Meeting started by walterbender at 09:05 UTC
09:06:10 Topic: Elections
09:11:48 ACTION walterbender solicit volunteers :)
09:18:36 Topic: trademark
09:23:05 IDEA walterbender it might be possible to use the trademark in some contexts but use a community mark for distributed purposes so that you can have a mark which is recognised but distributable and one which is legally defensible which is a cousin of that.
09:30:24 ACTION walterbender I will ask the SFC to look into Sugar and Sugar Learning Platform
09:51:18 ACTION walterbender form a trademark committee
09:54:33 Topic: Sugar Camp Bolzano
Meeting ended at 10:06.

People Present:
  1. walterbender
  2. tomeu
  3. FGrose
  4. garycmartin
  5. sdziallas
  6. bernie
  7. lfaraone
  8. cjb
  9. bemasc
  10. lucian
  11. erikos
  12. daveb

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