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#sugar-meeting meeting, 2010-12-04 13:59:59

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13:59 meeting Meeting started Sat Dec  4 13:59:59 2010 UTC. The chair is silbe. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
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14:00 silbe #meetingname activity_central
14:00 meeting The meeting name has been set to 'activity_central'
14:00 SMParrish silbe: Good morning
14:01 silbe bernie, SMParrish, alsroot, tch: friendly meeting reminder ;)
14:01 m_anish_afk: dito ;)
14:02 I don't think I see Pablo...
14:02 alsroot hi all
14:02 silbe Good evening SMParrish, alsroot :)
14:08 hmm, doesn't look like bernie, m_anish_afk or Pablo will turn up.
14:09 there's no agenda in the wiki, so I'd propose the following:
14:09 1. EMail addrs
14:09 2. Reports: - alsroot - silbe - smparrish - m_anish - tch
14:09 3. Various
14:10 any additions or alterations?
14:11 ok, let's start then
14:11 #topic ac.com email addresses
14:13 I've created activitycentral.com email addresses for alsroot, m_anish_afk (anish), bernie, dfarning, myself (silbe), SMParrish and tch.
14:14 as dfarning explained, usage of these addresses is going to be our primary means of advertising for the next few months, so please use them whenever appropriate.
14:14 arjs <arjs!7aa29444@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sugar-meeting
14:14 silbe and if I overlooked someone who should have an ac.com address, please tell me.
14:15 #topic Reports
14:15 alsroot: the stage is yours :)
14:16 alsroot dunno, didn't have particular ac related work..
14:16 silbe alsroot: ok. Anything you're going to work on next week?
14:17 alsroot works on http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/P[…]form_Team/Roadmap primarily
14:18 silbe I have no idea what anything on that page means, but I guess that's ok ;)
14:18 (well, except for aslo, of course)
14:20 alsroot thats just part of my "support upstream" work within ac
14:20 ..I guess
14:21 silbe personally, I've been working on cleaning up the Patchwork queue. We're now down to about 100 (from over 300) patches in the queue. I was able to push a bunch of patches, but we're still blocked because I didn't get hold of erikos for long enough. I'm still hopeful we'll be able to unblock within the next week, however.
14:22 once we got the new process agreed on, I'll get a bunch of my own outstanding patches through review and start working on getting the remaining Dextrose patches ready for submission.
14:22 SMParrish: you're next
14:24 BTW, 2011-01-14 sounds fine.
14:24 SMParrish I have been working on a new release, had some patch collisions that I got resolved this morning.  Also am starting the work to merge our buildsystem and DSD's to start making Dextrose3 builds
14:24 silbe did you get my email about needing a branched Sugar with our patchset
14:24 silbe SMParrish: what's the difference between our current and dsd's build system?
14:24 SMParrish: ^ ("2011-01-14 sounds fine")
14:25 SMParrish silbe: For the XO-1 we use jffs2 and the new one uses ubifs.  We also have some customizations that need to be ported over
14:26 so we will be changing filesystems on the XO1
14:27 we also are going to have to address the yum memory issues since we will be basing on F14 and people may want to update the base os
14:27 silbe that reminds me: can you build an ext3 image and/or a tarball as well? That would help a lot with testing, as we could install to external storage (SD card, USB stick) and keep the system on NAND / internal SD card unaffected.
14:27 SMParrish I am going to be talking with the RH yum maintainer and see what we can do
14:27 silbe it would also help a user who has a broken NAND (chatted with him on #sugar this week)
14:28 SMParrish silbe: Sure the build system does that I just have not been posting them
14:28 silbe SMParrish: looking forward to that. I suppose this doesn't block our other yum update work (updating from just our own repositories)?
14:29 SMParrish: thanks!
14:29 SMParrish yw
14:30 silbe SMParrish: the ability to test in a VM (=> regular PC bootloader, non-XO kernel) would help as well. ;)
14:31 m_anish_afk: would be next. Maybe he'll join later.
14:31 SMParrish silbe: I'll look into that  should not be too difficult to use stock kernel
14:31 silbe SMParrish: thanks again!
14:31 tch doesn't seem to be here either :-/
14:32 he's been working on the notifications stuff and even posted a patch upstream, but I still don't see updated mockups :(
14:33 #topic Various
14:33 anything else someone would like to talk about?
14:34 lucian was thinking perhaps yum would run on pypy with lower memory usage
14:35 but that wouldn't solve the distribution problems
14:35 silbe lucian: is PyPy complete enough now that it would run yum?
14:36 lucian silbe: it's fully 2.5 compatible + ctypes
14:36 silbe (let's continue this after the meeting)
14:36 lucian sure
14:36 silbe I don't see anyone else speaking up, so let's finish
14:36 3
14:37 lucian 2
14:37 SMParrish 1
14:37 silbe #endmeeting
14:37 meeting Meeting ended Sat Dec  4 14:37:35 2010 UTC. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot. (v 0.1.4)
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14:37 Log:     http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]10-12-04T13:59:59

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