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#sugar-meeting meeting, 2011-04-10 16:03:46

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16:03 meeting Meeting started Sun Apr 10 16:03:46 2011 UTC. The chair is SeanDaly. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
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16:04 JT_4sugar christianmarcsch, I believe you have read the emails can you try to lead us through to info you need
16:05 igod = dogi from the phone ...
16:05 christianmarcsch JT_4sugar: it would be great if someone could recap
16:05 igod hi all
16:05 geirea i can explain what's the setup right now
16:05 christianmarcsch geirea: thanks
16:06 geirea we had a lot of crazy ideas, but the one that has been realized so far is this:
16:07 there will be a contest of chronicle-like entries for children about how they witness the race as it passes by their cities or towns
16:07 each entry should be written like a news article with photographs
16:08 the kids send the article to an email address
16:08 we are asking for format: either text and photos as attachment, or a Write file
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16:09 geirea the contest will be announced this wednesday at the kids' supplement of the main national newspaper
16:09 and volunteers will hang posters in schools around the country
16:10 the newspaper is offering some prizes like two bikes, pendrives, etc
16:10 christianmarcsch has quit IRC
16:10 geirea this is what we have so far
16:10 christianmarcsch <christianmarcsch!~christian@cpe-24-193-242-220.nyc.res.rr.com> has joined #sugar-meeting
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16:10 igod <igod!~igod@> has joined #sugar-meeting
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16:10 dogi_ back on tvdesktop
16:11 christianmarcsch geriea: sounds interesting
16:11 SeanDaly so some questions looking for answers: how to filter/moderate e-mails, how to transform e-mails to e.g. blog posts (or online in another format)
16:12 geirea now the idea would be to have a website where the entries can be published
16:12 dogi_ backlog ... http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]1-04-10#i_2656401
16:12 geirea, +1
16:13 geirea we can have volunteers to review the entries before posting, but ideally we would need a tool to convert the emails to (unpublished) blog entries
16:13 christianmarcsch the thought was that we could setup a wordpress account
16:13 dogi_ geirea, is there some code already available ?
16:14 geirea we don't have much expertise in that area, but we saw a couple of wordpress plugins
16:14 dogi_ oh ...
16:14 christianmarcsch in theory, we can publish to wordpress by email
16:14 but in practice, i'm not sure whether we will need a moderation system of sorts
16:15 SeanDaly #link: http://codex.wordpress.org/Blog_by_Email
16:15 christianmarcsch: I daresay any e-mail address which will appear in a newspaper will need spam filtering at least
16:16 christianmarcsch SeanDaly: exactly
16:16 geirea one other thing: the newspaper article is already in print so we can't change what's going to be published
16:16 svallejo there's another reason to moderation, the contact data of the childrem is at the botton of the email.
16:17 christianmarcsch is there a wordpress plugin that will convert emails to *unpublished* blog entries
16:17 SeanDaly geirea: is there an URL or e-amil address in the newspaper article we need to set up quickly?
16:17 geirea christianmarcsch: +1 this is what we need
16:17 SeanDaly: the email address published is concurso@rapceibal.info
16:17 igod has quit IRC
16:18 geirea we can forward this addres to any other account
16:18 SeanDaly cf link: "Limitations: - Standard characters in the object - Plain text only"
16:18 igod <igod!~igod@> has joined #sugar-meeting
16:18 alsroot is now known as alsroot_away
16:19 geirea unfortunately we didn't include an url in the article so we have to publish the webpage adress by other means
16:20 alsroot_away is now known as alsroot
16:20 christianmarcsch SeanDaly: i suppose someone could constantly monitor the wordpress account an delete any spam entries, though that seems backwards
16:20 SeanDaly geirea: one way to deal with that is to autoanswer received e-mail with a thank-you message which includes the URL
16:20 geirea SeanDaly: that's a good idea
16:21 SeanDaly christianmarcsh: yes, perhaps even to add missing photos since Wordpress publish by e-mail is text-only
16:21 svallejo #link http://en.support.wordpress.com/post-by-email/
16:22 christianmarcsch SeanDaly: actually i think  you can send image attachments
16:22 take a look at the "attachments" section
16:22 geirea the post-by-email link above shows images
16:23 SeanDaly ah yes the wordpress.org info is bad!
