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#sugar-meeting meeting, 2010-11-19 14:15:01

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14:15 meeting Meeting started Fri Nov 19 14:15:01 2010 UTC. The chair is dfarning. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
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14:15 dfarning silbe, thanks
14:15 lets put off the discussion about starting a git branch until next week.
14:16 can we start by each giving a summary of what we plan on working on this week. starting with silbe
14:17 SMParrish_mobile <SMParrish_mobile!~Android@> has joined #sugar-meeting
14:18 dfarning this will just help us get synchronized.
14:19 silbe I've finished rebasing sugar and am working on rebasing sugar-toolkit. Will try to get packages with updates patches built (which means fuzzing around with both git and rpm).
14:20 Took ownership of Patchwork; we can now manage the Dextrose patch q with it.
14:20 SMParrish silbe: if you get everything commited to a git repo I can build the rpms if you want me to
14:21 silbe I'll also need to clean up the upstream Patchwork q and get my cleanup series landed so we can hopefully get unstuck upstream.
14:23 SMParrish: I have a git repo, but I suppose you want it in the format it's in the Dextrose repo (i.e. as individual patch files inside the repo), which is not what I have. :)
14:23 cjb has quit IRC
14:24 silbe I've imported the patches into a git repo (cloned from upstream sources) so I can work with git instead of diff/patch or quilt.
14:25 SMParrish silbe: point me at what you have and I'll take a look at it.  like I told bernie we are starting to get patch collisons so merging the patches that have been accepted upstream and spinning a new release might be a good thing to do
14:26 jumping to my cell.  have to start work :(
14:26 silbe So we effectively already have the repository dfarning announced on the list. I don't think upstream should pull from it, however - instead we should go through the regular review process. But that's a topic for another time.
14:26 SMParrish is now known as SMParrish_away
14:26 silbe SMParrish_away: ok, ttyl
14:27 dfarning silbe, nice how is patchwork working? or are you still learning?
14:27 silbe, what did you rebase to?
14:27 silbe, smParrish is the plan to continue basing dextrose on .88 while syncing with SL .90? then jump dextrose to .92
14:27 in the meantime smParrish what are your plans for the week?
14:27 silbe,  ok
14:27 looks like we lost smParrish_away
14:27 silbe dfarning: Patchwork is suffering from a severe lack of documentation. Uboot recently started using it and created some sort of howto that I should read to see whether it contains anything useful for us.
14:29 dfarning silbe, any major problems we should look at as AC?
14:29 alsroot, ping
14:29 tch, how about your plans?
14:30 alsroot woke up
14:30 silbe dfarning: I think we agreed on basing Dextrose on 0.88 (which is what I did). We will cherry-pick most of 0.90 simply because except for Tomeus Collaboration rewrite (which we don't want yet because it's not stable enough) 0.90 mainly consisted of a) Dextrose patches and b) bug fixes. The few non-bugfix, not-yet-in-Dextrose patches are major improvements that we want, too.
14:31 dfarning silbe, +1
14:31 alsroot, are you awake enough to give a summary of your plans for next week?
14:33 silbe I hope upstream will get stable soon (though I don't see how, given that we lost our only contributor who understood Telepathy well enough) because cherry-picking so many patches is likely to get a PITA soon.
14:33 tch i will keep pushing forward the notification service extensions to meet more items on the standard protocol, hopefully I will get done with it this weekend. So next week I expect to start using it to solve a few old issues.
14:34 silbe tch: oh right, we should chat about that after the meeting if you got some time.
14:34 tch silbe: sure
14:34 silbe (with my upstream hat on)
14:34 tch silbe: great,
14:35 dfarning tch +1 have you figured out what type of stuff you need to notify about?
14:35 alsroot dfarning: that was exactly my Q, since we don't need to code yum updater, I don't see current dextrose work, so I was planing to back to 0sugar(as regular work) and reviewing upstrema patches mean time, if there is not dextrose work for me
14:36 tch dfarning: yeah, actually I started this feature because there were a few issues that would require some mechanism to notify messages to the users, and honestly I was tired of Alert widgets abuse.
14:38 people complain about interfering with the users activities, but the the alerts are the most annoying and intrusive method possible (except for that journal-is-full moda window)
14:38 dfarning alsroot, can you ping SMParrish_mobile about a few dextose tasks and test the yum updater.
14:39 tch +1
14:39 tch what i try to do is simply to extend what sugar already have to also display messages, respecting the discoverability principle
14:39 dfarning m_anish_ how about your upcoming week?
14:40 alsroot dfarning: will do
14:40 m_anish__ I've worked on (and continue to work on) cleaning up the microformat-updater and fixing issues/testing. The latest version not including these changes(which I mailed to SMParrish_mobile ) works...
14:40 ... but I wouldn't want it reviewed (yet)
14:41 dfarning alsroot, thanks.
14:41 m_anish_ do you need help with the also side of the activity updater?
14:41 aslo
14:42 m_anish__ dfarning: yes that would be great. i know very little php
14:42 dfarning m_anish_ ok, I'll try to find someone to work on it.
14:43 m_anish__ dfarning: i'll be afk on IRC monday-wed, but will have access to mailing-lists
14:43 dfarning m_anish_any more progress on your visa?
14:43 alsroot m_anish__: dfarning: I can take aslo side coding, I guess there are not hard work from SMParrish_away
14:43 tch dfarning: btw, we should talk about the yum-updater too :)
14:43 m_anish__ dfarning: the last update is that i dropped of my passport at the embassy on tue this week, and i've been ringing them up ever since
14:44 but looks like the interview/final approval will only happen next week
14:44 dfarning alsroot, that would be great
14:44 m_anish__ alsroot: ok, that'de be great
14:45 alsroot m_anish__: ping me later, with discussion what you need from aslo
14:45 dfarning m_anish_ this is turning out to be a learning experience.
