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#sugar-meeting meeting, 2009-07-23 23:07:00

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Time Nick Message
23:07 rletada1 no problem lareza...
23:07 wenmi what's the topic?
23:08 rletada1 Open Talk with Bryan Berry on Community
23:09 wenmi: will this automatically gather minutes?
23:09 wenmi #TOPIC Open Talk with Bryan Berry on Community
23:10 mchua rletada1: yes.
23:10 rletada1: wenmi just has to #endmeeting at the end, or it'll keep recording afterwards.
23:10 rletada1 thanks
23:10 jsgotangco good day kids
23:11 rletada1 hey Jerome
23:11 wenmi mchua: how to set topic? i'll be around here, since this machine is a server.. :)
23:12 mchua wenmi: that's it, as far as meetbot is concerned. you have to be the channel operator to set it in the channel.
23:12 wenmi jsgotangco: hello :)
23:14 rletada1 Bryan is still on his way, he is walking to work from his home
23:17 and there he is (I think)...Hey Bryan
23:18 BryanWB hi guys :)
23:18 rletada1: where is the meeting agenda again?
23:18 rletada1 http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Kind[…]iscoveries_Series
23:19 there you go everyone, it just includes some guiding questions..
23:19 BryanWB can u guys introduce yourselves to me first and briefly why u care about this project?
23:19 rletada1 but this is an open conversation, so please feel free to ask questions
23:19 BryanWB christophd of olpc austria should also be joining us briefly
23:20 <ahem> could u guys please introduce yourselves to me first and briefly why u care about this project?
23:21 wenmi i'm Rowen Remis R. Iral, i'm here support, also I do some coordination and some project management and tech stuff.. I care about this project because I want better future for the children.
23:22 KChristophD BryanWB, jsgotangco: morning all
23:22 rletada1 Nice to finally meet you Rowen, Ive heard a lot about you..
23:22 BryanWB wenmi: r u in philippines?
23:24 rletada1 well My name is Ryan Letada, I am a member of the eKindling Team, and I believe in the promise of technology in addressing inequities in the Philippines. Once we go through the introduction, i will introduce eKindling and what we are about as well..
23:24 BryanWB rletada1: great
23:24 jsgotangco i'm jerome gotangco, i mostly do hacks on software. I'm here because I'd like to collaborate more with like-minded folks with regrds to educatino and technology
23:25 object404 hi. I'm Carlos Nazareno, volunteer developer for Flash on the XO.
23:25 BryanWB rletada1: can u put the list folks from olpc-ph attending this meeting into the meeting notes?
23:25 KChristophD rletada1, object404: good morning there
23:25 BryanWB object404: wenmi: jsgotangco: r u guys located in the philippines?
23:25 mafe i'm mafe OLPC support-gang member and part of eKindling team...
23:25 jsgotangco yes
23:25 rletada1 yes, I can def do that
23:26 KChristophD mafe: hi, good to see you here
23:27 mafe KChristophD: nice to see you here too...:)
23:27 BryanWB anyone else here from olpc-ph?
23:27 raybaq I'm Ray Baquirin, a teacher at APC.  We want to participate in OLPC as community service.
23:27 lareza my name is luzzette lareza, i am here as a volunteer, trying how i can fit in, from philippines also
23:28 BryanWB raybaq: what is APC?
23:28 mafe: raybaq: lareza object404 pleasure to meet u
23:28 raybaq Asia Pacific College in Makati PH.  We're a Center of Excellence in IT Education.
23:28 object404 Hi Bryan. Yes we're all located in the Philippines. (me, wenmi, jsgotangco)
23:29 BryanWB object404: great
23:29 mafe BryanWB: same here as well...
23:29 lareza i am an architect, and my colleague is a rotarian, and have asked me to check this site
23:29 BryanWB r u all in manila area?
23:29 obviously makati is ;)
23:29 jsgotangco yup manila area
23:29 object404 same.
23:29 rletada1 Manila - here..
23:30 lareza i am from bulacan, about 30 kilometers away from manila
23:30 mafe lareza: hey have you inquired from OLPC before ..I remember sending you a reply..:)
23:30 BryanWB cool, rletada1: if we are done w/ intros, can u tell me about ekindling?
