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#sugar-meeting meeting, 2009-01-30 14:41:00

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14:43 wadeb|w #TOPIC ActivityTeam Meeting
14:49 prakhar operators please update the topic
14:50 erikos: ping!
15:00 wadeb|w hi everyone.  let's start introductions now as we have a big agenda to cover.  please state your name, organization/position, email, and list any activities you develop / maintain.  thanks!
15:00 (and welcome to the first ATeam meeting :))
15:01 m_stone I'm Michael Stone, michael@laptop.org, and I'm unaffiliated with both activities and organizations.
15:02 _bjordan just spammed a few channels
15:02 prakhar Hi! I'm Prakhar Agarwal, Fedora Ambassador and I'm maintaining Typing Turtle Activity
15:03 email: prakhar@fedoraproject.org
15:03 cjb Chris Ball, OLPC, cjb@laptop, I wrote Pippy and Words, helped with WikiBrowse, and don't have time to do a good job at maintaining any of them :)
15:04 nrp is Nirav Patel. nrp@spongezone.net, Pygame developer, working on the Bridge and Panorama activities.
15:04 wadeb|w bjordan: saw your message right after posting mine :)
15:04 _bjordan I'm Brian Jordan, brian@laptop.org, physics-based activities enthusiast and Pippy Aficionado
15:05 alsroot hi all
15:05 tabitha Hello
15:05 _sj_ is SJ Klein, OLPC, sj@laptop.  I bundled the first [[collections]] and wikislices, and helped a bit with WikiBrowse and XOlympics
15:06 howdy y'all
15:06 alsroot, tabitha, mick_laptop - want to introduce yourselves?
15:06 prakhar _sj_: heya!
15:06 tabitha Hello everyone, I am Tabitha Roder from New Zealand - I coordinate a group of volunteers in Wellington who meet every Saturday morning
15:06 wadeb|w Hi there, thanks for coming :)  We are currently doing introductions (name, role, email, any activities you're involved with)
15:06 alsroot a volun. for SL - packaging & support some activities
15:07 _bjordan prakhar, wadeb|w: I tried Typing Turtle this past week, it's great!
15:07 walterbender Walter here... mantainer of Turtle Art
15:07 prakhar _bjordan: cool :)
15:07 wadeb|w _bjordan: awesome!  if you've got some suggestions+comments, we would love to hear them.
15:08 Kkhushi Hi, I'm Khushbu Mohta, khushbu@fedoraproject.org, maintaining Typing Turtle Activity along with prakhar
15:08 mick_laptop i'm Mick Weiss former ClamWin Project Admin, I work on various open source apps -- and I've very interested in possibly starting to work on Activities (I'm a programmer who is about to be a dad) :)
15:08 _bjordan wadeb|w: definitely need medals for the balloon popping levels :)
15:08 prakhar mick_laptop: :)
15:08 wadeb|w mick_laptop: awesome, congrats :)  I'm in a similar position, child #1 due in apr.
15:08 tabitha tabitha@learning.ac.nz
15:09 prakhar wadeb|w: :)
15:09 mick_laptop :D mine is due in june
15:09 _bjordan mick_laptop, wadeb|w: very cool! :-D
15:09 walterbender mine are 25 and 27... :)
15:09 prakhar mine is due in some years! lol
15:10 wadeb|w heh
15:10 ok then, let's get this started!
15:10 benzea has done GTK+ related sugar work mostly
15:10 mick_laptop ok, what are the topics of the meeting?
15:11 wadeb|w first thing, if anyone has not yet created a wiki.sugarlabs.org user account, and dev.sugarlabs.org (Trac) user account for posting bugs, please do so!
15:11 prakhar can anyone please update the topic?
15:11 wadeb|w mick_laptop: the agenda is here: http://sugarlabs.org/go/ActivityTeam/Meetings
15:11 mick_laptop thanks
15:11 wadeb|w prakhar: I tried using #TOPIC but the bot failed, I can live with this topic.
