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#sugar-meeting meeting, 2009-02-10 11:06:00

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Time Nick Message
11:06 mchua loves meetbot
11:06 erikos SeanDALY: welcome! :)
11:06 mchua roll call! who's here?
11:06 erikos waves
11:06 caroline is here
11:06 sdziallas too
11:06 jt4sugar is here
11:07 mchua SeanDALY: would you like to briefly introduce yourself (and for us to introduce ourselves)?
11:07 tomeu is here
11:07 mchua We also, for the first time (I believe) have an agenda that's not just the todo list. This means a few things.
11:07 walterbender hacking python... but here in spirit
11:07 mchua First, add stuff to http://sugarlabs.org/go/Market[…]etings/02-10-2009 if you want it discussed in the next hour.
11:08 Second, we're going to move *very* fast this meeting, so feel free to call time on a question and defer it for later discussion if we don't absolutely have to take care of it all together right this moment. ;)
11:08 erikos mchua: ok sounds good - i will be with you!
11:08 mchua SeanDALY (and everyone, really) - feel free to pop in with questions at any time. We're totally informal here.
11:09 Aaaaaand here we go.
11:09 #1: followup on FOSDEM (if attendees from that are present)
11:09 erikos: I believe that's you. :) so, how'd it go?
11:09 SeanDALY Sure, hello everyone, I would like to bring some marketing assistance to SugarLabs. I work in communications and advertising/market studies, but I started out as a DBA many years ago, have worked as a journalist and IT director, and today I like to code in gawk. These past three years I have been a contributing journalist at Groklaw.
11:09 erikos mchua: good - i am currently following up with blog posts http://erikos.sweettimez.de/?tag=fosdem
11:10 sdziallas is going to prepare one, too
11:10 erikos mchua: and adding to the notes christoph send
11:10 mchua: http://sugarlabs.org/go/Market[…]FOSDEM_2009/Notes
11:10 SeanDALY I had the privilege of attending gregdek's talk at FOSDEM which I found very interesting. I also collected SoaS which doesn't boot my EeePC but i'll try on my "lab" PC later
11:10 erikos mchua: we have as well a paragraph for the Sugar Digest
11:11 walterbender: did that find the way into your email box already?
11:11 walterbender I am a bit behind with everything... including writing the digest
11:11 erikos SeanDALY: oh hey - did i copy you the image on sunday?
11:12 walterbender: that is ok ;) - did you get a mail from christoph already?
11:12 SeanDALY Well, I was the guy with the pair of XOs in the bulletproof backpack ;-)
11:12 erikos SeanDALY: ok excellent - awesome you showed up today!
11:13 walterbender erikos: no
11:13 erikos walterbender: ok - i will send it then to you
11:13 caroline thanks for coming Sean, I hppe you can help us figure out what the most important things to be doing are.
11:14 erikos SeanDALY: fwiw: caroline started the SoaS effort
11:15 SeanDALY SoaS is a great idea & II think vital in communicating that Sugar and the XO are not the same thing.
11:15 erikos mchua:  so from my side - one concrete follow up is the LinuxTag efforts
11:16 mchua reads http://meeting.laptop.org/suga[…]0090210_1106.html to catch up, curses silent IRC disconnect
11:16 erikos mchua: and marketing wise - the need for some items like stickers and t-shirts for a booth etc
11:16 walterbender I think we need to set a "marketing" goal of both SoaS; Sugar in mainstream distros; and Sugar on 2-3 non-XO laptops for 2009.
11:16 tomeu walterbender: didn't got to pass my slides to TAPortfolio, but I'm sure it would have worked just fine
11:17 walterbender tomeu: just pushed v16...
11:17 mchua erikos: That sounds great. It's in June, which is plenty of time, but +1 to having a SL presence there.
11:17 erikos: did you want to head up the "SL @ LinuxTag" effort?
11:18 sdziallas erikos, mchua : btw, call for papers ended two days ago :/ but they state that they'd still accept talks under special circumstances or so...
