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#sugar-meeting meeting, 2009-12-15 10:03:00

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10:04 SeanDaly I think v3 should definitely be "Cloudberry"
10:04 but before that let's debrief the Blueberry media campaign ;-)
10:04 overall I'm pleased we had good tech coverage,
10:04 walterbender SeanDaly: but we need to get Lucian's wrok integrated as well as make sure the server stuff is finished
10:05 SeanDaly but disappointed with poor education blog/press coverage
10:05 walterbender: I think spotlight on server
10:06 walterbender: i had loaned the school server I brought to SugarCamp Paris to Martin L, he used for tests for 0.6, got it back and will set up a "lab" at the house soon
10:06 walterbender SeanDaly: how to reach edu types???
10:07 SeanDaly walterbender: it may be as simple as adding 500 edu bloggers to the mailing list,
10:07 but a half-page ad in a monthly glossy magazine would boost too
10:07 walterbender SeanDaly: maybe the cloud is a growing network of teachers sharing on-line?
10:07 SeanDaly walterbender: we can certainly work that angle
10:08 every time Gerald talks about what he is doing, i'm all ears
10:08 re Blueberry debrief: we didn't get as wide coverage as in June with BBC boost
10:09 but, we got really rave reviews from ars technica, wired, and others
10:09 bernie waves
10:09 SeanDaly importantly, there was no negativity I could see at all
10:09 waves to bernie
10:09 bernie yeah, that was amazing. we have a very positive karma
10:10 SeanDaly part of it is building up positively from Strawberry
10:10 I'm really pleased with our branding efforts
10:11 we've never really formalized brand values, been flying intuitively, but our designers do fabulous work
10:11 and came through when urgent
10:11 by the way, i checked banner ad stats today
10:12 165,000 impressions and 0.2% clickthrough, which is average
10:12 however, the list of sites leads me to believe we should consider an ad to attract developers
10:14 christianVani for the list of educators etc, I've got some in the twitter list
10:14 about a 100 but they don't all blog, i've find them on a twitter annuary
10:15 SeanDaly christianVani: very interesting
10:15 I had posted a link to the marketing list with the top edu bloggers, will be starting point
10:17 christianVani for the journal, i just came back for leweb and paris, didn't have the time for the moment to digest everything let me know how you see it
10:17 SeanDaly how was Le Web? did you have your XO-1 out?
10:17 christianVani for le web i had the xo out all the time, there was also another guy from olpc france
10:18 we have pitch a lot a people, and had really two interesting contact
10:18 SeanDaly I gave a Sugar/OLPC talk at the Fedora 12 lauch party in Paris on Saturday, went over well I think
10:18 christianVani one is developping a virtual world for education and was really interested ( twinverse) and the other one give me the contact and a recommendation of "le conseille web" of the french minister of education
10:19 SeanDaly sounds interesting
10:20 christianVani i'll give you the contact by mail
10:20 SeanDaly What impressed me about Netbook World Summit was how "qualified" the attendees were; marketingspeak for "highly likely to be interested in Sugar"
10:20 not educators with 1 or 2 exceptions, but industry people
10:21 christianVani there was the guy of knigston value very interesting, he connected when i show him the little design done by a contributor of sugarlabs explaining the sugar learning experience
10:22 with the sugar on a stick etc
10:22 walterbender christianVani: I have a follow-up call with him this week :)
10:22 SeanDaly Yes Kingston a great contact
10:22 Now, here's something i felt we could have done better for Blueberry: PR translations
10:22 christianVani he was also at le web etc
10:22 SeanDaly I'm the first to admit that I got the PR done later than planned, this reduced time for translators
10:23 we lucked out with Lionel of OLPC France who translated the release at NWS 15 mins before I sent it out ;-)
10:23 But, we missed the deadlines for Spanish and Italian
10:24 walterbender missing Spanish (and Portuguese) is a bummer
10:24 SeanDaly experience is showing that PR translations play a major role in boosting coverage; many journalists get the PR in their language, then go to the site
10:24 yes pt too was missing
10:24 walterbender SeanDaly: is it tp
10:24 too late to send out translations?
