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#sugar-meeting meeting, 2010-01-19 10:10:00

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10:10 SeanDaly glad you two could make it
10:10 JT4sugar, perhaps we could start with MIT MarketLab?
10:11 i'm afraid i'm unclear what needs to be done / should be done
10:12 by the way I finally got to read the Babson report thanks
10:12 JT4sugar Yes, To get a project accepted must write out what we are looking for them to do
10:13 SeanDaly will they do case study? make recommendations?
10:13 what do they usually do?
10:13 JT4sugar Yes and Yes
10:14 SeanDaly edu angle or marketing angle?
10:14 JT4sugar http://mitsloan.mit.edu/mba/ex[…]eer-marketlab.php
10:14 SeanDaly e.g. I often mull over how to reach teachers and education buyers/principals without advertising
10:15 wow thanks for that link I understand better
10:15 JT4sugar My sugestion would be Fundraisng and Teacher Awareness Campaign K-12 and College
10:16 We can schedule Skype call with Tripti for you to get full picture of what they offer then we can draw up what were looking for
10:17 SeanDaly well, I'm not sure fundraising is a tough topic... we haven't even done the basis (500 kits to identified contacts in foundations/corporations)
10:17 tripti is in program?
10:17 JT4sugar It might not be a tough topic but it would be great to have a fundraising plan to execute
10:18 Tripti is one of the people that oversees the program
10:18 SeanDaly actually i'd be tempted to ask for much tougher problem: how to market Sugar to OEMs
10:19 fundraising is like cold-call sales: you define activity, get materials, identify prospects, do the contacting & followup
10:20 where they could help is maybe identifying best fit of fund sources
10:20 JT4sugar Whatever you think is most important-I'm sure we could ask for a multi-demensional plan OEM/Fundraising/Teacher awareness-Tripti would be able to tell us if thats possible
10:20 SeanDaly e.g. partnerships with tech firms, or outright grants, or CSR programs?
10:21 another angle is our branding... our strategy is based on putting the "end user application" before the OS, system, and hardware; this is a challenge for many reasons
10:22 could be interesting to get feedback concerning our strategy
10:22 JT4sugar They are MIT MBA students so they will be bringing a lot of skills to the table-They may have some good guidance for strategy
10:22 SeanDaly insluding labeling program i want to do, and "sugar boots" viral video campaign too
10:23 JT4sugar Make the list of all of the above and let's see what the enterprising MBA students are willing to tackle
10:23 SeanDaly and of course the challenge of marketing/promotion/PR with no budget :D
10:24 we could certainly address these issues with possible angles for them to tackle
10:24 when is deadline? I guess should speak with Tripti first
10:25 JT4sugar All we need is to draw up the issues for the submittal and it will be presented as a project to choose if chosen we have a short-term Marketing Group
10:25 Should try to set up call with Tripti this week I believe to get info
10:26 SeanDaly could you set up that call?
10:27 JT4sugar Give me some time availability for Wed-Thurs-Fri in EST if possible and I will facilitate call
10:28 SeanDaly Thurs-Fri morning EST good for me
10:29 JT4sugar Thursday between 11;30est-12:30est alright Friday I will say 9:00est to 12noon est that sound alright
10:29 SeanDaly yes sounds good
10:30 JT4sugar Will shoot her email today and await a response
10:30 bernie lurks
10:30 SeanDaly greets bernie lurkily
10:31 ok maybe we can talk about my idea for XO-1.5 launch
10:32 OLPC Association did not respond to my last three e-mails, and OLPC Foundation did hardware-gadget XO-3 launch in which XO-1.5 was mentioned
10:33 unfortunately, OLPC media launch skipped education and software
10:33 except to say "Linux" (and Windows), just about the worst way to put it
10:34 so i would like to launch XO-1.5 since OLPC doesn't want to
10:34 and, i would like to do so with Gnome since i consider dual-desktop very useful
10:35 useful because: overcomes objection that Sugar disorienting (to grownups that is)
10:35 JT4sugar Who is the Marketing point person for OLPC Association? Is there a way to do a three group conference call to see if we all could do some joint marketing for everyones benefit
10:36 SeanDaly useful because: confers value on "desktop" as a switchable choice over underlying OS distro
10:36 I was communicating with Ed and Rodrigo, but as I say no answer to me last three e-mails
10:37 JT4sugar Have they showed interest in Joint marketing in previous conversations?
