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#sugar-meeting meeting, 2009-06-30 11:05:00

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Time Nick Message
11:05 SeanDaly the LinuxTag booth was colorful & friendly
11:06 geek to teacher ratio was maybe 8:1 though
11:06 garycmartin SeanDaly, photos of booth looked great, all that was mission was a Sugarized welcome mat on the floor :-)
11:06 SeanDaly however 3 teachers said they came specially to see us!
11:06 garycmartin: and t-shirts... that's for next time ;-)
11:07 sdziallas waves
11:07 SeanDaly waves to sdziallas
11:07 garycmartin Hi sdziallas!
11:07 SeanDaly David F around? said he might be here
11:07 sdziallas waves to SeanDaly and garycmartin :)
11:08 SeanDaly ok first news of the day, after discussion with Nexcopy we have decided to delay that press release
11:08 because 1) we are still getting new pickups today from last week's release
11:09 2) the recycleusb.com minisite still needs work
11:09 3) it would have been rushed for NECC
11:09 So, instead i have mailed the LinxTag Strawberry PR to a dozen bloggers present at NECC
11:10 with the NECC booth info at the top :-) hope to generate visits to them
11:10 walterbender, I think we could do Nexcopy partnership PR to coincide with Guadec?
11:11 could be interesting to work Guadec in there
11:11 JT4sugar SeanDaly, Thats this weekend right?
11:12 SeanDaly Yes July 3-11
11:12 walterbender will do keynote I think
11:13 FGrose Needs entry here: http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/M[…]eting_Team/Events
11:13 SeanDaly Hi FGrose that's true I am behind in updating wiki need to get on that now that big launch is done
11:14 PR not on first day, just when we are ready
11:14 not critical, but will boost this past release
11:15 What Ii would like is to fix "sugar labs" and "sugar on a stick" google image search
11:15 with new beauty shot visual, if it comes out good
11:16 garycmartin I will forward flat jpeg to you
11:16 PSD layered file has my netbooks & XOs in a Ring :D
11:17 OK anyone have questions about Strawberry launch debrief? I tried to be very complete in that mail
11:18 tomeu waves all
11:18 SeanDaly perhaps what I forgot to say was: although some PR techniques are "classic",
11:18 sdziallas has thought about replying to some paragraphs there and agrees with the stuff SeanDaly said there
11:18 SeanDaly we are free to make up how we do it, to adapt
11:18 garycmartin SeanDaly, float away, will keep an eye out for it.
11:18 SeanDaly waves to tomeu
11:19 JT4sugar SeanDaly, Debrief was very informative
11:19 SeanDaly one thing I worry about is doing all the talking :-(
11:19 but my message is, we can and should develop a Sugar Labs comm strategy, not copy somebody else's
11:20 garycmartin SeanDaly, I think I need to look back over the pdf posters and check the grey font next to logo tweaks that came up late in the day, right?
11:21 SeanDaly garycmartin: yes, right, the idea is 1) grey letters same level as interior letters of sugar logo
11:21 and 2) grey value a little different
11:21 not urgent but would be great if you could look at that
11:22 forgot to put in agenda but i want to start work on t-shirt store
11:22 garycmartin SeanDaly, sure, will do (grey a little different, hmmm, that's news)
11:22 SeanDaly garycmartin: grey maybe not different but need to check with Christian, he mentioned but i didn't notice a diff myself
11:23 about t-shirts: aside from logos, I feel we should show icons;
11:23 like a big Turtle Art, or
11:23 Browse with the class around it
11:23 garycmartin SeanDaly +1
11:24 SeanDaly what other graphics might be cool?
11:24 I've been thinking might be cool to stay away from text except for the logo
11:25 Another idea: XO-size bags
11:26 and XO carry straps
11:26 JT4sugar SeanDaly, That would be good idea since most netbboks don"t have handles
11:26 SeanDaly JT4sugar: the Dell latitude 2100 has 2 antitheft holes and they make a locking sttrap which uses them
11:28 what kind of swag to teachers & kids like?
