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#sugar-meeting meeting, 2010-07-19 15:06:00

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Time Nick Message
15:06 garycmartin lurking
15:06 sdziallas #TOPIC Sugar on a Stick Weekly Meeting (2010/07/19)
15:06 hi Gary!
15:06 garycmartin sdziallas: Hi!
15:06 sdziallas #LINK http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/S[…]k_meetings#Agenda
15:07 That's cool, we've quite a crowd here! :)
15:07 Alright, let's get started.
15:07 #TOPIC SoaS v4 Release Schedule
15:08 We're approaching feature freeze, which is happening on July 27.
15:08 I'm tempted to say that we should probably look at the liveusb-creator stuff and activities at some point.
15:08 raffael May I ask for he language/Keyboard selection?
15:09 sdziallas raffael: sure thing, go ahead
15:09 pbrobinson raffael: is there a feature request on the wiki?
15:10 raffael Sorry - don not know. Please give me hint and I will take care of that request thing.
15:11 sdziallas raffael: you mean language / keyboard selection in the control panel or at the first screen when the student selects his color scheme?
15:12 raffael At the first screen.
15:12 sdziallas ah, okay! that's something walterbender was working on, if I recall correctly. I wonder if that's going to make it into sugar 0.90.
15:13 garycmartin raffael: Walter has done some work on that, not sure how far he got, but it was a nice simple Sugar friendly design.
15:13 sdziallas garycmartin: I think I've seen mock ups somewhere, but I'm not sure about it's state, either.
15:13 I'll make sure to ask the list about it.
15:14 #action sdziallas to email the lists about walter's improved first screen.
15:14 garycmartin sdziallas: We seemed to be backtracking last I read, perhaps even suggestions of removing the colour picker at first boot :(
15:15 sdziallas garycmartin: uh! I... mhm. well, I'll make sure to revive that convo then, because it'd be a pity to miss deadlines (sugar-wise) again.
15:15 we also haven't had much echo on the activity selection email pbrobinson sent out, which I'm kinda sad about.
15:16 (I'll walk through stuff here, I guess it all belongs to the schedule thing.)
15:17 pbrobinson sdziallas: everyone must be happy then :-|
15:17 garycmartin sdziallas: The block for me is the Fedora packaging thing. Not something I'm comfortable with or have much knowledge of.
15:17 sdziallas garycmartin: I'm glad you're raising such points. Thank you! :)
15:17 garycmartin: I don't think this is something we want to ask the activity authors to do all by themselves.
15:18 I think the communication (in the email I sent out about the proposed guidelines) might have been a little unclear.
15:18 garycmartin sdziallas: I currently don't even have a sane place to upload the source bundles for any one who was interested to package.
15:18 pbrobinson garycmartin: can you not put them on people.sl.o?
15:19 sdziallas garycmartin: oh, okay! is... there some place we could make, or is this something we should talk to bernie about?
15:19 garycmartin I don't have access.
15:19 (anymore)
15:20 sdziallas: alsroot seems to be considering the possibility of making source uploads go to also in some way, as part of the same upload process for .xo that we are all used to.
15:21 sdziallas (in terms of packaging, I wanted to say that if an activity author wants to work with us, I think we'd be very much willing to maintain an activity that's becoming part of SoaS in Fedora. that's my take, though.)
15:21 garycmartin sdziallas: that way every activity developer does not need shell access!
15:21 sdziallas garycmartin: ah, so the shell access thing is a blocker?
15:22 garycmartin: if so, a.sl.o would make that easier, yup.
15:22 alsroot: do you know what's needed to make that happen?
15:23 alsroot sdziallas: the situation is not so clear, AMO is switched to django, thus we need to do the same earlier or later..
15:23 garycmartin sdziallas: shell access is good if you are a hard core Sugar dev, but I think it's over the top to expect most activity developers to jump the hoops.
15:24 sdziallas garycmartin: that's an intersting point (I think mchua would probably add some stuff here)... yeah, especially in terms of an entry barrier
15:24 alsroot sdziallas: but anyway, ASLO seems to be more convenient choice in comparing w/ ssh account
15:24 and I'm implementing more or less related stuff right now
15:25 garycmartin alsroot: +1
15:25 sdziallas alsroot: yup, I think that makes sense. well, for activity maintainers, at least. but I don't want to create a struggle between developers and maintainers (instead, it should be about finding a way how they could work better together).
15:26 garycmartin sdziallas: not sure I understand the distinction developers/maintainers?
15:26 alsroot sdziallas: anyway, two things will be accessible for packagers, source tarballs and deps info
15:26 sdziallas #action kick off convo about how to lower the entry barrier to activity development and releases?
15:26 alsroot: ah, that's cool!
15:26 garycmartin: maintainers as in package maintainers :)
15:27 garycmartin sdziallas: thanks, got it :)
15:27 sdziallas would like to move on, but I don't think this is something that SL itself should ignore.
15:28 anything else in terms of the release schedule?
15:28 raffael One more? I know there is a thread about the boot helper cd ... as far as I can see there is no one for mirabelle - or should the strawberry-one generally work?
15:28 sdziallas we should probably send out another reminder. the next meeting is the last chance to raise a new feature.
15:30 garycmartin sdziallas: was never quite sure, are activities features?
15:31 sdziallas raffael: there's a script with which people can create a boot helper from their own copy of SoaS (that saves us the trouble of creating a boot helper for every snapshot). I'm not entirely sure whether it's still needed with Mirabelle or not. Feedback on that would be cool!