11:18 jt4sugar erikos: linuxtag?
11:18 mchua jt4sugar: http://www.linuxtag.org/2009/
11:18 #LINK http://www.linuxtag.org/2009/
11:18 huzzahs for special circumstances
11:19 okay. I'll put it as a todo to get someone ( erikos, or otherwise ) to take point on linuxtag, and they can run forward on that
11:19 erikos sdziallas: right - seen that - trying to get greg's talk at least in
11:19 sdziallas "policies are great. unless they aren't" :) were's greg?
11:19 mchua and then also a todo to put up a series of "here's how to get swag" designs/links from FOSDEM and SCaLE that are reusable for other people
11:19 erikos mchua: i already did all my duties :) http://sugarlabs.org/go/MarketingTeam/Events is updated
11:19 caroline Rather then aiming for T-Shirts and Stickers I'd rather spend our money/time on branded USBs.
11:19 sdziallas erikos: yeah, I agree. It would be definitely worth getting at least that one in (and I'd really love to see it recorded on video)
11:19 caroline We need to make and execute a plan for getting USB sticks donated.
11:19 SeanDALY walterbender: I agree, in fact I would go so far as to say "more" than 2-3 non-XO laptops (leaving aside that some functions might not work on some hardware). Small laptops or netbooks are the fastest-moving PC market segment...
11:19 walterbender caroline: +1 if we can get a stable image
11:20 mchua #TODO - erikos is running point on LinuxTag, see http://sugarlabs.org/go/MarketingTeam/Events ( because erikos is AWESOME. )
11:20 #TODO - set up "here's how to get swag" designs/links from FOSDEM and SCaLE that are reusable for other people
11:20 caroline Feb 6 works ok. It'll keep getting better.
11:20 sdziallas caroline, walterbender: soas (v. 2) should be probably doable until then... F11 is approaching quickly ;)
11:20 SeanDALY caroline: Agree completely. Have you seen that Pantone does branded USB sticks?
11:20 caroline Sean, do you know anything about how to ask companies to give us USB sticks we can give out?
11:21 tomeu uploads his slides to the wiki
11:21 mchua okeydokey. Talk with erikos about linuxtag then, including swag/sticks - it sounds like making swag for specific events is working out well.
11:21 and then generalizing the availability of that swag afterwards.
11:21 I'll take one last email pass through FOSDEM stuff to last-minute check whether people have more notes/slides/etc to upload like tomeu just did.
11:21 caroline Sea what is Pantone?
11:21 mchua, do you have a plan for how we get money for Swag?
11:21 mchua #TODO mchua to do one last remindershout about FOSDEM followup
11:22 erikos caroline: i welcome the spending of the money on the sticks - but the shirts and stickers are not that expensive - i guess we can do both
11:22 mchua caroline: handled on an event by event basis for now, with whoever's point for the event taking care of it
11:22 caroline: if/when that doesn't work or a better solution shows up, we'll switch
11:22 jt4sugar Do we have a marketing budget to work with
11:22 caroline erikos I think we should be able to get people to give us USB sticks in exchange for putting thier corps name on the stick.
11:22 mchua our marketing budget is $0, or at least I haven't been given one. ;)
11:22 caroline no, we have zero budget
11:23 But we haven't asked anyone besides Belkin to give us sticks yet.
11:23 mchua Greg and I have also both advocated for *not* centrally funding SL swag, but that's a discussion for later
11:23 walterbender I'll approach Belkin one more time... with the target of LinuxTag...
11:23 erikos caroline: yeah that would be great
11:23 SeanDALY caroline: Pantone is  a "color company" - they define "standard" colors used in preprint. Foe example the XO is Pantone- 361 I believe. Has anyone talked to Pantone? They launched their USB sticks for the holiday season and the XO green could be a great symbol for them
11:23 mchua #TODO walterbender to approach Belkin about sticks for LinuxTag
11:23 erikos walterbender: awesome
11:23 mchua okay, we need to move on through the agenda
11:23 caroline We need an "Ask" letter and a plan for who to ask, and people to do the asking.
