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#sugar-meeting meeting, 2011-02-17 20:23:10

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20:23 meeting Meeting started Thu Feb 17 20:23:10 2011 UTC. The chair is walterbender. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
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20:23 walterbender welcome SLOB members and community members
20:23 I was just giving a brief trip report from Peru
20:24 They are in the process of migrating to 10.1.3 as well as distributing machines to high-school students running Fedora with Open Office installed
20:25 as I mentioned, they are doing a big push in the area of robotics nation wide.
20:27 I used the workshop as an excuse to fix a bug of bugs I introduced in the refactoring of the GNOME version of Turtle Art :P
20:27 ^bug of bugs^bunch of bugs
20:27 Some other stuff that is going on:
20:28 I connected Sebastian up with a group at the US Dept. of State who is interest in English-language learning. They are going to develop tools for a pilot in Colombia.
20:29 When he returns from paternaty leave, he can give us an update.
20:29 There is lots of interest in English-language learning
20:30 Also, I have been contacted by 3 different commercial companies who are interested in working with Sugar.
20:31 a UK company that makes class-participation tools has ported their system to Sugar and is looking for help with pilots.
20:31 bernie wow
20:32 walterbender a Korean company is interested in porting some Sugar apps to Android, interesting in light of the discussion on IAEP
20:32 alsroot walterbender: they just ported it to sugar UI or use sugar TP wrappers for collab, ie, if it might be useful for other activities?
20:32 ..if I got "class-participation" right, ie, collaboration tools
20:33 walterbender alsroot: to begin with, I think they are just porting the activities themselves in a rudimentary way, just to get a feel for what they are like.
20:33 alsroot: as per the IAEP discussion, there are lots of questions to ask and answer
20:33 http://lists.sugarlabs.org/arc[…]ruary/012522.html
20:34 but it is interesting that this theme keeps reemerging
20:34 and that someone is doing something tangible
20:34 alsroot missed this thread
20:34 satellit_ walterbender: sent e-mail from Bastien We (OLPC France) are working on a new activity to let children build stories -- "This is a request from a foundation in France who wants to deploy this activity in several schools by the end of April. "
20:35 walterbender satellit_: that is yet another example of third-parties starting to build upon our efforts
20:35 Sean, Lionel, Bastian et al. are working on that initiative... should be very cool.
20:36 Plus, as I reported from Uruguay in December, there are a bunch of commercial companies writing activities for the kids in Ceibal.
20:37 I am mentioning all of this just to keep people abreast of what is happening outside of our own development efforts.
20:37 dogi <dogi!~nemo@c-65-96-166-32.hsd1.ma.comcast.net> has joined #sugar-meeting
20:37 walterbender Dogi, who just joined us has a cool project going as well: Sugar in the Cloud is an apt name
20:38 sugar running in a web browser... really :)
20:38 dogi hi walterbender
20:38 bernie dogi: hello dogi!
20:39 CanoeBerry Am very slow on the uptake today, sorry.
20:40 walterbender given all of this activity, it may be worthwhile if at least the SLOB members responded to Scott's questions (http://lists.sugarlabs.org/arc[…]uary/012564.html) that CanoeBerry also forwarded (with a somewhat cryptic-to-me subject field)
20:41 CanoeBerry Nick's original questions Scott was responding to were worthy too:
20:41 http://lists.sugarlabs.org/arc[…]ruary/012562.html
20:41 walterbender In my own efforts, I have been working with Raul on extending Sugar-collaboration to GNOME, using Turtle Art as the test case.
20:43 I've been doing a lot of refactoring of the code with some unexpected results: since you can share bitmaps and since you can use the camera as a sensor, you can write a video broadcast system in Turtle Art -- takes all of three blocks!!
20:43 well, 7 blocks if you want it to work well
20:44 but the interaction between Sugar activities and GNOME is getting better and better, thanks to the efforts at Collabora
20:44 One more dimension to consider
20:44 tries to write all of his activities so that they can interoperate
20:44 alsroot thinks that in case of 012564.html, actually I hope if more people will start thinking about sugar not only as a python based WM, but also as a web env (but not only web, ie, having the old python as well). it all will help sugar more edu centric rather then hackers around software project.
20:45 walterbender alsroot: yes... the time I spent in Peru was with teachers... always opens ones eyes
20:45 cjb was happy to see Scott's thread happen politely and thoughtfully, looks like there'll be promising ideas out of it.
20:45 walterbender cjb: yes. it is a thoughful discussion
20:45 and timely
20:45 CanoeBerry Strong events in LA this wkd and next -- plz let folks know if they can commit to learning/building Sugar in any way:
20:45 http://lists.sugarlabs.org/arc[…]ruary/012568.html
20:45 Gotta jump offline now, sorry!
