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#sugar-meeting meeting, 2009-04-01 10:03:00

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10:03 erikos I have made a list at: http://erikos.sweettimez.de/?p=542
10:03 what we should test today
10:04 translation has to be taken out in latest Soas as we found already out that they are broken
10:06 #678 - tracks the issue
10:06 everyone has the latest image to test with?
10:06 FGrose yes
10:06 erikos http://download.sugarlabs.org/[…]-200904011025.iso
10:06 prashant3535 Soas2-200904011025.iso
10:06 erikos awesome!
10:08 has to switch machines - back in a sec
10:08 sdziallas is here and wants to be pinged if he'd be of help ;)
10:09 erikos prashant3535, you ant to take #620?
10:09 FGrose, how about you check #423
10:10 sdziallas, how about 561 for you
10:10 FGrose OK, I'll try
10:13 erikos prashant3535, did you already know how to try Sugar on a Stick?
10:13 prashant3535 i have prepared the stick
10:13 erikos prashant3535, ok - and a machine to boot it with I guess
10:13 sdziallas erikos: hang on, will try in some minutes
10:13 prashant3535 of course
10:14 erikos prashant3535, did it boot fine?
10:14 prashant3535 yep
10:14 erikos nice
10:15 so we recently fixed http://dev.sugarlabs.org/ticket/620
10:15 prashant3535, there are some activities installed by the system which are part of the Sugar base platform
10:15 prashant3535, those can not be erased
10:15 prashant3535, and some that can - additional activities
10:16 hi satyajeet - here for the testing meeting?
10:17 prashant3535 the work around mentioned is to install activities in the liveuser /activities folder
10:18 FGrose sdziallas: For VirtualBox setup I have these failures: http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/T[…]oas2-200904011025
10:18 erikos prashant3535, yes - we decided to solve it differently though
10:18 sdziallas FGrose: wohoo... er, okay ;)
10:18 erikos prashant3535, check the erase option in the palette
10:19 prashant3535 erikos: just a min
10:19 erikos when you right click on an activity icon
10:19 satyajeet am here checking for sugar on stick meeting.
10:19 erikos prashant3535, sure
10:19 sdziallas FGrose: this is the most recent soas-2 iso image booted in virtualbox, right?
10:19 erikos satyajeet, welcome - this is the right place
10:19 FGrose sdziallas: correct, VBox beta
10:19 erikos satyajeet, did you download the stick already?
10:20 satyajeet ya
10:20 erikos and booted as well?
10:20 satyajeet am here as a listner, for learning
10:20 no
10:20 erikos satyajeet, that is good - you can ask of course questions anytime
10:21 satyajeet :)
10:21 erikos satyajeet, and we will try our best to answer them
10:21 sdziallas FGrose: that's no good... haven't seen something like this before
10:21 erikos satyajeet, try to boot it - and see if that works for you ;p
10:21 is curious
10:22 FGrose sdziallas: similar report for 0330 image: http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/T[…]oas2-200903301015
10:22 erikos FGrose, you always like to install things ;p
10:23 FGrose erikos: Testing...
10:23 erikos tomeu, the erase option looks good
10:24 sdziallas FGrose: I recall we were doing this here somewhen in the %post part of the kickstart file: http://fpaste.org/paste/7583
10:24 prashant3535 erikos, when i right click any activity and select the erase option .. confirm ... nothin happens
10:25 erikos prashant3535, you get the alert on the top of the page?
10:25 prashant3535 erikos, yes .. after i click erase on the alert .. nothin
10:26 tomeu cool
10:26 erikos prashant3535, it isn't removed?
10:26 prashant3535 erikos, nope
10:26 erikos, after removing i tried to open it .,.. it works perfectly
10:27 erikos prashant3535, can you have a look in the logs - if there is something interesting
10:27 prashant3535 erikos, lemme check
10:27 erikos prashant3535, the log activity for example
10:28 sdziallas,  zut alors! we don't have the shell.log available :/
10:29 prashant3535 erikos, it has a Warning: root: No gtk.AccelGroup is the top level windows
10:29 erikos prashant3535, this is harmless
10:29 sdziallas erikos: ah, desole... crap, you're right. shell.log is not available and we can't remove the activities?
10:29 what's this here?
10:29 erikos sdziallas, I can remove activities :/
10:30 sdziallas I thought I can, too. Worked for me at least on Finance, if I recall correctly.
10:30 prashant3535 i am able to view the shell.log
10:30 sdziallas lol!
10:30 that's great! non-reproducable bugs are the best ;)
10:31 prashant3535 :)
10:32 i tried to erase the Finance activity also, it doesnt like to be removed
10:32 sdziallas hmmm!
10:32 erikos prashant3535, do you run the image in emulation?
10:32 prashant3535 erikos, nope, booted the stick on a desktop
10:33 erikos prashant3535, hmmmm
10:33 sdziallas erikos: hmmmmmmm ;)
10:34 erikos livecd-iso-to-disk --overlay-size-mb 300  --home-size-mb 160 --unencrypted-home --delete-home Soas2-200904011025.iso /dev/sdb1
10:34 prashant3535, did you use livecd-iso-to-disk to create the image?