23:30 rletada1 alright sure!
23:31 well first and foremost, on behalf of eKindling, much thanks to Bryan for joining us today
23:31 lareza yes mafe i did receive your reply, and i am following up on things still, thanks
23:31 BryanWB rletada1: everyone: tks for having me ;)
23:32 mafe lareza: great...im happy you're here... :)
23:32 rletada1 his support is def invaluable and its an indicator of a great global community that is dedicated to this cause
23:32 In regards to eKindling..
23:33 we are a grassroots, community-driven, non-profit organization (soon to be) that is really dedicated to enhancing educational opportunities
23:34 through open source, technological and learning innovation for the benefit of children across the Philippines
23:34 we have two main thrust:
23:35 (1) facilitate project (OLPC) deployment and (2) facilitate content development..
23:35 there is also two defining characteristics that must be noted:
23:36 (1) We focus on the mission (children), not the vehicle.
23:36 although the XO laptop is main hardware of choice, we are open to other innovative technologies
23:37 (2) We are Community Driven
23:37 BryanWB does anyone know jon mannion, he is trying to find this channel, i got a message from him on facebook
23:37 rletada1: sorry, pls continue
23:37 rletada1 we believe that ownership of the project belongs to the community
23:38 This is why we tapped you Bryan
23:38 so we kind find out more about OLE Nepal and experience in engaging the community..
23:39 :) There is my intro. eKindlign team..please feel free to chime in, and if anyone has any questions regarding the talk, please just chime in as well..
23:39 BryanWB rletada1: i have trouble w/ the word "community" because it means many different things to different people
23:40 rletada1: and people sometimes use to stop things from becoming more structured
23:41 rletada1: so i have some questions  for u, what does OLPC mean to u guys?
23:41 sorry ^^ for everyone
23:41 does it mean every child gets an XO w/ sugar on it? does it mean every kid has access to a computing device of some kind?
23:41 and not necessarily an XO?
23:42 are you focussed on k-12, k-6?
23:43 rletada1 anyone?
23:44 BryanWB olpc, community  -- these words mean a lot of different things to different people, so i want to find out what they mean to you folks
23:45 KChristophD also, if I may jump in with a question, will this be a 9-to-5 full-time project for most of you or something that's done after the day job?
23:45 mafe BryanWB: XO will still be our primary choice of hardware
23:45 BryanWB KChristophD: exactly, r u guys looking to quit your jobs and work on this full-time or just in free time
23:45 object404 Me, I'm focused on platform-agnostic solutions (like browser-based e-learning content), working on this in my spare time.
23:45 browser, pdf, flash
23:47 jsgotangco this is entirely volunteer driven at the moment
23:47 from our free time
23:47 KChristophD jsgotangco: but is the plan to keep it that way in the future? or are there thoughts to turning this into a job for some of you?
23:48 wenmi yeah
23:48 jsgotangco KChristophD: if we get traction and enough growth, then full time should happen
23:48 wenmi i'm thinking this to be a job for me. something that I will love to do.. :)
23:48 lareza one child gets one laptop, with sugar as main software, XO as hardware,volunteers get to find time (not full time) to work on the project like finding funds to support technical team who will work on the project full time for a specific period of time
23:49 rletada1 Great questions Bryan: eKindling is asking the same questions of ourselves as well. We are dedicated to providing access to quality education (broad) through technology infused learning. More specifically, we are dedicated to transforming learners into critical thinkers, digitally literate students..
23:49 BryanWB i am wary of the phrase "community-driven" because this project doesn't just belong to the volunteer participants
23:49 object404 in preliminary talks with some members of olpc-ph (Charles Chen, etc), after a formal registered organization is formed, there are some plans on hiring a staff including developers
23:49 BryanWB it belongs to all filipinos
23:50 object404 For this to work, there need to be fulltime staff members.
23:50 rletada1 Totally agree with you Bryan, different stakeholders
23:50 BryanWB object404: definitely
23:50 object404 because this is a heavy undertaking.