16:23 christianmarcsch but the question of moderation remains
16:24 geirea maybe moderation can be performed before sending to wordpress, directly on the mail body
16:24 scorche has quit IRC
16:24 SeanDaly Actually if e-mail arrives at address above, spam can be filtered at that point
16:24 scorche` <scorche`!~scorche@rockbox/administrator/scorche> has joined #sugar-meeting
16:24 geirea so the moderator can forward to wordpress only approved entries
16:25 christianmarcsch geirea: that makes sense
16:25 sounds like that is the solution?
16:25 SeanDaly And, Wordpress shortcodes could be automagically added e.g. status=pending for moderation
16:26 christianmarcsch ok
16:26 dogi_ is thinking about a wordpress-develVM
16:27 dogi_ has quit IRC
16:27 dogi_ <dogi_!~dogi@c-65-96-166-32.hsd1.ma.comcast.net> has joined #sugar-meeting
16:27 christianmarcsch so we will need to set up a wordpress account
16:27 geirea ideally wordpress can be located somewhere like vueltaciclista.sugarlabs.org/blog
16:28 dogi_ christianmarcsch, +1
16:28 or host wordpress by our self
16:28 geirea and we can make vueltaciclista.sugarlabs.org a cover page with link to the blog plus any other information we want to include
16:29 SeanDaly would be great to keep articles up after the race... kids will be proud of their work
16:32 geirea i think the idea is now well defined, how do we make it happen?
16:33 SeanDaly if we can get this together i can proceed with plan to do PR announcing Garmin-Cervelo sponsorship while spotlighting Uruguay & mentioning edeJAM
16:33 igod has quit IRC
16:33 christianmarcsch are mike and JT here?
16:34 igod <igod!~igod@> has joined #sugar-meeting
16:34 christianmarcsch i was thinking they could help in setting up the wordpress account
16:36 JT_4sugar christianmarcsch, If you can send them email after meeting describing what you need from JT&Mike I'm pretty sure they could handle tomorrow
16:36 christianmarcsch JT_4sugar: great, will do
16:37 we may need to do a little customization of the template
16:37 it would be good to see what JT&Mike come up with first--
16:37 SeanDaly should there be any language consideration? Wordpress acct in Spanish..?
16:37 christianmarcsch then we could perhaps tweak it a bit if necessary
16:37 m_anish is now known as m_anish_afk
16:37 SeanDaly geirea: newspaper article coming out for sure this Wednesday?
16:38 geirea SeanDaly: almost sure it is on wednesday, let me confirm this
16:40 dfarning is now known as dfarning_afk
16:40 geirea SeanDaly: yes, Revista El Escolar, Diario El País, the supplement is included with wednesday newspaper
16:40 svallejo i think our deadline is when the "vuelta ciclista" starts
16:41 SeanDaly remind me name of newspaper? I need to decided whether to time PR for same day or not
16:41 dogi_ geirea, is there possibility to add google-analytics to the wordpress ... or are there other user monitoring tools
16:41 geirea newspaper = Diario El País
16:42 SeanDaly #link: http://en.support.wordpress.co[…]-existing-domain/
16:42 JT_4sugar christianmarcsch, To help JT&Mike if they are having set up issues working with Sugar Labs site will you cc Bernie and Dogi so they can assist if needed
16:42 geirea dogi_: i guess any tool can be added, but i'm no expert on the issue
16:42 dogi_ would like to find out if we can distinguish parents children and teacher by surf profile
16:43 JT_4sugar, thx
16:44 geirea we would need to know if the domain vueltaciclista.sugarlabs.org will be used so we can publish this and help spreading the word
16:44 SeanDaly link: http://en.support.wordpress.com/stats/
16:44 geirea also, please take into account that the site can include things other than the blog, for example walter's odometer setup using the xo and other things
16:45 (however, all that would be additional work)
16:45 SeanDaly JT_4sugar: if JT & Mike have setup issue related to paid feature I can assist with that
16:45 christianmarcsch so, quick question: can someone remind me of the start date?