11:23 Sean can you help us get sticks?
11:23 tomeu walterbender: patrick sinz has also ideas about who can make usb sticks for us for free
11:23 mchua can people direct linuxtag q's to erikos after the meeting & on the mailing list, including swag convos?
11:24 erikos swag convos?
11:24 SeanDALY I will contact Pantone and make a pitch. What minimum size stick do we need?
11:24 caroline 1GB
11:24 thanks!
11:24 walterbender tomeu: we shoudl follow up about your conversation with Patrick
11:24 mchua erikos: conversations about getting stickers, cards, SoaS, and other happy things to give away (...and/or sell?) for LinuxTag
11:24 # TODO SeanDALY to contact Pantone with a pitch about getting sticks for SoaS
11:25 tomeu walterbender: people have asked me to publish a summary of my conversations there, I guess I should first ask the companies involved if they agree with the text
11:25 mchua #TODO walterbender and tomeu to follow up about their conversation with Patrick, if tomeu can get clearance to publish
11:25 okay. I want to move on through the list, any other things?
11:25 on FOSDEM and/or LinuxTag and swag.
11:26 (that can't be discussed on the mailing list / with erikos / with people with the appropriate TODOs listed)
11:26 SeanDALY here's a merchandising idea: Sugar branded shoulder straps for proud XO owners... maybe those two sites which sell XO accessories would help?
11:27 mchua Ooh. SeanDALY, would you like to put that on a SL Swag Ideas wiki page? (I think we have one, but it probably needs cleanup. If you can't find one, make one, and we'll merge.)
11:27 erikos yup - feel free to contact me or directly mail to the list (http://sugarlabs.org/go/User:E[…]nts/LinuxTag2009)
11:27 mchua sneaks in the next topic, which is #2: We Need A New Coordinator (as this marks the end of my 2 week "emergency FOSDEM duty" stint)
11:27 SeanDALY mchua: Sounds good
11:28 mchua SeanDALY: thanks!
11:28 #TODO SeanDALY to post the excellent "sugar-branded shoulder straps for XO owners" idea on Swag wikipage
11:28 A new coordinator for the marketing team, that is. SeanDALY, is that something you'd be even remotely interested in? If so, happy to talk with you after the meeting about it. ;)
11:28 I also saw there was an MIT Sloan student who emailed caroline - not sure about the status of that. caroline?
11:28 any other leads?
11:29 walterbender I have had conversations with two potential hotshots for Marketing...
11:29 jt4sugar Waiting on word back from MIT Marketing director
11:29 caroline another one who emailed about summer
11:29 mchua SeanDALY: gregdek used to head up the marketing team, but then he had to reallocate his time and is driving engineering efforts; I stepped up to lead 2 meetings (this is the 2nd) because we needed swag for FOSDEM, but I know little about marketing and would rather someone with more competence in that department take the job.
11:29 caroline and someone from BU who had some interest in marketing
11:30 walterbender Caroline and I met with the VP of marketing from Black Duck...
11:30 and I met with a former VP of Racepoint.
11:30 They will be great resources for us...
11:30 mchua walterbender, jt4sugar, caroline: awesome. do you think any of those conversations might reach the "I can step up to lead the team" point before next week's meeting?
11:30 (or do I need to run next week's as well / find someone who's willing to?)
11:30 walterbender SeanDALY: I'll introduce you
11:30 SeanDALY mchua: Yes I am interested (I mailed Walter about this over the past week) but before diving in I'd rather get more background... it might be better for me to come up to speed first... is it problematic that I am based in Europe?
11:31 walterbender SeanDALY: we work in cyberspace
11:31 mchua SeanDALY: not at all! a lot of SL folks are also based in Europe.
11:31 SeanDALY :D
11:31 walterbender SeanDALY: did I send you the link to the beta static site?
11:31 SeanDALY walterbender: hmmm I don't think so could you resend pls?
