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#sugar-meeting meeting, 2011-04-30 14:10:51

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14:10 meeting Meeting started Sat Apr 30 14:10:51 2011 UTC. The chair is m_anish. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
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14:11 m_anish #topic status updates
14:11 dirakx1, you wanna do the honors? :)
14:11 icarito has quit IRC
14:12 dirakx1 m_anish: yep.
14:13 so my updates are mostly documented here.http://openetherpad.org/EL5g7TqHEI
14:13 I've been cleaning and fixing bugs for  my activities..and have various fixes not upstreamed yet.
14:14 now i have a narrowed down list of features asked to have on these activities.
14:14 now I'm the official maintainer of speak and maze. /me happy. joshua granted me permission.
14:14 m_anish dirakx1, great!
14:15 dirakx1 worked with gonzalo to have various patches to log..(avoiding spyware for example).
14:15 gonzalo has now access to some of wade's activities.
14:15 m_anish dirakx1, ah! the sending log thing
14:16 dirakx1 and I'll work with him to have new versions of those activities.
14:16 m_anish dirakx1, when are you arriving in uy?
14:16 dirakx1 m_anish: yep.
14:16 m_anish: 5 may late night.
14:16 approx 10pm
14:16 m_anish: I'm staying in the che lagarto hostal.
14:17 m_anish dirakx1, ok, and till when are you in uy?
14:17 dirakx1 m_anish: 11. but i depart early in the morning.
14:18 m_anish dirakx1, ok. all in all, it sounds like you're making very good progress on the activities front :-)
14:18 dirakx1 m_anish:yep.
14:18 ;)
14:18 m_anish: when will you be in UY (after visa is granted ?)
14:18 cjl raises hand
14:19 m_anish dirakx1, supposed to be there 4-16th
14:19 dirakx1 m_anish: ok.
14:19 m_anish cjl, yep :-)?
14:19 cjl I guess this is an AC meeting, but I wanted t ocomment that fi the Honey templates in Pootle aren't fixed, you'll not get good lang-es L10n
14:20 Honey lang-es has too few strings right now.
14:20 dirakx1 cjl: hmm sure, you are right. I have to check what's happening there.
14:21 cjl 6738 total words (instead fo the expected 7197)
14:21 Just wanted to point that out and thank dirakx1 for his work on Pootle
14:21 sits down again in back of room
14:21 dirakx1 cjl: to you. thanks.
14:22 m_anish: lastly I'm working on the browse cache issue..I was expected to have some feedback about that. on sugar-devel.
14:22 expecting.
14:23 bernie dirakx1: does the cache bloat even with normal usage?
14:23 dirakx1: i wouldn't expect that...
14:23 dirakx1 bernie: with normal usage it's o.k..problem seems to happen when trying to download big files.
14:24 bernie dirakx1: ah ok.. then it's as i thought.... mozilla can't download files directly to a different location
14:24 m_anish bernie, also, dirakx1, me tried to install f14's xulrunner into f11, too many missing deps :/
14:25 dirakx1 about xulrunner..yep it seems that it will have to wait to dx3 for an os update.
14:26 bernie: i was thinking in defining a cache policy in hulahop..as an approach to solve the issue.
14:26 bernie #link https://developer.mozilla.org/[…]nager_preferences
14:26 dirakx1 bernie: thanks.
14:28 bernie: I'll check  on that.
14:30 bernie dirakx1: there's an option called smart_size_cached_value... i can't find documentation for it, but if you google around it sounds like it may do what we wanted
14:30 dirakx1 bernie: ok, seems fine.
14:32 bernie: just a Q, this should be added to hulahop or xulrunner ?.
14:37 m_anish bernie, dirakx1, should we also test the activities in silbe's dx3 build
14:37 dirakx1 adds TODO.
14:39 m_anish dirakx1, icarito_web I can help test on a xo1.5 if needed. /me opened a few dx3 platform bugs this week
14:41 dirakx1 m_anish: I'm  more interested on xo-1 testing..I have a working xo.1.5, my xo-1 is broken.
14:41 :(.
