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#sugar-meeting meeting, 2009-11-11 11:18:00

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11:18 SeanDaly hi everyone very sorry for the delay, was deep in a SugarCamp discussion
11:19 who is here?
11:19 sdziallas is
11:20 caroline yes
11:20 davidhan hi
11:21 SeanDaly I had two items on today's agenda, are there any others to look at?
11:22 caroline David, how is your press release going?
11:23 davidhan I think I'm done with it. My professor hasn't been in class this week (guest lectures). But I think I can catch him tomorrow
11:23 caroline Sean do you want any input?
11:24 tomeu hi!
11:24 JT4sugar caroline, Is press release local-Boston?
11:25 SeanDaly remind me, this is the press release about...?
11:25 caroline Winning the Do Something Grant right David?
11:26 davidhan Yup. It's about what BU students are doing in the Gardner Pilot. I wrote if for local papers and the school paper.
11:26 SeanDaly ChristianV just called, is arriving SugarCamp shortly
11:28 I thought that was more like contacting editors, not a press release
11:29 davidhan No, but I did create a list of local editors and thier contact information a couple weeks ago. It's shared on google docs.
11:31 SeanDaly davidhan, I can't find it, do you have a link?
11:32 davidhan http://docs.google.com/Doc?doc[…]3c3BjM25jNA&hl=en
11:34 SeanDaly I'm sorry davidhan, I thought you were referring to the text to be sent out, not your list of Boston-area editors
11:35 davidhan that's saved on my computer. I can email it to you.
11:36 SeanDaly I can advise you concerning the text like last time
11:36 Can we talk OLPC now?
11:37 sdziallas (and SoaS afterwards, please)
11:37 SeanDaly (OLPC is short but important)
11:38 following Professor Negroponte's Xconomy interview, some things known within OLPC but not outside (including me) became known
11:38 perhaps the key takeaway is that OLPC Foundation and OLPC Association have different roles & leaders
11:39 When I learned that OLPC had received public confirmation of enormous Peru order for 2010,
11:39 I pinged Chuck again about doing joint PR
11:40 he agreed and asked me to send him and Walter a draft
11:40 if this happens, will be a first: joint LPC Association/Sugar Labs PR will receive wide coverage
11:41 JT4sugar Clearly articulating each role along with Sugar Labs role and how we are building an Ecosystem around "Learning How to Learn" would clear up alot and be extemely helpful for all
11:41 SeanDaly yes, a great opportunity to correct misperceptions about OLPC, and our relationship to them
11:42 JT4sugar As part of that ecosystem you should also mention OLE
11:42 SeanDaly I plan to have a draft up very shortly, possibly tonight
11:42 JT4Sugar: the problem I have is what to leave out, not what to put in
11:42 example: Uruguay
11:43 example: Internet Archive 1.6m books, which can help Blueberry launch behind
11:43 example: 99% of XOs run Sugar
11:43 JT4sugar Confusion reigns so if you have to be a little wordy this time around to clear the air I think its warranted
11:44 SeanDaly for sure I want to communicate that Sugar v0.86 will be in there
11:46 first draft I put up will likely have punch list of topics to cover
11:46 I xould like though to have a quote by Peru education ministry
11:47 Chuck may not wish to agree to everything we stick in there
11:47 caroline I have a hard stop at noon, can we skip to SoaS then you can go back to OLPC?
11:47 SeanDaly I don't know where to dateline it, but may be useful to dateline Miami
11:48 OK we're done with OLPC just look for draft invite
11:48 concerning Blueberry launch...
11:49 I am really concerned about sugaronastick.com minisite. Unfortunately it's a blocker for the launch.
11:49 caroline I think I saw an ticket today that said that backup and restore of sticks would not be in Blueberry?
11:50 SeanDaly i don't know, but I can ask
11:50 sdziallas that's interesting.
11:50 SeanDaly but let's not forget that Blueberry is still a test version, not a production version
11:50 very important not to overpromise
11:50 caroline 1124
11:51 sdziallas looks
11:51 SeanDaly: (+1)
11:51 caroline I don't know if we can really call for teachers to try it without that feature or not.
11:51 SeanDaly looks too
11:51 sdziallas caroline: I have no idea why this was pushed there.
11:52 caroline nod, I thought we were making pretty good progress.
11:52 sdziallas "this was pushed" refers to the change of the version number.
11:52 SeanDaly I don't know
11:52 sdziallas this is a SoaS thing. (whether to include it or not)
11:52 and from what I know, the parts in Sugar itself have been added already, too.