23:50 jsgotangco +1
23:50 mafe it's in a long term plan that we'll have full time staff
23:50 KChristophD object404: +1
23:50 lareza agree
23:51 rletada1 Agreed Naz, this is why eKindling is taking the steps to formalize and increase capacity to undertake project deployments
23:51 mafe even we'll need to compensate teachers who will be greatly involve in deployment and implementation
23:51 BryanWB and that is why u need a solid Board of directors that makes the organization responsible, and it should representation from volunteers
23:51 s/should/should have/
23:52 i also don't like elections for the leaders of the organization, consensus is generally better.  there should be elections for the community representative on the board of directors
23:53 should i talk about what "community" means here in Nepal?
23:53 rletada1 Yes Definitely!
23:53 mafe yes plz..
23:53 BryanWB a community organization is a group of people with common goals, defined outputs, and a timeline for those outputs
23:54 those goals have to be very clearly defined, as well as outputs, timeline
23:54 Here in Nepal we had a community organization that grew into a non-profit organization
23:55 w/ an excellent board of directors
23:55 it isn't enough to be responsible to the community of volunteers, you have to be responsible to the public
23:57 the hard part is coming to a consensus on the goals and your leaders and essentially handing control to the board of directors
23:57 u have to do it
23:57 remember though that u can have a community rep on the board
23:57 here in nepal we don't, because virtually all the community members work at ole nepal
23:59 One thing u will find, is that the more carefully you define your goals the fewer volunteers u attract
23:59 but that is ok
23:59 it is better to have a dedicated core than a loose group of enthusiasts
00:00 it is hard to balance community, openness, and effectiveness
00:00 for example, we don't let anyone who wants to know visit the schools w/ xo's
00:00 there are so many people who want to visit
00:01 that the schools would find it __very__ distracting
00:01 jsgotangco that makes sense
00:01 BryanWB for us, visiting the schools is a privilege u earn after contributing
00:02 mafe i agree...and it's great to know ...since this will not be at far to happened in the PH setting
00:03 BryanWB but this isn't impossible process, it just takes work, and there are more resources for hardware, content dev, and organization than u realize
00:03 so most people think getting the resources is the hard part and it isn't
00:03 rletada1 how do you begin to differentiate? what are the signs that differentiate between core and "a loose group of enthusiasts?"
00:04 mafe how did you get started in supporting the hardware? or the whole program itself?
00:04 BryanWB rletada1:  the stuff your org produces, should be produces in an open manner
00:05 so that anyone can participate
00:05 rletada1: but i am not sure how to differentiate in a systematic way
00:05 rletada1: as in who gets to vote for the community rep on the board
00:06 rletada1 makes sense
00:06 BryanWB people will participate in a community if it is producing something that they care about it
00:07 a community does not have to be democratic to be effective, consensus is generally a more effective mechanism than elections
00:08 mafe aside from consensus among the community ... what it takes to be an excellent board of directors?
00:08 BryanWB so to u folks in olpc-ph: Here is the good news. It isn't that hard to get resources. You just have to spend more time on an organizational structure than u previously thought
00:08 mafe: well-respected  people that are leaders in their fields
00:09 mafe: the board of directors basically says "We believe this organization helps the nation. If it isn't effective, we will change the management or dissolve it"
00:09 "If the organization wastes public funds, we take personal responsibility"
00:10 mafe: on our board we have lawyer who has argued most cases in front of Nepal's supreme court
00:11 mafe: it's most respected  doctor, CEO of a leading bank, an expert on education, a great economist, ...
00:11 and they all believe in the cause
00:12 dont' put your cousin, younger brother,  on the board, it looks bad and undermines your credibiltyy
00:12 mafe no nepotism...:)
00:13 BryanWB how we got started in Nepal:   1) formed the non-profit w/ consensus that rabi would be the executive director (he is nepali) 2) got the board of directors
00:13 rletada1 noted. Just to update you guys, a couple of individuals have already approached eKindling to be part of its Board of Directors. We will make this process as transparent as possible. But if you guys have any suggestions, please feel free to tell us..
00:13 BryanWB 3) got funding
00:13 mafe noting on some of board criteria...tough though!
