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#sugar-meeting meeting, 2010-07-19 16:52:00

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16:52 jelkner Is there a way with this application to recall agreed statements from last week?
16:52 that would be a great way to begin
16:53 walterbender jelkner: not that I know of... we'd need to look at the minutes on the web
16:53 jelkner searches for the minutes
16:54 walterbender http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]0100712_1703.html
16:55 jelkner 17:48:58ACTIONwalterbenderJamie to a menu item in our Ubuntu TA version to upload to TA to our server
16:55 Jamie, what is the status of this?
16:55 jboisture?
16:56 walterbender #aside walterbender added white and black blocks as per jelkner's request
16:56 jboisture thats my plan for tonight
16:56 jelkner walterbender great!
16:56 jboisture I wanted to ask where you think it should go and how it should behave
16:57 walterbender jboisture: I assume that the project to be uploaded would be the current project
16:57 jelkner #ACTION jelkner should ask mattva01 to make a new .deb package tomorrow
16:57 walterbender jboisture: and that we'd generate a bitmap from the time of the upload request
16:58 jboisture yes that's what I was thinking
16:58 walterbender we need to still think about the autologin part
16:58 and we could prompt for a title, description, etc.
16:58 jelkner and user and password
16:59 jboisture yes thats what I was wonder should that be a pop up window?
16:59 walterbender jelkner: it would be nice to store a cookie or use an ssh key
16:59 jboisture and how will that behave in sugar I've never used them there?
16:59 walterbender jboisture: there is a dialog window used already for loading images, python code, etc.
16:59 jelkner walterbender, i wonder how to make that friendly enough for children
17:00 user name and password they can handle
17:00 not sure about ssh key
17:00 walterbender jelkner: yeah... passwords are no fun. from Sugar, we have a public/private keypair available
17:00 jboisture yeah especially if they're going to be sharing computers in a lab just easier to have username and password
17:00 jelkner walterbender, i have to agree
17:00 walterbender jboisture: not just as easy... but common practice
17:01 jelkner the use case is a bit different here
17:01 walterbender jboisture: the Sugar approach is much easier
17:01 jelkner on sugar itself we can assume one kid one computer
17:01 jboisture hmm.. well I think matt had an idea on how to handle it
17:01 jelkner not so on our lab machines
17:01 we have kids come in and take enrichment classes
17:02 they use a guest logon most of the time
17:02 walterbender jelkner: give the kids a USB key with there signature
17:02 jelkner that means we have to buy each kid a USB stick
17:02 and when they loose it, the flow is disrupted
17:02 walterbender jelkner: then use an anon login for the lab and prompt the kids to sign their work
17:03 that way you simplify the workflow in the lab and keep a reasonable level of security.
17:04 jelkner walterbender, i wish mattva01 was here to chime in on this
17:05 seems to me the "simplest thing that will work" is just user name / password authentication
17:05 the website already supports easy recovery of lost passwords, too
17:05 rgs_ is sorry for being lat
17:05 e
17:05 walterbender rgs_: we were early... you are on time.
17:05 jelkner it sends you an email and then permits you to reset your password if you forget
17:05 hi rgs_
17:06 walterbender jelkner: I assert that no password is simpler than having a password...
17:06 jelkner walterbender, not if it doesn't work
17:06 walterbender jelkner: as long as the lab machines all have public/private keypairs, the kids dn't need them
17:07 jelkner so, i go to the library and use the machine there
17:07 walterbender jelkner: if the lab machines lose their keys, there are more serious problems...
17:07 jelkner if TA is on the machine, how do i upload my artwork?
17:08 walterbender jelkner: I was just suggesting that if the key is there, use it. If not, use a password.
17:08 jelkner oh, cool!
17:08 that works for me ;-)
17:08 walterbender jelkner: but we can put keys on the machines we control
17:08 jelkner sure
17:08 first, let's implement the user name / password authentication
17:08 so we have something that works
17:08 and can test it
17:09 then we can add other kinds of authentication
17:09 using keys
17:09 since i'll be testing this first
17:10 and the students in our summer program can use the authentication they already have on the site.
17:10 does that make sense?
17:11 rgs_ can we actually have 3 possibilities? 1) no user/password (anonymous uploads) 2) using an ssh key and 3) using user/pass
17:12 jelkner rgs_, anonymous uploads may present a problem
17:12 someone could attach the site by just continually uploading stuff
17:12 and we would not be able to stop it
17:12 rgs_ well.. we can mitigate that from the web server
17:13 most web servers provide functionality to limit request/sec
17:13 and for testing it will make life muuuch easier
17:14 jelkner this whole conversation brings up another issue that we need to discuss...
