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#sugar-meeting meeting, 2009-02-12 11:11:00

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11:11 erikos garycmartin: thanks :)
11:11 hello everybody for the BugSquad triage meeting
11:11 garycmartin erikos: you were nearly there :-)
11:11 erikos who is here to attend - seen garycmartin
11:11 FGrose: hello
11:12 FGrose hello
11:12 garycmartin FGrose: hi
11:13 erikos so we want to do action - today
11:13 http://sugarlabs.org/go/BugSqu[…]o_get_up_to_speed
11:13 everyone here has read this?
11:14 for those who wonder what all of this is about: http://sugarlabs.org/go/BugSqu[…]iaging_is_helpful.3F
11:14 garycmartin erikos: think so, just checking...
11:15 erikos: yep
11:15 erikos garycmartin: awesome
11:15 FGrose: you are up to date as well?
11:15 FGrose yes
11:16 erikos excellent - lets start then with examples
11:16 1) Pick a bug
11:16 http://sugarlabs.org/go/User:Erikos#Triage_0.84_release
11:16 here is a link to the current open bugs in Sucrose (non 0.86)
11:17 http://dev.sugarlabs.org/ticket/86
11:17 is the first one in the list
11:18 2) Find what should be changed
11:18 garycmartin oh joy, look at all that red ink.... yep 86 there (ooh it's mine)
11:19 erikos all the fields look fine
11:19 except the Bug Status one
11:19 http://sugarlabs.org/go/BugSqu[…]ields#Bug_Status_.28Default.3DUnconfirmed.29
11:19 garycmartin erikos: what should it be?
11:20 erikos garycmartin: i think it can be moved to ASSIGNED
11:20 garycmartin: we know that it exists - which would be NEW - and it is asigned to me already
11:21 makes sense?
11:21 garycmartin erikos: just, I think.
11:21 tomeu has been very happy to see the bugs that FGrose entered
11:22 erikos too
11:22 FGrose on #86, it was moved to unconfirmed from assigned
11:23 erikos tomeu: you did that - any specific reason?
11:24 actually I saw it as well broken on SoaS - so it is not only xo specific
11:25 gregdek A bit late, sorry.
11:25 What'd I miss?  :)
11:25 erikos hello gregdek
11:25 garycmartin gregdek: Hi
11:25 erikos garycmartin, gregdek, FGrose tomeu and myself are currently around
11:26 gregdek Cool.  So are we triaging?
11:26 garycmartin gregdek: miss? only erikos trying to remember how to start meeting bot :-)
11:26 erikos gregdek: yes - we go through bugs and see if our triage criteria makes sense
11:26 gregdek: http://dev.sugarlabs.org/query[…]=type&col=severit
11:26 y&col=status_field&milestone=!0.86
11:27 next one
11:27 http://dev.sugarlabs.org/ticket/189 is likely a dup of 119
11:27 tomeu erikos: I think it was set automatically when trac was misconfigured
11:27 erikos tomeu: oh ok
11:28 so i marked it NEEDINFO since i want feedback from the reporter
11:28 if that assumption is true
11:28 btw we have stock responses for this
11:29 http://sugarlabs.org/go/BugSqu[…]de/StockResponses
11:29 make sense?
11:30 tomeu yes, mr. teacher
11:30 erikos hmmm
11:31 let's take one that has no info from a triager yet
11:31 tomeu: how would you triage http://dev.sugarlabs.org/ticket/291 ?
11:32 gregdek has all kinds of general questions, but will wait.  :)
11:32 tomeu ouch, I'm being quized
11:32 erikos: would try to reproduce it myself first
11:33 is quite puzzling
11:33 garycmartin tomeu: it's me again, say nice things ;-)
11:33 erikos tomeu: reproduce - what would you use to reproduce?
11:33 tomeu hmmm
11:34 thinks hard
11:34 erikos SoaS-1 i think :)
11:34 tomeu yeah! what about to say it
11:34 s/what/was
11:34 erikos so trying to reproduce is a good thing - if it is clear what the reporter means
11:35 garycmartin erikos: would we not soas3?
