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#sugar-meeting meeting, 2010-03-09 10:18:00

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Time Nick Message
10:19 SeanDaly I've not even had the time to send invites
10:19 JT4sugar Im in Jamiaca was a little spotty getting on. A vacation finally!
10:19 Was there a log from last week last time I checked last week and didnt see one
10:21 SeanDaly wow sunny Jamaica!
10:21 JT4sugar Much needed!
10:21 SeanDaly I didn't have time to clean up log & post
10:21 managed to ski last week without breaking anything
10:21 I'm underwater at work & SL
10:22 and personal tasks too
10:23 JT4sugar SeanDaly, When you get chance I started thread on SoaS Creation kit on marketing llist I would like your ideas and comments
10:23 SeanDaly OK have not looked at mail since last week, will do
10:24 JT4sugar SeanDaly, Anymore feedback from OLPC folks and XO 1.5/Sugar press release?
10:25 SeanDaly no that ball is in my camp, Rodrigo waiting for my SL position paper
10:25 however i need to send paper to marketing list before Rodrigo so we are all on the "same page"
10:26 I had hoped to work on it during the vacation but didn't
10:27 JT4sugar SeanDaly, Do you want to write out in more detail or start with a group of High-level bullet points and solicit comment?
10:27 SeanDaly and lack of Internet access at home doesn't help either
10:28 JT4sugar: bullet points will do I think
10:29 for example, portrayal of XO as "native & exemplary" Sugar environment
10:29 which leaves room for Sugar on "higher-performance" hardware
10:29 JT4sugar SeanDaly, If you get down a couple sentences for each overarching theme, I think that would be good enough to garner some good feedback
10:30 SeanDaly sticky point: OLPC still in direc competition with Classmate
10:30 and although i think SL should seek preinstall option for Classmates,
10:31 my official position has been to "convert" the hundreds of thousands of existing deployed Classmates
10:31 to Sugar
10:31 JT4sugar Doesnt take away from Sugar running along side Gnome on XO 1.5
10:32 SeanDaly Gnome on XO-1.5 is fabulous because eliminates the "unfamiliarity" objection
10:32 for PR I think I will want to link Gnome with word "teenagers"
10:33 JT4sugar If we can get to a rock solid VM solution that would allow for deployment on Classmates, Dell 2100, and thin clients
10:34 Pushing teenagers to create and test actvities for their younger siblings could be worth a mention
10:34 SeanDaly JT4sugar: with rock solid anything, Sugar could grow very quickly by word of mouth
10:34 I am concerned though that 6-month cycle lends itself more to feature updates than stability
10:35 satellit has done some great VM work
10:35 several journalists have tested SoaS in VMs
10:36 great advantage of VM is, overcomes installation barrier
10:36 and allows internet and filters at meta level
10:36 JT4sugar Cutting edge verse stability for implementation is a tough balancing act. Getting a strong testing structure into High Schools is needed
10:37 SeanDaly yes I agree... need many testers
10:37 JT4sugar The VM ability to allow for filter settings was key point I took out of meeting with Technology Director. Need that safety level easy to access for school Tech directors
10:38 SeanDaly yes it's an excellent point
10:38 my understanding is that it's sufficient to "VMize" the SoaS images?
10:39 in other words, associate a parameter file with the SoaS ISO
10:40 JT4sugar Schools would love VM solution so can run on existing Hardware and ability to Synch with SoaS for takehome and backup of student work-Best of Both Worlds!
10:40 SeanDaly backup very important for SoaS
10:42 JT4sugar So when are you thinking of next press release? Are we targeting Fedora SoaS Spin release to recruit additional developers? May I believe Mel said.
10:44 SeanDaly I'd like to do joint OLPC-SL as soon as I can organize it...
10:44 delay has been with me these past few weeks
10:45 I want to make a big splash with it, and for once publish simultaneously in a large number of languages
10:46 JT4sugar If you can get something out with OLPC by Begin of April-following it up in May with Fedora Spin and Developer call out might dovetail very well
10:46 SeanDaly if properly done, this could repair previous damage such as OLPC-F's PR for the XO-3 which was about tech and not education and equated Sugar with "Linux", a big mistake IMHO
10:47 yes in May try to recruit devs
10:49 JT4sugar If both keep the Message of Learning at the core-A good thing-XO 1.5/Sugar for Learning-Recrtuiting Developers to help Children "Learn How to Learn"
10:49 -recruiting
10:50 SeanDaly yes
10:51 also I need to deal with SoaS v3 not being school-ready yet, and dev recruitment focus a good way
10:52 I am more and more convinced we need older students in schools to help SL
10:53 JT4sugar SoaS Creation kit that Sdz working on will be very helpful in that area as well. Will be great tool to get into hands of Professors and Students at University
10:53 SeanDaly I've been studying iPhone app ecosystem, since upcoming iPad will apparently be marketed tt education buyers
10:54 also app ecosystem offers learnings helpful to us in ASLO debate
10:55 JT4sugar Oakland Schools who I am working with are putting together and Open Source Academy with a Sugar Activities testing lab as part of it if all goes well. This could be possible model to copy.
10:55 SeanDaly sounds great
10:56 I was unable to attend SLOBs meeting on Friday, TM issues are driving me nuts, did you have a chance to look at SLOBs logs re this issue?
10:56 JT4sugar Oakland Schools has four Technical Schools work with students grades 9-12 (14yrs-18yrs)
10:57 Sorry, I have not yet I will make point to look at when home Thursday and will email you comments
10:57 SeanDaly thanks
10:59 it's a dogs & cats conversation, marketing & engineers
11:00 there is opposition to my label program proposal, but no ideas for how to grow brand otherwise
11:01 very frustrating, i can't do the work with hands tied
11:02 needs to go now...
11:03 JT4sugar After I look at information I will put my Negotiating training to work to see if we can make a breakthrough so we can have Sugar breakout!
11:03 Will email Thursday with that info-Have A Good Day!
11:05 SeanDaly thanks JT4sugar - your input important! enjoy sun and well-deserved rest ;-)
11:05 JT4sugar Thanks-I Surely will!!
11:07 SeanDaly #endmeeting

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