buttion using bitcoin
21:05 cjb says great if not linked to SL's paypal account
21:06 Wrapping up now, all 5 remaining leaving room here in Montevideo, Uruguay, thanks to CREATICA for hosting us!
21:07 (CREATICA office here, behind Sugar's accessibility software efforts here in Uruguay)
21:07 #endmeeting
21:07 meeting Meeting ended Sun May  8 21:07:33 2011 UTC. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot. (v 0.1.4)
21:07 Minutes: http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]-08T19:25:35.html
21:07 Log:     http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]11-05-08T19:25:35

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