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#sugar-meeting meeting, 2009-07-14 10:23:00

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10:24 silbe #topic Webified lucian walterbender
10:25 lucian_: it's your turn. do you know where walter is?
10:26 lucian__ silbe: i don't know about walter
10:26 sorry, i keep getting disconnected
10:27 silbe lucian__: ok, just post whenever you are online, we'll multithread again
10:27 lucian__ so, I have pretty much everything on my roadmap working
10:27 i recently got userstyles and userscripts to work
10:28 i still didn't get Gears to work, though
10:28 or javascript-dbus
10:28 i still have to work on the userscript GUI and add some overwrite and error handling
10:29 but now the SSBs Browse creates are indeed true SSBs, since you can customise them
10:29 and they also store the activity session data in their bundle, to be copied on first run (except for caches and cookies, of course)
10:29 so a user can customise an SSB and then share it with others, all customisations intact
10:30 bemasc lucian__: very cool.  Are you planning on integrating this into mainline Browse?
10:30 silbe lucian__: sounds great! what additional use would gears/dbus be?
10:30 lucian__ bemasc: my work is a branch of Browse, so it shouldn't be too hard to merge it back
10:30 silbe: Gears would offer offline functionality
10:31 m_stone would be interested in knowing more about the "they store the activity session data in their bundle" part...
10:31 silbe m_stone: me too, but let's have that discussion on #sugar later
10:31 lucian__ m_stone, silbe: i'll show you the code in a sec
10:32 silbe lucian__: ok. do you have any showstoppers left? anything that blocks further work on your side (except for Gears)?
10:32 lucian__ silbe: i'm not yet sure js-dbus is the best way, but you could do collaboration if you had that
10:32 m_stone silbe: sounds fine. adieu for now. (-> work)
10:32 lucian__ silbe: no blockers, really. just more work to do
10:33 silbe lucian__: wouldn't it make more sense to make the Python collab API available to JS instead of the raw dbus calls?
10:33 lucian__ silbe: oh, i still haven't gotten the website favicons working, but that's more of a nicety than a requirement
10:33 silbe ok. i'd suggest to move on then (i don't know if the marketing team meets this week)
10:33 lucian__ silbe: that would be another choice, yes. on the one hand, it would be good for web devs to be able to hack the collaboration API more easily
10:34 silbe sorry, didn't mean to interrupt you
10:34 bemasc thinks that web devs will prefer to do collaboration over http.
10:34 lucian__ silbe: on the other hand, much of what you can do with dbus duplicates things already in js/html
10:34 bemasc: that would require a server somewhere and setting it up. i'll think about it
10:35 silbe lucian__: would be interested to hear more about that, but again on #sugar :)
10:35 lucian__ silbe: sure. next! :)
10:35 silbe #topic Version support for Sugar datastore and Journal silbe homunq
10:35 changed the prototype to use the API i proposed for the rewrite
10:36 most of my time was spent finding and fixing other peoples bugs, though
10:36 #link http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/V[…]atastore/Progress
10:37 next step will be to change the Journal / shell side, i.e. the Python API
10:38 currently more activities than anticipated (e.g. Read ETexts) break. I hope my changes to use a combined (tree_id,version_id) tuple will help with that.
10:38 Read ETexts for example duplicates part of sugar.activity.activity.Activity.__init__() instead of calling it
10:39 thus my changes to the framework need to be applied to Read ETexts as well
10:39 any questions? :)
10:40 are felipe and/or bryan berry around?
10:41 vamsi and aa seem to be missing as well...
10:41 #topic Groupthink bemasc assimd
10:41 bemasc I should probably cut a new release of sharedtextdemo.  I've figured out half of the offline collaboration puzzle.
10:42 I'm currently hashing out the other half on the Telepathy mailing list.
10:42 Hopefully the upshot is working "asynchronous collab", where people can work separately and then have their changes automatically merged when they come together.
10:43 homunq__ hi
10:43 silbe bemasc: what's the missing half, out of curiousity?
10:43 bemasc silbe: I'm getting a little confused myself, but at the moment:
10:44 if A starts a shared activity, B joins, B leaves, A leaves, A relaunches, and then B relaunches, they are correctly joined together again.
10:44 silbe homunq__: i've run the meeting so far, hope you don't mind. vamsi/aa and felipe/bb were missing so we skipped them. lucian and i are already finished, we're now at bemasc.
10:45 bemasc but if A starts, B joins, A leaves, and A relaunches, A is not correctly joined.
10:45 silbe bemasc: uh, why is that?
10:45 bemasc I've discovered that this works for Chat, so it's not an intrinsic limitation of Telepathy/presence service/etc.
10:45 It's some quirk of the API.
10:45 silbe or is the "why" exactly your issue? :)
10:45 homunq__ hmmm... anyone seen felipe/bb at all? they're the ones I'm worried about
10:46 bemasc silbe: right, I don't know what the problem really is. All I know is that it isn't working.
10:46 silbe bemasc: ok. hope you'll figure it out soon.
10:46 bemasc too
10:47 homunq__ thanks a lot silbe, btw.
10:47 silbe homunq__: last seen on IRC over a week ago...
10:48 lucian__ homunq__: i exchanged a two comments with bb on his blog yesterday, if that counts :)
10:48 silbe homunq__: no problem
10:49 subzero__ homunq__: hi there, I was on exam
10:49 I just finished 5min ago
10:50 silbe #topic Karma subzero__ Bryan Berry
10:50 subzero__: hope you were lucky :)
10:50 subzero__ yes, thanks
10:51 about my progress, I'm very sorry, this week I was really busy presenting my final exams
10:51 Bryan has advanced about i18n
10:51 silbe has full understanding for that, but isn't a mentor anyway ;)
10:51 homunq__ sorry, did we cut you off bemasc? or were you done?
10:52 bemasc is done
10:52 subzero__ I have been talking with Bryan (last week) about i18n
10:52 he has done a roadmap about it
10:53 homunq__ subzero: did you get clear word from Bryan that he'd done the eval?
10:53 And what he said?
10:53 subzero__ yes, I sent me an email last tuesday
10:54 He said: I got a positive evaluation
10:55 homunq__ Great. Anything else?
10:55 And, link for roadmap?
10:55 (I do not mean to take over - anybody else, please ask any questions too.)
10:56 subzero__ we discussed that on #sugar
10:56 Bryan posted about that on karmaproject.wordpress.com
11:01 silbe ok, anything left to say or ask?
11:01 3
11:01 2
11:01 1
11:01 #endmeeting

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