14:45 m_anish__ alsroot: ok
14:45 dfarning: i want the learning to be over :(
14:46 dfarning I guess that is it for summries?
14:46 tch dfarning: we can party now? ;)
14:46 m_anish__ dfarning: i'll update you next week on the flight booking/etc. other details
14:47 silbe tch: what's the occasion? is it your birthday?
14:47 tch silbe: to celebrate that things are moving forward !
14:47 haha,
14:48 silbe tch: we can celebrate when things are finally moving forward upstream :-P
14:48 dfarning tch, what are your ideas about yum-updater.  That seems like a blockers for widespread deployment in PY.
14:48 m_anish_ thanks
14:48 tch silbe: we can just make a bigger party then :)
14:48 silbe :)
14:48 dfarning silbe, looks like we are getting closer.
14:49 alsroot dfarning: tch: we need SMParrish_away for that, since he is dextrose image master (if I got it right)
14:49 tch dfarning: i spoke to rralcala (new pyedu ceo) and hes _very_ interested, actually he needs it asap.. before even considering any mass upgrade
14:49 silbe dfarning: how so? Did I miss something on IRC?
14:50 alsroot silbe: look to dextrose@, I've posted a ling to IRC discussion there
14:50 silbe tch: what does he need? the updater?
14:50 tch silbe: yum-updater
14:51 dfarning silbe, sorry that might have been some rralcala emailed me/tch.... that is the goal of this meeting to get us more aware of what others are doing.
14:51 tch silbe: what is going on _today_ on caacupe is pure madness, the only updating method available is a sending an army with flash drives to nand blast the field
14:52 silbe: and that option is going away when 1.5 xos arrives (if i understood correctly)
14:52 silbe tch: ok. Should be easy enough to do and hopefully be low enough risk if we disable the yum tmpfs and the Fedora repos. As long as we don't publish the image, I don't think there would be any reason for alsroot not to build one for trying out the feature, even if SMParrish_away is still AFK later.
14:52 alsroot as we discussed on #dextrose, task is pretty trivial, just having dextrose repo (if we don't have it) and a cron job
14:53 ..to update only dextrose repo
14:53 dfarning silbe, the fs-update via usbstick is _really_ painfull once the laptops are deployed.
14:53 tch i can tell :,,,(
14:54 i still have nightmares x.X
14:54 silbe alsroot: message-id?
14:55 alsroot silbe: http://lists.sugarlabs.org/arc[…]ember/000617.html
14:55 silbe: dfarning: to be honest I was for human regions of responsibility :) (ie SMParrish_away works on images)
14:55 s/human/human sized/
14:55 silbe dfarning: I suppose so, as I don't think anyone has made a proper backup+reflash+restore solution yet.
14:56 dfarning anything else we need to talk about as a goup?  or is is time to split into smaller topical threads.
14:56 alsroot, I am not sure what you mean?
14:57 silbe alsroot: ok, seems we talked about different things. I was talking about upstream stalling, you were talking about the updater.
14:58 alsroot: BTW, I suppose for the notification part you'll be using the update-notifier (Ubuntu?) protocol?
14:58 alsroot dfarning: just if SMParrish_away takes care about dextrose images, we need to ask him -- but if SMParrish_away is busy (and we need yum updates asap), I can take care of it
14:59 dfarning alsroot, ahhh. +1 lets keep building to smParrish_away as much as possiable for now.
14:59 alsroot silbe: for the first time (at least) we need only "plase reboot" message, using just system bus should be enough
14:59 silbe: we can improve it later (w/ keeping backward comp.)
15:00 dfarning alsroot, if it gets too much for him we can hire a build master.  you are right.  as soon as we all try to work on everything we will start stepping on eachother s toes.
15:00 garycmartin <garycmartin!~garycmart@> has joined #sugar-meeting
15:01 alsroot dfarning: yeah, that was one of core issues (in my mind) in SL DevTEam
15:01 silbe alsroot: you'll also need something that listens to it. So please let's try to tweak update-notifier to do what we want instead of developing custom stuff, especially if we need backwards compatibility later.
15:01 dfarning ok last official topic?  Any suggestions for new AC developers.
15:02 alsroot silbe: I was thinking about tch for that :)
15:02 ..w/ this notifications
15:02 silbe alsroot: ok, then I'll just need to "convince" tch of update-notifier ;)
15:02 alsroot dfarning: not from me
15:03 tch silbe: what do you mean by custom stuff? :)
15:03 silbe dfarning: for what kind of task?
15:04 tch: everything that isn't already in use by somebody else
15:04 dfarning if you don't what to mention names on this channel please email me.  the best developers are going to be people you guys know and respect.  So no cvs's for us:)
15:04 ok we are over time.  Thanks everyone for a good week.
15:05 tch <serious questions> is this custom? http://library.gnome.org/devel/notification-spec/
15:05 dfarning silbe, I think our top priority will be general dextrose development.
15:05 tch that is what sugar already use, is just partially implemented
15:05 dfarning silbe, also looking at UI designers.
15:05 silbe tch: your current work looks great in that regard because you're just adding some features from the protocol Gnome is already using, instead of adding our own custom stuff to it or even replacing it with something else.
15:06 dfarning so to end the meet 6 mintues late.
15:06 #endmeeting
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