Meeting started by befana at 10:08 UTC
10:15:36 Topic: Status update Sugar deployments
10:30:50 ACTION befana create groups in facebook, and twitter
10:31:18 ACTION befana propose from the people that we currently know that are doing sugar-related projects at universities to choose one coordinator that discovers, aggregates and promotes communication between academic projects and the broader sugar community?
10:32:30 ACTION befana include as many sugar relative blogs we can find to the planet
11:00:15 LINK CanoeBerry
11:01:40 LINK CanoeBerry
11:05:08 LINK CanoeBerry
11:37:11 ACTION befana to create
12:16:37 ACTION befana added a comment in the ticket explaining why is important and in which deployment
Meeting ended at 12:19.

People Present:
  1. CanoeBerry
  2. tomeu
  3. transbot0
  4. ritaf_
  5. caroline
  6. befana
  7. walterbender
  8. mtd
  9. kristianpaul
  10. daveb
  11. hpachas
  12. icarito1
  13. JT4sugar

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