Meeting started by sdziallas at 15:02 UTC
15:02:40 Topic: Sugar on a Stick meeting (2010/07/05)
15:02:53 ACTION sdziallas somebody to nag bernie to get a newer meetbot
15:03:15 ACTION sdziallas sdziallas to setup meeting reminder emails for the list
15:04:13 Topic: Release Schedule
15:04:22 LINK sdziallas
15:04:56 Topic: Features Requests
15:05:04 LINK sdziallas
15:05:20 Topic: ASLOxo USB Installer
15:05:23 LINK sdziallas
15:06:23 LINK mchua - meetbot ticket, for the record
15:15:54 AGREED sdziallas ASLOxo Installer *is* an awesome project that is related to SoaS, however not part of the latter
15:16:18 Topic: Revised Browse Page
15:16:25 LINK sdziallas
15:30:40 INFO mchua Implementation: genericize patch, push to upstream Browse, edit wiki pages it links to - use this as an example of the feature process, as it's simple but an obvious change
15:32:25 Topic: Testing Process
15:32:31 LINK sdziallas
15:33:05 INFO mchua Chris Tyler wrote us a script! Mel has not tested it yet
15:33:45 LINK mchua
15:34:14 INFO mchua we have weekly builds and a place to find/keep them, and testers waiting, and some test cases and a place to put them (thanks to satellit__)
15:34:44 LINK sdziallas
15:37:27 Topic: SoaS Scripts?
15:41:56 Topic: Activity Selection
15:44:39 ACTION sdziallas activity list to be worked on by the release team, discussion will also happen on-list
15:49:14 ACTION sdziallas pbrobinson to take care of keeping the list in the loop regarding activity selection
Meeting ended at 15:51.

People Present:
  1. sdziallas
  2. mchua
  3. pbrobinson
  4. satellit__
  5. JT4sugar

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