15:11 just so everyone knows, the meeting is being recorded by the meeting bot and the results will be posted.
15:11 prakhar wadeb|w: ok, even I tried
15:12 wadeb|w ** second, after this meeting if you would like to join the Sugar Labs activity team as a member, please follow http://sugarlabs.org/go/Activi[…]m/GettingInvolved - everyone is most welcome to come help out, no special skills required.
15:13 I would like to briefly summarize the purpose of the activity team.
15:13 mick_laptop for me: http://addons.sugarlabs.org looks like addons.mozilla.com -- and it has a bunch of errors like: /srv/home/addons/addons/site/a​pp/views/elements/search.thtml on line 92....
15:13 wadeb|w our goal is basically to bring the ecosystem of sugar activities up to speed.
15:14 there are a lot of things people (educators and users) want to do in sugar, on XOs and on normal computers running SoaS or linux distributions, that right now simply cannot be done
15:15 and since the UI paradigm is so different from other environments, a lot of the time normal applications just don't fit in well.
15:15 so, there is a lot of work to do here to make Sugar into a compelling educational software environment beyond the great initial set of activities
15:15 further, some of the awesome activities that sugar began with have fallen into disrepair
15:16 we hope to pick these up as a team, and keep them working well while advancing them further
15:16 some examples: Connect (part of the initial Sugar vision), the MaMaMedia activities
15:16 alsroot thinks we should mark all orphaned activities on Status page
15:17 wadeb|w finally, there are a lot of requests from deployments for specific types of more typical educational (and other) software from deployments that could really help them in their educational missions
15:17 alsroot w/ mark ORPHANED
15:17 tabitha I like alsroot idea
15:17 wadeb|w these include new features (TamTam sounds) and new activities (quiz game)
15:17 alsroot: totally.
15:18 walterbender we should have clear instructions on what a potential volunteer needs to do to adopt an orphaned activitiy.
15:18 wadeb|w so since we formed last week, one of our first tasks has been collecting information on all the known activities
15:18 this information is located here: http://sugarlabs.org/go/Activi[…]am/ActivityStatus
15:18 walterbender @wadeb: is there a list of the "requests from deployments"?
15:18 pgf sorry i'm late -- are requests like you mentioned (and the youtube activity discussed this morning) being kept track of?
15:19 wadeb|w walterbender: I am still working to get some official channels of communication open with all the deployments
15:19 walterbender: had a good list of emails from mel
15:19 walterbender: but this is something we could use help with
15:19 m_stone wadeb|w: I'd be happy to add a recurring agenda item to the deployment meetings I've been running inquiring about activity-related issues..
15:20 (along with greebo)
15:20 wadeb|w m_stone: that would be wonderful.  the place to put requests for deployments *right now* is http://sugarlabs.org/go/ActivityTeam/ProjectIdeas
15:20 we watch that page, triage requests and move them over to the todo list
15:20 m_stone wadeb|w: or, presumably, the bug tracker?
15:21 (for things which people have already done some work on but which need to be better)
15:21 wadeb|w m_stone: we could use the bug tracker, but the adminsitration would be more cumbersome so I prefer to keep things on the wiki atm
15:21 m_stone wadeb|w: okay. you should continue with your talk. (I'd like to know, at a future date, if there's a coherent policy about where activity-related bugs should be filed.)
15:21 garycmartin Beep, beep! Sorry I'm late...
15:21 m_stone (same for test cases)
15:21 wadeb|w as we see things appear on projectideas, we will move them over to http://sugarlabs.org/go/ActivityTeam/TODO
15:22 m_stone if not, that's fine, but I'd also like to chat about changing that.
15:22 anyway, please continue
15:22 wadeb|w garycmartin: :)
15:22 garycmartin wadeb|w: :-)
15:22 wadeb|w ok, so that's the basic flow of information.  from deployments / users, into ProjectIdeas, into TODO
15:22 (into code)
15:23 hey, new arrivals, please introduce yourself (name, email, role, any activities you work on)
15:23 prakhar looks good
15:23 wadeb|w now, rolling along.  since we formed last week we've made some early accomplishments I'd like to note.