11:35 erikos garycmartin: yeah i guess you did saw this on the xo?
11:35 garycmartin erikos: or is the goal first to make sure the bug was real?
11:36 gregdek (I will ask my first question: how do we know, as policy, whether a bug has been triaged or not?  The move from "new" to "assigned"?)
11:36 garycmartin erikos: yea, soas1 on XO nand (a Marco special)
11:36 homunq|chema randomly clicked on http://dev.sugarlabs.org/ticket/308 and has no idea what it is talking about. "From development TODO list." - link?
11:36 garycmartin erikos: soas2 was a dud (based on f11 by mistake)
11:37 erikos gregdek: if it is non unconfirmed http://sugarlabs.org/go/BugSqu[…]ields#Bug_Status_.28Default.3DUnconfirmed.29
11:37 garycmartin: i guess i would try to reproduce
11:37 garycmartin erikos: soas3 will install on XO nand (but I just removed to test 8.2.1)
11:37 erikos garycmartin: and ask the reporter if it was on the xo if not clear
11:38 garycmartin: and then make the distribution field OLPC
11:38 homunq|chema hmm... but if a bug is assigned, it can be in greek for all we care?
11:38 garycmartin erikos: are you allowed to triage your own bug reports ? :-)
11:38 erikos garycmartin: sure
11:39 garycmartin has fun it seams :)))
11:39 homunq|chema: can you elaborate?
11:40 so in general my understanding is: the triager is the middle man between developers and testers, reporters
11:40 if the description is not clear to you - ask the reporter
11:40 ask for logs if you think that might help to localize the issue
11:40 (in most cases it does actually)
11:41 garycmartin erikos: 291, if re confirmed, should be distrobution = soas or Fedora not olpc?
11:42 homunq|chema erikos: this is bug 308, assigned to you. It is not clear to me what is actually being requested, but should I have just ignored that and assumed you know more than I do, since the bug is not "unconfirmed"?
11:42 erikos garycmartin: yeah - actually the soas make things a bit messy
11:43 garycmartin: so we have a component Soas
11:43 garycmartin: and we have a distribution field Soas
11:43 garycmartin: you can see it as the Soas component would be a seperate tracker
11:44 and our tracker is upstream
11:44 I actually would like to move it out at one point
11:44 re - your concrete question
11:45 if it is a only soas issue - than it would be in the component Soas
11:45 garycmartin erikos: so distro is realy to push an issue downstream that the Sugar devs think is not a bug in their code?
11:45 erikos otherwise i would mark it olpc
11:46 actually - i think yes
11:47 garycmartin erikos: so I'd need to test on more than one distro of the same sugar to know that?
11:48 erikos garycmartin: hmm, good question
11:49 garycmartin: i guess we can use a reference environemnt for testing
11:49 garycmartin: what i do i normally use sugar-jhbuild
11:49 garycmartin: as we can not expect triagers to do that
11:49 garycmartin erikos: ie 8.2.1 (Fedora9 with custom OLPC stuff) key works fine on an XO; SoaS1 (Fedora10) key broken.
11:49 erikos garycmartin: maybe we should use soas
11:49 gregdek Big disconnect with XO users then.
11:49 Does SoaS work on XOs yet?
11:50 garycmartin gregdek: yea, kinda
11:50 cjb F10 better than rawhide, at least
11:50 garycmartin gregdek: Marco has built soas1, 2 and 3 so far with XO nand images.
11:50 gregdek ok.
11:50 garycmartin gregdek: You can copy-nand them onto an unlocked XO
11:51 gregdek Then those should be the testing platforms.
11:51 You should also be able to boot and run from a usb stick in case you don't want to blast your nand, ye
11:51 s?
11:51 cjb I think he produces a .img file
11:51 which is a jffs2 image
11:52 which doesn't run on USB
11:52 gregdek Oh, ok.  Which means no.
11:52 So to test with an xo, you have to blow away the img on your xo.
11:52 cjb or you could take the .iso that's produced for normal machines
11:52 and run livecd-iso-to-disk.sh
11:52 gregdek Yep.
