Meeting started by mchua at 11:03 UTC
11:08:00 LINK mchua
11:08:08 Topic: TM applications
11:10:17 Topic: Ooo for kids brings up "partner acknowledgements" trademark issue
11:10:25 INFO mchua Plus the OOo4Kids request to display our logo. MOTION: To pre-approve the entire class of requests such as "can I put Sugar Labs logo in my partners/acknowledgments page?", as they are very frequent and hard to abuse for bad purposes. (Bernie)
11:22:23 Topic: Fedora 11 with Sugar 0.88 on XO-1 and XO-1.5 official project request
11:23:20 LINK mchua
Meeting ended at 12:06.

People Present:
  1. sdziallas
  2. tomeu
  3. mchua
  4. walterbender
  5. cjb
  6. dfarning

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