17:14 to whom will jboisture hand this over when august 7 rolls around?
17:15 while i'm funding his internship, i'll want him to deliver immediate value to my current students
17:15 that means keeping things simple so he can get them finished and deployed in time for us to use
17:15 after he goes back to school
17:15 someone else will need to take over
17:16 in fact, we need to make sure the website is turned over as well
17:16 walterbender jelkner: well, rgs_ and I are the maintainers of TA, so the buck stops here (and in Asuncion)
17:16 jelkner great
17:16 rgs_ dale yup
17:16 jelkner i talked to matt about this this morning
17:16 rgs_ (ooops, sorry for the Spanish)
17:16 (btw, code has been uploaded to git.sugarlabs.org, right?)
17:17 walterbender jelkner: but the website is another matter... be nice to get the infra team in the loop.
17:17 jelkner we should have walterbender and rgs_ be the owners of turtleartsite.appspot.com
17:17 or whomever you designate
17:17 rgs_ would be nice if either Walter or me could get commit access for future maintainership
17:17 jelkner rgs_, we need to get you and walterbender all the control of everything by august 7
17:17 sooner would be better of course
17:18 jboisture, you said the project is not in git yet?
17:18 jboisture?
17:18 jboisture correct, I can put that up later today and add you two to the appengine app
17:19 jelkner please do that asap
17:19 tomorrow we can confirm that it is done
17:19 by email
17:19 that was the main agenda item i had
17:20 anything else we need to discuss?
17:20 jboisture well in the more short term is there anyone who could lend a hand to help designing the app?
17:20 walterbender rgs_: did you get far enough into the browse code to make any comment on upload/cookies/etc?
17:21 jboisture: I think a simple open dialog should do the trick.
17:21 rgs_ walterbender: I was thinking of using urllib.. not resuing Browse code
17:21 walterbender: its only a POST..
17:22 walterbender: (urllib supports cookies - i havent use it in a while but it was straight forward back in the days)
17:22 walterbender: (and urllib is avail on F11)
17:23 walterbender rgs_: OK. I guess from the GNOME app, that is fine.. on the Sugar side, I suppose it means doing this from TA (or from browse through standard mechanisms)
17:24 rgs_: does wget use urllib?
17:24 rgs_ walterbender: good question , let me do ldd $(which wget)
17:24 walterbender: probably not.. I guess they use some other http lib
17:25 walterbender: cant see it depends on any lib that seems to provide HTTP stuff. Maybe wget implements all of it on its own
17:25 walterbender: why btw?
17:26 walterbender rgs_: just curious... wget seems to be on every GNU/Linux
17:27 rgs_ walterbender: not sure it can post multipart/form-data though
17:28 walterbender: but out of the box Python provides at least 3 different ways to do this.. so we'll probably won't need to reach out to system binaries
17:28 (urllib, urllib2 or httplib)
17:29 walterbender in Python is better...
17:30 jelkner walterbender, jboisture, rgs_ my wife is calling me for dinner
17:30 walterbender jelkner, jboisture: I have pushed a number of patches to TB in the past week...
17:30 rgs_ walterbender: (wget actually supports POST, just in case)
17:30 walterbender jelkner: CU
17:30 jelkner ok, everyone, i'll ask matt to build a new package tomorrow
17:30 then we'll get the students testing it right away
17:30 same time next week?
17:31 walterbender jboisture: be sure to grab fresh bits from mainline
17:31 rgs_ git url to the code would be nice to have
17:31 walterbender OK for me (I think)
17:31 jelkner jboisture, rgs_?
17:31 jboisture works for me
17:31 walterbender jelkner: don't forget to #endmeeting
17:31 rgs_ not ok for me, I'll be travelling
17:31 jelkner i won't
17:31 walterbender rgs_: bon voyage :)
17:31 jelkner rgs_, when would be better?
17:32 rgs_ Tuesday same time
17:32 jelkner fine with me
17:32 walterbender, jboisture?
17:32 jboisture I can do that
17:32 walterbender both prob. work for me... let's say Tues.
17:32 rgs_ great, Tuesday 9:00pm UTC it is then?
17:33 jelkner #AGREED Next TA meeting - Tuesday, July 26
17:33 at 9 pm UTC
17:33 walterbender jelkner: pretty fancy :)
17:33 rgs_ great
17:33 jelkner #endmeeting

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