11:31 mchua SeanDALY: and take all the time / catching-up you need before diving in. (I will point out that marketing is new and small enough that there isn't yet all that much to dive into. ;)
11:32 walterbender http://www.christianmarcschmid[…]garlabs/betasite/
11:32 SeanDALY Well of course the biggest "problem" is budget $0 but there arre other arreas that need work I think...
11:32 mchua Ok, so lots to follow up on for replacing me/greg... would anyone like to take point on the search?
11:33 (or backup-to-the-point-person, at least?)
11:33 jt4sugar There is a possibility that we might get traction at MIT keep you informed
11:34 mchua okeydokey. I will... beg for a point person to lead the job search, then.
11:34 jt4sugar I will lead that
11:34 mchua yay!
11:34 thank you, jt4sugar!
11:34 #TODO jt4sugar to find marketing team lead; followup on walterbender, SeanDALY, jt4sugar, and caroline's conversations
11:35 that takes care of that...
11:35 next agenda item! and now our usual #3: cleanup/paredown http://sugarlabs.org/go/MarketingTeam/TODO
11:35 SeanDALY as I say I /could/ be the mktg person but... I have time constraints... you shouldn't take the first person to show up, either ;-)
11:36 erikos SeanDALY: you made a friendly impression at FOSDEM - that was a good start for me ;p
11:36 jt4sugar SeanDALY: We will try to use your time wisely
11:36 mchua SeanDALY: *grin* well, I ran 2 meetings. it doesn't have to be a huge, high-time-commitment / long-time-commitment. so long as something gets done / things incrementally improve.
11:37 so, on the agenda item...
11:37 are there any things on http://sugarlabs.org/go/MarketingTeam/TODO that have a deadline/time-urgency?
11:37 caroline My big concern is that as non marketing people we are focusing on what we understand rather then what is important.
11:37 I'd like to take a second to celebrate the great article in Xconomy!!!!
11:37 mchua caroline + 1 on both counts!
11:37 cheers for Xconomy article \o/
11:38 caroline I have a google alert up and its being widely picked up by other bloggers and tech news sources.
11:38 SeanDALY caroline: missed that one I will check it out
11:38 walterbender caroline: my conversation with George Snell shed lots of light on what we don't know...
11:38 caroline ? who is George Snell?
11:38 mchua walterbender: ooh, are you going to post notes from that conversation?
11:38 walterbender He asked great questions and will help us with an overarching strategy
11:38 George is former Racepoint... now independent.
11:39 caroline cool!
11:39 walterbender He has some god ideas about leveraging social networking more directly
11:39 mchua walterbender: excellent! looking forward to hearing more about this on the mailing list. ;)
11:39 #TODO walterbender to post notes from George Snell convo on the marketing mailing list ;)
11:40 SeanDALY caroline: found Xconomy article thanks
11:40 mchua does anyone see anything urgent on http://sugarlabs.org/go/MarketingTeam/TODO ? if not, I'd like to pass on those for now, look at the mailing list todos, then step back to see what's on our collective plate
11:40 walterbender have to learn how to get fewer items on my TODO list
11:40 mchua walterbender: it's called delegation, sir. :P
11:41 walterbender seems like I am on the wrong end of the delegating :)
11:41 mchua and if those plates aren't really, really full, then we should go through the TODO list and prioritize - decide what 3 things, max, are important.
11:41 walterbender would rather be hacking python
11:41 jt4sugar mchua: sent How to create a blog pdf to list waiting on moderator approval
11:41 mchua jt4sugar: ok, I'll get that pushed through
11:41 #TODO mchua get jt4sugar's "how to blog" pdf pushed through mailing list moderation
11:42 jt4sugar mchua: Thanks
11:42 mchua Last call for pointing out urgent things on http://sugarlabs.org/go/MarketingTeam/TODO!
11:42 okay, I'm going to take that as an "nothing will catch on fire if we don't touch this todo list in the next week" silence
11:42 and make the same call for http://sugarlabs.org/go/Market[…]etings/02-10-2009
11:42 erikos mchua: did check - the elevator picth is the only one i found urgent
11:43 mchua erikos: urgent with what deadline?