16:46 svallejo wednesday published, friday the "vuelta ciclista" starts
16:46 christianmarcsch svallejo: thanks
16:47 geirea race webpage: http://www.federacionciclistauruguaya.com.uy/
16:47 SeanDaly http://www.federacionciclistauruguaya.com.uy/
16:48 svallejo #link http://www.federacionciclistau[…]VCU11-Etapa1.html
16:48 m_anish_afk is now known as m_anish
16:49 SeanDaly geirea, svallejo: would you or others be able to help with PR translation to Spanish?
16:49 alsroot is now known as alsroot_away
16:49 geirea SeanDaly: yes, no problem
16:50 svallejo si, con gusto.
16:50 alsroot_away is now known as alsroot
16:51 alsroot is now known as alsroot_away
16:52 SeanDaly ideally we could have English PR done by tomorrow night; if so, we could put it on the wire Friday morning for race start. Wed or Thurs possible too, but each day sooner is $100 more for me
16:52 icarito <icarito!~icaro@> has joined #sugar-meeting
16:52 SeanDaly i will need to liaise with Garmin-Cervelo for quote
16:53 alsroot_away is now known as alsroot
16:53 SeanDaly and will need a quote about how contest winners will be announced at eduJAM
16:55 geirea SeanDaly: somehow El País, RAP Ceibal, ceibalJAM! should appear in the PR too
16:55 SeanDaly dogi,alsroot: it's vital to know if we can communicate URL vueltaciclista.sugarlabs.org and ideally, sugarlabs.org/vueltaciclista with redirect to former
16:56 geirea SeanDaly: regarding eduJAM we can provide what is needed, basically the idea is to give prizes to the winners at the closing of the event, something brief
16:57 SeanDaly geirea: yes doable this is spotlight on UY ;-) we want to show how countries appropriate OLPC/Sugar
16:58 geirea SeanDaly: great!
16:58 SeanDaly will also liaise with Giulia at OLPC she is now handling day-to-day PR taking over from Jackie
16:59 alsroot SeanDaly: yup, it is possible to have vueltaciclista.sugarlabs.org that redirects to http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Vuelta_a_Uruguay
17:01 geirea alsroot: we need something more polished with a link to the blog
17:01 SeanDaly alsroot: actually needs to redirect to public wordpress blog site, not wiki page
17:02 (this site doesn't exist yet)
17:02 alsroot SeanDaly: redirect to wordpress blog site is also possible
17:03 SeanDaly I ask because when PR is submitted for PR Newswire several days in advance (hundreds of $$ less), text cannot be changed at last minute without $$ penalty
17:03 geirea ideally i would like the site to include some of the information in the wiki, but written for kids
17:03 walterbender_ <walterbender_!~webchat@jita.sugarlabs.org> has joined #sugar-meeting
17:04 alsroot cant help much w/ content related case
17:04 SeanDaly geirea: if I understand correctly, possible to dress up wordpress page with brief intro explanation & we could also link to wiki
17:04 geirea SeanDaly: this would be excellent
17:04 walterbender_ hi SeanDaly, geirea
17:04 geirea hi walterbender_
17:05 walterbender_ SeanDaly: we need to get the publisist from Slipstream into the loop
17:05 CanoeBerry has quit IRC
17:05 svallejo sorry, i have to quit. i have to cook a "asado" for my family. i you need i cant translate PR. when you come to uruguay i could cook an asado for you.
17:05 bye
17:05 geirea bye svallejo
17:06 SeanDaly bye svallejo
17:06 christianmarcsch bye svallejo
17:06 svallejo has quit IRC
17:06 SeanDaly walterbender_: yes ^^
17:07 dogi_ likes the t-shirts ... http://www.velonation.com/News[…]eam-for-2011.aspx
17:07 SeanDaly they have been extremely generous by embiggening our logo max
17:08 walterbender_ SeanDaly: we wanted some room on the side of the short too :P
17:08 ^short^shirt
17:08 JT_4sugar SeanDaly, Can you layout for Mike&JT how set up needs to be for wordpress-wording of links, redirects, etc. so works in PR and info gets relayed to alsroot,bernie, or Dogi to make links
17:09 christianmarcsch have to say, the logo looks pretty good there :)
17:09 SeanDaly walterbender_: it's already great exposure, we just need to counteract possible impression we are fancy funded startup :D
17:11 JT_4sugar: sorry I have no idea how redirects work technically depends on our hosting setup... question for infra team members... for PR what is important is to communicate correct URL & e-mail... nothing worse than nonfunctioning URL/e-mail the day PR is picked up
17:11 walterbender_ christianmarcsch: I was thinking of making a plaid logo for them :P
17:11 christianmarcsch walterbender: hah!
