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#sugar-meeting meeting, 2010-01-15 14:17:00

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14:17 mchua #chair bernie
14:18 Ok, Bernie - we want to make sure that when we put our trademark policy in place, that getting permission to use the Sugar Labs trademarks is a happy, pleasant, streamlined, easy process for people who're requesting it.
14:18 bernie: At least that's what I've been hearing you saying. ;)
14:18 And that they know that it is a happy process.
14:18 bernie: right?
14:18 bernie mchua: yep
14:18 mchua bernie: Ok - what would that mean?
14:19 bernie: what requirements does that experience have to meet, to be 'good enough'?
14:19 bernie mchua: I think it's sufficient to say something along the line of what walterbender said during the meeting in the preamble of our TM policy
14:19 mchua like, "no more than X days turnaround time" or "$this_kind of documentation" or etc.
14:20 bernie: oh - is that your only req? if we put that line in and trademarks take 5 years to approve, that's probably not so great ;)
14:20 bernie mchua: I do not think we need to make SLA guarantees, we just need to use friendly, human-readable language that encourages people to apply
14:20 mchua so I was thinking we could write out some of the expectations we've got now, so that years later when folks look back at the process they know the assumptions we're making now.
14:20 nods.
14:20 bernie: not SLA guarantees, but some general standards to aim for
14:20 like "1 week turnaround" might be an aim
14:21 not a promise, but a goal
14:21 bernie mchua: something like "we are looking forward to let projects use the Sugar and Sugar on a Stick trademarks for useful purposes. If you need a TM license, just write to licensing@sugarlabs.org. All requests will be considered.
14:22 mchua: "...we'll work hard to ensure all requests are approved by our oversight board within 1 week"
14:22 mchua I liked Sean's idea of an examples list of past requests and the process they went through, so people can get an idea of what's happened in the past.
14:22 bernie mchua: I like it too, although I'd want the process to be as simple as: 1) ask 2) ok
14:22 mchua bernie: I'd rephrase that as "We try to have an approximately 1-week turnaround time for requests, though we may not be able to do this at all times."
14:22 bernie: I like that process.
14:23 bernie: (the rephrasing is so we don't *promise* that they'll have a decision in a week, though that's what we'll aim for)
14:23 bernie mchua: if we really really really don't want to delegate approval to a licensing clerk, we can do 1) ask 2) board votes 3) ok
14:23 mchua: I like your rephrasing.
14:24 mchua: btw, I also appreciated you taking the initiative to write down the Licensing page
14:24 mchua: please, feel free to add whatever wording you think it's best to the TM page and then we'll change it if people don't like it.
14:24 mchua: it's a draft, after all
14:24 mchua bernie: so the goal is "1) Email us, and 2) We'll try to respond with a yes within a week 3) look at these examples demonstrating how cool and easy the process is" ?
14:24 bernie: ayup
14:25 bernie mchua: do you want me to create licensing@sl.o now? or are you a Google Apps admin already?
14:25 mchua bernie: I am not an admin.
14:26 bernie: I'm guessing we'll want that alias regardless, but I dunno where we want it to point
14:26 bernie mchua: shall we talk about a "tradmark licensing clerk" in the preamble, and make it an official role like the ombudsman?
14:26 walterbender: ^^^ what do you think?
14:26 mchua: if you'd like to be an admin, just ask
14:26 mchua bernie: I think we should draft these as proposals/motions and bring 'em up next week
14:27 bernie mchua: (all you need is some basic experience with Google Apps)
14:27 mchua: ok with me
14:27 mchua bernie: thanks - if I'm doing something I think I'm going to need the privs for, I will - right now I don't think I do.
14:27 ok, so...
14:27 bernie mchua: only, I'm afraid I won't have time to push this forward myself. I'd be glad if you could do it.
14:27 mchua #idea The goal of the trademark approval process is to make it as much like this as possible: (1) Email us. (2) SLOBs says OK.
14:27 bernie: oh, in that case gimme privs.
14:27 bernie mchua: you're much more an organizational person than anyone else here
14:29 mchua #idea the trademark process doc should reflect this - basically, "The process is (1) email us, and (2) we'll try to respond with a decision within a week, but can't always promise to do so, and (3) we'll generally say yes - see some examples of prior proposals and the discussion about them and how long it took them to go through."
14:30 #idea have a Licensing clerk who's responsible for initially receiving those proposals and helping them go through SLOBs in a timely manner
14:30 #idea create an email alias for said clerk (licensing@sl.o)
14:30 bernie: anything else? I'm... out of ideas, actually.
14:31 bernie mchua: https://www.google.com/a/cpanel/sugarlabs.org
14:31 mchua: would you like me to drive you through the process of creating a new alias?
14:31 mchua bernie: That'd be great. Close these logs (are we done here?) and open a new one and make that log a SOP?
14:31 bernie mchua: they're called groups in the GA jargon
14:32 SOP?
14:32 mchua Standard Operating Procedure - uh... a howto, a set of instructions
14:32 so that next time we can just point someone to these instructions and say "great, now create this other alias we need"
14:35 I'll... take the silence as a "yes we're done here"
14:35 #endmeeting

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