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#sugar-meeting meeting, 2009-05-12 10:40:00

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10:40 subzero BryanWB_: it could be useful, also jQuery / Dojo has their datagrid, datalist...
10:40 walterbender homunq: I can send you a back log
10:40 homunq lucian1900 and walterbender: anything to report?
10:41 walterbender just general discussion.... working on background stuff
10:41 homunq walterbender: yeah, I'd like a backlog, but for now onwards ho!
10:41 lucian1900 homunq: we've done some brainstorming, but not much else. i don't have a laptop so communication and development are hard
10:42 homunq lucian1900: what can you do about that? could we help you somehow?
10:43 lucian1900 lucian1900: not really. i have to wait for my laptop to be returned, it's being fixed
10:43 bemasc oh, we confirmed XOs to be sent to all the SoC students who applied
10:43 lucian1900 homunq: it's not too bad, i have a library close enough
10:43 bemasc Maybe you've been notified.
10:44 homunq lucian1900: OK, cool. When should it be fixed?
10:44 lucian1900 homunq: i don't have an ETA unfortunatelly. the insurance firm is a bit tight-lipped
10:45 iwikiwi lucian1900: which laptop is this, an XO? or your mac?
10:45 homunq OK. Well, actual program start is looming, can you develop a fallback plan in case you don't get it by then?
10:45 lucian1900 homunq: if i get my XO by then, it should be ok. if not, i guess i'll borrow my girlfriend's
10:46 iwikiwi: my mac, i don't have an XO yet
10:46 iwikiwi ah okay
10:46 homunq Can you boot into your own environment in the library?
10:46 do you have your hard-disk?
10:46 lucian1900 homunq: no, it's pretty locked down. i do have a backup hard-drive, i have all my data
10:47 homunq lucian1900: well, I'd say the minimum you'll need is a way to boot your own stuff
10:48 even if you're borrowing your gfs
10:48 lucian1900 homunq: i can probably boot stuff on my gfs. if not, at least run virtualbox
10:49 homunq OK. Well, figure out what it takes. you should not be dealing with infrastructure at program start, so do all that installation before
10:49 OK, subzero and BryanWB_
10:50 (sorry BryanWB_ we're running long)
10:50 subzero well, I'm having problems with animation
10:50 loosing time...
10:51 homunq (my daughter's school is still cancelled due to swine flu, 3 weeks straight is hard)
10:51 subzero so, talked yesterday...
10:51 http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/K[…]eting_12_May_2009
10:52 we have introduced Karma in jQuery discussion group
10:52 homunq I trust BryanWB_ to keep you on the critical path...
10:52 subzero in order to get advice from expertise
10:53 homunq: true
10:53 homunq my only advice, which I'm sure he's already told you, is to not depend on others if you can avoid it.
10:53 BryanWB_ homunq: didn't say it as well as you just did ;)
10:53 subzero agreed
10:54 homunq "this feature exists, I'll have that little bug fixed real soon now" is the siren's call.
10:54 I mean, when other people say it.
10:55 subzero yes, well, so the idea I think is to code everything I can and then decide
10:55 homunq OK. bemasc and assimd?
10:55 ("busy with exams" is enough)
10:55 bemasc I have my Last Exam Ever on Thursday
10:56 assimd homunq: and mine will end on 29th
10:56 walterbender bemasc: :)
10:56 BryanWB_ bemasc: congrats!
10:56 homunq bemasc: awesome
10:56 lucian1900 bemasc: i envy you :)
10:56 iwikiwi bemasc: wow
10:57 assimd bemasc: what you would be doing after exams? like job or what?
10:57 iwikiwi assimd: are you in your final year of engg?
10:57 bemasc assimd: well, I'll still be doing what I am doing now, which is working on my Ph.D. research
10:57 assimd iwikiwi: yep :)
10:57 bemasc I'm a Ph.D. student.  The exam in question is called a Preliminary Qualifying Exam.
10:57 homunq assimd: is there any breathing room before then?
10:58 bemasc It's my final academic requirement... except for writing and defending a dissertation.
10:58 iwikiwi good luck, bemasc, assimd!
10:58 assimd homunq: you mean time between joining and exam end?
10:58 homunq I mean, you and bemasc need to talk and work out your plans between 14th and 23rd
10:59 assimd homunq: ya, sure. I can very well do that.
10:59 homunq assimd: can you propose a date now, when your exams are in a lull?
11:00 assimd bemasc: homunq: how about 15th?
11:00 homunq bemasc?
11:01 bemasc sure
11:01 same time?
11:01 assimd perfect
11:01 homunq (iwikiwi and homunq are missing their counterparts, so when the marketing meeting starts, we can reschedule later in the day/week)
11:01 SeanDaly gar
11:02 bemasc assimd: sounds good
11:02 walterbender SeanDaly: grrr
11:02 SeanDaly hi anyone around?
11:02 caroline hi
11:02 bemasc Marrrrketing.
11:02 walterbender SeanDaly: the GsoC meeting is just ending
11:02 SeanDaly gar=Sugar without Su
11:02 bemasc #endmeeting
11:02 umm
11:02 homunq #endmeeting

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