11:52 garycmartin gregdek: I've not got that far yet (soas on USB), mitch kinda put the cat among the pegions for me.
11:52 gregdek Heh.
11:53 Well, I guess I just think we should be targeting the image that will boot for the most people.
11:53 Whatever that is.
11:53 Without being destructive to machines, if possible.
11:53 My $0.02.
11:53 erikos gregdek: sure - which is the target tester/triage audiance
11:54 gregdek (Maybe I should just go make a stick right now and make sure it boots on my laptop and my XO.)
11:54 garycmartin http://download.sugarlabs/soas/xoimages/
11:54 FGrose FGrose: Does the SoaS-for-nand image have the AMD kernel?
11:55 Question for Marco..
11:56 tomeu I thought the kernel doesn't need to be specific for amd?
11:56 garycmartin gregdek: the big issue I have is knowing what is upstream (sugar) and downstream (Fedora10 soas custom spin)
11:56 gregdek: never quite sure where a bug is sitting.
11:57 erikos garycmartin: yeah - i absolutely agree it is hard
11:57 garycmartin: i guess in the case of uncertenty file upstream
11:57 garycmartin: we cna then figure it out together
11:57 garycmartin: devs and triager i mean
11:58 with Sugar in multiple distributions this has gotten really complex :/
11:59 homunq|chema: bug 308 was fine - i knew what is going on
11:59 FGrose we'll get better with practice
11:59 erikos FGrose: agreed
12:01 garycmartin: http://dev.sugarlabs.org/ticket/291 so basically the frame key is not working, right?
12:01 garycmartin: or alt-shift-f ?
12:01 garycmartin XO frame key,  right (and a bunch of others, but that's for other tickets)
12:02 erikos ok - so this for example is clearly downstream
12:02 as alt-shift-f is working fine
12:02 garycmartin erikos: (eg you can't get out of the console back to sugar, the journal search key, etc)
12:03 erikos: I'll test alt-shift-f when I'm on SOAS again...
12:03 erikos tomeu: this has been refactored, right?
12:03 tomeu erikos: the frame key should be as always
12:04 erikos: we just added a way to add key bindings with extensions
12:05 erikos garycmartin: tomeu then it could be that the xo keyboard has not been recognized correctly
12:05 tomeu hmm, could be
12:05 garycmartin erikos: soas is still using matchbox wm right?
12:06 erikos garycmartin: yes
12:07 gregdek raises hand.
12:09 erikos garycmartin: tried to update that one
12:09 gregdek: please speak
12:10 garycmartin erikos: will retest in soas3 on XO (just flashing another XO now), will add comment.
12:10 erikos garycmartin: awesome
12:10 gregdek Is the goal of this session to assess severity, or solve the bug if possible, or what?  I presume we're hoping to go through all bugs for which Bug Status is either "unconfirmed" or null.  Is that right?
12:11 erikos garycmartin: maybe have a look as well what keyval your keyboard generates
12:11 FGrose garycmartin: SoaS3?
12:11 erikos gregdek: so my main idea was to help people to get started triaging
12:12 gregdek: and see where we are not clear yet - how to triage
12:12 gregdek Ah, ok.  So we're kind of figuring it out as we go today?
12:12 Got it.
12:13 erikos FGrose: he means the latest Soas image for the xo i guess ;p
12:14 gregdek #19.  "add star badge to APs that are in our connections."  Seems like a feature request / nice to have.  Really a blocker?
12:14 FGrose in http://download.sugarlabs.org/soas/snapshots/ ?
12:14 garycmartin FGrose: SoaS3 http://download/sugarlabs.org/soas/xoimages/
12:14 FGrose ok, I see.
12:15 erikos gregdek: no, let me see if blocker is our default ;p
12:15 gregdek :)
12:16 Sorry, it's not actually set to blocker.  It is, however, set for 0.84 release.  Should I move it to 0.86 release?
12:16 Oh, it *is* actually set to blocker!
12:17 never liked the split between "severity" and "priority".