10:24 SeanDaly I have it now
10:25 it is late, from news cycle POV, but we can try
10:25 walterbender is having trouble typing on his XO keyboard :)
10:25 SeanDaly and certainly update the press release page
10:27 there were a couple of Blueberry items I missed
10:30 bemasc, walterbender; neuralis, mchua: back again?
10:30 christianVani don't seems like they came back
10:32 SeanDaly bemasc, walterbender; neuralis, mchua: back again?
10:32 looks like farmer is in the dell, or something
10:33 christianVani: for reference, here's my Strawberry debrief: http://lists.sugarlabs.org/arc[…]-June/001788.html
10:34 one final note re Blueberry launch: grouping coverage seemed to have worked well, only 1 complaint
10:34 christianVani 'im looking =)
10:34 SeanDaly greets CanoeBerry
10:34 walterbeta-10b6 got bounced off :(
10:34 SeanDaly bemasc, walterbender; neuralis, mchua: back again from farmer falldown?
10:35 we had a coffee break while you were out
10:35 christianVani lol
10:35 SeanDaly i just linked to previous Strawberry debrief, for ref: http://lists.sugarlabs.org/arc[…]-June/001788.html
10:36 and I said that grouping news links in digests seemed to be a good system
10:36 bernie: any idea how site stats looked during/after the launch?
10:37 walterbender still love to have a sense of scle of soas downloads
10:37 christianVani: can you help me get a facebook page up for sl?
10:38 christianVani yes I can
10:38 SeanDaly bemasc, walterbender; neuralis, mchua: http://pastebin.be/22469
10:38 christianVani I've set up one, and put two other members of sugarlabs as admin
10:39 SeanDaly christianVani: great! what's address?
10:39 walterbender christianVani: so how do we take best advantage of it?
10:39 christianVani let me check
10:39 bernie SeanDaly: I have not checked. do you have access to awstats?
10:39 SeanDaly: and analytics?
10:39 SeanDaly bernie: I believe DavidF sent me access, but don't remember
10:39 christianVani http://www.facebook.com/pages/[…]430.1662953854..1
10:40 for the moment there's 5 fans
10:40 but there's some work of going to facebook's teacher groups
10:40 and put some content about sugar there
10:40 to get more people
10:40 SeanDaly I have a facebook account but lost pwd, will have to get up to speed (all my brothers sister and 2 out of 3 kids on there)
10:40 christianVani: that sound fabulous
10:41 christianVani twitter seems easier to find teachers interested about tech
10:41 JT4sugar walterbender, We begin by using Holiday season to ask for assistance and Build community-Time, Energy and Financial-Help Sugar Labs Help Children "Learn how to Learn" and get free ebooks
10:41 christianVani http://twitter.com/Sugarlabstweets
10:42 walterbender christianVani: excuse my ignorance, but how do we take advantage of the tweets?
10:42 christianVani if you go to follower you will see a lot of teachers using twitter, but having people following us on twitter is a long work of everyday, it could be cool if we are several admins of the twitter account to put new tweets everyday, quote people etc
10:42 walterbender christianVani: It would be cool to be able to tweet directly from irc
10:43 e.g. /tweet ...
10:44 christianVani aaahh yess I'll check this possibility and how to do it
10:44 SeanDaly christianVani: I've deliberately neglected social media since i am close to limit of time I can put in, but you're convincing me to rethink ;-)
10:45 we've gotten great tweets in the past from UK journalists & bloggers
10:46 christianVani http://twitter.com/#search?q=sugarlabs here is the twitter search concerning sugarlabs
10:47 there's an everyday work to retweet people, talk with them etc to build a real community, i've set et up the account , search for teacher but haven't got the time untill know to really build the community
10:47 but it could be a great tool
10:49 SeanDaly actually another thing about Blueberry launch - video was very very viral
10:49 (video of walterbender at NWS)
10:49 walterbender hasn't watched any of the video yet
10:49 JT4sugar We could get Gerald and his Teachers and Students and others to tweet from classrooms how they are using Sugar to learn that day
10:49 christianVani yess !!
