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#sugar-meeting meeting, 2010-08-04 15:20:00

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15:21 jelkner walterbender, we really only want to make sure we have done all you and rgs need us to do
15:21 so we would like to give you the floor
15:21 if you have nothing
15:21 we have nothing
15:21 we can declare victory and go home ;-)
15:21 walterbender I had mentioned it would be nice to add a quit button to the upload dialog
15:22 I think the upload from Sugar will have to wait
15:22 jboisture ok thats simple enough to do
15:22 walterbender otherwise, I am ready to push out the new version of TA with Jamie's patches.
15:22 jboisture they can exit out of it right now though
15:22 do you think they need an additional cancel button
15:23 walterbender jboisture: they can exit with the X on the window, but I think a cancel button is customary
15:24 jboisture ok I'll put that in.  I'll push that up to my branch latter today
15:24 jelkner anything else?
15:26 walterbender, anything else?
15:26 i want to thank jboisture for all the work he did this summer!
15:26 walterbender nothing else on my end... perhaps at some point we can get someone from the design team to clean up the server side graphics... but that can happen any time.
15:27 jelkner it was a joy to work with him as always
15:27 that sounds like a project for next summer ;-)
15:27 walterbender jboisture: give me a heads up when you push the quit button and then I'll take care of the rest... this is a nice step forward for Sugar to have an example of an activity showcase.
15:28 jboisture okay great I'll send you an email soon
15:28 walterbender OK. thanks everyone. Sorry I won't be able to join you in person on Saturday.
15:29 jelkner np, i've been playing it low key anyway
15:29 since we won't have it on sugar
15:29 and most of our community is running XOs
15:29 walterbender be nice to incorporate that logo on the server somewhere... did Mike Lee design it?
15:30 jelkner yes
15:30 only thing is
15:30 we really need to make a logo in TA itself
15:30 given the nature of TA, it would be a requirement i think
15:30 walterbender jelkner: well, the background came from TA... Just need to plot the coordinates of the Turtle SVG file...
15:31 jelkner there you go
15:31 walterbender jelkner: I even made the SL logo in TA :)
15:31 jelkner cool
15:31 walterbender It was on a bet with Sean Daly :)
15:31 jelkner nice
15:32 ok, let's call it a day, then
15:32 we will update everyone about how saturday goes
15:32 i'm planning a TA blog post
15:32 and then i'll be out of the picture until october probably
15:32 rgs is sorry for being late
15:32 jelkner hi rgs!
15:33 any questions for jboisture?
15:33 that's really the entire agenda today
15:34 rgs, if you have no questions, i'll end the meeting
15:35 we agreed that jboisture will add a stop button to the upload dialog
15:35 or cancel rather
15:35 rgs errr...
15:35 well
15:35 basically I got web2py running on my ubuntu development machine
15:36 jelkner great
15:37 ok, all, enjoy the rest of the summer!
15:37 #endmeeting

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