12:17 Hate it in bz, hate it in trac.  :)
12:17 erikos gregdek: no the severity field is not set
12:18 gregdek It's not set in the listview, but when you bring the ticket up it shows "Blocker".  Odd.
12:18 trac weirdness.
12:18 erikos gregdek: yeah seen that
12:18 gregdek Anyway, I'll reset and align with 0.86.
12:18 erikos ok makes sense
12:19 gregdek: so severity is for the reporter and priority for the maintainer
12:19 gregdek: other options to make that better?
12:19 gregdek erikos: Not really.  :)
12:19 Ideally, you'd have a reporting interface that hides "priority".
12:19 But not important right now.
12:19 erikos gregdek: i have been thinking a while about it as well :/
12:20 gregdek: sure and the milestone as well
12:20 gregdek: i played a bit with trac but could not get it to work easily :/
12:21 gregdek 25. Journal hardcodes USB mounting as UID=500.  Definitely sucks for multi-user machines.  Important enough to fix for 0.84 or no?  My vote is no.
12:21 erikos assesment: are people happy how this meeting is going? questions?
12:21 gregdek In Journal.activity/volumesmanager.py
12:21 --
12:21 MOUNT_OPTION_UID = 500
12:22 I'm happy with it so far.  I'm taking notes for an email.
12:22 garycmartin erikos: well I'm learning some new stuff - so that's always good :-)
12:22 FGrose :)
12:22 erikos garycmartin: gregdek FGrose ok as i don't see faces it is always hard to judge :)))
12:23 garycmartin erikos: and I may be braver now doing a triage or so (when a simple case)
12:23 gregdek I'm thinking of realigning bug #25 to 0.86 release.  I don't think we have enough multiuser Sugar installs for this to bite us.  Any objections?  You have 30 seconds.  :)
12:23 erikos garycmartin: ahhhhh - then we succeeded :)
12:23 gregdek: it is 0.82 right?
12:23 gregdek: That's only 0.82, in 0.83 we are already using GIO for that and I tested as working on non-XOs.
12:23 gregdek Oh... it is, actually.  Has it been fixed.
12:23 All right.
12:23 Then I can close it currentrelease!  Yay!
12:23 erikos it would be a backport
12:24 tomeu gregdek: #25 is not an issue in 0.83
12:24 oh, sorry
12:24 just read the backlog
12:24 gregdek OK, so policy question.
12:24 Do we intend to make any backport fixes, ever?
12:24 erikos hmmms
12:25 gregdek I strongly vote no.  I don't think we have the manpower.
12:25 erikos i guess you are right
12:25 gregdek Although I'm guessing m_stone might disagree.
12:25 tomeu I would say to let people who are very interested to explain why
12:25 erikos we are already in hell right now ;?
12:25 gregdek LOL
12:25 tomeu and then will see where we get the resources to fix it
12:26 gregdek Well.
12:26 So what this means:
12:26 For me, anyway:
12:26 tomeu if we want to be scalable, resources need to come from where they are actually needed
12:26 gregdek When I find a bug in an old release that has been fixed, I will close that bug with a note that it's been fixed in the current release.
12:26 dirakx tomeu: +1
12:26 ;)
12:26 erikos hey dirakx
12:26 gregdek And if someone wants to reopen, so be it.  :)
12:26 dirakx erikos: hey.
12:26 :)
12:27 tomeu gregdek: as long as it's explained why it was closed, +1
12:27 gregdek Right.
12:27 erikos so this would make it OBSOLETE This bug is in an old (obsolete) or unmaintained version.
12:28 tomeu cool
12:28 erikos from http://sugarlabs.org/go/BugSqu[…]ields#Resolutions
12:28 btw - we need to add this explanations of the status field on the trac fron t page
12:29 and as well explanations how to submit a good bug report
12:29 FGrose repeat or link?
12:29 gregdek Oh, right.  OBSOLETE would have been better.
12:30 erikos FGrose: could be a link i guess
12:30 FGrose otherwise they'll get out of sync
12:31 erikos FGrose: right
12:31 wow it is actually
12:31 on the first page: Please read the documentation about Status Fields first.