11:43 tomeu if everybody moves to code, we hackers will need to do real, unfun work!
11:43 erikos mchua: see my mail today about the punchline
11:43 SeanDALY Hmmm the tasks are certainly urgent/important but the big picture needs work in my opinion... which will impact the task list...
11:43 caroline Sean, agreed
11:43 erikos mchua: i just think it is important - no concrete deadline
11:44 Sean already talks like a good leader :)
11:44 mchua erikos: okay, that moves us into our next - and last - topic, as SeanDALY pointed out.
11:44 Urgent != important.
11:44 caroline erikos, if we have the possiblity of getting professional help then I think we should wait and take advnage of the help for the elevator list.
11:44 mchua Urgent = Must Be Done Now Now Now!! (in this context, before next week's marketing meeting.)
11:44 Important = Big Picture.
11:44 jt4sugar We have many audiences which each need a separate approach
11:44 caroline So Important - Anything we should be doing to capatilize on our Press we got last week?
11:44 SeanDALY sorry to be dense but what is an elevator list?
11:45 mchua SeanDALY: I think that's supposed to be "elevator pitch."
11:45 Since we've established that we don't have any urgent things that haven't been addressed and delegated so far, we now have the last 23 minutes of our meeting to step back to prioritize the big picture and see what's important.
11:45 SeanDALY OK got it. Yes absolutely vital.
11:46 mchua SeanDALY: would you like to lead that conversation? It sounds like you might have a better handle on this kind of strategic thinking.
11:46 SeanDALY Who sends out press releases, and do you have a press list?
11:46 walterbender SeanDaly: no
11:46 mchua SeanDALY: nobody, at the moment. though nobody's prevented from doing it, either.
11:46 walterbender SeanDaly: another item on my TODO list...
11:46 caroline as in no press list and no one sens out press releases
11:47 SeanDALY I volunteer.
11:47 mchua walterbender: well, wait to find out if that's actually an important thing to do.
11:47 walterbender +1
11:47 mchua cheers SeanDALY
11:47 caroline THANK  YOU!!!!!
11:47 erikos hurray!
11:47 mchua #TODO SeanDALY is now Press Release Guru - sends out press releases, maintains press list
11:47 SeanDALY in the art & science of creating buzz there is ALWAYS something to do ;-)
11:47 caroline how do we help you?
11:48 mchua caroline: I'd actually love to see SeanDALY post that "how to handle SL press releases!" stuff on the MarketingTeam wiki, and then poke the marketing mailing list to get people to do it
11:48 so that we're not the only ones who know :)
11:49 SeanDALY, does that sound ok?
11:49 SeanDALY the easiest starting point is press already done. Yes that sounds good
11:49 caroline mchau, no one on the marketing list is actually a marketer. What I'd like to see is more marketers on the marketing list!
11:50 mchua #TODO  post "how to handle SL press releases!" stuff on the MarketingTeam wiki, and then poke the marketing mailing list to get people to do it
11:50 SeanDALY The key to getting press is having somebody with a phone number, reachable at all hours, and able to speak for the project.
11:50 caroline I'm actually not all that into trying to get programmers to write press releases themselves.
11:50 mchua caroline + 1
11:50 caroline Sean, I think WalterBender does that :)
11:50 SeanDALY I can write copy no problem, and there is no shortage of news, but we need to create excitement.
11:51 mchua caroline, I don't think walterbender *should* do that.
11:51 not the 24 hour hotline.
11:51 caroline he is our rock star
11:51 walterbender I don't sleep anyway...
11:51 mchua whoever mans the 24 hour phone hotline - SeanDALY, right now - should be able to go "aaaand now you need to talk with walterbender. let's schedule stuff."
11:51 caroline Sean, should it be Walter or should we have someone else as front line?
11:51 mchua walterbender should *not* be front line for *anything.* if possible. my $0.02.