00:14 BryanWB sorry   3) made a plan to implement a pilot of olpc    4) got funding
00:14 mafe: it isn't so tough, it just takes some time
00:14 but steps 1, 2, 3, 4 are what is needed to get organized and get funding
00:15 but to maintain a healthy volunteer community, the key is to produce something that people like and can participate in
00:15 for us that was EPaath , a suite of learning activities for Nepal
00:16 rletada1 Bryan, I have another question for you ..and I guess this is where the convo is heading..
00:16 Can you talk more about the community and content development? How do you mobolize volunteers and full-time
00:16 workers to create valuable content?
00:17 BryanWB rletada1: it used to be a lot harder, but now it is getting easier
00:17 rletada1: i think the best way is to create simple learning activities using html and javascript and put them on your website
00:17 mchua rletada1: re transparency: where is the public mailing list, wiki, publicly published meeting times for discussion and decision of important things like boards of directors?
00:18 BryanWB mchua: rletada1: yeah, that is needed
00:18 KChristophD mchua, BryanWB: mailing list is at http://lists.laptop.org/listinfo/olpc-philippines
00:18 mchua rletada1: also the list of individuals who have approached you already - they should approach whoever is going to be selecting them. if it's a closed group, fine; if it's a closed group with open comments, or an open group, then they should be publicly announcing this and making their case there.
00:18 KChristophD mchua: hi by the way
00:19 BryanWB rletada1: we created the EPaath stuff and put it on our website, that is w/ flash. but if i had to do it over again we would use html + js
00:19 mchua KChristophD: long time no see!
00:19 KChristophD: I wasn't sure whether rletada1 and the others planned on creating a separate eKindling space, as they're a different org from OLPC.
00:19 KChristophD mchua: indeed
00:19 mchua is a proponent of radical transparency, in general.
00:20 BryanWB mchua: the thing, is u can't put publicly who u decided not to choose or disqualified from board membership
00:20 mchua BryanWB: legally? or politically?
00:20 BryanWB mchua: that would be pretty insulting to the people you didn't choose
00:20 mchua: personally insulting
00:20 mchua BryanWB: well, the criteria and the process (as mafe noted) at least should be public.
00:20 rletada1 mchua: transparency is key, you showed us that :)
00:20 mchua BryanWB: and the list of people who are doing the choosing should be public.
00:20 BryanWB mchua: yes, the criteria should be public
00:20 mchua: absolutely
00:21 mchua BryanWB: and the reasons for the individual applications to be private (the ones you just mentioned) should be public, too. :)
00:21 basically, if you can't tell them, at least tell them what you can't tell them, and why (...if you can tell them that.)
00:21 mafe I agree ..on that...there are certain things that you can just be transparent about....
00:22 mchua There are definitely times and places and situations that *must* be private. They are, however, far fewer than most of us are habitually used to making private by defaut.
00:22 rletada1 moving forward: we will create some sort of a search committee that are comprised different community members/stakeholders
00:22 BryanWB mchua: u definitely can't put bad stuff about the govt in your documentation. Who wants a bribe, who is useless, etc.
00:22 mchua: that will destroy your relationship w/ them
00:22 mchua +1
00:22 BryanWB mchua: because someone will e-mail the documentation link to them
00:23 mchua: u also can't say who is bribing the govt
00:23 rletada1 that will identify criteria and needs, and inevitably select the members of the board of directors. (we will also flesh this out some more)
00:24 KChristophD I think we might be on the border of getting stuck in too many details, let's keep this conversation flowing a bit broader
00:24 BryanWB mchua: rletada1: so my strong opinion is that you don't have to make all your decisions democratically, but u should be transparent about them
00:24 that is, why u made those decisions
00:25 mchua BryanWB: +1
00:25 rletada1 Election 2010 is coming up.  Very important and senstive time in the Philippines
00:25 mchua I think the BoD is a good case study for transparency vs democracy, as long as the discussion here is also taken as a "do this for other things as well" note.
00:26 rletada1 well we have a couple of developers in the room.