12:31 gregdek #27. Can not view Clipboard Object = file not found.  Does anyone know if this is still a problem?
12:33 erikos tomeu: ? ^^^
12:33 gregdek: did you do #25?
12:34 gregdek erikos: I did.
12:34 erikos awesome
12:34 gregdek New title for #27: 1. Create object in Paint. 2. Save to clipboard. 3. Open from Journal. 4. Browse Error!
12:35 erikos gregdek: i am just trying to repro
12:36 gregdek ok, thx.
12:36 will move on.
12:36 garycmartin erikos: is there a magic command for printing a keyval?
12:36 erikos garycmartin: xev
12:37 garycmartin: might not be as easy to use on the xo :/
12:38 garycmartin erikos: yea... no luck with yum
12:38 (yum is just failing on soas3)
12:38 erikos garycmartin: isn't it there already?
12:39 garycmartin yes :-) not in the default user path (root had it)
12:40 erikos: interesting, white scren with a black square outline in top left :-) hhmmmmmm...
12:40 erikos: it's like one of those 'escape the room' games :-)
12:40 gregdek #31. Journal: USB stick does not register when inserted.  I think I'm going to set this "needinfo", but if anyone knows if it's been resolved, please let me know.
12:42 garycmartin erikos: ok, lot's of events in the terminal. thanks will poke.
12:43 erikos gregdek: commented on #27
12:43 garycmartin: yes the events are in the keyboard ;p
12:44 garycmartin: '0x93'           : 'frame' is in the keyhandler code
12:45 gregdek Nice.
12:45 erikos gregdek: does the severity autoset - or do you set all the bugs to blocker? ;p
12:46 gregdek We'll also need some way of walking through the NEEDINFO bugs at some point, especially in cases where we suspect the bug is user error... but that's for later.  Thanks.
12:46 erikos FGrose: actually there was a bug you filed i wanted your input on - let me find the number
12:46 gregdek erikos: Oh!  I don't even check severity.  Dammit.
12:46 So yes, it's auto-assigning to blocker.  Grrr.
12:46 THAT is gonna be a pain in the ass.
12:46 garycmartin erikos: keycode 135 (keysym 0xff67, Menu) I'll just try on this working XO also...
12:46 gregdek Broken trac bullshit.
12:46 erikos gregdek: damn it - blocker is not the default :(
12:47 gregdek: in the settings i mean
12:47 go garycmartin go
12:47 gregdek Well, I'm wondering where this list of bugs came from.
12:47 Seems like these bugs have some weird stuff about them.
12:49 erikos FGrose: #322
12:49 gregdek: i guess the reason is - those bugs were filed before i made the trac changes
12:49 gregdek Right.
12:49 Okay, that's fine.
12:49 At least there will be a limited number of them.  :)
12:49 erikos gregdek: i guess I would have need to run scripts to set the old bugs right :/
12:50 gregdek Nah.
12:50 We'll end up going through them by hand anyway.
12:50 It's useful.
12:50 erikos yeah ;p
12:50 tomeu: #322 did you get feedback before doing it?
12:51 tomeu erikos: yup, our chief designer told me to do that
12:51 erikos tomeu: garycmartin?
12:51 tomeu well, the other chief designer
12:51 erikos :)
12:51 tomeu no, not that one, the other
12:51 eben
12:52 erikos ok - awesome
12:52 FGrose: so my question is somehow obsolete
12:52 FGrose erikos: if the panel is confusing still?
12:52 erikos FGrose: but comment on the bug if that was not the issue you tried to describe
12:53 FGrose erikos: ok
12:53 erikos FGrose: ok - i guess i should listen to your comment first
12:53 FGrose: what exactly was confusing?
12:53 gregdek #39.  Journal: Information tags/participants cut off 1024x600.  Who has a 1024x600 screen?  Should this bug be a blocker?  Opinions?
12:53 erikos looks
12:54 FGrose erikos: if the updates are proper, I'm not confused.
