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#sugar-meeting meeting, 2010-08-16 15:07:00

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Time Nick Message
15:07 sdziallas (still waiting for a few folks to drop in.)
15:09 #TOPIC Weekly Meeting (2010/08/16)
15:09 #LINK http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/S[…]_a_Stick_meetings
15:09 This one is our agenda for the day.
15:10 erikos looks
15:10 sdziallas I'd like to add Fedora's current update policies as well as testing there, given the convos with erikos. :)
15:10 erikos sdziallas: +1
15:11 sdziallas I will start walking through the topics and hope that other folks drop in here soon.
15:11 Actually, what we need is:
15:12 #ACTION mchua and sdziallas to work on setting up a newer meetbot on the dedicated server
15:12 #TOPIC Release Schedule
15:12 #ACTION Fedora 14 slipped by a week, sdziallas will update the wiki page
15:13 erikos sdziallas: yeah, the whole schedule was adjusted - we are quite behind 10.10 now
15:13 sdziallas: that time they get all the bugs first ;p
15:15 sdziallas grins.
15:16 :)
15:16 Okay, Mel is here now.
15:16 erikos mchua: !
15:17 mchua_ Hypothetically, I'm not supposed to be on IRC until I finish my article for opensource.com, but I'm... um... making an exception for this meeting.
15:17 Hence the nick.
15:17 erikos mchua_: :)
15:17 mchua_: we can make it a short one I am sure
15:18 sdziallas Let's move on, okay?
15:18 mchua_ adds "test day" to agenda (I'm *pretty* sure that's still scheduled for Thursday)
15:18 sdziallas #TOPIC Features Submitted for Review
15:18 I would like to ignore these, we are past feature freeze and have voted on them already.
15:18 mchua_ +1
15:19 sdziallas Okeydokey.#
15:19 erikos okey
15:19 sdziallas #AGREED Features are already covered, moving on.
15:19 #TOPIC Testing Process
15:19 mchua_ Short version is that satellit__ (thanks, Tom!) has been staying on top of the nightly builds
15:20 we still need test cases - that's the biggest blocker in moving forwards in a better way
15:20 sdziallas THe test day is on Thursday.
15:20 satellit__ http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/T[…]able#Test_results
15:20 sdziallas If nothing else. I might be mistaken.
15:20 mchua_ so we can get an idea of what sort of standard tests are being run on these images and when, so other people can begin reproducing Tom's results.
15:20 satellit__: That's all I know - anything else to add?
15:21 satellit__ latest N Compose works
15:21 mchua_ I apologize for my slackerness in getting a better system and test cases and etc together here; I've been *utterly* swamped by $dayjob and life and moving and jetlag and... well, we're all busy. :)
15:21 but yeah, it's good to know we have working composes again.
15:21 Would it help if I got an automatic weekly email out about the test image (which is uploaded on thursdays) to the soas list and the olpc testing list?
15:21 satellit__ http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/F[…]vity_Test_Results  also available for activities testing
15:22 mchua_ (I think it only really makes sense to start that once there's a test case to run, but if someone else is going to write a test case I can set the auto-emails up in 2 minutes.)
15:22 erikos sdziallas: the official sugar fedora test day?
15:22 sdziallas erikos: yes.
15:22 erikos sdziallas: what time again? (has to note it in his diary)
15:22 satellit__ is the firstboot going to remain on build of v4?
15:23 sdziallas erikos: I have no idea, there's apparently some inconsistency in terms of communication going on.
15:23 mchua_ Well, we can still have a test day, it's just whether it is on the 'official' Fedora QA schedule as a Fedora Test Day or not, afaict.
15:23 erikos sdziallas: ok
15:24 mchua_ so the question is whether we still want to show up and do the testing ourselves, knowing that we may or may not have support from the Fedora QA team
15:24 I'd be up for it, but it'd be a scramble to get the infrastructure and whatnot up in time. Can do, though.
15:24 If we're going for that I'd sit down sometime tonight/tomorrow and just bang out a first draft of a (hopefully decent) test case and some rudimentary test case management system, probably just plain straightforward wiki.
15:24 and instructions so other people can join in.
15:25 sdziallas Pinging James right now.
