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#sugar-meeting meeting, 2010-02-07 07:01:00

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07:01 erikos sdziallas: ok
07:02 sdziallas for reference: this isn't a real meeting, we are rather logging a way of creating a customized SoaS.
07:02 erikos #TOPIC customizing Soas
07:02 sdziallas: yup ;p
07:02 sdziallas alright, let's start with what we have (let me generalize it real quick).
07:03 say you've a certain patch and re-created the sugar .rpm. now you want a custom SoaS build with some other minor modifications.
07:03 erikos: let's start with the .rpm package we've.
07:04 erikos sdziallas: ok
07:04 sdziallas #link http://koji.fedoraproject.org/[…]fo?taskID=1967329
07:04 erikos this is a tarball contining a patch for a test
07:04 we will do in two Sugar pilots
07:05 sdziallas nods.
07:05 so first we'll need to grab it and place it locally in some folder.
07:06 erikos ok
07:06 sdziallas #action download the .rpm file and place it in a folder
07:06 once it's there in a folder (how it's called doesn't matter), we can create a repository.
07:07 (let's imagine the folder is called "repo" for now)
07:07 erikos sdziallas: ok
07:07 sdziallas #action create the repo by running "createrepo ./repo"
07:07 (that wasn't too hard, heh)
07:07 erikos sdziallas: did you run that on the build machine now?
07:08 sdziallas erikos: no... well, we can even do that locally, that doesn't matter where you do it.
07:08 erikos sdziallas: ok
07:08 sdziallas erikos: but I guess I should do it, hang on.
07:09 erikos sdziallas: well, I can do it here
07:09 sdziallas erikos: okay :) practice is good.
07:10 erikos sdziallas: :)
07:10 Directory ./repo must exist
07:10 zzz :)
07:10 sdziallas erikos: indeed :p
07:11 erikos ok: mkdir repo
07:11 sdziallas you need to run createrepo on the folder you placed the rpm in.
07:11 erikos put the rpm in the folder, and run createrepo
07:11 [erikos@laptop Desktop]$ createrepo ./repo
07:11 1/1 - sugar-0.87.4-1.fc13.noarch.rpm
07:11 Saving Primary metadata
07:11 Saving file lists metadata
07:11 Saving other metadata
07:11 sdziallas awesome!
07:11 erikos then we get something like this
07:12 sdziallas it says that it's successful :)
07:12 erikos yup
07:12 sdziallas now you'll need to upload it somewhere, probably your sugarlabs account or so.
07:13 erikos ok
07:14 sdziallas #action upload the newly created repository somewhere
07:14 erikos http://shell.sugarlabs.org/~erikos/repo/
07:14 sdziallas: ^^^
07:14 sdziallas erikos: nice!
07:15 it might be sensible to put the .src.rpm in the repo, too (and re-run createrepo and upload it), but let's move on for now.
07:15 erikos ok
07:15 sdziallas #action check out the soas kickstart files
07:15 that works by doing: git clone git://git.fedorahosted.org/spin-kickstarts.git
07:16 erikos: I suppose I should do that on the buildslave, right?
07:16 erikos sdziallas: yeah, lets build on the buildslave
07:16 sdziallas: do I have access there?
07:16 sdziallas erikos: good question :)
07:17 erikos: it's a VM on bender.
07:17 erikos: silbe can get you access if you haven't, yet.
07:17 erikos sdziallas: the address, again?
07:17 sugarlabs1.xen.prgmr.com ?
07:17 or the second one?
07:17 sdziallas erikos: I'm usually ssh'ing into bender and then into buildslave-fedora-12-32bit
07:17 erikos: those are the old ones
07:17 erikos ok
07:25 sdziallas erikos: okay, so you can git clone that repository into your account on the build machine
07:26 erikos sdziallas: done
07:26 sdziallas erikos: then you'll want to open the fedora-livecd-soas.ks
07:26 #action add the repository you just created to the kickstart file
07:27 erikos: such a line at the top of the file should work:
07:27 repo --name=sugar --baseurl=http://shell.sugarlabs.org/~erikos/repo/
07:27 erikos sdziallas: done
07:29 sdziallas erikos: you'll need to remove the Fedora branding in case you want this build to be public, which can be done by adding a few lines like: -fedora-logos -fedora-release -fedora-release-notes generic-logos generic-release generic-release-notes
07:29 (each of these into a line)
07:30 #action remove branding if you want to have your build public
07:31 erikos sdziallas: ok
07:32 sdziallas: I will do it then to learn
07:32 sdziallas (if you don't want to distribute it online, you're fine)
07:32 erikos ok
07:32 sdziallas (it'll leave you with the hot-dog, though)
07:32 (we're working on fixing that)
07:32 erikos hmmm, ok - i will leave it then like that
07:33 sdziallas alright... now you're already good to build :)
07:34 #action invoke livecd-creator to build the fedora-livecd-soas kickstart file
07:34 (actually, we should probably use some common cache directory on the build machine for all of us)
07:34 erikos sdziallas: ahh, yeah that would make sense
07:34 sdziallas let's ask silbe where he prefers that directory
07:35 erikos ok
07:37 sdziallas mhm. well, essentially, that's already it.
07:38 erikos: I guess we can close the session and you can build as soon as he replies.
07:38 erikos ok
07:38 #endmeeting

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