10:34 prashant3535 i used the liveusb-creator-3.6.3
10:35 sdziallas ...which doesn't use the --home-size-mb switch, afaik. :/
10:36 dunno, how that affects us, though.
10:36 erikos sdziallas, you mean - that one does not have access to the activities then?
10:36 sdziallas erikos: normally one should, as we're placing them...... hehehe. yeah.
10:36 erikos prashant3535, can you check who owns /home/liveuser ?
10:36 prashant3535 sdziallas, while preparing i have set the Persistent Storage to 500 megs
10:36 erikos, liveuser
10:37 sdziallas erikos, prashant3535: the issue is, that we're placing the activities in /usr/share/sugar/honey... and linking those to /home/liveuser/Activities
10:37 but there are two different incarnations of /home around.
10:37 tomeu figured that, if I recall correctly.
10:37 now it might well be that we're only putting it in one of those...
10:38 erikos sdziallas, what is the reason why we need to link the activities in the first place?
10:38 sdziallas erikos: because of these two /home incarnations
10:38 erikos sdziallas, is home at install time not ready yet?
10:38 sdziallas erikos: I think there's a /home getting mounted at boot time...
10:39 prashant3535 erikos, the /usr/share/sugar/activites is owned by root ... liveuser doesnt have permissions to remove the activities
10:39 sdziallas erikos: but we'd be placing the activities then into the old /home directoy.
10:39 prashant3535: and /usr/share/sugar/honey?
10:40 prashant3535 sdziallas: there is no directory named honey in the sugar folder
10:41 FGrose I could watch the mongoose, but no sound, in Speak either
10:41 http://olpc.dailymotion.com/vi[…]g-a-cobra_animals
10:41 prashant3535 be right back
10:42 sdziallas hu?
10:42 no honey directory??
10:44 erikos sdziallas, as well - the erase does only remove the links - not the activity itself in /usr/share/sugar/honey
10:44 sdziallas erikos: but liveuser is owning all the files there - at least he should be...
10:46 prashant3535 sdziallas: there are only 3 directories in the /usr/share/sugar .. activities, data and extensions
10:46 no honey
10:46 sdziallas okay, that's interesting...
10:47 prashant3535 the activities folder has all the <name>.activity files which are also owned by root
10:47 sdziallas prashant3535: yep, that's the way it should be, as those are getting installed via RPMs
10:47 but the honey folder... hm!
10:58 is still around, but in a second meeting now...
10:58 erikos sdziallas, ok - we need to look into that issue once more
10:58 sdziallas, it has a lot of issues
10:59 prashant3535, do you have an AccessPoint you can check connectivity with?
10:59 satyajeet, managed to boot it?
10:59 sdziallas erikos: yeah, I'll try to help there later on... if you need me, ping me loudly ;)
10:59 prashant3535 erikos, sugar doesnt support WPA2
10:59 erikos: i will have to disconnect my current connection to test it
11:06 FGrose Browse crashed, only throbs on start new
11:08 erikos ;(
11:09 FGrose, but it first started - or did it not start at all?
11:09 FGrose erikos: It was running, but later crashed.
11:10 erikos: incomplete gmail download, now Journal doesn't refresh
11:14 vu.lux.olpc.Speak-1.log: GStreamer-WARNING **: Failed to load plugin 'usr/lib/gstreamer-0.10/libgstpulse.so': libgdbm.so.2: cannot open shared object file: Stale NFS file handle
11:15 rebooting VBox...
11:16 Interesting (to me), Home panel missing icons on selections now
11:18 Selecting shutdown leads to a grey screen only
11:18 erikos FGrose, doh
11:18 prashant3535 interesting, i hadnt noticed this before ... it highlights the recently used activities
11:19 erikos sdziallas, do we maybe miss the gstreamer plugin?
11:19 prashant3535, yup - this is a new addition
11:19 sdziallas erikos: that might be, because...
11:19 erikos prashant3535, and when you click on it - it resumes by default
11:19 prashant3535 erikos: coool
11:19 sdziallas erikos: well, I think we haven't added gstreamer-plugins explicitely to the Requirements to Jukeboyx
11:20 erikos sdziallas, hmmm - do we not need it?
11:22 sdziallas erikos: I'm not sure, I we might... could be a question for kushal; I'll need to double-check that, too
11:23 erikos sdziallas, oki
11:23 sdziallas curses about his schedule ;)
11:23 erikos curses too
11:24 everybody: we had some good reports already - lets try to get this into tickets
11:29 sdziallas kushal: ping
11:30 kushal sdziallas, pong
11:30 I just received a phone call telling there is some problem with jukebox and gstreamer
11:30 sdziallas kushal: we were testing sugar on a stick recently...
11:30 kushal can anyone paste the lines
11:30 sdziallas oh, okay ;)
11:30 kushal my connection is in bad condition
11:31 sdziallas, what is the problem ?
