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#sugar-meeting meeting, 2010-03-12 12:06:00

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12:06 CanoeBerry Sure.
12:06 SeanDaly me too
12:06 mchua I'm just listening in and shooting logs to list once the meeting's over, I think I've said most of what I wanted to say - that we need to get our house in order as a FOSS project first (get maintainers, get testing, etc) before we can do much else.
12:07 sits back, listens.
12:07 satellit__ walterbender: I am not sure I am able to build such a DVD.iso but I will make an attempt If you like...maybe with blueberry-direct (ext3) .img from bernie plus instructions and other instructional files...
12:08 walterbender satellit_it would be a huge win in terms of making it easier to distribute
12:08 satellit__ ok
12:09 will upload to Tgillard when I am ready with it.....
12:09 have to go......
12:09 walterbender ciao
12:12 mchua reads up to see what the discussion on goals was before
12:12 SeanDaly: you said something about goals that addressed our main barriers to adoption - installation and unfamiliarity?
12:12 is there anything else you wanted to bring up on that?
12:14 We have scarce resources to allocate, it's true - so knowing where to aim our capacity-building will help us get more of those resources in the medium term (in the "couple of months" time scale).
12:14 SeanDaly mchua: yes we need to lower those barriers
12:15 CanoeBerry mchua: later i want to hear more about RIT and your visits there if you can.
12:15 mchua CanoeBerry: Happy to tell the story now, too.
12:15 SeanDaly: Any particular things you'd like to see for 2010 re: lowering those barriers?
12:17 CanoeBerry Here's one way to dramatically lower barries to entry to Sugar & XO -- help us polish Walter's Getting Started in Washington DC Mch 27/28:
12:17 http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Start
12:18 SeanDaly mchua: yes, for installation we need 1) bulletproof SoaS 2) OEM preinstall referencing
12:18 mchua CanoeBerry: aye, but a 2010 goal? ;)
12:18 SeanDaly: er, could you explain #2 a bit?
12:18 CanoeBerry mchua: 2010 yes, and beyond, why?
12:18 mchua SeanDaly: "companies selling SoaS pre-burned onto thumbdrives?"
12:19 SeanDaly mchua: foor unfamiliarity barrier we need to present the Sugar interface in some way that does not involve installation
12:19 walterbender CanoeBerry: it would be nice to have a version suitable to include on SoaS in the Browse startup...
12:19 mchua CanoeBerry: Well, I'm logging this convo because we were trying to wind down the goals discussion from the SLOBs meeting, so I'm trying to steer everything in the direction of "does this help us figure out our 2010 goals?"
12:19 SeanDaly OEM = Intel Classmate, Dell Latitide 2100 education netbook, &c
12:19 walterbender CanoeBerry: but it would have to be less OLPC-centric.
12:19 CanoeBerry http://laptop.org/start will be in many more languages than just English if we do a good job this time!
12:20 mchua SeanDaly: That would imply the support/QA bandwidth to handle those users - folks usually expect some sort of support if they pay for a thing.
12:20 walterbender SeanDaly: a css/javascript emulation, perhaps...
12:20 mchua Even if you tell them not to expect any formal support, as CanoeBerry can attest. ;)
12:20 CanoeBerry walterbender: not sure I understand
12:21 walterbender CanoeBerry: which thread?
12:21 CanoeBerry walterbender: it's ok, but i'm not sure i understand your disagreement above
12:22 walterbender CanoeBerry: disagreement?
12:23 CanoeBerry CanoeBerry: if you are asking for a change to Mike Lee & my pushing people to lower barriers to entry around Getting Started, yes
12:23 SeanDaly mchua: what users?
12:23 CanoeBerry walterbender: oops, didn't mean to speak to myself
12:24 walterbender CanoeBerry: I wasn't trying to derail the DC work, just wondering out loud if we can further leverage it for SoaS...
12:25 CanoeBerry Anyway Mike Lee's working hard on your Javascript from 2007 :)
12:26 mchua SeanDaly: ones that would purchase from OEM.