15:23 Flaw hi
15:23 wadeb|w first, with thanks to alsroot and rafael ortiz we have fleshed out the AT wiki structure on wiki.sugarlabs.org
15:24 dirakx wadeb|w: np ;).
15:24 Caryl Hi...support-gang, retired teacher, interested in curriculum based math activities and Bolivia deployment...among other things
15:24 wadeb|w ** after creating your wiki.sl.o account, I highly recommend adding a Watch on http://sugarlabs.org/go/ActivityTeam
15:24 dirakx Caryl: hi ;)
15:25 wadeb|w this is where our important news announcements will go and if you watch it, you will be notified by email when the page changes.
15:25 alsroot in case of wiki, should we create AT/<activity> pages for developers ?
15:25 ..or use Status page
15:26 wadeb|w continuiing with accomplishments, with help from a lot of people we have created and begin to populate the ActivityStatus page with information about all known activities and have started adding tags to describe their status (as per alsroot's comment).
15:26 garycmartin (name=gary; email=gary at garycmartin dot com; role=human; activities=moon, adpted labyrinth, some graphics for calculate, image viewer, misc others)
15:26 dirakx AT/<activity> seems fine. to me..
15:26 Grantbow hi, I'm Grant Bowman, new G1G1 owner, atteding SFSU meetings monthly. just listening in and getting up to speed on the Presence  and networking code.
15:26 wadeb|w and finally, we have already responded to a couple deployment requests - having fielded engineers on help out with math and quiz games, and having developed content on how to modify certain activities (like adding new sounds to TamTam!)
15:27 hopefully will manage to keep this momentum.  as a rough goal, I hope that by the end of february we will have managed to properly tag all known activities
15:28 pgf wadeb|w: what's the end-goal with respect to transitioning activities to wiki.sl.o -- wll all be moved?  or are there criteria that might leave some at wiki.l.o?
15:28 wadeb|w (I should mention that there are currently 142 activities listed on the status page, and probably another 50-60 that need to be added)
15:28 pgf: good question!
15:28 regarding wiki pages for activities
15:28 pgf thanks!  :-)
15:29 wadeb|w a big problem on wiki.laptop.org in the Activities section has been the lack of organization
15:29 there have been some heroic efforts to tag everything using semantic mediawiki and they are working *okay* for the deployments
15:29 yet I still see a lot of issues on the mailing lists about activities not being listed in the Joyride, G1G1, or other important pages
15:30 the main reason for moving activities over to SL is the improved infrastructure that is still in development, aka addons.sugarlabs.org.
15:30 If anyone isn't familiar with it, check it out (it's very early days) but it's in active development
15:30 it's a port of addons.mozilla.org, being adapted to host activities and other content
15:31 it will support reviews, tags, multiple version hosting, and will offer a *structure* that will allow activity authors to manage the activities they post, and for the team to keep track of them all.
15:31 mick_laptop ok, so that explains a lot :)
15:31 wadeb|w I hope it will be a stark contrast to the w.l.o situation of random .xo files attached to wiki pages.
15:31 if any php developers are interested in helping out with this project, please let me know offline! :)
15:31 so we will still use per-activity wiki pages on w.sl.o in some cases
15:31 alsroot and in that scheme AT/<activity> pages target only fot devs
15:32 s/fot/for
15:32 wadeb|w but they will be developer focused (hacking tips, TODO lists, etc) and/or educator focused (lesson plans)
15:32 so, we do not need to go creating a parallel to the wiki.laptop.org activity structure right now
15:32 early on with addons.sugarlabs.org, a lot of the extension pages will probably want to even point -> wiki.laptop.org as a lot of good information is still hosted there
15:33 ----------------
15:33 moving on, in the absence of a working addons.sugarlabs.org there is still a lot of work to do and we need volunteers
15:33 I'm hoping to find people willing to take on 5 or so activities each from the ActivityStatus page, download them and tag them properly
15:34 garycmartin for what sugar release??