00:26 BryanWB rletada1: so about content development
00:26 rletada1 can you talk more about mobilizing the (full-time and part time, volunteer ) developers to create content
00:27 BryanWB rletada1: i think the best way to make effective content is to start w/ what we call the "Activity Text"
00:27 rletada1: that is a document that imagines a learning activity and describes how it works. A developer, teacher, or anyone can write it
00:27 mafe can you tell us more about that?
00:27 BryanWB but it is the dna that travels w/ an activity
00:27 mafe: actually KChristophD can u do that?
00:28 mafe it's a simple activity....
00:28 BryanWB i guess i will
00:29 activity text can be very simple and change over time. It basically is the blueprint for the activity and what it should teach
00:29 then someone else or the same person can code it
00:30 then the next two important documents for an activity are  the Teacher's Note and the Lesson Plan  --- how to use these in the classroom
00:30 KChristophD one note on the activity text: while it *can
00:31 one note on the activity text: while it *can* be written by anyone I do believe that it's best written by someone with experience in education and the national curriculum
00:31 what's important is to focus on the "learning goals"
00:31 BryanWB KChristophD: agreed
00:31 object404 Hey Bryan. With regards to the lesson plan, how many schools did you deploy XOs in and how did you resolve the differences in curriculum between different schools?
00:32 mafe +1
00:32 BryanWB KChristophD: and it is a great way to get teachers involved
00:32 object404: there is one national curriculum in nepal
00:32 object404 Good for Nepal! :)
00:32 less headache :)
00:32 BryanWB the activity text could just describe how to use turtle art  to teach a concept, and then the lesson plan and teacher's note explain to teacher how to lead the class in the exercise
00:32 mafe KChritstophD...yes...
00:32 KChristophD object404: different schools have different curriculums in PH?
00:32 object404 with regards to coming up with content. Yes, that's a challenge we'll have to overcome here.
00:33 BryanWB the key is that these documents lead u to content that will work in the classroom
00:33 jsgotangco object404: the public school system has only 1 curriculum
00:33 mafe rletada1: the activity text will be a great starting activity for our discovery session
00:33 jsgotangco the private schools also have to adhere to that curriculum but may use other resources
00:33 KChristophD jsgotangco: thats what I had expected
00:33 mafe jsgotangco: +1
00:33 rletada1 mafe: yes definitely
00:34 jsgotangco KChristophD: i have a kid :)
00:34 BryanWB i recommend u create content using html and javascript, u can use the framework karma  or your own
00:34 I don't recommend using python, simply because I bet you have 100x more web developers in PH than python developers
00:35 jsgotangco yep
00:35 mafe BryanWB: how did this activity text delivered or i mean the platform use for this activity text
00:35 KChristophD mafe: what do you mean?
00:35 BryanWB mafe: the students and teachers don't see the  activity text
00:35 jsgotangco BryanWB: does the school server play an important role with this kind of delivery? (HTML/javascript)
00:35 BryanWB mafe: it is for the teachers, designers, coders, that create the activities
00:36 KChristophD jsgotangco: that's yet to be determined to some degree;-)
00:36 BryanWB jsgotangco: we have it all running offline
00:36 mafe that's what I needed...
00:36 jsgotangco ahh interesting
00:36 BryanWB jsgotangco: in a bundle.  I recommend working w/out ajax
00:36 jsgotangco: u can do virtually everything u would need w/ just html and js
00:36 raybaq School Server is built on Moodle which I imagine contains the html/js activities
00:36 jsgotangco yup
00:36 mafe that it runs in a school server...
00:36 KChristophD BryanWB, jsgotangco: re: XS, I think it might be an important component when it comes to assessment, teacher evaluation of students work, etc
00:37 BryanWB raybaq: yes
00:37 mafe: the key is you want people to be able to see your content online and offline.
00:37 object404 I guess the time to use Flash over DHTML is when you're doing animations.
00:38 BryanWB mafe: from your website or in a sugar bundle
00:38 object404: i don't recommend using flash
00:38 KChristophD object404: Karma is supposed to take care of things such as animations as well
00:38 BryanWB object404: that is what we use in Nepal
00:38 jsgotangco yes Karma should
00:38 BryanWB flash is
00:38 object404: but it is harder for people to collaborate on flash activities because they are delivered in binary form
00:39 object404: students can contribute to karma just using their browser and the firebug extension
00:40 rletada does anyone else have any questions about content development?
