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#sugar-meeting meeting, 2011-04-23 14:10:56

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14:10 meeting Meeting started Sat Apr 23 14:10:56 2011 UTC. The chair is m_anish. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
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14:11 m_anish #topic status updates
14:11 icarito, start with you?
14:12 icarito m_anish, at the moment not much to report except it looks like we'll meet at edujam!
14:13 yay
14:13 alsroot, but taking the opportunity
14:13 m_anish icarito, :)
14:14 icarito last meeting we decided it might be a good idea to ask people from the Sur community to help out a bit with ASLO
14:14 alsroot, but I did not make a request as I wasnt sure what the call to action shuold be
14:14 supposing we could interest some PHP programmers to help out
14:14 alsroot icarito: you mean help with content on ASLO?
14:15 icarito alsroot, no, help with some changes silbe and dirakx were suggesting
14:15 alsroot, the idea is we're a bit blocked by upstream move to django
14:16 alsroot, but that it might still be a good idea to prototype some ideas with the current codebase
14:16 alsroot, but I wanted to consult with you first
14:17 alsroot icarito: actually, I'm in an intermediate state in case of ASLO, from one point django is the way to go, from another point, I see ASLO only as a directory of activities (all files related stuff needs to be done via sweets in more proper/convenient way)
14:18 icarito alsroot, i'm excited to learn more about your sweets project
14:19 alsroot, but talking about ASLO, the suggestion would be to clone ASLO source and work a bit there, or would you prefer to discuss this in uruguay so that we might have a better plan?
14:19 its clear we need a library of activities
14:20 directory that is
14:20 alsroot icarito: in case of aslo, sharing new activity release will look like calling `sweets commit` command on user side (ie w/o any web UI, but aslo can have UI to manage shared releases but that UI, most likelly won't be inherited from AMO)
14:22 icarito alsroot, so working with the current ASLO might be not much use
14:22 alsroot icarito: in case of tweaking aslo or not. well, if we have people who are eager to tweak current php aslo and implement some of needed features in php, well why not..
14:23 just working from different side
14:23 icarito alsroot, so the way for them to do this would be to clone current aslo and setup a dev intsance or maybe there is a dev instance? my question is really if I call for volunteers, where should I send them to and with waht instructions
14:24 alsroot icarito: we have -devel and -testing envs on sunjammer
14:24 icarito cloning from git for instance is something I'd have to walkt them thru - so asking for access to sunjammer as well as the devel instance
14:25 alsroot icarito: maybe would be usefu to make a call about starting working on django port
14:25 icarito I'll write it up in that way then
14:25 alsroot, in that case, where should I send them?
14:26 alsroot icarito: for hight development process, would be useful to have env in local env then (there is a wiki), but I think starting working on new port is more useful at the end
14:27 icarito: for new AMO, actually I don't have many experience
14:27 just started it once and tried original AMO cide
14:28 icarito thank you alsroot
14:28 lets see I hope we can get some help there
14:29 m_anish, that's what I had in mind
14:29 m_anish icarito, are you talking abt local community/interested college students?
14:29 icarito here's some content from recent Puno event in Peru http://escuelab.org/contenido/[…]sugarcamppuno2011
14:29 m_anish, no, but possibly there are people that could help in the massive [sur] list
14:30 m_anish icarito, ah! nice
14:30 icarito, any specific development plans before edujam?
14:32 icarito m_anish, I still need to touch base with dirakx and you - did you agree on a time for a "triage session"?
14:32 i agreed to upgrade toolbars on tam tam, if you want specifics :-)
14:32 m_anish icarito, ok, how about this monday (we didn't agree on a time IIRC, but monday seemed ok)
14:33 icarito m_anish, monday is fine for me. afternoon though, have a doctor appointment in the morning
14:34 m_anish icarito, okay
14:34 icarito alsroot, I'm still hoping to learn to build packages for trisquel and/or upgrade your packages
14:35 m_anish alsroot, any updates from ru :-) ?
14:35 alsroot icarito: btw whats your origianal purpose? creating exactly .deb packages or letting people start sugar/activities
14:36 icarito alsroot, my original purpose was to build a customized TOAST
14:36 alsroot icarito: for sugaracmp, I'm planing to setup the entirely env (in initial state) to cover full cycle (coding/sharing) creating packages there will be also possible
14:37 icarito alsroot, so maybe we can build a TOAST at EduJAM
14:37 ;-)
14:38 alsroot icarito: from sdk (sweets) side will will have .deb packages for sugar and activities (as a 3rd party repo), the rest is not sdk related (eg image creating{)
14:38 m_anish alsroot, sweet (excuse the pun)
14:39 alsroot icarito: for the rest process you need to ask quidam on #sugar
14:39 icarito alsroot, yes quidam is quite helpful
14:39 alsroot m_anish: ?
14:40 icarito alsroot, I'm interested in learning about creating repos for activities from the activities team perspective
14:40 m_anish alsroot, re: "<alsroot>: for sugaracmp, I'm planing ..."
14:41 alsroot m_anish: yup, thats my plan to have sdk ready to use (sweets+obs)
14:42 icarito: thats exactly one of points of sdk (ie just creating repos), I hope to have it ready before may 3
14:44 icarito dirakx, and I have talked about having means like the ubuntu PPAs for having distributed repos of activities
14:44 ie making it easy
14:44 i think we need to learn more about sweets I'm glad we'll finally meet
14:46 m_anish, from you, by when can we deliver updated activities in what fashion to you?
14:47 alsroot icarito: btw, having repos (eg ppa) is more distributors way, so you are talking more from sugar vendor pov?
14:47 icarito alsroot, dirakx and I are tasked with building "Dextrose Activity Pack"
14:48 m_anish icarito, you wanted them tested by a few power users here, right? (the activites on your priority list)
14:48 icarito we still need to define exactly how this is delivered
14:49 alsroot icarito: and whats the chosen way to distribute it, via dextrose repos?
14:49 icarito we hoped to deploy updated versions to you, testing them with you first of course
14:49 alsroot icarito: ..repos of native packages
14:49 icarito alsroot, atm I'm not clear we have a means but I'd hope the activity pack can be deployed beyond just dextrose
14:50 alsroot, i was hoping for .xo and metadata repos so that the activities are installed in ~/Activities
14:50 m_anish icarito, from testers' perspective, we will just have a different testing update url the updater will point to for some of the power users
14:51 icarito alsroot, as in a command to download/upgrade activities from an url
14:51 alsroot, currently m_anish has http://activities.paraguayeduca.org/
14:54 alsroot icarito: actually, we need to talk about it in more closer way, I see sdk might be useful here to make the process much smoother.. but I need to bring it in some ready to use state before at first (for sugar camp)
14:55 icarito alsroot, ok so we'll focus on debugging / improving our activity list and then work with you on delivery methods
14:55 i had a feeling sdk might help a lot
14:57 anything else? m_anish ?
14:58 alsroot icarito: +1
14:58 m_anish icarito, nope... from my side, I've been working with pyedu to finish up on my work before edujam, and it'll keep me occupied for another week atleast.
14:59 endmeeting?
15:00 icarito guess so
15:01 m_anish FWIW, i'll try to go through the commits that happened b/w 0.88-0.92, but right now, I'm prioritizing py specific (local) work
15:01 #endmeeting
15:01 meeting Meeting ended Sat Apr 23 15:01:25 2011 UTC. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot. (v 0.1.4)
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