12:26 walterbender CanoeBerry: I need to dust off my JS skills... I was so much younger then...
12:27 CanoeBerry walterbender: your approach was golden simple-- Mike Lee & all of us have to figure out how to keep that, while introducing more languages etc
12:27 walterbender CanoeBerry: there is some work on i18n for JS... maybe the Karmac folks know...
12:28 SeanDaly mchua: OLPC is an OEM and has well over 1 million users, none of wjom are directly supported by SL
12:28 mchua: Dell sells directly into education buyer channel and has local partners for support
12:28 tomeu well, walterbender asks questions about turtleart in olpc-sur ;)
12:29 SeanDaly mchua: Intel has over 40 partners who assemble the Classmate under favorable licensing terms, and sell either to govs, edu depts, or the public
12:30 mchua: we are not now, and won't be, able to support 10 million users ourselves; that's why local Labs need to proliferate and system vendors build a services model which included support
12:31 walterbender SeanDaly: I agree with where you are heading, but in fact the OLPC deployments, for the most part, do interact directly with SL
12:31 SeanDaly: and lean on us for some support...
12:32 SeanDaly: tomeu, bernie, et al. are shaping that engagement in a way that hopefully will lead to a more distributed dev. and support model.
12:32 SeanDaly: tomeu in .uy and bernie in .py
12:32 mchua nods. I think a lot of it is expectation-setting, and it's good to see that continuously happening.
12:33 tomeu wonders often about what happened with .pe
12:33 SeanDaly Sure, but deployments <> end users
12:33 the model that works is a chain, from local proximate support, to region, to OEM and SL
12:33 depending on the issue
12:34 for sure, more interaction with deployments very very positive
12:34 walterbender tomeu: .pe is making headway, but it has been slower to accept a direct role by community players
12:35 SeanDaly: I think a big stumbling block for potential OEMs is the support issue. If we can demonstrate that the local community/global community model works, for the Sugar bits at least, then we would lower the pain threshold for potential OEMs
12:36 SeanDaly walterbender: yes, agree with analysis (although have had only brief contact with Dell and none as yet with Intel)
12:37 walterbender SeanDaly: I should connect you with the Intel folks...
12:37 SeanDaly yes you had showed me a mail from them but yes pls what you have
12:37 contacts
12:42 mchua is the 2010 goals discussion pretty much wrapped up by now?
12:43 I'm not sure the OEM stuff fits in 2010 goals, but I could be wrong. ;)
12:45 SeanDaly mchua: it's absolutely 2010 if a goal is to lower the installation barrier
12:46 any OEM deal would radically change Sugar's status as an option for schools
12:46 mchua SeanDaly: "Have a preinstalled Sugar-running device available for individual purchase"?
12:47 hesitant to scope that further until we get things like "core Activity maintenance" in order
12:49 has to head out for a bit, will be back to close logs and send notes to list later.
12:49 Any further 2010 goals braindumping, put 'em here.
12:51 SeanDaly no, more like "obtain referenced status for Sugar on education-targeted hardware"
12:53 cjb mchua_afk: maybe #endmeeting time?
12:53 oh, you said that already, ok
13:01 walterbender dogi: hi..
13:01 dogi: I
13:01 dogi hi walterbender
13:01 walterbender dogi: I'll be at MIT next Wednesday...
13:01 dogi: maybe we can meet to catch up?
13:02 SeanDaly needs to log off
13:03 tomeu SeanDaly: cheers!
13:04 SeanDaly bye
13:07 CanoeBerry walterbender: is dogi/mel/anybody here around MIT today? yourself?
13:08 RIT scheduling should be discussed around Apr 29 - May 1 too!
13:09 walterbender I am not on campus again until Wed.
13:16 dogi back
13:17 walterbender, yes will around wednesday
13:24 mchua_afk #endmeeting
13:24 mchua #endmeeting

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