12:55 garycmartin erikos: xev shows no KeyPress or KeyRelease events when hitting the frame key (on a working XO 8.2) so something seems to be absorbing them in the event chain on a working system.
12:55 erikos gregdek: i guess it is one of those general screen issues
12:55 gregdek: resolution i mean - not sure what exactly is cut though
12:55 gregdek: maybe needinfo for a screenshot?
12:56 FGrose: so you did look for an entry in the palette - correct?
12:56 FGrose: like we tried to describe in the comments?
12:56 FGrose erikos: yes, noticed that the labels didn't match the resulting page
12:56 erikos garycmartin: ok, that is already a good hint
12:57 gregdek #61. Collaboration: Seeing other users is Inconsistent.  Last report on this is 2 months ago by Morgs.  AIUI, they've made great strides in this regard -- should I just set to NEEDINFO and ask if it's still happening?  Is anyone else still having collaboration issues?
12:57 (erikos: thanks, I set #39 to needinfo.)
12:57 erikos garycmartin: i imagine it is the keyboard that is not recognised correctly
12:58 gregdek: needinfo for #61 sounds good
12:58 gregdek: i have not tested collaboration for a while
12:58 gregdek: maybe that is another good item to ask testers
12:59 gregdek Yes, good idea.
13:00 Also setting it to "blocker" for 0.84.
13:00 erikos cjb: can the xo keyboard work on a SoaS image for the XO, do you know maybe?
13:00 gregdek Since I think it is, if true.  :)
13:00 erikos gregdek: yup
13:00 FGrose a cc: for collaboration team?
13:00 gregdek Oh, do we have one of those?  I'm happy to cc: them.
13:00 erikos maybe cassidy
13:01 but we should get newer data first i guess
13:01 gregdek Nah.
13:01 cjb erikos: I would expect so..
13:01 not sure I understand the question
13:01 gregdek It's hot.  Time is short.  It's critical.  A bit of spam now and then isn't a bad thing if it's important.  ;)
13:02 FGrose contact list reference would help triagers
13:02 cjb it works with every other distro, why wouldn't it work with SoaS?
13:02 erikos gregdek: ok ;p
13:03 gregdek What's cassidy's email, anyone know?
13:03 erikos cjb: dunno - gary can not get events with xev from the frame key
13:03 cjb: and for the search key as well
13:04 cjb: as those are sepcial keys - i thought...
13:04 gregdek: yeah one moment
13:04 gregdek: guillaume.desmottes@collabora.co.uk
13:04 gregdek Danke.
13:04 cjb erikos: oh, that's interesting
13:04 I guess they need to be hooked up to X events
13:04 erikos bitte
13:05 cjb: aha - do you have insights here?
13:06 cjb no.. I bet sayamindu would
13:06 unmadindu_: ^
13:06 gregdek #69.  wpa does not work in joyride.  Last update 2 months ago.  Still true?  Anyone?
13:07 erikos cjb: oh yup
13:07 unmadindu_ reads log
13:07 erikos gregdek: yeha - i think so
13:07 garycmartin erikos: if a ticket is set at Needinfo, and I add info as a reporter, what should the Bug Status be changed back to, assigned?
13:08 gregdek I would say assigned.
13:09 erikos garycmartin: yes - or if you are unsure about the person new again
13:09 gregdek erikos: How important is the wpa bug?  Seems potentially major-ish and potentially a 0.84 blocker.
13:09 erikos gregdek: yes - i actually think it is a bug that effects other parts as well
13:09 gregdek: like the frame ap icon
13:10 looks for the bug number
13:11 unmadindu_: #291 is the bug in question
13:11 unmadindu_ erikos: ah thanks - looking into it
13:11 gregdek erikos: I will make it super high blocker then.
13:11 garycmartin erikos: just added my extra comment/changes to #291
13:11 erikos gregdek: yes
13:12 garycmartin: you are awesome!
13:12 has fun with the triage team!
13:12 gregdek It's always fun getting shit done.  ;)
13:13 erikos espacially when you are not on your own!