15:31 garycmartin sdziallas: I was wondering what the state of evince/Read was, would hate to see another release without working PDF support.
15:32 sdziallas garycmartin: generally, I think new activities proposed for inclusion should be features (at the very least raised on list, but if they are features, we can better track things)
15:32 garycmartin: the last I heard was that it's still broken and that Activity Central (for which I don't speak) might take on responsibility for that at some point.
15:32 pbrobinson raffael: there isn't currently one for soas-3. What is the use case that you need it for out of interest?
15:34 raffael pbrobinson: I personally have to notebooks not running from an usb stick - i guess it's a needed feature.
15:34 garycmartin sdziallas: thanks, I'm sure I read that Sayamindu said the bindings were up to date and that there was some other issue, maybe I just eat too much cheese that night and dreamt it.
15:35 sdziallas garycmartin: I think it's true, let me find the ticket.
15:35 pbrobinson raffael: they won't boot?
15:36 sdziallas garycmartin: http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/ticket/1900
15:36 alsroot sdziallas: btw what do you thing if every activity will be identified by url like http://services.sugarlabs.org/gcompris, and this page will have a link to current sources tarball
15:36 raffael pbrobinson: no way it's a vaio and of course my macbook ...;-)
15:36 pbrobinson garycmartin: do you know what version of Read that is?
15:36 sdziallas alsroot: that would be awesome!! I think reliable source URLs would be very helpful for packaging :)
15:36 pbrobinson raffael: macbook is known issue, hoping to have it fixed for SoaS-4.
15:36 garycmartin sdziallas: thanks. Is there a recent SoaS iso I could test? Seem to be broken at the moment.
15:37 pbrobinson raffael: is the vaio EFI Based?
15:37 sdziallas garycmartin: the thing is that I haven't seen much noise on the bug report...
15:37 raffael pbrobinson: yes.
15:37 sdziallas garycmartin: we're now moving weekly builds intended for testing every thursday here: http://download.sugarlabs.org/soas/test/
15:37 garycmartin: these might not work, though, so if nothing else, Mirabelle is still a good guess.
15:38 pbrobinson raffael: can you try the 64 bit version of SoaS-3 from spins.fedoraproject.org and email the soas list with how it goes?
15:38 raffael pbrobinson: O.K. I will try...
15:39 garycmartin sdziallas: thanks, have Mirabelle as well (my main Sugar image at the moment)
15:39 sdziallas garycmartin: ah, that's awesome :)
15:39 moves on quickly to see what else we've left.
15:39 #TOPIC Feature Requests
15:39 pbrobinson raffael: basically there's an over issue with the linux kernel. It can't boot a 32 bit kernel from 64 bit EFI
15:39 sdziallas #NOTE list of feature requests is empty, nothing to do.
15:40 satellit_Acer http://download.sugarlabs.org/[…]6-20100623.16.iso  worked
15:40 garycmartin pbrobinson: Not sure of the Read version, might just be in git at the moment. Will try and poke.
15:40 sdziallas #TOPIC Testing Process
15:40 satellit_Acer: ah, awesome! :) garycmartin, there you go!
15:40 raffael Btw: are there defined test procedures/cases?
15:41 sdziallas #link http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/S[…]s#Testing_process
15:41 raffael sdzillas: Thanks!
15:41 sdziallas raffael: you might want to look at that :) (the answer is "no, but satellit has been working on stuff, we could use lots of help because it's just a giant load of stuff")
15:41 satellit_Acer http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/S[…]rocess#Test_image
15:42 garycmartin satellit_Acer: thanks, downloading.
15:42 sdziallas #note sdziallas is talking to Fedora QA to get us a test day. tentative date is currently Aug 19.
15:43 pbrobinson sdziallas: yay
15:43 sdziallas moving on? :)
15:43 satellit__ garymartin http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/T[…]able#Test_results  listed here
15:43 sdziallas unmadindu: do you know about the state of Read?
15:44 well, moving on, I guess.
15:45 #TOPIC mtd's scripts and patches
15:45 unmadindu sdziallas: it does not work with latest evince
15:45 sdziallas unmadindu: so what options do we have there?
15:46 unmadindu sdziallas: someone needs to take over and port it to the latest evince API (and that may require fiddling with the python-evince bindings as well)
15:47 garycmartin unmadindu: ouch.
15:47 sdziallas garycmartin: exactly my thoughts.
15:48 pbrobinson so for evince we're still in the same position we were 3 months ago.
15:49 sdziallas #note read is presumably not going to be fixed in time for v4. holler on list.
15:50 pbrobinson sdziallas: we still have a couple of months before final release
15:50 garycmartin unmadindu: I'll take a look, but I think this is seriously out of my league.
15:50 satellit_Acer any way to install a previous version of evince in soas .ks?
15:51 sdziallas I don't think we can just do that; given that Fedora ships the latest version of evince.
15:51 pbrobinson: that's true :)
15:51 pbrobinson satellit_Acer: no
15:52 sdziallas pbrobinson: you posted on list already about mtd's script, right?
15:52 pbrobinson after all there's been well over 6 months since the chance
15:52 change even!
15:52 sdziallas: yes. I'm up to speed on them
15:53 sdziallas pbrobinson: awesome!
15:53 I think we can wrap up then.
15:54 #note pbrobinson is up to speed on mtd's scripts
15:54 anything else we should talk about?
15:54 #TOPIC Open Floor
15:56 Okeydokey.
15:56 Closing, thanks everybody for attending!
15:56 #endmeeting

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