Meeting started by mchua at 15:07 UTC
15:08:58 Topic: Today's agenda
15:09:51 Topic: Upcoming deadlines
15:09:51 INFO mchua July 27, 2010 (tomorrow!) is feature freeze, meaning that the list of approved features for the Mangolassi release will be finalized at the end of tomorrow.
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15:10:06 Topic: Features submitted for review
15:10:07 LINK mchua
15:10:09 INFO mchua None in the queue right now, skipping this agenda item
15:12:35 LINK satellit_ wonder if it should be a "feature"
15:23:34 LINK satellit_
15:24:05 LINK satellit_
15:29:31 LINK satellit_
15:31:32 Topic: Ticket status
15:31:32 LINK mchua
15:31:36 ACTION mchua mchua to make sure Trac cleanup happens immediately following feature freeze (due: next meeting)
15:33:56 Topic: post-processing scripts for the iso, update
15:36:34 Topic: QA update
15:36:34 LINK mchua
15:37:52 LINK mchua
15:39:19 LINK satellit_
15:40:17 INFO mchua Weekly test images are broken in upstream (Fedora 14 alpha blocker), upstream will fix it, use temporary test remix in the meantime for this week's testing.
15:40:21 LINK satellit_
15:40:30 LINK mchua
15:41:51 INFO mchua Once we have our feature set frozen, we can also start running tests against those features.
15:42:01 INFO mchua We still don't have a good test case/results reporting and management system
15:42:56 LINK satellit_ for tests
15:42:58 Topic: SoaS remixes
15:43:37 Topic: Feature freeze
16:04:04 ACTION mchua mchua drive forward liveusb-creator overlay fix feature
16:04:30 ACTION mchua mchua write up "update packages" feature, submit to list - garycmartin, I'll ping you to proofread shortly
16:04:43 ACTION mchua mchua write up "fructose activities" feature, submit to list
16:05:16 ACTION mchua pbrobinson push on EU language support feature, which may or may not make it into Mangolassi depending on whether Sean responds
16:05:31 INFO mchua pbrobinson willing to continue work on EU language support feature independent of whether or not it's an official Mangolassi feature
16:06:30 INFO mchua mchua write up "remixability" feature with satellit_ and push to list
16:08:35 ACTION mchua mchua to update QA instructions for this week
Meeting ended at 16:08.

People Present:
  1. mchua
  2. satellit_
  3. garycmartin
  4. pbrobinson

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