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#sugar-meeting meeting, 2010-07-10 11:25:00

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Time Nick Message
11:25 christianmarcsch let me recap the options as i currently see them
11:25 silbe #topic Start New/Resume from home screen
11:25 garycmartin Hmm, been looking at the first pdf, the second looks borked. May just have a bad extension name.
11:25 christianmarcsch i'll resend
11:26 garycmartin christianmarcsch: yea just a bad name,  needs .pdf
11:26 christianmarcsch ok, i also resent as a single PDF (all three options)
11:26 so...
11:26 Option 1A: Modal dialog with full hover palette
11:26 Option 1B: Modal dialog with only hover preview
11:27 garycmartin christianmarcsch: fwiw I was just mocking up Walters pi menu suggestion.
11:27 christianmarcsch Option 2: Immediate hover palette with only two options: resume the latest (on click), or start new
11:27 garycmartin: that's great--can you share it yet?
11:27 garycmartin christianmarcsch: Pie menus have some advantages but are notoriously painful to implement and get working right.
11:28 christianmarcsch garycmartin: yes, i agree. worth looking at, though
11:28 garycmartin christianmarcsch: not done yet, having trouble with the layout myself :)
11:29 christianmarcsch so, walter had made a suggestion that we code each of these options and compare them
11:29 i think that might be a good idea, so we can better evaluate each
11:29 silbe Option 3: New full-screen window with Journal grid view pre-filtered by activity
11:30 garycmartin christianmarcsch: So is Walter offering to code them? ;)
11:30 christianmarcsch silbe: isn't that similar to the modal dialog?
11:30 silbe christianmarcsch: similar, but distinctive enough to list separately
11:31 christianmarcsch silbe: so it basically takes you to a prefiltered journal?
11:31 silbe christianmarcsch: exactly
11:31 christianmarcsch silbe: on click?
11:31 silbe: i feel that it could be an option in the hover palette, but on click it may feel too indirect
11:32 silbe: that's why we ended up with a modal dialog--it still keeps you in context of the home view
11:32 silbe christianmarcsch: yep. Start New should be an option in the full-screen window as well.
11:32 christianmarcsch: how would you trigger and dismiss the modal dialog?
11:32 christianmarcsch silbe: so, i view this option as a variation of the modal dialog. we keep the dialog, but make it more extensive
11:32 garycmartin Seeing as we suddenly have so many new suggestions, perhaps we should skip the realtime meeting and take some time to look at them using the mail-list?
11:33 christianmarcsch silbe: look at the pdf: you can either click the X, or click the grayed out background around it
11:33 silbe and make it non-modal because modal is a PITA
11:33 christianmarcsch PITA?
11:33 silbe christianmarcsch: and how do you trigger it? clicking on an activity?
11:34 christianmarcsch silbe: yes
11:34 silbe pain in the backside ;)
11:34 christianmarcsch silbe: so, imagine we took this dialog and added a scrollbar
11:34 silbe: then we would have what you are describing, right?
11:34 silbe: it sounds like what you are looking for is to show more activities
11:35 silbe more or less - except that I'd use the grid view (=> preview images) and make it non-modal.
11:35 christianmarcsch and by the way, we can also try list of grid view
11:35 silbe: yes, we can do that
11:35 silbe and showing the start new in the "dialog" as well
11:35 christianmarcsch ok, i'll record that as another design exploration
11:36 silbe so they can decide whether to start new or resume based on the full list of old instances
11:36 christianmarcsch silbe: ok, that makes sense.
11:37 i'll mock up that variation
11:37 silbe I don't think it's optimal, but it might be a good step in the right direction
11:37 christianmarcsch: thanks!
11:37 IIRC garycmartin mentioned Apple doing something similar on the iPad
11:38 christianmarcsch silbe: oh, that would be good to see
11:38 garycmartin silbe: sorry, this meeting is not working for me, no idea what is being discussed. Was about to bail and ask folks to offline ideas to the mail-list.
11:39 christianmarcsch gary, i can create a mockup
11:39 garycmartin christianmarcsch: fab. I'll plough on with the pie menu mockup and will mail it to the list.
11:39 christianmarcsch it's a more extensive version of page 3 in the pdf
11:40 great
11:40 i can talk again tomorrow if that works?
11:42 garycmartin Can we try and get some threads going on the mail-list? Would find that easier, then use realtime chats only if we need to flesh things out or try to make a final call.
11:42 christianmarcsch ok, sure
11:43 should we keep using the thread walter started?
11:43 garycmartin Sure, remember to adjust the subject if needed.
11:44 christianmarcsch will do
11:44 silbe please start a new thread - the current one was about bernies pending patches and is already huge
11:45 christianmarcsch ok...
11:46 garycmartin LOL :)
11:47 christianmarcsch well, to be continued!
11:47 i need to sign off
11:47 looking forward to the next round
11:47 silbe so are we meeting again tomorrow or not?
11:47 christianmarcsch i can if necessary
11:47 but i think gary preferred to do it asynchronously
11:48 garycmartin Sorry, not me.
11:48 silbe ok, then let's postpone it.
11:48 christianmarcsch let's discuss via email thread for now
11:48 and reconvene here when it becomes necessary
11:48 silbe as long as we keep the emails flowing that's fine with me
11:48 garycmartin Thanks christianmarcsch, I'll catch up on the list.
11:49 silbe we have a rather large backlog already and quite a bit of it was on the mailing list
11:49 christianmarcsch sorry, i have to sign off now
11:49 silbe #endmeeting

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