10:50 SeanDaly JT4sugar: yes good idea
10:50 I plan to swing through NYC and Boston in Jan (Feb latest), hope to meet Gerald and see what he is doing
10:51 christianVani i can giuve the twitter name account and password here or do i have to give it by mail to interested people ?
10:51 SeanDaly mail better, since we publish transcript on open Internet
10:51 JT4sugar Can we begin to complie a list of Teachers emails who are using Sugar so we can send our great marketing ideas directly to them
10:52 christianVani okay, who is interested to get the twitter stuff ? I'll then try to explain how to do it by the irc channel
10:52 SeanDaly JT4sugar: for now, there are pilots, and contacts for those are on the lists AFAIK?
10:52 walterbender christianVani: I am interested
10:53 SeanDaly SoaS list I think or IAEP at least
10:54 walterbender iaep is better... broader impact
10:54 SeanDaly JT4sugar: just cc'd you on a mail that came in from school admin in NH, he has already filed a bug report in launchpad
10:55 walterbender: I may have forgotten to send the PR to IAEP
10:55 walterbender SeanDaly: we are geting late...shall we discuss the journal?
10:55 SeanDaly yes let's
10:56 christianVani i haven't got the time to begin now
10:56 i just have got the people of the sugar community interested
10:57 SeanDaly christianVani: here's an idea, why not dedicate next week's marketing meeting to "how to tweet for SL" ? plus the Sugar Journal?
10:57 i will be in the mountains but should be able to be there ;-)
10:58 walterbender christianVani: I think the next step would be to set a deadline for submitting articles for the firstissue.
10:58 christianVani okay no prob
10:58 SeanDaly christianVani: pick a date for publication of first issue, deadline can be worked back from that
10:58 christianVani which date would be the ideal for you ?
10:59 SeanDaly well, new year coming; give yourself the time you need for first great issue - jan 15th?
10:59 christianVani okay
10:59 SeanDaly how about format? printable might be a good idea, handouts for teachers?
11:00 christianVani I'll write to the member of the community interested to submit articles
11:00 walter, do you have some feedbacks about how was the perl journal ?
11:00 SeanDaly christianVani: tomeu had an excellent suggestion, to interview developers
11:00 christianVani right
11:00 walterbender christianVani: Jon has gone silent on me. I'll ping him again
11:01 SeanDaly I did the interviews for Groklaw a few years back, very effective if transcript (spidered)
11:01 walterbender SeanDaly: maybe Christian from Pentagram can desiign a nice template for us
11:01 SeanDaly walterbender: OK with Christian I'll ask
11:02 but, we need better idea of what to ask for
11:02 e.g. will pub format be 4-page PDF?
11:02 walterbender SeanDaly: 4-8,I imagine
11:02 bernie SeanDaly: if you need access just ask
11:02 SeanDaly with photos/illustrations, magazine style? would be great
11:03 bernie: sent you mail already asking :-)
11:03 christianVani a monthly journal or every three month ?
11:03 SeanDaly christianVani: monthly better for momentum, but
11:04 important not to overextend yourself - monthly 2 pages better than every 3 month 6 pages
11:04 christianVani that's right
11:04 It will be hard to to 4-8 pages everymonth
11:05 SeanDaly perhaps you could ask the IAEP and marketing lists for story ideas, and propose IRC meeting in next week's marketing slot to discuss ideas?
11:05 christianVani okay, what is IAEP ?
11:05 SeanDaly sorry "it's an education project" mailing list
11:05 christianVani Okay I'll digest it and send mail for deadline for article
11:06 go to go to my exam =)
11:06 see you everyone !$
11:06 SeanDaly http://lists.sugarlabs.org/
11:06 ok thanks!
11:06 christianVani the list is cool
11:06 SeanDaly I need to wrap it up now, anything else? no time for trademark discussion I'm afraid
11:07 walterbender SeanDaly: tm on Friday :)
11:07 SeanDaly walterbender: "tm"?
11:08 ok wrapping it up... going once...
11:08 going twice...
11:09 thanks all
11:09 #endmeeting

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