14:42 m_anish dirakx1, apparently the dx3 build doesn't work on a xo1 yet
14:42 looks for bug report
14:44 dirakx1 oh ok
14:44 m_anish bugs.sl.o doesn't seem to be opening :/
14:44 dirakx1, there is a problem with the xo1-dx3 build, it tries to install the wrong firmware (xo1.5) afterwards
14:45 icarito_web dirakx1: this is a bug, we need some XOs
14:45 I'm using befana's xo-1 I borrowed too long ago
14:45 dirakx1: lets ask for some @ contributor's program
14:46 dirakx1 icarito_web: good idea...dunno if they have xo-1 in stock.
14:46 cjl dirakx1: ping an e-mail to Holt (or ask him in UY)
14:47 dirakx1 cjl: right.
14:47 m_anish: for now xo-1.5 activity testing should do.
14:48 icarito_web actually its not hard to follow contributor's program procedure
14:48 m_anish dirakx1, yep :)
14:48 bernie dirakx1: i think there's a .js file with the xulrunner preferences somewhere in the Browse activity
14:48 dirakx1: hulahop is just a wrapper around mozembed, i think
14:49 dirakx1 bernie: yep, it is part of hulahop../usr/share/hulahop/..pref.js iirc
14:49 bernie: at least that's what simon told me.
14:51 bernie: http://git.sugarlabs.org/hulah[…]/data/prefs.js.in
14:52 aiui, you can set it there for all laptops (if you package a new hulahop) or set a new pref in about:config setting individually  per each laptop.
14:53 but I guess is the same for xulrunner then..;(-
14:54 lucian_ <lucian_!~lucian@78-86-217-168.zone2.bethere.co.uk> has joined #sugar-meeting
14:55 bernie dirakx1: you could experiment with about:config until you find the setting that fixes the bug, then change prefs.js in hulahop
14:56 dirakx1: we could carry a forked version of hulahop in dextrose if upstream isn't fast enough in applying the patch
14:56 lucian has quit IRC
14:56 dirakx1 bernie: o.k.
14:56 :)
14:56 lucian_ is now known as lucian
14:56 bernie m_anish: i'm replying to christoph's post about various journal problems
14:56 m_anish: the multiple selection thing is something we could really try to get done on during the sugar camp
14:57 m_anish: there's enough critical mass
14:57 m_anish bernie, +1, and ponder over some dx3 todo's
14:58 dirakx1 a journal improvement is a must.
14:58 lucian_ <lucian_!~lucian@78-86-217-168.zone2.bethere.co.uk> has joined #sugar-meeting
14:59 dirakx1 some people in UY has been expressing some bad feedback about it, last week. (just commenting).
15:00 m_anish bernie, also, do you think we could work towards getting stuff upstreamed? need to check with silbe though.
15:00 dirakx1, http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/ticket/2803 is the ticket :)
15:00 lucian has quit IRC
15:00 dirakx1 m_anish: ok
15:01 bernie m_anish: i guess we could resend all our old patches in small batches.
15:01 m_anish #link http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/quer[…]one&keywords=~dx3
15:01 bernie m_anish: perhaps silbe is already doing it... i don't know
15:01 m_anish dirakx1, when opening dx3 activity bugs, pl give them dx3 keywords, so they are easy to track :)
15:02 bernie, yep,need to check with silbe.
15:03 dirakx1 m_anish: +1. I'll do that.
15:04 m_anish quick update from me: (1) me and tch have been getting together once a week for the past few weeks to figure out py specific priority issues. There are some new patches on the dx-ml that I have to commit to dx/mainline (reviews would be appreciated ;-) )
15:05 (2) tested the dx3 build and filed tickets
15:06 bernie guys, i have to drop off the meeting, sorry
15:06 m_anish that's mostly it, the rest is just internal discussions atm with pacita et al. that haven't taken shape yet
15:06 bernie leaves
15:06 m_anish bernie, np, chau!
15:06 dirakx1 bernie: ciao.
15:06 m_anish: great work..
15:06 m_anish lately, tch has become a hacking machine :)))
15:07 lucian_ is now known as lucian
15:07 dirakx1 he!. yep. he is unstoppable.
15:08 m_anish dirakx1, that's it from me, icarito_web any specific updates? :)
15:10 dirakx1, anything else on the agenda :) ?
15:11 dirakx1 m_anish: nop from my part, for now.
15:11 m_anish dirakx1, ok then :)
15:11 #endmeeting
15:11 meeting Meeting ended Sat Apr 30 15:11:37 2011 UTC. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot. (v 0.1.4)
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