00:40 BryanWB i got interested with html + js for learning activities because a number of people have told me that they find it hard to contribute to our flash activities
00:41 KChristophD another important consideration IMHO is internationalization. we want to make it as easy as possible to share content between PH, NP, AT, DE, UK, UY, PE, etc.
00:41 object404 I meant with Flash for frame-based animations.
00:41 BryanWB KChristophD: absolutely
00:41 KChristophD no point in reinventing the wheel all the time
00:41 mafe yes..that's my how?
00:41 BryanWB object404: even then i think html5 + js is better
00:41 mafe like the Lesson Plan Exchange
00:41 BryanWB mafe: yup
00:42 KChristophD mafe: I'm less thinking of the lesson plan, because that one will be very country specific in many ways
00:42 object404 one problem is finding HTML+JS developers here in the Ph who do e-learning. There are a lot of Flashd developers who do e-learning here.
00:42 KChristophD rather what I'd LOVE to do today is to simply take the exisiting nepali epaath activites, show them to Austrian teachers and then attempt them and the support materials accordingly
00:43 mafe KChristophD: but it's sharing of what others are doing
00:43 learning from others...
00:43 on how they do things
00:43 rletada Ray - Does APC deal with HTML + JS in terms of elearning?
00:43 BryanWB mafe: but also we can help u
00:43 KChristophD mafe: I agree, but I dont think the lesson plan is a key component there
00:44 jsgotangco i dont see a lot of difficulty moving towards html5+js in the future considering its pretty broad in terms of acceptance
00:44 mafe so seeing different lesson plans is a learning experience ...
00:44 BryanWB mafe: the activity Text is the starting point, the DNA of the activity
00:44 jsgotangco professional or otherwise
00:44 KChristophD BryanWB: +1
00:44 BryanWB object404: flash devs just don't share stuff
00:44 jsgotangco delivering in binaries always have problems
00:44 KChristophD mafe: the lesson plans would need to be translated and then still point to e.g. page 23 in the nepali standard book on english. which isnt much use to anyone else outside nepal
00:45 raybaq rletada: there's no special focus on elearning in student projects--we want to change that.  the students do use HTML+JS
00:45 BryanWB mafe: the activity_text will generally be applicable in almost every country,
00:45 mafe: i bet u that the activity_texts we have here in nepal are 99% applicable to PH
00:45 jsgotangco yup
00:45 rletada great!
00:45 object404 cool
00:45 mafe BryanWB: I need to really get  to understand fully the  activity_text...
00:45 great...
00:46 rletada well guys, for the sake of time..can we move into project deployment?
00:46 BryanWB KChristophD: what is the latest documentation on the activity_text u have?
00:46 rletada: sure
00:47 mafe BryanWB: plz if you have the latest doc...will be appreciated
00:47 rletada well, you spoke about deployment in schools. I believe waveplace has taken a different approach by having afterschool activities..( I will verify this )
00:47 BryanWB KChristophD: ^^
00:47 rletada can you talk about OLE Nepal and its deployment model
00:47 and where does the community fit in there?
00:48 KChristophD BryanWB: the blog post is the best starting point
00:48 BryanWB rletada: yes, we don't use the XO as an extra activity or for additional lessons
00:48 rletada: it is central
00:48 KChristophD description of activity text is included in http://blog.olenepal.org/index.php/archives/335
00:48 mafe KChristophD: thanks...
00:48 BryanWB to learning English, Maths, and Nepali for grades 2, 3, and 6
00:49 the teachers were resistant to using the XO's until they found out we had content for them to use in the classroom in the subjects they have the most trouble teaching
00:50 object404 Q: What was the method for you to deploy custom content for the XOs? Did you create a generic image that could be flashed/loaded into the other XOs?