11:29 fridge magnets?
11:29 JT4sugar "I've Been Sugarized"-Stickers
11:29 SeanDaly stickers great idea
11:29 sdziallas runs for a quick test, will be back in a sec.
11:30 JT4sugar Stickers Teachers, Kida, and Parents can put on their laptops/netbboks
11:31 SeanDaly OLPC FFrance made great little stickers that fit in XO hinge
11:31 Mike Lee made some stickers with Moo
11:32 waves to ChristianV
11:33 OK on a different subject,
11:33 caroline mentioned & i agree we need to talk more about content to interest teachers
11:33 J. SImmons doing very interesting work with access to ebooks
11:34 there is an open content movement we need to tap into;
11:34 for example US gov site #LINK http://free.ed.gov/index.cfm
11:35 FREE=federal resources for Educational excellence
11:35 US-centric, but you get the idea
11:35 I've been looking at NECC press releases
11:35 there is a pile of them
11:36 many offer "freebies" to teachers
11:36 the MS one does that
11:39 I need to get up to speed on how well eBooks on Sugar work on netbooks
11:39 the XO has screen orientation button, netbooks don't
11:40 waves to homunq
11:40 homunq shamefaced
11:40 SeanDaly homunq: ?
11:42 JT4sugar: do we have any other messages to convey before summer break?
11:43 Nexcopy will generate a little bit of interest but I was thinking could be interesting to post it to "green" themed blogs etc, recycling angle
11:44 ChristianV what is nexcopy  ?
11:44 JT4sugar SeanDaly, How to get started setting set up a fall pilot
11:45 SeanDaly ChristianV: #LINK http://www.recycleusb.com
11:45 Nexcopy is a company that makes USB mass loaders
11:46 they donated one to us, Caroline made 24 sticks at once with it
11:46 ChristianV okay thx =) i'm having a look
11:46 SeanDaly They have set up that little site (they need to fix logo)
11:46 to collect sticks, they load with Sugar and send to us for schools
11:46 everybody happy :-)
11:46 ChristianV fantastic
11:47 SeanDaly I'm looking for help to evaluate their site and make suggestions
11:47 I was thinking of asking them to use VAG Rounded Light for the name of the site (our logo font)
11:47 JT4sugar SeanDaly, If we do a big Nexcopy Splash hopefully we can generate enough sticks for many pilots and University Outreach-Professors in Education, Coimp Sci, etc. in fall
11:48 SeanDaly JT4sugar: yes exactly
11:48 sdziallas SeanDaly: maybe they could link directly at the strawberry release notes instead of our general soas page?
11:48 SeanDaly sdziallas: +1
11:48 sdziallas :)
11:48 SeanDaly JT4sugar: do we have fall pilots possible, aside from gardner school?
11:50 not sure if anything is lined up
11:50 I noticed in NECC PR that edu suppliers do pilots in like 5 schools
11:50 they don't fool around
11:51 JT4sugar SeanDaly, New York, Will be work with Enhanced Learning Strategy Magog, Quebec Canada, Computers & Writing Group might decide to do some through their Universities
11:52 SeanDaly JT4sugar: where can I get more info? who coordinating?
11:53 FGrose SeanDaly: Have you considered appoaching big flash memory suppliers for sponsorship (they get tax benefits and PR and possibly outlet for surplus flash drives)?
11:53 SeanDaly FGrose: indeed I have, tried Pantone and walterbender tried Belkin, both said no but I think great idea
11:54 FGrose They can also join the Education "revolution" feel green and good with children and schools
11:54 SeanDaly by the way there is a hardware conf about flash coming up they want to give award for "best end user app"
11:54 FGrose: what would really be cool would be if they could send sticks to recycleusb.com
11:55 retailers I mean
11:55 JT4sugar SeanDaly, I will do a write-up and send to you and list-All in stages of set-up
11:55 SeanDaly if there was a little bucket in each point of sale?