10:37 SeanDaly I could try calling if i could make a skype call (learning curve)
10:38 JT4sugar Just download it and then email me with your skype id and will get you up and running
10:39 I'm not the most technical person and it was pretty easy for me
10:39 SeanDaly i'm sorry I got confused for Ed i meant Chuck
10:39 Chuck had shown interest, then stopped responding; in his last mail had said to take it up with Rodrigo who never responded
10:39 Ed handles OLPC Foundation side, but never contacts me, i contact him
10:40 JT4sugar If they choose not to we must still push forward but I think it's worth the personal phone call
10:41 SeanDaly i agree for all i know my mails went right into their spam containers, although Chuck had initially sounded very positive
10:41 so i will try to call Chuck & Rodrigo
10:41 walterbender In theory I see Chuck tomorrow... and Rodrigo nexct week...
10:42 JT4sugar walterbender,  Can you find out what the constraints are what is preventing them from closely working on joint marketing. If we no why not then maybe we can fix it
10:43 walterbender I will try (again).
10:43 SeanDaly walterbender: would be helpful if you could ask why they lost interest in joint PR... i had written objectives punchlist and long first draft, then total silence, then XO-3 PR which I feel set us back months
10:44 JT4sugar If you want to give me their contact numbers I would be happy to make the phone calls to see how we can work together
10:44 SeanDaly result, journalists & blogosphere further equate OLPC with vapoware, and no mention of Sugar
10:45 very demoralizing
10:46 my understanding is that fusionproject asked for green light for PR, then OLPC added some info
10:46 only one positive development I saw: "1 million" number got out
10:48 JT4sugar SeanDaly, Let's get back to your thoughts on how Sugar can capitalize on XO 1.5
10:48 SeanDaly sure - more recent version of Sugar shows XO platform and Sugar evolving together
10:49 although I believe they went with v0.84 instead of v0.86
10:49 the keystone would be Sugar logo at boot, but i understand that hasn't happened
10:50 A common objection to Sugar is its unusual (compared to office desktop metaphor) interface
10:51 it's tough, because like toys, marketing has to go through parents (teachers)
10:51 and grownups often forget that what is hard for them can be easy for kids
10:51 anyway, Gnome dual desktop eliminates that objection
10:52 it also shows "evolution" in the XO beyond hardware tech specs
10:53 the XO remains our largest installed base
10:53 also, where brand awareness of distros and desktops are weak, that of OLPC is strong
10:53 JT4sugar We need to push the idea of Sugar "It's a Learning to Learn interface' and Gnome desktop allows for all your office desktop needs
10:54 SeanDaly i have met many, many people who jave heard of project if assisted with phrases "$100 laptop" or "wind-up laptop"
10:54 JT4sugar The dual desktop feature is a good story to tell "Best of Both Worlds" Learning on one side-Business efficiency on the other if you like
10:55 Someone just said to me this weeked 'Oh the laptop with the crank"
10:55 SeanDaly actually the angle I think could work is the multiple-user angle - kids use Sugar at school & home, older kids or grownups use Gnome at home
10:56 i think edu aspect better than talking business
10:57 we are hampered by Gnome and KDE obscurity - the great majority of regular folks i.e. nongeeks have no idea what a "desktop" is
10:57 walterbender SeanDaly: I need to run, but I will try to convey all of this to Chuck tomorrow and Rodrigo next week.
10:58 SeanDaly many thanks! I've been very deeply disappointed by the XO-3 PR and its coverage... could have gone much better for both OLPC and SL if some coordination
11:00 JT4sugar walterbender, Good luck with the message I hope it gets through!
11:01 SeanDaly i will have to run too
11:01 many thanks JT4sugar i think marketLab well worth effort to try
11:02 JT4sugar SeanDaly, There is good anecdote on this blog that speaks to your Student/Parent scenario might want to include in PR http://olpc-ceibal.blogspot.com/
11:02 SeanDaly thanks for link will check it out
11:03 JT4sugar I wiil cc you on email to Tripti and wait for response
11:03 SeanDaly i was thinking Feb 3rd might be good PR day, since that day i will be speaking in Paris to CSR reps from major French corporations with OLPC France
11:03 they are starting the day with a press conf
11:04 and, OLPC France has at least one XO-1.5 to show
11:04 have to run now thanks JT4sugar
11:05 JT4sugar SeanDaly, Have a good day!
11:05 SeanDaly #endmeeting

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