15:25 erikos mchua: I could help you with that, i guess
15:26 mchua: I have actually started to documet for the 0.90 release
15:26 mchua_ erikos: Oh, awesome! Actually, the Sugar talking point for Fedora needs fleshing in, but I haven't stayed atop 0.90 development enough to be able to do it.
15:27 https://fedoraproject.org/wiki[…]ng_Points#Sugar_0.90
15:27 erikos: ^^ if you have a moment to copy-paste stuff in or point me towards data, I would be happy to wordsmith it.
15:27 erikos mchua_: yup, that works
15:28 mchua_ erikos: okay - the page is on my watchlist, so when you make the edit, I will catch it.
15:28 erikos mchua_: http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/0.90/Notes I will start that
15:29 mchua_: and then I can edit talking points
15:29 mchua_ erikos: okay - I'll watch both pages then :)
15:29 erikos mchua_: http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/F[…]works#How_To_Test
15:29 mchua_ oh, perfect! yeah, erikos - if that page on the SL wiki gets updated, I can grab from it as an upstream and make the Fedora talking points, actually
15:29 erikos mchua_: contains for example test cases for thet feature
15:29 mchua_ perfect.
15:30 links that in to the fedora talking points
15:30 sorry, I'm getting offtopic
15:30 erikos mchua_: ok, we can keep on after the meeting by email and coordinate
15:30 mchua_ nods
15:31 erikos sdziallas: slepped in?
15:32 mchua_ erikos: gone to get coffee, let's see what's next on the agenda
15:32 or... wait, we didn't decide about testing this thursday.
15:32 erikos mchua_: yeah
15:32 mchua_ erikos, do you think this thursday is a better time than other times later in the next... say, 4-6 weeks to test?
15:32 erikos mchua_: i would need to know the time - to see if i am able to attend
15:32 mchua_ erikos: I think the timing's flexible; fedora qa days usually run all day to let people from different timezones attend.
15:32 it's literally a day.
15:33 erikos mchua_: ok, i see
15:33 mchua_ erikos: so it's mostly a matter of "is there something specific that we want to test now, or would it be better if we tested something specific later" (and for what value of $later) ?
15:33 erikos mchua_: not all the features have landed yet, (kill the PS for eample) where we need a lot of testing
15:34 mchua_: though, we landed http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/F[…]works#How_To_Test and http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/F[…]ed_color_selector
15:34 mchua_: and a few others - so yeah we can do a first round of testing
15:35 mchua_: otherwise testing after next wednesday would be very important
15:35 satellit__ can we use smolt reports from firstboot in tests?
15:38 erikos satellit__: you mean, to be able to tell which machines we run on?
15:38 satellit__ yes and which ones have problems to correlate with hardware...
15:39 erikos satellit__: i guess one need instructions on how to use smolt
15:40 satellit__: or do we have smolt in the control panel now?
15:40 satellit__ By chance the last few soas are going to firstboot which does a smolt report before logging in to sugar.....
15:41 it may be an error (bug) but maybe it will be useful
15:41 Sugar on a Stick 4 (Mango lassi) Fedora 14 (Laughlin) 0.89.1 *boots to console; firstboot; sugar name field+color; then F3 only first time booted   last N Compose
15:42 sdziallas Okay, so what about this test day now?
15:42 I'm not going to do it alone and I'd like to wrap this meeting soon.
15:42 mchua_ Sounds like if it's a go, there are people who'll step up to work on it (myself included)
15:42 sdziallas Can we please get to a decision here?
15:42 mchua_ and if it isn't, then... we need to figure out when we do want to do what testing.
15:43 If there's a test day, I'll be there and I'll help get ready for it.
15:44 It sounds like erikos would help as well.
15:44 And satellit__, potentially.
15:44 sdziallas mchua: make a call, please.
15:45 satellit__ I will be there
15:45 erikos will help to prepare notes and test cases for 0.90
15:45 sdziallas Okay. We are on.
15:45 erikos hurray!
15:46 sdziallas #ACTION test day is on, PR needs to happen, SOP needs to be followed.
15:46 erikos sdziallas: if we present us well, we might be able to do other days
15:46 sdziallas nods. I think that'd be good.
15:46 mchua_ #link http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/[…]st_Day_management
15:46 erikos sdziallas: we need to package the latest release (what i release tonight)
15:46 sdziallas Moving on? Coordinating via email?
15:47 erikos: okay. that means of nothing else, we might need to do a custom build.
