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#sugar-meeting meeting, 2010-01-15 13:16:00

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13:16 sdziallas hullos
13:17 mchua Ok, I had some questions about the SoaS deployment/support/QA cycle.
13:17 I'm almost certainly going to be doing a (very) small-scale SoaS deployment - small number of machines, sticks, and a very short limited and planned for one-time-only thing
13:17 here in Boston
13:17 and want to make sure we Do It Right.
13:17 The pilot is 9 students (one very small 1st grade class) and 3 netbooks (not purchased, can be any model that we want - Peter has suggested an Aspire One model I'm looking at)
13:18 and would run from mid-Feb through the end of May 2010.
13:18 My role will be on-site support, QA, and documentation.
13:18 The teacher is 110% on board.
13:18 sdziallas That's really awesome!
13:19 tomeu mchua: how many hours per week?
13:20 sdziallas mchua: I'd like to make sure that we can help whenever needed.
13:20 mchua tomeu: in the classroom full-time, they have "activity periods" during which they can choose what they want to do, and the laptops will be an option.
13:21 tomeu: I'm not sure yet how much dedicated "we are doing a lesson with SoaS" time there will be.
13:21 I'll see if I can walk next door and ask (the teacher == my aunt).
13:21 sdziallas: Yep, and I want to make sure we're doing things so that we cause you as little work as possible.
13:21 And have realistic expectations for how much people are going to be able to help.
13:22 What I'm willing to do: Every weekend that the pilot runs, I can spend about 2 hours on a QA run.
13:22 I may not always be able to use the physical netbooks they'll be using, but I can keep some test sticks up to date and test in emulation or my thinkpad - and most of the time I'll have access to the netbooks for the weekend, so it's the live setup.
13:23 sdziallas nods, that sounds like a major advantage of this approach.
13:25 mchua sdziallas: Given the Feb-May timeframe, and the (reasonable, I hope) QA turnaround time (in terms of getting new things tested and deployed, on my part), what release would you recommend going with?
13:25 tomeu +1 to family support pilots ;)
13:25 runs
13:26 mchua enjoy dinner, tomeu!
13:27 sdziallas mchua: well, that's a tough question.
13:27 mchua: I'd usually recommend Blueberry, because it's the latest stable version. However, I'm also aware of Blueberry's state.
13:27 On the other hand, it's not likely that we'll get all the activities approved in Fedora within a week.
13:28 mchua I'd be willing to test the development version with the kids - we can revert things pretty easily within a week, and it'd be a good adventure for them.
13:28 I'd just need to know how to calibrate expectations for the pilot.
13:28 before we start it.
13:28 sdziallas mchua: I haven't seen horrible results with pre-release sugar versions, in fact.
13:29 mchua: however, while going for a v3 development version would help quite a bit, we'd need a hard deadline by which you'd need an image.
13:29 mchua: basically, because not all activities are packaged, yet.
13:31 mchua: issues we've seen with pre-release versions of SoaS were mostly that activities didn't work properly or that collaboration needed work.
13:32 mchua: if you went with a development version; I'd suggest to run quickly through the activities a week or two before the hard deadline (I'll need to do such a sprint anyway for Fedora, so that'd be a good fit).
13:34 mchua sdziallas: Okay. Now, is this the sort of thing we'd need to reflash their sticks for periodically, or can we do updates without worrying about backing up stuff, etc?
13:34 sdziallas mchua: you mean updates, as in "sebastian pushes the red button and we just do yum update on all sticks", right?
13:35 mchua: updates are either that, or a reflash, yes.
13:35 mchua: we've been encouraging people to do reflashes so far and lack a strong experience of "real" updates.
13:35 mchua: however, real updates are probably the way to go - you can't push a release without ever touching it again, I guess.
13:37 mchua One moment, found Lynne May, asking some questions.
13:37 sdziallas mchua: I'm not entirely sure how they're doing backup at the GPA, but I guess we could get that up, too.
13:37 Sure thing!
13:49 mchua back, apologies for the delay.
13:49 sdziallas no worries!
13:49 mchua reads scrollback
13:50 #info Next step, CFS: get final +1 from principal
13:50 oh, actually
13:50 #action lmylim get approval from principal
13:50 #action lmylim notify parents of pilot
13:51 sdziallas whoa, cool :)
13:51 mchua #action lmylim plan curriculum for remainder of year - themes are "community" and they're also looking at doing an investigation into animal shelters as a way to explore the topic of homelessness
13:51 (the idea is that SoaS would be integrated into helping with that curriculum, rather than a Separate Standalone Unit that doesn't touch anything else)
13:51 Sugar as a tool, basically
13:51 as it ought to be.
13:51 sdziallas nods.
13:52 mchua This'll be happening over the weekend.
13:52 bernie back
13:52 mchua #action mchua purchase hardware
13:53 wb, bernie - in the middle of a SoaS deployment talk with sdziallas, trademark stuff afterwards?
13:53 sdziallas mchua: if you can get me a deadline, I can come up with a roadmap around it (for a fitting development version, that is)
13:54 mchua sdziallas: Feb break is Feb 13-21 - I would want to deploy on Feb 22, 2010.
13:54 Is that realistic?
13:54 sdziallas mchua: I'd think so. so it'd be reasonable to have everything ready by Feb 13 to have the break, too?
13:55 bernie sdziallas: the webcam now works on F11
13:55 sdziallas bernie: it does? I thought it was still in the work?
13:56 mchua: how about Feb 13 for a... well, call it release candidate?
13:58 mchua sdziallas: And then a week of testing?
13:58 sdziallas mchua: well, last minute testing.
13:59 mchua: probably some testing before, but that week would be intensive testing to make sure everything's good to go live.
13:59 mchua: also, if there's a certain activity that'd be good to have, make sure to let me know - we can use that feedback for Fedora very well :)
14:02 bernie sdziallas: they told me today that they have found a work around. if not, I would have worked on it
14:03 sdziallas bernie: mhm, okay. interesting :) is this work around upstream or is there anything we need to do?
14:04 bernie sdziallas: I'll ask.
14:04 sdziallas bernie: cool, thanks!
14:05 bernie oops, just noticed that another meeting is going on, I'll shut up now.
14:05 mchua looking at schedule, making sure I can do testing that week
14:05 sdziallas: Ooh, M-F that week I'll be at RIT.
14:05 I can probably party with the RIT kids and have multiple people helping me hammer on it.
14:05 sdziallas mchua: mhm :)
14:06 mchua: well, we shouldn't schedule it too much on the edge, I guess.
14:07 (just in case the RIT folks are busy with stuff)
14:07 mchua: so let's keep Blueberry as a contigency plan and have me work on the development version, okay?
14:09 mchua sdziallas: Sounds good.
14:09 sdziallas Cool!
14:09 mchua sdziallas: Well, I'm going to have time with the Sugar class, and we have to do *something*, so...
14:09 sdziallas grins
14:10 mchua Taking a break, back in 20.
14:10 Will resume logging again then.
14:10 #endmeeting

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