17:13 geirea JT_4sugar: the wordpress entries will be in Spanish and most of the readers will be Spanish-speaking
17:14 SeanDaly needs to compile journalist contacts for bike sites/magazines
17:15 bernie lurks
17:15 dogi_ SeanDaly, +1
17:15 SeanDaly, can you write a list of to be checked mails and urls ...
17:15 JT_4sugar SeanDaly, OK will just work to facilitate JT&Mike with Sugar Infra team to get in place-Christian has sent out email so will follow up till get right
17:16 dogi_ and send this too systems@lists.sugarlabs.org
17:16 hi bernie
17:16 SeanDaly dogi_: yes, vueltaciclista.sugarlabs.org and ideally, sugarlabs.org/vueltaciclista with redirect to former
17:17 dogi_ SeanDaly, sure :) ... CC: systems@lists.sugarlabs.org
17:17 bernie waves
17:19 dogi_: will you be able to do all the setup work mostly independently? i've got only today to work on it, and i've already planned to spend the afternoon outside (as you know :-)
17:19 geirea i have to go, please keep us informed, we need to understand the workflow for moderating and publishing the entries
17:20 SeanDaly dogi: just sent mail thanks
17:20 greets bernie
17:20 dogi_: so is idea to self-host Wordpress blog? another way better? JT & Mike will be setting up account tomorrow
17:20 JT_4sugar SeanDaly, If you can send JT&Mike log of meeting to read and deadline for link info you would need for PR that would be great
17:20 geirea thank you all and bye!
17:20 alsroot is now known as alsroot_away
17:20 christianmarcsch has quit IRC
17:20 JT_4sugar geirea, Thanks so much!
17:21 geirea has quit IRC
17:21 SeanDaly ok will do thank you all! and John for seeing through meeting time ;-)
17:21 dogi_ SeanDaly, :) we could but so shortterm wordpress is maybe better
17:21 alsroot_away is now known as alsroot
17:21 JT_4sugar Thanks everyone we look to be in good shape
17:22 dogi_ bernie, hope so ...
17:22 SeanDaly dogi_: simplest=best I think considering short timeframe... I will always hesitate before volunteering infra for work :D:D
17:23 dogi_ cares more about having future www hosted on our own infrastrucure
17:23 +t
17:24 JT_4sugar SeanDaly, Mention in email to JT&Mike set-up for wordpress default for Spanish-Is that correct?
17:25 SeanDaly JT_4sugar: yes this is why I asked about language considerations; we will likely want to be able to hand off acct admin to geirea or svallejo, etc.
17:28 JT_4sugar SeanDaly, If you can just describe what you think workflow and time constraints are then I will follow up to push through
17:30 CanoeBerry <CanoeBerry!CanoeBerry@d5rmxxf1.media.mit.edu> has joined #sugar-meeting
17:30 SeanDaly I see workflow as follows: mails come to concurso@rapceibal.info, triage by geirea/svallejo/others, they forward to "secret" wordpress e-mail which publishes. But they also have admin to wordpress to adjust/depublish as necessary
17:32 vueltaciclista.sugarlabs.org (and sugarlabs.org/vueltaciclista which will redirect to it) will land on the blog page, hosted probably on Wordpress for now. This page will briefly describe project and link to wiki. Question is, do we feel need for a "front" page before blog?
17:33 igod has quit IRC
17:34 SeanDaly for PR time constraint is deadline tomorrow 6pm EST for Friday morning wire; this is short to liaise with Slipstream/Garmin-Cervelo and OLPC but will get on that tonight already
17:34 needs to go soon..
17:36 JT_4sugar Ok let us know what you can and will go from there
17:36 alsroot is now known as alsroot_away
17:37 SeanDaly will mail to JT & Mike now... they need to tell us ASAP if they encounter problems in setup
17:37 cjb has quit IRC
17:37 alsroot_away is now known as alsroot
17:37 SeanDaly ok anything else?
17:38 JT_4sugar Sounds good Thanks
17:38 SeanDaly ok will countdown now
17:38 going once
17:40 gong twice
17:41 #endmeeting
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