11:31 FGrose kushal: vu.lux.olpc.Speak-1.log: GStreamer-WARNING **: Failed to load plugin 'usr/lib/gstreamer-0.10/libgstpulse.so': libgdbm.so.2: cannot open shared object file: Stale NFS file handle
11:31 sdziallas kushal: FGrose pasted some issue with speak and erikos suspected that we might be missing some gstreamer stuff
11:31 erikos prashant3535, http://dev.sugarlabs.org/ticket/680 --- please add additional info if you have
11:32 sdziallas kushal: and I said that I recall that we might be missing a Requirement on GStreamer in the Jukebox RPM
11:32 kushal sdziallas, ok
11:32 prashant3535 erikos: ok
11:34 kdas sorry my laptop's x crashed
11:35 sdziallas ;)
11:35 erikos sdziallas, how does it work for other things that we put into $home
11:35 sdziallas, like the .XClients
11:35 sdziallas erikos: what do you mean exactly? how we're doing that?
11:35 erikos sdziallas, those - we put directly or?
11:36 sdziallas, without linking
11:36 sdziallas erikos: just doing cat >> /home/liveuser/.Xclients << FOE in the %post part
11:36 erikos: but we're pulling the activities using %post --nochroot
11:36 http://git.sugarlabs.org/proje[…]s/master/sugar.ks
11:38 erikos sdziallas, and what does the nochroot do?
11:39 sdziallas erikos: http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/[…]ckstart#Chapter_5._Post-installation_Script
11:42 erikos sdziallas, hmm - sorry I still do not understand why we need to have some of the stuff in --nochroot and soem we don't
11:42 of the post directives
11:42 I mean - they are both about copying files, unzipping etc
11:43 sdziallas I thought it would mean that wouldn't run it with root permissions... but I might be wrong
11:43 prashant3535 can somebody confirm this ... i changed the language from English (US) to Marathi (India) . it said it needs a reboot, i confirmed .. the only thing it did was log off and showed me the login screen
11:43 erikos prashant3535, confirmed
11:44 prashant3535, we have a ticket for that
11:44 prashant3535, but moved it to 0.86
11:44 prashant3535 erikos: ok
11:44 erikos: even after reboot, the language is not chnaged
11:44 *changed
11:44 erikos prashant3535, yes
11:45 prashant3535, http://dev.sugarlabs.org/ticket/678
11:45 prashant3535, sorry to say - this is another ticket :/
11:45 sdziallas erikos: according to the example, nochroot means to execute something on the just installed system?!
11:45 prashant3535 :(
11:46 erikos sdziallas, yeah
11:47 sdziallas, so - the result looks to me a bit the opposite
11:47 sdziallas erikos: so you mean we should be doing that in %post, too?
11:47 alsroot: do you probably know?
11:47 erikos sdziallas, yup
11:48 sdziallas, and without the linking
11:48 sdziallas erikos: it might be worth a try...
11:48 erikos: but then the stuff will end up in the wrong /home directory
11:48 erikos sdziallas, so this is what i do not understand
11:48 sdziallas, since the other stuff in post does end up fine
11:49 sdziallas erikos: ah, okay... I see that point. So probably giving the %post part a try might be our best guess then.
11:49 erikos yes
11:50 and try the language stuff in that one as well ;p
11:50 so we make prashant3535 happy ;D
11:50 sdziallas okay, yeah ;)
11:50 sounds like we should check what a new snapshot might bring
11:50 erikos is all for that
11:50 sdziallas :)
11:50 prashant3535 :)
11:51 sdziallas hang on, I'll grab something to eat, gimme some seconds...
11:51 erikos sdziallas, sure!
11:51 prashant3535 has anybody tried to remove the activities using the xo-get script ?
11:53 http://xo-get.olpc.at/xo-get.py
11:53 erikos prashant3535, the issue is in Soas
11:54 prashant3535, so this will not give us better test samples
11:54 prashant3535 erikos: hmm
11:56 erikos let's wrap up
11:57 678 and 680 are definitly to fix
11:57 sdziallas is back...
11:57 erikos FGrose, did you have anything besides the espeak issue?
11:57 FGrose, is it filed?
11:58 FGrose erikos: working on logs for it now
11:58 erikos: also the yum install issue
11:58 erikos FGrose, is this similar to the one you reported already?
11:58 FGrose, otherwise we should file it of course
11:59 FGrose reported on the wiki, will file trac ticket
11:59 erikos FGrose, i am about to boot as well - to see for the espeak issue
11:59 FGrose, nice
11:59 FGrose erikos: Speak is working with a persistent home now (previously I had none), i'm testing further
12:00 erikos FGrose, ahhh - i guess this is this stale NFS error
12:03 FGrose, ok, just tried here Memorize and Speak
12:03 FGrose, both are ok
12:09 FGrose, ok - so sound looks fine here
12:10 sdziallas mentions that erikos apparently can see sound ;)
12:10 ...sorry, I'm a bit distracted (French Project needs to be finished by tomorrow)
12:10 erikos sdziallas, right - I have magical powers
12:10 sdziallas, no worries that is fine
12:10 sdziallas :)
12:11 erikos everyone - i will close the meeting now
12:11 i hope you had at least a bit of fun
12:11 sdziallas ;)
12:12 erikos any final comments?
12:12 shall we do this again next week?
12:13 sdziallas +100000
12:13 erikos #endmeeting

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