15:34 mick_laptop what is the best thing to start on for someone who is new
15:34 wadeb|w if everyone here can do 5 this weekend, our work will be done before february starts :)
15:34 garycmartin that's been my delay...
15:34 cjb would love to get a small group working on the quiz activity
15:35 wadeb|w mick_laptop: if you want to code, check out the ATeam TODO list.
15:35 mick_laptop: there are some "high profile" jobs that when done will get into 1000s of childrens hands very quickly
15:35 mick_laptop: so if you want to jump in, that's the place to start
15:35 if people want to help out in other ways, the best thing to do right now is help us with the tagging effort.
15:36 garycmartin's question is pretty important though
15:36 ideally, we need to know the following:
15:37 works on xo softare 8.2.1?  known git repository?  works on SoaS?  author's email?  is it finished?  buggy?  hidden gem?
15:37 there are tags for most of these on the activitystatus page, although we need to add more
15:37 the process is, take one of those activities from the list, download it, try it out, and add tags
15:37 shouldn't take more than 30 minutes per including research
15:38 alsroot in that case its a good idea attach every activity to its maint(s)(not authors)  and update this info on Status page
15:38 wadeb|w oh, another important tag is the 'xoonly' tag which means the activity is hardcoded to work on XO.. this can usually be seen by running it on an emulator in 1024x768 or some other resolution
15:39 another thing we need help with is finding additional activities to post on the activitystatus page, I know it's not complete
15:39 at the top of the activitystatus page there is a link to a semanticwiki search on wiki.laptop.org
15:39 we need volunteers to go through that and add the linked activities to ActivityStatus
15:40 and finally, once addons.sugarlabs.org is up (next couple weeks?  I hope?) we will go through the ActivityStatus page, take everything that works, screenshot them, and post them to that site.
15:40 tomeu1: ping?
15:41 walterbender which brings up the question: what do you mean by "works"?
15:41 wadeb|w Ok, did we get anyone today who is working on the addons.sugarlabs.org port?  I was hoping tomeu1 could say a few words about its status :)
15:41 walterbender I have managed to break Turtle Art for pre767 releases, for example
15:41 dirakx wadeb|w: also dfarning and others are working on addons.
15:41 walterbender but on later builds, it works better than ever...
15:42 wadeb|w walterbender: once they g et onto addons.sugarlabs.org there will be a builtin feature for that
15:42 walterbender: firefox already has 'works on versions' fields
15:42 for example
15:42 dirakx: yeah, I was scanning the user list for anyone I knew was working on it
15:42 dirakx wadeb|w: so the actual status is that we are working on having three independent sites addons-devel, addons-testing and addons.
15:42 pgf wadeb|w: will there be a way to track other sorts of dependencies as well?  (e.g., requires rpm "foo")
15:43 wadeb|w pgf: I think that's more a question of the activity bundle format itself, which is currently distro independent
15:43 dirakx dfarning was separating all the bd's.
15:43 pgf wadeb|w: that sounds like a "no", then.
15:43 alsroot wadeb|w: and in some cases distro-unworkable :)
15:43 Zoysiamo \nick JeffreyA
15:43 wadeb|w pgf: yeah, the discussion of the issue is here: http://sugarlabs.org/go/Activi[…]am/PackagingIdeas  feel free to add to it, critique the ideas that are there
15:44 garycmartin (wadeb|w: mel I think has grabbed the some of the port task, but can't see her just now)
15:44 dirakx also he posted a TODO list on the mail list. (regarding to addons).
15:45 wadeb|w yep.. any PHP people (or if you know some PHP people who might want to help) are more than welcome (in fact very much encouraged) to join in :)
15:45 the biggest issue right now tho seems to be getting everyone the right permissions to work on the test site
15:45 bernie: hopefully mchua will get hers soon, if not done already
15:45 cjb (Mel's flying back to the US at the moment.)