11:52 caroline I'm sure Dave would help answer phones, but Walter is the one they want quotes from.
11:52 SeanDALY caroline: doesn't have to be 1 person of course... and it can help to have 2 continents covered during working hours. I am willing to do it but I'd like to set up a dedicated GSM for that.
11:52 walterbender about to leave for a meeting with Miguel Brechner
11:52 mchua waves to walterbender
11:52 SeanDALY Press/marketing people are used to journalists asking to talk to a high-up :D
11:52 jt4sugar SeanDALY: "We Want to Sugarize You!" press releases
11:53 SeanDALY yikes shades of Willy Wonka
11:53 caroline ok so Dave Farning is the person people should call to ask to talk to Walter :)
11:53 mchua okay, SeanDALY is doing press releases and press contacts, and he can lead a discussion on this on the mailing list afterwards ;)
11:53 SeanDALY mchua: Yes, will do
11:53 mchua so I guess that we've implicitly said that "make it possible for the press to contact us" is important thing #1 of 3 (max) for the Big Picture at the moment.
11:53 erikos had a motion to make the elevator pitch another one of those 3 Important Things.
11:54 Do people agree?
11:54 SeanDALY: you are wonderful, btw. thank you! thank you! (You have no idea how happy I am that people with publicity/marketing experience are here...)
11:54 jt4sugar We need multiple pitches-Audience specific
11:54 SeanDALY Yes I agree, the mission needs to fit in a phrase and be instantly understandable. Now, maybe this has been done already but II missed it?
11:55 It's true we need multiple pitches, but I would argue that we need to pitch to one very important group: teachers.
11:55 walterbender three groups:
11:55 mchua SeanDALY: Kiiiiiiind of. http://sugarlabs.org/go/Market[…]eam/ElevatorPitch
11:55 walterbender teachers and other potential deployers (home-schooler parents, for example)
11:55 SeanDALY mchua: (don't praise me yet I haven't done anything!)
11:56 walterbender potential partners, e.g., gdium or Ubuntu...
11:56 tomeu coding keeps walterbender awake
11:56 walterbender and potential funders
11:56 mchua SeanDALY: you're getting us to think more strategically and less in the throes of last minute "oh boy, events are coming up!" panic. this is good.
11:56 walterbender: which of those three audiences is the highest priority?
11:57 SeanDALY Yes - deployers. People who probably have their hands full teaching, and would welcome hassle-free help.
11:57 mchua walterbender: in other words, which pitch should we be focusing on first - if we could only write one, now?
11:57 walterbender I think we need to write all three
11:57 mchua eventually, yes.
11:57 jt4sugar All of the above-All have to be approached to get Sugar to the desktop
11:57 mchua but I'm trying to get some sort of priority thing here. If we could only write one this week, which one would you like to have polished first?
11:58 (and if all 3 are really, truly equal, then I'll randint(3) and see what python says.)
11:58 erikos :)
11:58 SeanDALY if I can get mathematical for a moment, there are probably enough industry partners / partner projects that we can develop contacts directly. But several billion people have had a teacher, or a kid who has a teacher....
11:58 caroline Teachers, because if the others see the value to teachers they will want to help.
11:59 walterbender I am comfortable with Sean's analysis
11:59 mchua whoopsie, TypeError: randint() takes exactly 3 arguments (2 given). randint(1,3), then.
11:59 Okay. Teachers it is, then.
11:59 walterbender but we also have $0 for marketing... so another important audience isn;t getting the message.
11:59 mchua Priority #2 is an elevator pitch for teachers. Other elevator pitches are in the "important but we'll tackle them not-this-week" queue.
11:59 What is priority #3?
12:00 jt4sugar I am speaking to a superintendent on Feb 23 if she comes on board 100's of teachers could be using Sugar
12:00 SeanDALY Another group is ambassadors - OLPC project volunteers, G1G1 donors. Those folk need a clear message when they talk to... teachers.
