Meeting started by erikos at 10:36 UTC
10:37:15 Topic: 0.88 Release (4)
10:37:27 LINK erikos
10:39:11 LINK erikos and here at the bottom
11:32:54 LINK erikos
11:45:16 LINK walterbender cycles through just stroke or just fill, hence the four little XOs instead of two
11:49:35 ACTION erikos simon does get the builds for the testing session together
11:50:01 ACTION erikos works with Tomeu on 'making the Journal present in the home view"
11:50:38 ACTION erikos christian mockup for the 'add/change discription from within the activity'
11:51:08 ACTION erikos chistian layout for walter's design on the color selector
11:51:19 ACTION erikos walter getting a new patch together
Meeting ended at 11:55.

People Present:
  1. erikos
  2. christianmarcsch
  3. walterbender
  4. tomeu

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