15:45 tabitha mel is here
15:45 wadeb|w oh, great
15:45 cjb oh, heh
15:46 tabitha (asleep)
15:46 wadeb|w bernie: another infrastructure feature I'd like to request is a commits list
15:46 pgf wadeb|w: i think there's a room for a lose "requirements" field on the status page, or maybe at addons, for free-form suggestions of required pieces.  "works best on bigger screens", "really prefers a tablet", "you should probably have rpm or deb for XXX installed"
15:46 s/lose/loose
15:46 Zoysiamo \msg ysun
15:46 _bjordan wadeb|w: +1
15:46 wadeb|w it's really nice to be able to have a 'pulse' on the project, ie a feed of everything that's going on at once.  I don't know if gitorious supports this or not but we might be able to hack it in
15:47 Froggie-dc07 Froggie is Caroline on her Frog USB Stick running Sugar!
15:47 wadeb|w for example, say garycmartin does pushes some nice work on Moon, I'd love to be able to comment on it right away and mention it to others :)
15:47 without placing the burden of advertising on the author
15:47 lol, nice! :)
15:48 okay, we are 3/4ths through the meeting.  the next thing I want to cover is featured activities (briefly mentioned as 'hidden gems' above)
15:48 walterbender pippy!!
15:49 wadeb|w walterbender: +1!  right now on the SL homepage we have the same set pretty much which shipped 2 years ago...
15:49 so let's get together a list of what has come out since then and make sure they get well advertised
15:49 I'm thinking of something like an ActivityTeam Stamp of Approval
15:49 as a quality goal that new activity authors can shoot for
15:49 walterbender some of them, like Turtle Art, have changed significantly since 2 years ago...
15:49 wadeb|w maybe we can get some artwork or something :)
15:50 if anyone has any addtl suggestions for what to feature, feel free to post them here or else we'll create a wiki page
15:51 and you are allowed to recommend your own work :)
15:51 gregdek Love the "stamp of approval" idea.
15:52 Froggie-dc07 I am interested in getting help finding out what actiiteis work on Sugar on a Stick
15:52 wadeb|w btw speaking of pippy,  bjordan - thanks for picking up maintainance!  any comments you want to make about what it's taken thus far?
15:52 Froggie-dc07 (XOIRC does :)
15:52 wadeb|w Froggie-dc07: yep, we should add a 'soas' tag to the ActivityStatus page for people to fill in
15:52 garycmartin wadeb|w: sorry if I missed this, but if I want to make a (non-user) wiki page on SL, is there an official naming scheme. I notice Walter is top level naming.
15:53 (activity wiki page)
15:53 walterbender "I notice Walter is top level naming." ???
15:53 wadeb|w garycmartin: I would rather keep activities out of the top level naemspace as the names tend to be pretty generic (Log, etc)
15:54 walterbender light dawns on marblehead
15:54 garycmartin walterbender: Sorry to pull you up on this Walter :-)
15:54 walterbender I'm more than happy to move TAPortfolio deeper into the tree...
15:54 wadeb|w garycmartin: I'm waffling mentally between ActivityTeam/Name, Activities/Name, Activities/Name/Development, sigh
15:55 cjb Activities/Name sounds good
15:55 wadeb|w garycmartin: lets go with Activities/<Name>
15:55 garycmartin cjb: +1
15:55 wadeb|w yeah, good consensus :)
15:55 dirakx :)
15:56 garycmartin mchua: She's awake! Morning...
15:56 wadeb|w mchua: really here? wow :)
15:56 prakhar mchua: hello! :)
15:56 alsroot wadeb|w: should we start moving activities from Status to Activities/<name> right now ?
15:56 mchua blinks sleepily, waves
15:56 will read logs afterwards
15:56 wadeb|w alsroot: nah, I'd much rather keep the DB on one page
15:56 gregdek lol
15:57 wadeb|w alsroot: to give us a high level overview of where we are right now
15:57 garycmartin mchua: and all of 7:50am - wow.
