Meeting started by sdziallas at 15:02 UTC
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15:02:46 Topic: Sugar on a Stick Meeting -- 2010/06/14
15:03:39 INFO mchua Agenda item #1: Choosing name and colors
15:03:53 INFO mchua Agenda item #2: Feature proposal submitted for consideration
15:04:07 INFO mchua Agenda item #3: dev-test-release cycle - we need one
15:04:18 INFO mchua Agenda item #4: mtd: "someone should just ask sdziallas and pbrobinson nicely if they'd mind terribly if someone suggested some patches / post-processing scripts for the soas spin .iso and promised to help maintain those patches / scripts for at least a few releases."
15:04:57 Topic: Colors and Codename for v.4
15:05:14 INFO mchua Agenda item #5: Figuring out what people want to work on for the v4 release cycle of SoaS
15:06:28 INFO mchua Agenda item #6: Communication to Activity developers about feature process
15:11:13 INFO mchua Cloudberry and Alphonso are out, see mailing list thread for rationale
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15:19:15 INFO sdziallas naming convo to be continued on-list. remaining suggestoins are: lilikoi, jambul, magolassi and squoyah
15:25:54 AGREED sdziallas SoaS v.4 will be code-named Mangolassi
15:26:28 Topic: revised browse default bookmarks feature
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15:29:35 ACTION sdziallas somebody to create wiki categories
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15:31:22 AGREED sdziallas revised browse page feature is being refined until next week's meeting
15:32:21 Topic: Sugar 0.90 Feature
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15:35:10 AGREED sdziallas Sugar 0.90 Feature is APPROVED
15:36:14 Topic: dev-test-release cycle
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15:40:13 INFO mchua In order to have a dev/test/release cycle, I think we need a few things.
15:40:17 INFO mchua 1) An agreed-upon image each week for testers to attack (the daily build on $datetime of each week, for instance)
15:40:20 INFO mchua 2) An agreed-upon set of test cases for them to execute (iow, the "test plan" thing we haven't had before)
15:40:25 INFO mchua 3) An agreed-upon place and format for the results from running those test cases to be reported to
15:40:32 INFO mchua 4) An agreed-upon $datetime each week by which all test results for that week will be submitted - so that the development team has a chance to look at those results and revise the build before the next test image goes out.
15:41:06 IDEA sdziallas send all datetime reminders via automated email
15:47:29 ACTION sdziallas pbrobinson to discuss patches / scripts further with mtd
15:47:54 Topic: # what people plan to work on for the v4 cycle
15:48:06 Topic: what people plan to work on for the v4 cycle
15:48:50 INFO mchua Mel requests that people continue to talk and think about what they want to do with their SoaS time between now and our v4 release date in October on the soas list - and Planet Sugar Labs.
15:49:38 INFO sdziallas Sebastian requests a meetbot update!
15:49:47 AGREED sdziallas Mel's request is herewith approved
15:50:58 Topic: communication to activity developers about feature process
Meeting ended at 15:59.

People Present:
  1. pbrobinson
  2. mchua
  3. sdziallas
  4. JT4sugar
  5. mtd
  6. satellit__
  7. walterbender
  8. bernie

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