Meeting started by walterbender at 10:00 UTC
10:02:07 LINK mchua
10:02:23 LINK mchua
10:02:42 Topic: decision-making procedure
10:04:54 LINK mchua
10:07:21 LINK tomeu
10:07:28 LINK mchua
10:08:05 Topic: voting medium
10:17:25 ACTION walterbender get final sign off from bernie and cjb on today's actions.
10:18:02 INFO mchua tentative - IRC as primary medium with email for absentee ballots and wiki as archive as record
10:18:11 Topic: voting timeline
10:27:08 INFO mchua voting window starts at meeting, closes 96h from end of meeting
10:27:14 Topic: level of agreement
10:40:45 INFO mchua meeting quorum is 4 SLOBs, vote approval is 4 SLOBs yeas, everything else a no.
11:00:57 INFO mchua MOTION: any SLOBs member can put an item on the
11:02:12 ACTION walterbender get bernie's input
11:02:25 ACTION walterbender get the rules written up in the wiki
11:02:35 ACTION walterbender get the community informed
11:02:44 ACTION walterbender put it all into action
11:02:52 ACTION walterbender rock and roll
Meeting ended at 11:03.

People Present:
  1. walterbender
  2. mchua
  3. SeanDaly_
  4. tomeu
  5. CanoeBerry
  6. SeanDaly__
  7. edmcnierney
  8. cjb
  9. SeanDaly
  10. sdziallas

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