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#sugar-meeting meeting, 2009-11-13 10:05:00

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Time Nick Message
10:05 walterbender #topic email list
10:05 cjb ok, here's what I was able to come up with, don't know if anyone will like it :)
10:05 a) new list: slobs-members@.  goes only to slobs.
10:06 bernie waves
10:06 walterbender ciao bernardo
10:06 SeanDaly hi bernie
10:06 walterbender cjb: is there a b) ?
10:06 cjb yes, moment
10:07 bernie cjb: I have a counter-proposal: creating a teams@ list for all team leaders and slobs, and unsubscribing non-slobs from slobs@
10:08 cjb bernie: wait for me to finish, though.
10:08 walterbender is waiting for part b
10:08 cjb b) slobs@ becomes the proper list for SLOBS business.
10:08 .. SLOBS business includes questions from the community about policy ..
10:08 walterbender cjb: for adding agenda items...
10:09 cjb yeah!
10:09 walterbender an open list, presumably
10:09 seems orthogonal to Bernie's suggestion
10:09 SeanDaly I thought we had said an agenda proposal went thru a SLOB?
10:09 cjb yes.  and, I think most of the mail currently on slobs@ can stay on that open list
10:09 tomeu doesn't understand what team leaders have to do in all this
10:10 cjb not everyone will want to subscribe to it
10:10 most of it will be organizational minutia, after all
10:10 SeanDaly also would hesitate to add team leader layer...
10:10 walterbender cjb: I guess the only question is whether we couldn't just use iaep for the same purpose
10:10 cjb walterbender: only for the reason I just gave
10:10 bernie tomeu, SeanDaly: currently, we have almost all team leaders subscribed to slobs@. and it helps for coordination.
10:11 tomeu bernie: how it helps to coordinate anything?
10:11 cjb there may be people who want to read iaep@ and don't want to read boring financial details or policy questions
10:11 SeanDaly bernie: ok but they are all on IAEP too, no?
10:11 walterbender I am genrally in favor of fewer lists and more sunject-line tags
10:11 SeanDaly maybe iaep with a subject slobs business?
10:11 walterbender ^sun^sub
10:12 [SLOBS]
10:12 bernie SeanDaly: teams@ would not be open. it would be the same of the current slobs@, in my mind.
10:13 SeanDaly imagines Mel reacting to phrase "would not be open" ;-)
10:13 walterbender bernie: what team business needs to be private? hypathetical, pelase>
10:13 please?
10:13 tomeu bernie: team coordinators are chosen by a criteria that is not too related to their suitability to be aware of confidential matters
10:13 cjb SeanDaly: we should probably ask the people on iaep whether they'd like that or not, if we go this route
10:14 tomeu cjb: do you think we have sent too much administrative stuff already?
10:14 SeanDaly cjb: I certainly agree governance minutiae boring for many, but then again, the day a complaint about e.g. finances comes in, financial discussions clear
10:14 cjb tomeu: to iaep?  no
10:15 tomeu: but I'm talking about moving ~80% of SLOBs list traffic there
10:15 and it seems like that would be too much
10:15 tomeu don't think we have much traffic in slobs
10:15 SeanDaly slobs fairly low-volume in my view
10:15 cjb I guess that's true
10:15 tomeu also, while some admin stuff could be boring, the discussions that could ensure could be very interesting
10:15 walterbender cjb: the original motivation for my request for a private list was to keep the slobs traffic lower
10:16 tomeu and chances are people would forget to forward to iaep and keep the discussion there
10:16 cjb walterbender: could you elaborate?
10:16 you mean, keep the slobs@ traffic lower?
10:16 walterbender cjb: it is easy to ignore email with suitable [BORING SLOBS BUSINESS] subject tags :)
10:16 cjb: less slobs traffic and less private list traffic both
10:17 cjb ok
10:18 so, perhaps we have a MOTION
10:18 walterbender Anyway, I think we are really trying to decide between a new list and using [TAGS] on iaep
10:19 tomeu tags++
10:19 cjb MOTION: close the slobs@ list to just SLOBs, move current slobs@ traffic to iaep@ with a [SLOBS] subject line tag where at all possible
10:19 walterbender cjb: second
10:19 discussion?
10:19 tomeu likes that motion as-is
10:19 cjb we'll have to explain this well.  people will hear the "you can't be on slobs@ part" and think it's a negative for transparency.
10:19 s/ part"/" part/
10:19 SeanDaly discussion: we need to explain policy to bootees
10:20 cjb bootees?
10:20 walterbender cjb: I'll try to explain it (and take the heat)
10:20 SeanDaly bootee: somebody removed from list
10:20 cjb oh :)
10:20 walterbender any more discussion?
10:20 SeanDaly not from me
10:20 cjb I'm interested in what Mel and Adam think
10:21 walterbender cjb: me too. we will get their votes.
10:21 (by email withing 96 hours?)
10:21 cjb the problem with all voting now is that we'll pass it without them, and then they'll point out the giant flaw in our strategy :)
10:21 walterbender (I hope my talk goes better than my typing)
10:21 cjb would people be opposed to having all of us postpone our vote until they've had a chance to join in the discussion?
10:21 walterbender cjb: I am fine with it.
10:21 SeanDaly or, could be amended
10:21 cjb excellent.  okay, I'd like to do that.
10:22 walterbender we can vote on it first thing next week...
10:22 cjb shall we move on for now, then, with that MOTION suitably transcribed?
10:22 walterbender OK.
10:22 SeanDaly ok
10:22 walterbender #task write up the motion with the minutes
10:23 next topic?
10:23 #topic lists for teams
10:23 bernie: can you explain a bit more?
10:25 bernie: ping?
10:26 friends, I am going to be called to the podium in a moment and Sean will need to take off.
10:26 can I propose a #task?
10:26 cjb ok.  maybe that's our short meeting.  :)
10:26 sure
10:26 walterbender #task: bernie: write a note about your proposal
10:27 #task: carlo has a nice document re the next topic I can circulate (to IAEP with suitable [TAG] when I get back to Boston
10:27 #task: I'll bug the DP for closure.
10:28 end meeting?
10:28 tomeu ok with me
10:28 SeanDaly ok with me
10:28 tomeu goes listen to the talk
10:28 walterbender Sorry about the awkward timing...
10:28 cjb np
10:28 walterbender the conference gods weren't cooperating :(
10:28 SeanDaly knows how much "fun" it is to miss a plane
10:28 walterbender thanks for coming everyone. Same time next week.
10:29 SeanDaly :-)
10:29 walterbender SeanDaly: I'll tell you a Seymour/Piaget story some time :)
10:29 ok.
10:29 #endmeeting

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