11:55 JT4sugar: would be great thanks
11:58 ChristianV: have you had a chance to look at Google proposal? you must be occupied
11:58 ChristianV Could be cool a bucket in each point of sales. I can get information concerning france & how to do that
11:58 yeah i was
11:59 but i've just finished my intership
11:59 now free until the 21 of july
11:59 SeanDaly ChristianV: great
11:59 ChristianV i'm working on it tonight
11:59 SeanDaly In France would be great if FNAC
11:59 They alrready do that for old cellphones
11:59 they have bucket near "service clients"
12:00 ChristianV yep. Okay i'll see who we might contact in the FNAC company
12:00 i think that concerning the FNAC it depends on each store
12:00 but i'll check
12:01 SeanDaly ChristianV: by the way news is I will be moving back to paris in a month
12:01 ChristianV okay that's cool i'll go often to paris in september , novembre & december
12:02 SeanDaly we can try to visit an OLPC France meeting together in the fall
12:02 ChristianV For sure no problem
12:02 SeanDaly OK everyone anything else to discuss?
12:02 ChristianV i'm still trying to hop on on the sugar las train
12:02 One last thing for me
12:03 SeanDaly ChristianV: sure
12:03 ChristianV i'm going to dakar in senegal at the end of july for one month
12:03 SeanDaly wow
12:03 ChristianV is there some Sugar labs people over there that i could meet ?
12:03 JT4sugar SeanDaly, Creating Teacher feedback loop
12:03 ChristianV or some school doing some pilots etc ? i would be able to create some contents such as videos, interviews etc...
12:04 SeanDaly ChristianV: no local Labs in Africa I know of, just started Washington DDC and Columbia
12:04 ChristianV ok
12:04 SeanDaly I need to check what there might be in Senegal
12:05 #LINK strabucchi@scholastic.com
12:05 charleston@palmettoproject.org
12:05 columbia@palmettoproject.org
12:05 tomeu ChristianV: you may want to contact the olpc people there, they are all using sugar
12:05 FGrose http://wiki.laptop.org/go/OLPCorps
12:05 tomeu though they might not know :p
12:06 ChristianV Okay lol i'll do
12:06 SeanDaly those links copied in not what i wanted to copy in :-(
12:06 tomeu references to software in the blog posts about olpcorps are scarce, to sugar almost inexistent
12:06 SeanDaly #LINK http://africaxo.blogspot.com/2[…]school-visit.html
12:07 FGrose http://wiki.laptop.org/go/OLPC[…]niversity_Senegal
12:07 SeanDaly #LINK http://africaxo.blogspot.com/
12:08 ChristianV: will be great if you can hook up locally
12:08 bemasc I pinged the palmetto project people before, to tell them about Sugar Labs, and got a response, but they haven't popped in to ask any questions.
12:08 I don't know why; I can hardly imagine that they just don't need any help.
12:08 SeanDaly bemasc: just sent them the Strawberry press release
12:08 we send to lots of education "deciders"
12:08 bemasc we also hear almost nothing from Birmingham, which is weird
12:09 JT4sugar SeanDaly, Spoke to 5th grade teachers who used XO's since January  last week-Time is their biggest issue-having them wade into any of the lists would be very tough on them. Think need to discuss list for Teachers
12:09 SeanDaly bemasc: true, but that might just be because they are busy teaching
12:09 JT4sugar: very interesting
12:09 JT4sugar bemasc, Have tried to contact people in Birmingham but no response
12:10 SeanDaly I have come to believe that we need to start a tradition of going and visiting schools
12:10 Not saying we should all fly to Alabama, but
12:10 the learnings I got just from my kids' school festival fantastic
12:11 and learnings from sites actually in XO production
12:11 OK shall we wrap it up?
12:12 thanks to everyone
12:12 going once...
12:12 ChristianV thanks
12:12 SeanDaly going twice...
12:13 garycmartin SeanDaly, just wanted to say thanks for the hard marketing effort. Was a big win.
12:13 SeanDaly garycmartin: yes a big leap :-) and you helped a lot :-)
12:13 #endmeeting

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