11:53 so from what I know, it's just about adding a few packages to SoaS.
11:53 whereas "a few" actually equals 1.
11:53 caroline that was also what I understood, I think its going to make a big difference to what people can do with Blueberry.
11:54 sdziallas I'm not sure why this change has been made, but I think I'm going to revert it.
11:54 JT4sugar Bakup and restore would be a big plus and will be needed for sure in a commercial product
11:54 caroline Thanks :)
11:54 JT4 its needed for classroom pilots too
11:54 JT4sugar I fully agree
11:54 caroline we can't really tell teachers they can let their kids take home sticks if they could lose all their work.
11:55 SeanDaly XS server compatibility is an important part of full Sugar on a Stick solution
11:56 by the way Martin told me the server machine I loaned him was useful for the v0.6 development, i will get it back around the 24th
11:56 or earlier for the Educatice show if I can
11:56 sdziallas has commented in the ticket.
11:57 JT4sugar Gerald has his server working in his New York deployment and says it makes all the difference in the world
11:58 SeanDaly I hope to see what gerald is doing in the next couple of months, NYC/Boston trip but looks difficult before January
11:58 caroline he's using two different solutions right?
11:58 JT4sugar 5 claases with XO's a one with Dell 2100 and Soas
11:58 caroline XS on an XO for collaboration locally.
11:58 But I don't think students are taking sticks home yet. I think he has the same blocker.
11:59 sdziallas caroline: well, students can already take their sticks home, as they've their files on their. but anyway, this feature is still useful, I agree.
11:59 caroline yes, physically true, but is anyone doing it in the field yet?
12:00 JT4sugar It would also allow them to keep backup on home computer for additional redundancy
12:00 caroline JT4 that would be fairly challenging, there is no UI for that.
12:01 its a good future feature to consider.
12:01 sdziallas SeanDaly: generally, do you know whether Dec 8 was already confirmed?
12:01 caroline Sdziallas, do you have a good list of everyone using SoaS in classrooms world wide?
12:01 I don't and I should.
12:01 sdziallas caroline: /me neither. I know of you and erikos, as the biggest deployments I heard of... :)
12:02 SeanDaly sdziallas: not confirmed yet; we repinged netbook World again this morning
12:02 caroline and Gerald in NY
12:02 erikos has a biiiig deployment
12:02 caroline there was a planned on in Mexico
12:02 erikos, how is it going?
12:02 sdziallas SeanDaly: well, this crucial for the release, too. because we all need to have some kind of planning and there's still a lot of stuff to do.
12:03 caroline ack gotta run to my next meeting. bye
12:03 sdziallas SeanDaly: (I just learned from Strawberry that last minute stuff might work. but doesn't necessarily.)
12:03 erikos caroline: quite good
12:03 sdziallas erikos: oh yeah :)
12:03 SeanDaly caroline: hoping you can help with the Blueberry launch
12:03 sdziallas erikos: (on the "biiig deployment" note, heh)
12:03 SeanDaly sdziallas: you mean re backup issue?
12:04 sdziallas SeanDaly: nope, but the release date.
12:04 SeanDaly sdziallas: we can push the release date if necessary, no sweat
12:05 sdziallas SeanDaly: sure, but always pushing stuff doesn't help, either.
12:05 SeanDaly: I'll need to make an updated roadmap and wanted to do so pretty soon, too.
12:05 SeanDaly Well mid-late december much much better than january,
12:05 JT4sugar SeanDaly, It would be good if you put out a call on all lists for recognition of Soas deployments-would be nice to have link in launch to Map of Soas deployments worldwide
12:05 SeanDaly since I'd like eBook push in "holiday season"
12:06 JT4Sugar: not sure it's a long list, but we can ask IAEP
12:06 sdziallas SeanDaly: yes, but the folks might need some time to download and try it. and I'm not such a fan of switching always release dates. unless there are good reasons...
12:07 SeanDaly: we can very well announce it at FUDCon, too. that's about two days earlier, but might have a completely different message.
12:07 SeanDaly sdziallas: let me know what works for you... we could even do earlier
12:07 sdziallas SeanDaly: fyi: http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/S[…]a_Stick/Blueberry
12:08 SeanDaly: it's not about what works for me... I'd like to try to get something that works for both of us, where we could get a fitting date together with some conference or whatever. But I wouldn't want to have the confirmation on the date in late Nov.
12:08 SeanDaly: for example, I doubt that we'd have a new static web page within two days.
