Meeting started by walterbender at 11:11 UTC
11:12:12 Topic: local labs
11:16:14 ACTION walterbender Walter to gather various requests from local labs for use of our TM in one place
11:17:01 INFO mchua Local Labs trademark item deferred 'till next meeting when we have a TM request queue
11:19:13 LINK walterbender
11:22:30 Topic: Devel Team vacancies
11:48:52 ACTION walterbender Everyone to turn over more "stones" looking to fill the open positions
11:53:07 LINK CanoeBerry
11:55:10 Topic: Certification
11:56:55 LINK walterbender
12:07:18 ACTION walterbender Summarize the Certification discussion into a motion
12:10:47 AGREED walterbender meet next week (11 June) at 3pm EST, 19UTC
Meeting ended at 12:14.

People Present:
  1. walterbender
  2. mchua
  3. SeanDaly
  4. cjb
  5. CanoeBerry
  6. JT4sugar
  7. mtd
  8. satellit_

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