00:50 BryanWB When u introduce any kind of new tool, you have to show people how it helps them do things they currently do more easily than before
00:51 It isn't enough if the tool helps them do new things, they couldn't do before
00:51 object404: yes, i can give u a link to that later
00:51 jsgotangco yes the image is always unique frome the G1G1
00:51 BryanWB rletada: then showing teachers how they can use the laptops and the content in the classroom
00:53 rletada: what aspects of deployment model do u want to talk about? there  are many?
00:53 rletada In the Philippines, many non-profit organizations, private institutions, rotary clubs, etc sponsor/adopt public schools
00:54 BryanWB make sure u work w/ schools that represent the average PH school, not the model schools
00:54 people won't take u seriously if u do your pilot at the richest school in Manila
00:54 also, the kids at a poor school will show __a lot__ more improvement
00:55 mafe BryanWB: +1
00:55 jsgotangco its because the expectations of rich schools are higher than those of schools in poor communities?
00:55 BryanWB jsgotangco: no, it is because rich kids already have libraries, educated parents, small class sizes, etc.
00:55 rletada does OLE Nepal make it a point to partner with schools that have such partnerships?
00:56 BryanWB jsgotangco:  computers won't make much of a difference
00:56 rletada: no
00:56 rletada: we got funding to cover whichever schools we chose
00:56 jsgotangco well ok
00:56 because some public schools DO have a computer system although the computer/student ratio is atrocious
00:56 but those schools come from the bigger cities
00:57 while schools outside the city have none
00:57 BryanWB jsgotangco: the key is to choose schools which are average or worse than average
00:57 jsgotangco: the XO's make a difference because they represent a lot of educational resources in a tiny package
00:57 jsgotangco: if the kids don't have many resources, the XO makes a bigger impact
00:58 jsgotangco yeah
00:58 BryanWB we found the 6th graders at many of our schools doing the grade 2 english and maths activities
00:58 mafe but if kids has ipods, DS light
00:58 lite
00:58 BryanWB mafe: xo's won't make a huge difference then
00:58 mafe yes
00:58 jsgotangco i doubt if public school kids have those anyway
00:58 object404 Is power/electricity an issue in the schools where the XOs are deployed? Also, are the XOs taken home by the students or do they just stay w/ the school?
00:58 BryanWB object404: yes it is
00:59 object404: we only go to schools that are wired for electricity
00:59 object404: the XOs are taken home
00:59 to date, out of 2000 xo's deployed none have been stolen or lost
00:59 rletada great!
00:59 jsgotangco wow
01:00 object404 That's good to hear. It's a little bit of a concern over here because of the possibility of mugging/theft.
01:00 mafe BryabWB: do the kids...return them after school year ends?
01:00 rletada incredible
01:00 BryanWB mafe: they take it to next grade
01:00 rletada object404: +1. Security is a big issue, especially in urban poor communities
01:00 mafe BryanWB: wow....
01:00 BryanWB we are also working in rural areas, in the village everyone knows everyone so mugging is not an issue
01:01 i think some would be stolen if we were working in urban areas
01:01 jsgotangco whats the risk of them selling the laptops
01:01 BryanWB very low
01:01 mafe what is the usual number per class in a classroom in nepal?
01:01 BryanWB 50
01:01 mafe: ^^
01:01 jsgotangco BryanWB: why is that?
01:01 (low chance)
01:01 BryanWB mafe: but in many places about 100
01:01 jsgotangco becuse they are remotely located?
01:01 BryanWB jsgotangco: the parents value them
01:02 mafe wow pretty much like the PH
01:02 jsgotangco yeah that's a key factor
01:02 rletada Bryan, can you talk more about a successful pilot program that OLE Nepal has implemented
01:02 BryanWB jsgotangco: and it would look bad if their child no longer had an XO but the others did
01:02 rletada: i am sorry man, can we talk more later i need to get back to work
01:02 rletada: can we close up talking about funding issues?
01:02 jsgotangco ahh so there's really no chance to replace it if its lost
01:02 rletada hahah dont worry. We took a lot of your time?
01:03 jsgotangco well we're almost 3 hours in the chat
01:03 rletada sure, definitely..
01:03 BryanWB rletada: i don't mind but i have to get back to work
01:03 rletada disregard the question mark. Weve been here for 3 hours..