12:00 mchua SeanDALY: would you say priority #3 is the creation of an ambassadors program, then? (or is that a superset of #2, which should be renamed, with the "make a pitch for teachers" the first job?)
12:01 puts up http://sugarlabs.org/go/Market[…]etings/02-10-2009 and http://sugarlabs.org/go/MarketingTeam/TODO as lists of things that an Important Big Picture #3 could be picked from
12:01 walterbender gotta run... I'll report back re Miguel and the plans for Uruguay
12:02 SeanDALY Teachers #1, ambassadors #2, partners #3. As I say partners should be contacted directly, while "marketing" is needed to best communicate with #1 and partly #2
12:02 mchua I'd actually vote for "Get a dedicated 'Get Involved' person - a community welcomer, a volunteer facilitator - who can do things like "make the "Get Involved" page amazing" and get new volunteers shunted to them for intros/involvement-starting in general - as priority #3 of marketing.
12:03 SeanDALY: okay. on the elevator pitches priority list, that's the ordering. and on the marketing priority list, teachers elevator pitch is #2 of 3 right now, and the other two can cycle in the next few weeks?
12:03 I'd also like to point out that I'm really, really biased because I'd *love* to be the (or one of the) Get Involved people - *but* can't do that *and* run the marketing team simultaneously while maintaining sanity.
12:04 hence my ubermotivation to pass this hat to someone else, as well.
12:04 SeanDALY In fact the ambassadors stay up to date with olpcnews & the tech press... they are actively intterested in getting Sugar info. Which teacher's aren't, which is why they should be a priority I think.
12:04 mchua SeanDALY + 1
12:05 Does anyone have a suggestion for a better #3 marketing priority than "Get a dedicated 'Get Involved' person"?
12:05 jt4sugar SeanDALY: do you think the pitch for the teacher would also work for the superintendent
12:05 mchua Otherwise I'm happy to let it stand for now, and work on it this week, and displace it next week if better ideas for a more important thing come up in the meantime.
12:06 OH! Who is point on elevator pitch for teachers/
12:06 ?
12:06 SeanDALY #3: empower Sugarlabs believers.
12:06 mchua (teachers-and-other-people-whom-​that-pitch-could-be-applied-to)
12:06 SeanDALY: I'm a bit fuzzy on what exactly that means - could you elaborate?
12:06 SeanDALY yes, every superintendent I've ever met started out as a teacher
12:07 Well, I believe that there are probably lots of volunteers willing to help, but is there a line of communication to them?
12:08 jt4sugar Walter is in process of writing Teacher page-believe pitch is in there
12:09 sdziallas sorry, I got to run, really quick, catch you all later...
12:10 mchua hates her wireless connection...
12:10 jt4sugar SeanDALY: no real line of communication except lists
12:10 tomeu cheers sdziallas
12:10 SeanDALY A problem I see (and I may well be wrong) is that  don't see teachers as heroes in the OLPC geosphere. Perhaps that's on purpose; I must admit that what I know about Constructionism could not fill a paragraph. But I believe the basis of learning is apprenticeship - somebody shows you, helps out a little, then you do it. This is an extremely important differentiator of Sugar vs. other environments -- kids learn together
12:11 caroline I agree that we need to move some focus onto teachers and teachers as heros
12:11 mchua SeanDALY, I agree.
12:11 I think that right now, we *don't* need to grow our community; we need to tighten and focus it.
12:12 jt4sugar Thus the need to raise funds to get Sugar materials into Teachers hands
12:12 tomeu yeah, I'm a bit concerned about constructionism being used as a banner, even if my personal experience agrees with it
12:12 mchua (well, not that we need to prevent growth. but that it's not priority 1.)
12:12 SeanDALY What I mean is, /if Sugar helps learning/, which I believe. But we need proof. Teachers can provide that credibility.
12:13 mchua I think that we need to tighten connections between people already in the community, and make sure that they share values like the ones that SeanDALY articulated, that Teachers Are Heroes, and We Need Proof.
12:13 (er, we need proof that Sugar helps learning. not that teachers are heroes. I think that's an axiom.)