12:09 SeanDaly sdziallas: re page: I think it's vital to indicate that it's beta for release soon
12:09 about date... if Netbook World people could confirm, that would be a great date
12:09 sdziallas SeanDaly: the Blueberry page? "this is a draft - work in progress"... it's where I'm writing the release notes and information up.
12:09 SeanDaly by the way there's a fedoran on their committee
12:10 sdziallas SeanDaly: I know...
12:10 let me see...
12:10 notices he is in Fedora's meeting channel and pings.
12:11 SeanDaly: (I was looking for him last Tuesday after our meeting but he wasn't around)
12:11 SeanDaly I'm not sure who at Netbook World is Bastien's contact
12:11 sdziallas (he apparently doesn't reply)
12:11 SeanDaly will ask Bastien about that
12:12 sdziallas SeanDaly: Thomas Canniot, if it's the Fedora guy.
12:12 SeanDaly sdziallas: yes, that's him
12:12 sdziallas SeanDaly: his IRC nick is MrTom
12:13 SeanDaly: (as per http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/ThomasCanniot)
12:14 SeanDaly yes
12:15 I'd need to think about FUDcon association... at first view there are pluses and minuses
12:17 sdziallas SeanDaly: I was just pointing it out because it's about that time. It adresses a much more technical public, doesn't bear that much the possibility of OEM deals, but establishes a better connection with Fedora (from an outside POV).
12:18 SeanDaly: I felt like the World Netbook Forum might be a better possibility, but if they don't reply or don't show interest (by not replying), then I wouldn't count on it.
12:18 SeanDaly: and I'm certainly not in favor of moving a release around because some non-responsive trade fair organizer.
12:19 SeanDaly i agree Netbook event ideal but if they don't respond we do need to shop around.
12:19 Strawberry release at LinuxTag showed we are international, and present
12:19 sdziallas nods... and still smiles about Strawberry :)
12:20 JT4sugar To take advantage of Ebooks for the Holidays plus help a worthy cause by Helping Sugar Labs test its Blueberry on a Stick we need message out early December-Holidays is the Event
12:20 SeanDaly let's try one more time for a response from Netbook event people, we'll cross the other bridge when we get to it
12:20 sdziallas maybe we can target something around early december, and I base the roadmap on that planning?
12:20 SeanDaly ChristianV just arrived afetr driving all day
12:20 OK anything else for now?
12:20 sdziallas "early december" no matter where it gets announced?
12:21 SeanDaly sdziallas: Yes early december is good
12:21 sdziallas SeanDaly: I've nothing else on the plate... okey dokey, that's noted ;)
12:21 SeanDaly you know, there is an event at berlin Dec 3 or 4
12:21 Open Tech Ed or something
12:21 sdziallas oh? no, didn't know that.
12:21 SeanDaly looks
12:23 http://online-educa.com/
12:23 sdziallas sad that he won't be able to be there
12:24 SeanDaly although the event is interesting, we really shouldn't dateline from Berlin again
12:24 sdziallas nods
12:24 (...and needs to run, too, soon)
12:25 SeanDaly Yes I do too shall we wrap it up?
12:25 JT4Sugar: counting on your help with OLPC draft if you can, once I put up first version thanks
12:26 sdziallas +1 to wrap it!
12:26 SeanDaly ok going once...
12:26 JT4sugar I can help with that when will you seek Chucks input
12:26 SeanDaly going twice...
12:27 JT4Sugar: my idea is: we draft first, then send to Chuck
12:27 ok starting countdown again going once... twice... :-)
12:27 JT4sugar Might tell him your writing draft what are key points he'd like to hit
12:28 SeanDaly JT4sugar: he just said "write a draft, send to Walter & I"
12:28 JT4sugar Creates a collaborative atmosphere
12:28 Ok
12:28 sdziallas has to run...
12:28 will be back later.
12:28 SeanDaly but I prefer drafting with marketers from the community
12:28 sdziallas nice meeting!
12:28 SeanDaly waves bye to sdziallas
12:29 sdziallas waves back :)
12:29 SeanDaly JT4sugar: it's sensitive topic and I seek input from other members of the marketing team
12:30 JT4sugar SeanDaly, I understand.
12:30 SeanDaly I will try to get first rough draft out tonight
12:31 JT4sugar Enjoy Italy a Little. Might help to write in a Pub!
12:31 SeanDaly by the way - forgot to mention that i suggested to openSUSE that they mention Sugar in tomorrow's PR for v11.2, they graciously agreed to put in the text I suggested
12:32 Yes will try to enjoy evening after day of sunshine spent in front of screens :D
12:32 #endmeeting

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