15:57 wadeb|w alsroot: once the work of tagging and triaging and moving to addons is done, the ActivityStatus page will be less useful
15:57 Grantbow the old convention is (for example) LogActivity, but on sl.o it will be Activities/Log, right?
15:57 wadeb|w Grantbow: yep
15:57 Grantbow: although don't feel like you ahve to make a w.l.o style page for users
15:58 garycmartin mchua: tabitha must have a sharp pointy stick...
15:58 wadeb|w to reiterate, the user facing activity pages (with reviews, tags, ratings) will be addons.sl.o, the wiki space is for developers and possibly educators once we get some lesson plans posted
15:58 but that site is still under construction :)
15:58 ok, I want to quickly go over the TODO list
15:58 prakhar wadeb|w: who all are working on it?
15:59 wadeb|w prakhar: dfarning, mchua, tomeu1 that I know of
15:59 mel can give us an update hopefully after the meeting :)
15:59 bernie sorry I was away for dinner
15:59 prakhar wadeb|w: ok, I have asked if any of my friend could be of help. I will keep you informed.
16:00 wadeb|w bernie: np, I skipped your agenda item for now but we can discuss in 15m or so with people who stay
16:00 is there anyone here right now who would be willing to take up Speak Collaboration or Maze Collaboration? those seem like 1 day tasks that would be pretty high impact
16:00 Froggie-dc07 be cool to have video introductions to activities also.
16:00 wadeb|w and they are requests straight from deployments, big kudos for delivery :)
16:00 cjb Froggie-dc07: ooh, nice
16:01 wadeb|w Froggie-dc07: big +1
16:01 prakhar Froggie-dc07: +100!
16:01 Froggie-dc07 if we could do a sample one we might be able to recruit high school students to help create these
16:01 prakhar Froggie-dc07: really nice!
16:02 garycmartin wadeb|w: I thought Maze collaboration kinda worked (but haven't tested myself)?
16:02 cjb oh, hey, you guys reminded me about an activity I'd forgotten I'd made.  Screencast.  ;-)
16:02 wadeb|w Froggie-dc07: yep, totally!  if anyone is willing to coordinate that, follow up afterwards
16:02 tabitha off to testing group now, bye
16:02 wadeb|w garycmartin: the TODO entry from _sj_ requests some additional features.
16:02 garycmartin: I haven't played it collab but I'm thinking something like in Mario Kart where after a bunch of games it shows win/loss stats
16:02 garycmartin wadeb|w: ahh, sorry, missed that.
16:02 wadeb|w: yep.
16:03 wadeb|w: Journal resume f level would be good...
16:03 (f==of)
16:03 wadeb|w garycmartin: ooh, another good one.  also, I think speak collaboration could be done in <30 lines of code :)  I would take it up but my stack is way too deep right now
16:03 any takers? :)
16:03 garycmartin wadeb|w: I made speak say out each letter typed...
16:04 wadeb|w: ...but it's too slow on an XO :-(
16:04 cjb is holding out for providing a little help with Quiz.
16:04 wadeb|w garycmartin: bummer, I didn't know csound had performance issues
16:04 cjb (I could talk about that a little if people want)
16:04 wadeb|w cjb: great :)  I'm really excited to see that come together
16:05 prakhar cjb: sure
16:05 wadeb|w cjb: I was trying to convince a friend at work to take up a Quiz Shooter, where you pilot a spaceship and have to shoot the right answer to the question at the top of the screen :)
16:05 cjb: yep, go ahead
16:05 cjb ok!
16:05 garycmartin wadeb|w: The code looks 'interesting' but I think it's that way due to some odd stuff being worked around (sound files are saved and then played)
16:05 mchua I'm headed to tabitha's testing session, can someone shoot me out a log (or I'll watch the mailing lists for one)?
16:05 wadeb|w if anyone is willing to take up Speak or Maze tasks feel free to see me offline, if you want help getting started we've got lots of mentors.