12:13 SeanDALY I take your point about focusing the group. But if we do it right, we will have many thousands of teacher-users to coordinate. So the message needs to be clear, and we need to be ready to scale.
12:14 mchua SeanDALY: So my proposal is that we can't tighten unless someone is out there to take care of growth - so priority #3 should be "tighten," and the action item on that is to find Somebody to take care of all the "we need to make it possible for new people to join in" stuff is a first step.
12:14 SeanDALY: basically, "give someone the job of getting ready to scale, so everyone else stops worrying about it for a few weeks." with an explicit timeout, if need be.
12:14 caroline I agree wth Sean, we need to broaden to thousands of teachers and thousands of parent and college student volnteers
12:15 SeanDALY Well, if you've ever seen The Desk Set with Tracy & Hepburn: he's the absent-minded geek installing the mega-computer. She runs the information center with a staff of 4. But he never mentions that the computer is NOT meant to replace her department...
12:15 mchua I'm partially putting forth that as an action item because I know I'm good at it, I like it, and I really want to do it.
12:15 caroline maybe we are talking about different time frames.
12:15 In the next year we need to massively expand our community.
12:16 mchua Agreed.
12:16 SeanDALY My analogy is this: how can we win hearts & minds of teachers? The first step, of course, is that Sugar has to do a great job...
12:16 mchua (The meeting's running a bit over, btw. I'd like to wrap up in the next 5min if possible.)
12:16 SeanDALY OK understood we can continue on the list
12:17 Yes different timeframes. Nobody needs to sit around waiting for an explosion in popularity. But if the groundwork is OK, that can be survived.
12:17 mchua Before we go, though, I want to make sure we have the 3 big picture priorities, and their associated "things to concentrate on for this week," settled.
12:17 #1 - make SL press-contactable, and SeanDALY has that, so we're set.
12:18 SeanDALY Well, what I really want is feedback from teachers. What works, what doesn't. What is helpful, what isn't. What their suggestions are....
12:18 I mean teachers with Sugar in their classrooms.
12:18 caroline we aren't in front of enough english speaking internetconnected teachers yet to make that easy to get.
12:19 mchua #2 - elevator pitch for teachers, as a "this week's task" priority...
12:19 and we can leave #3 empty for now, I think...
12:19 jt4sugar #3 how do we fundraise
12:19 mchua SeanDALY: argh, I really want to extend this conversation! But I also want to end this meeting with some semblance of time.
12:19 SeanDALY They should contact us in their languages and we should sort it out. There will always be an articulate few with lots of great feedback...
12:20 caroline #3 Approaching companies for USB sticks
12:20 mchua jt4sugar: turn into an actionable item ;)
12:20 SeanDALY OK shall we continue on e-mail? I need to wrap it up too :-)
12:20 mchua caroline: okay! that's #3 priority for this week
12:20 SeanDALY Sounds great
12:20 mchua and next week we should do more big picture priority talk... this was a *really* good beginning
12:21 caroline yes great meeting! Tahnks everyone
12:21 jt4sugar Fundraising activities should be thread on list this week
12:21 mchua SeanDALY: would you be, uh, willing to run next week's meeting? which can basically be that conversation? ;)
12:21 SeanDALY In fact I've done lots of thinking... yes I'm willing to chair the meeting, sure.
12:21 mchua YAY!
12:21 #TODO SeanDALY to chair next meeting, mchua make sure he has everything he needs
12:21 aaaaand... that's all folks!
12:21 jt4sugar mchua: I will follow up with Sean, Walter, Caroline
12:21 mchua Sorry about running over time.
12:21 SeanDALY Same time same place?
12:21 mchua I'll send out todos to everyone (yay for meetbot logging them)
12:22 SeanDALY: yup.
12:22 sounds great, thanks jt4sugar!
12:22 #TODO mchua to send out todos
12:22 3...
12:22 2...
12:22 1...
12:22 0....
12:22 #endmeeting

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