20:46 walterbender ciao
20:46 bernie bye
20:47 walterbender that about exhasts my updates... I suppose I should write this up for the Digest.
20:48 oh. one more thing: http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Vuelta_a_Uruguay
20:48 some ideas starting to congeal
20:49 alsroot hmm, we don't have en in Google Translations on wiki.sl.o
20:50 walterbender alsroot: sorry about that. I meant to include .en on the page... the original discussion was in Spanish (and my broken Spanish)
20:50 CanoeBerry one more thing -- a major uruguay summit is about to be announced, but Pablo Flores has asked us to keep this confidential for now.
20:50 alsroot walterbender: I guess having en is useful anyway, will file a bug
20:50 walterbender CanoeBerry: yes... we were chatting about it yesterday.
20:50 CanoeBerry "May" is all we can say publicly for now.
20:51 walterbender not sure why it needs to be kept under wraps...
20:51 CanoeBerry i can tell you.
20:51 offline.
20:51 walterbender the tentative dates are 5-7 May
20:51 bernie CanoeBerry: it May happen in May.
20:51 walterbender CanoeBerry: we are also talking about doing something --hacker focused-- in Peru, either before or after
20:52 CanoeBerry cool, i can tell you all the details offline. pablo & i have made a lot of progress.
20:52 bernie walterbender: there will be a hack meeting in uruguay too, probably before the general event
20:52 CanoeBerry signing off for real now, later!
20:53 walterbender bernie: is that secret too?
20:54 CanoeBerry it's the same deal.
20:54 hopefully both will be much more public well within a week.
20:54 walterbender OK. I'll wait
20:54 CanoeBerry 2-3 components. activity central's component may be partly close-door, not sure.
20:55 but pre-summit portions will be open to very strong volunteers, no worries.
20:55 walterbender I don't begin to understand any of this, so I will hold off comment until there is a public announcement...
20:57 before we end, I should just remark on the record that last week's motion on certificate programs passed by a vote of 6-0 with 1 member not voting.
20:57 already there has been interest in Chile, Peru, and Paraguay
20:57 cjb cool :)
20:58 walterbender people are exchanging ideas... I think we'll have a strong program emerge
20:59 I am going to have to leave for the airport soon...
20:59 CanoeBerry has quit IRC
20:59 walterbender in closing, can we get agreement that we'll all try a hand at answering the questions posed in the Android thread?
21:00 maybe we can meet again in 2 weeks to summarize our positions?
21:00 I think it would be a good message to send from SLOBs.
21:01 icarito <icarito!~icaro@> has joined #sugar-meeting
21:01 walterbender (or not) the silence is deafening
21:01 hey papa :)
21:01 icarito: are there any "public" pictures of the baby? (the Facebook ones are beautiful, BTW)
21:02 icarito hi walterbender
21:02 sorry i couldnt make it today
21:02 yama` has quit IRC
21:02 walterbender icarito: I can imagine you've been a bit busy
21:03 icarito: we had a very nice 3 days with Kiko in Lima
21:03 icarito great!
21:03 walterbender icarito: good progress with DIGETE
21:03 icarito: esp. on the pedagogical front
21:04 icarito: Sdenka joined us as well
21:04 icarito: did you know she is a rock star :)
21:04 icarito she's excellent
21:04 you mean she plays rock?
21:04 :-D
21:04 walterbender anyway, any one have any comments on my suggestion?
21:05 cjb will keep posting to the thread
21:05 walterbender cjb: that is a fine way to respond.
21:05 cjb (my position is that we *should* try radical new technologies, and that Android doesn't like a compelling one to try but something else might)
21:05 *doesn't look like
21:06 walterbender cjb: I hope that the rest of the board also participates -- not necessarily in regard to Android, but in terms of their thoughts about future directions
21:06 but I won't seek consensus on that point today :P
21:06 dogi :)
21:07 walterbender anyway, we are past our hour and I need to pack up...
21:07 let's pencil in meeting again in two weeks.
21:07 any final remarks?
21:07 cjb ok, sounds good.  better send a mail reminding people close to the time.
21:08 walterbender cjb: yes. I apologize for not giving a heads up for today's meeting...
21:08 I was flat out in Peru and then overnight on the plane
21:08 icarito reads backlog
21:09 cjb no probs
21:10 icarito http://identi.ca/attachment/39301370
21:10 ;-)
21:10 Tris4-USB <Tris4-USB!~urk@208-100-148-220.bendbroadband.com> has joined #sugar-meeting
21:11 walterbender icarito: glad to get that into the official transcript!!
21:11 OK. on that happy note...
21:11 #endmeeting
21:11 meeting Meeting ended Thu Feb 17 21:11:26 2011 UTC. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot. (v 0.1.4)
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