Meeting started by sdziallas at 10:34 UTC
10:35:17 Topic: Sugar on a Stick v2 -- General Discussion
10:36:18 LINK sdziallas
10:38:18 LINK sdziallas
10:45:19 LINK sdziallas
10:55:19 ACTION sdziallas Add Sugar on a Stick works with a VM to the Proposal Page
12:14:47 ACTION sdziallas turn Combine Sugar Live CD, Boothelper, & USB Creator on one image into a proposal
12:14:55 ACTION sdziallas Make a proposal to have all activities updatable via
12:15:07 ACTION sdziallas make files accessible outside of Sugar Proposal
12:15:12 ACTION sdziallas - SoaS works with a free VM client - Proposal
12:15:19 ACTION sdziallas proposal for joint release for VMs / USB keys / XOs.
12:15:30 ACTION sdziallas create a VMPlayer CD that allows boot by CD then fast user switching - Create proposal
Meeting ended at 12:26.

People Present:
  1. walterbender
  2. sdziallas
  3. caroline
  4. tomeu
  5. daveb
  6. satellit
  7. dsd_
  8. sdziallas_
  9. erikos
  10. mchua
  11. garycmartin

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