16:05 cjb so, I was in Uruguay, and there were about ten kids all sitting along a wall with their XOs
16:05 mchua will pile through transcript for activity testing requests
16:05 wadeb|w mchua: yep, log will be at w.sl.o/ActivityTeam/Meetings.  see ya!
16:06 cjb anyway, they weren't using collaboration much, and maybe it's because we don't really have any competitive activities yet
16:07 and especially not any that make you compete to show knowledge or problem-solving
16:07 so I think it would be pretty great if they'd been able to use an activity that gives them all a shared countdown and then asks a question, and gives them points based on who answered correctly/first and so on, and keeps track of scores over time and so on
16:08 this could either use static written questions, or randomly generated questions based on rules (like a math problem generator that comes up with questions by choosing from random numbers inside a given range)
16:08 Grantbow they weren't collaborating, what were thry doing?
16:08 garycmartin cjb: been nuked by 2 nieces and a nephiew this week, all in the target age range. No colab at all on the 2 XOs I have here, all the colab is looking over at the others screen "hey I want to run that one..."
16:09 Caryl how about a collaboration where students work together to reach a shared goal?
16:09 cjb anyway, I'll stop there for now.  I think this would be a relatively easy activity to write and would really show the power of collaboration, and get kids competing to learn about things and improve their e.g. math skills
16:09 Grantbow: they often just browsed the web individually
16:09 this wasn't during a lesson
16:09 wadeb|w ok, we're slightly over so last topic - how is everyone with this time
16:09 ?
16:10 I copied it from the deployment teams as they got a pretty good turnout on tuesday :)
16:10 cjb wadeb|w: a meeting at this time each week, you mean?
16:10 I heard that it's pretty bad for the europeans
16:11 as I guess we can see with marco/tomeu/erikos not being here
16:11 maybe something like 12pm would be better?
16:11 wadeb|w yeah, seems like we probably have some sleeping europeans with their clients logged in
16:11 tomeu1 at least :)
16:11 garycmartin cjb: only those with social lives (friday night dancing:-)
16:11 prakhar garycmartin: he he
16:12 timings are fine with me
16:12 so, +1
16:12 wadeb|w are there a lot of people here who would prefer meeting 4 hours before right now?  (12pm EST)
16:12 Caryl +1
16:12 cjb wadeb|w: I think the people who would prefer it are mainly the ones who aren't here :)
16:12 but it would be fine with me
16:12 wadeb|w cjb: heh, so I don't hear any complaining from the people who did make it
16:12 pgf wadeb|w: did you answer my question re: activities transitioning from one wiki to the other?  all?  some?
16:12 wadeb|w so 12pm it is and we'll see if we get more european attendance
16:13 prakhar wadeb|w: day will be fixed or we decide every week?
16:14 wadeb|w prakhar: not sure yet, I'll post it to the Meetings page
16:14 prakhar wadeb|w: ok
16:14 wadeb|w thanks everyone for coming.
16:14 prakhar wadeb|w: thanks!
16:14 garycmartin wadeb|w: thanks for org and hosting!
16:14 cjb woo, thanks
16:14 wadeb|w *** before you all leave, don't forget to create a wiki.sugarlabs.org account and please Watch the wiki.sugarlabs.org/ActivityTeam page for news updates!
16:14 cjb rock on activity team
16:14 prakhar three cheers for wadeb|w !! ;)
16:14 garycmartin ATeam!!
16:15 wadeb|w ok, now lets go get to work! :)
16:15 prakhar won't it be better if we say ACTeam ?
16:15 wadeb|w I pity the fool that ...
16:16 doesn't maintain their activities =)   (we need a Mr T logo on our page)
16:16 nrp has a lot of scrollback to read!
16:16 garycmartin wadeb|w: I think I might manage a logo (sugar style)
16:16 wadeb|w garycmartin: heheh cool, can't wait
16:16 prakhar I meant, ACTeam as in Activity Team that Acts quick :)
16:17 Froggie-dc07 ATeam splashes my froggie world! Go ATeam!
16:18 wadeb|w ok, and with that (further conversation in #sugar)
16:18 #endmeeting

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