01:03 BryanWB i recommend talking to richard rowe of OLE.org  he can be very helpful in getting funding
01:03 mafe BryanWB: thanks so much for sharing....
01:03 BryanWB i recommend talking to matt keller of olpc about getting xo's
01:04 richard rowe can help w/ content but probably not w/ XO's
01:04 that is matt@laptop.org  and richard@ole.org
01:04 mafe thanks
01:04 rletada Yes, thanks!
01:05 jsgotangco rletada: send BryanWB a balut as a token of appreciation
01:05 ;)
01:05 BryanWB then find out which international donors participate in the PH's Education For All program, which is part of the UN mileenium development goals
01:05 rletada thanks so much for the insights! Haha, yes bryan - i will send you a balut
01:05 mafe BryanWB: invite him over when we launch ekindling hahahacan you share with us
01:05 BryanWB read the reports from the EFA program.
01:06 mafe offlin also how you do the lobbying in the govt...lol
01:06 *offline
01:06 BryanWB those reports should identify what problems PH is having in education, and these are the problems the govt and the donors want to tackle
01:06 then make a presentation to them how your program can address those issues
01:07 mafe: ^^ that is the best way to lobby govt, help them solve their problems
01:07 rletada Here you go: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Balut_(egg)
01:07 BryanWB rletada: i have had balut, it is .. ok ;)
01:07 mafe BryanWB: got ya
01:07 jsgotangco lol
01:07 send him a durian then
01:07 rletada great!
01:07 BryanWB i love durian
01:07 jsgotangco hehe
01:08 mafe really ...wow...first time to hear that...
01:08 jsgotangco ok i think its time to close this
01:08 BryanWB i was in manila once for 2 weeks ;)
01:08 rletada ok, we will have to get you back here!
01:08 BryanWB later guys, best of luck and let me know how i can help
01:09 jsgotangco: any luck w/ liferay demo?
01:09 jsgotangco BryanWB: yeah i have it working locally
01:09 mafe Thanks so much ...and Mabuhay! BryanWB
01:09 rletada thank you so much, and will keep you posted.
01:09 jsgotangco BryanWB: let's chat in an hour
01:09 BryanWB jsgotangco: sure
01:09 rletada Everyone - I will post the minutes
01:09 jsgotangco BryanWB: KChristophD let's chat later ill be having lunch first
01:09 rletada on our wiki
01:09 KChristophD jsgotangco: sounds good to me
01:09 mafe rletada: great...thanks everyone
01:10 bye ....
01:10 KChristophD jsgotangco: ping me whenever you're ready
01:10 mafe: speak soon
01:10 mafe rletada: salamat
01:10 rletada and I hope you can join us again on our next Kindling Discovery Series
01:10 mafe KChristophD: I will ...
01:10 jsgotangco rletada: tnx for arranging this
01:10 mafe about the activity_txt
01:10 rletada We will keep everyone posted via Facebook, twitter, and our wiki!
01:10 so thanks guys..
01:10 BryanWB rletada: it would be my pleasure
01:10 KChristophD rletada: what's your twitter handle?
01:11 mafe KChristophD: you too should visit PH and do your research there...
01:11 rletada www.twitter.com/ekindling
01:11 raybaq TY, all.
01:11 KChristophD rletada: thx, I'm @random_musings
01:11 rletada for general inquiries: community@ekindling.org
01:11 KChristophD mafe: I'd definitely love to do that!
01:12 rletada KChristophD: great will follow you
01:12 On behalf of eKindling: Thanks everyone!
01:12 Goodbye
01:12 BTW, Rowen..u still there
01:12 ?
01:12 mafe KChristophD: great...ttyl
01:13 rletada guys, how do I attain the meeting transcripts?
01:14 BryanWB rletada: copy the text from irc and paste it into a wiki page
01:15 rletada ok great. easy as 1,2,3..Cheers guys
01:21 mchua rletada: actually, tell wenmi to #endmeeting
01:21 rletada: transcript is automatically taken at meeting.sugarlabs.org
01:37 wenmi i'll be closing this meeting.. took lunch.. :)
01:37 #endmeeting

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