13:14 garycmartin erikos:  cjb: the 3 obvious keys not working on SoaS3 on XO are search key, frame key, and screen brightness up and down.
13:16 cjb screen brightness goes through OHM
13:16 so that's wholly unsurprising
13:17 others will be something unmadindu_ can probably help with :)
13:18 unmadindu_ please assign me the tickets and I'll look at it
13:18 garycmartin unmadindu_: OK :-)
13:20 FGrose Shouldn't build process change for SoaS to XO, or is SoaS aimed for XO as well?
13:22 gregdek #72. sugar does not work for rich kids.  I'm guessing this is probably a simple fix of changing some constant?
13:22 erikos: how important is this to you?  Important enough to fix in 0.84?
13:22 erikos gregdek: i actually think it is quite important
13:23 gregdek: as we want Sugar to run on many defferent hardware
13:23 gregdek All right.
13:23 erikos gregdek: i would say make it 0.84
13:23 gregdek: and major
13:23 gregdek Then I changed the summary to be more descriptive ;) and will set to block 0.84.
13:23 FGrose need mode changing in xorg?
13:25 erikos FGrose: Soas does run on non xo and xo as well
13:25 FGrose: ideally - the xo image would be fedora based in the future
13:26 FGrose: does that answer your question
13:26 FGrose right, aimed for non-XO, so differ fixes for XO
13:27 erikos yes, that is right
13:28 i guess actually - as soas is based on fedora - it is a matter of getting diffs upstream
13:28 into fedora
13:29 for example - i tested Soas on an eee pc - and the wireless driver was not present
13:29 garycmartin erikos: yes that seems to be the hints marco gives me when I bump into (most) things :-)
13:29 erikos so plain fedora would profit from this as well
13:29 garycmartin: yeah :/
13:30 ok - i have another 20 mins - then i need to go out for dinner
13:30 shall we just keep on looking into specific bugs - or are there any questions?
13:31 FGrose is mode switch available in soas for #72?
13:32 erikos which mode switch do you mean?
13:32 FGrose screen modes as in xorg.conf
13:33 erikos that you can change to another mode/resolution?
13:33 gregdek OK, I'm going to get some lunch.  Can't forget to eat.  Also, to buy some more USB keys for testing.  :)
13:33 See you all in a while.
13:33 FGrose correct.
13:34 erikos gregdek: thanks vrey much for joining!
13:34 garycmartin erikos: what ticket we looking at?
13:34 erikos garycmartin: #72
13:35 FGrose: not sure i think this is automatic
13:36 garycmartin: so this is identified as an issue in the journal when the screen is too big
13:36 tomeu: can easily fix it i am sure
13:36 garycmartin erikos: bad screen wrapping? screenshot?
13:37 erikos garycmartin: no items in the journal at all
13:37 garycmartin erikos: ewwww.
13:38 erikos yeah
13:40 FGrose erikos: try <ctrl><alt><numberpad +/-> to see if your screen mode changes
13:42 erikos FGrose: ok - i can when i later boot a key
13:43 FGrose: garycmartin shall we make this a regular meeting or people are triaging away on their own?
13:44 (of course people should constantly triage)
13:44 FGrose good to see other #s together I think
13:45 garycmartin erikos: I'll triage a little on my own, but it's nice to work together from time to time to resolve sticky issues.
13:45 erikos yeah - it helps sometimes to discuss as well
13:45 garycmartin: yup
13:45 ok i will then schedule another meeting for next week
13:45 we can make it every second week later if we want
13:46 garycmartin erikos: fab.
13:46 erikos time is fine as well?
13:46 FGrose thanks, time ok for 90 minutes
13:46 garycmartin erikos: good for me.
13:46 erikos excellent
13:47 FGrose: yeah - when we are trained we will be faster
13:47 was a kickstart today
13:47 FGrose: garycmartin thanks very much for joining in
13:47 FGrose gregdek push us on,  thanks all, bye
13:47 erikos you can always grab me on #sugar of course in the meantime
13:48 garycmartin erikos: no problem, thanks for the invite!
13:48 erikos #endmeeting

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