15:47 #ACTION sdziallas to issue a new build if necessary
15:47 erikos sdziallas: well, if we put it in stable we might get a new build
15:47 sdziallas: we can use the karma for that
15:47 mchua_ I can set up the test cases and do a quick publicity spurt as per the fedora test day SOP... tonight, tomorrow.
15:48 publicity spurt comes first since people will need as much lead time as possible to join us.
15:48 erikos mchua_: terrifc
15:48 sdziallas: and yes we can coordinate via email
15:48 mchua_ I think we may get a small turnout this time around, but it'll get the process going (again) for the next one.
15:48 erikos mchua_: right
15:48 mchua_ erikos: which list? it's technically sugar testing, but...
15:48 erikos mchua_: I would say sugar-devel
15:48 mchua_: and copy fedora-olpc?
15:49 mchua_ #action mchua make sure test cases, results management system, publicity are done as per http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/[…]st_Day_management
15:49 erikos: worksforme
15:49 sdziallas #action mchua make sure test cases, results management system, publicity are done as per http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/[…]st_Day_management
15:49 erikos mchua_: and of course the soas ist
15:49 s/ist/list
15:49 wonders if sdziallas is a papagei
15:49 sdziallas no, just somebody who gets the docs in the meetbot.
15:50 erikos sdziallas: :)
15:50 sdziallas: what else on our list?
15:51 mchua_ papagei?
15:51 sdziallas I think we are done?
15:51 mchua_ looks that word up in the dictionary
15:51 sdziallas #TOPIC Open Floor
15:51 erikos sdziallas: about freezes I just pretend we are good
15:51 sdziallas: i can ask peter again next time about details
15:52 sdziallas erikos: ayup, I forgot about that. Ouch. sorry.
15:52 erikos sdziallas: we do not need to discus that now
15:52 sdziallas: all fine
15:52 sdziallas erikos: I guess we should just continue packaging stuff. And if somebody complains, I'll yell at them.
15:52 erikos sdziallas: right - next monday we are done with features anyhow
15:52 sdziallas I dunno what's currently going on with Fedora, in terms of Bodhi.
15:53 As in, whether we do have a 7 day delay for updates or not.
15:53 erikos sdziallas: well, if anything breaks testers have to install 3 rpms
15:53 sdziallas grins, nods.
15:53 erikos sdziallas: i will do a test with the rpm
15:54 sdziallas: i am sure satellit__ can too
15:54 sdziallas erikos: okeydokey. either me or peter should be able to package the latest stuff, we'll take care of getting these done.
15:54 erikos one more karma point and we are good...
15:54 sdziallas :)
15:54 erikos: can you send me a link?
15:54 (can we wrap this meeting otherwise?)
15:54 mchua: ?
15:54 satellit__ +1 for rpm's
15:54 erikos satellit__: nice
15:55 satellit__ need link
15:55 erikos sdziallas: a link to what?
15:55 mchua_ erikos: oh - side note, re: 0.90 talking points - the fedora deadline is technically past, so the sooner we can get to it, the better (I really just need a data dump)
15:55 erikos satellit__: i will post on the ml then
15:55 sdziallas erikos: the update which needs a karma point. :)
15:55 erikos sdziallas: sure I mail to the list and cc you guys
15:55 sdziallas erikos: awesome, thanks.
15:55 mchua_ erikos: if they're out before the test day I can advertise them simultaneously ("come test sugar 0.90 which has these shiny new features A B and C")
15:56 erikos mchua: sure, will do
15:56 sdziallas Alright. Anything else?
15:56 erikos not from me
15:56 sdziallas :)
15:56 mchua_ Date of our next meeting?
15:56 erikos mchua_: good point
15:57 mchua_: next monday? or is that too close?
15:57 sdziallas Next Monday won't work, I'll be on the road then.
15:57 mchua_ As will I.
15:57 erikos ok
15:57 sdziallas And the week thereafter, orientation starts at Olin. In two weeks, pbrobinson and mchua might be able to steer, though.
15:57 mchua_ I can chair a meeting the Monday after that, though.
15:57 erikos we can coordinate via email
15:57 mchua_ So, 2 weeks from now would workforme.
15:58 erikos sounds good
15:58 sdziallas #AGREED next meeting in 2 weeks.
15:58 #endmeeting

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