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#sugar-meeting, 2020-03-04

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04:34 Quozl #startmeeting
04:34 meeting Meeting started Wed Mar  4 04:34:36 2020 UTC. The chair is Quozl. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
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04:34 Quozl #endmeeting
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04:34 Minutes: http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]-04T04:34:36.html
04:34 Log:     http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]20-03-04T04:34:36
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18:53 Quozl` Hello.
19:02 walterbender hi
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19:40 MrBIOS Quozl: one item I’d like to get on the agenda is a brief re-visiting of the Sugar Labs logo/re-branding discussion, since there was almost zero response to Peace Ojemah’s e-mail from February 8th, which can be viewed here http://lists.sugarlabs.org/arc[…]ruary/020823.html
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19:46 Quozl MrBIOS: you're 20 minutes behind; http://lists.sugarlabs.org/pri[…]March/005715.html
19:46 MrBIOS heh, again, I noticed that post-facto :D
19:48 Quozl MrBIOS: well, as you didn't say so, i went to find a link for you. ;-)
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19:53 Quozl perrie: please confirm you can speak on the channel?
19:54 perrie Ping
19:55 Quozl perrie: thanks.
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19:58 Quozl #startmeeting
19:58 meeting Meeting started Wed Mar  4 19:58:52 2020 UTC. The chair is Quozl. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
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19:58 Quozl #topic waiting for start time
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19:59 MrBIOS does the wait dance.
20:00 Quozl #topic waiting for quorum
20:00 Who is here?
20:00 We have James, Alex, who else?
20:00 walterbender walter
20:00 llaske Hi all
20:00 Quozl We have James, Alex, Walter, who else?
20:00 ibiam Hi, I'm here.
20:00 Quozl We have James, Alex, Walter, Lionel, who else?
20:00 We have James, Alex, Walter, Lionel, Ibiam, who else?
20:01 walterbender is this a bot?
20:01 llaske May be we could use the Turing test to check :-D
20:01 MrBIOS walterbender: lol
20:01 ibiam Lol, probably.
20:01 Quozl I'll call that a quorum; as we have a majority.
20:02 As Devin isn't here, I'll skip the first item.
20:02 ibiam: do you have any reports from the membership and elections committee?
20:02 ibiam Yes.
20:02 Quozl #topic reports from Membership and Elections Committee
20:02 ibiam: go ahead.
20:02 ibiam The motion you mentioned, I thought slobs were supposed to send an email to the committee.
20:03 Quozl I never thought of that.
20:03 ibiam s/were/was/g
20:03 Quozl So you want another motion which says someone has to send an e-mail to the committee?
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20:03 ibiam No.
20:03 pikurasa sorry to be late
20:04 Quozl pikurasa: welcome, we have quorum, we have James, Alex, Walter, Lionel, Ibiam, and we are receiving a report from theMembership and Elections Committee.
20:04 ibiam I don't think the committee should be dissolved.
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20:04 ibiam The members of the committee should be changed, I propose we re.ove everyone from the committee.
20:04 As they've not  been active.
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20:05 ibiam I also propose that Vipul be put in the new committee.
20:05 I've spoken to him and he's agreed to be part of the committee.
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20:07 Quozl ibiam: welcome back.
20:07 MrBIOS welcome back
20:07 llaske: As an aside, what’s the minimum version of Android required to run the Sugarizer app? I’ve got a Nexus 7 tablet, running android Lollipop (5.1.1) and can’t find/install Sugarizer in the app store.
20:07 ibiam @Quozl, MrBIOS: Thans.
20:08 Thanks.
20:09 llaske MrBIOS: strange I guess there is no such limit (it should be 4.4.1) May be you could try with F-Droid app store
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20:09 MrBIOS Thanks, I will try later.
20:09 ibiam Also I've not updated the members list with the emails like I said I would.
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20:09 llaske MrBIOS: Send me a direct mail If you've got any issue
20:09 Quozl ibiam: thanks for that.  i don't sense a willingness across the board to engage with this topic, so i'll move onto the next one in a minute.
20:10 #topic report from administrators of google summer of code
20:11 walterbender: anything to report?
20:11 walterbender nothing,...
20:11 just waiting for students to apply
20:11 we dont have a slop asignmet yet
20:11 Quozl from my perspective, we're getting between three and five new subscriptions to the mailing list each day, to which i'm sending them my how to get started, and i'm getting maybe one or two private contacts a day asking for me to take on a slave.
20:12 http://dev.laptop.org/~quozl/z/1j9Ypz.txt is my reply template.  They almost never come back.
20:12 walterbender I've done some outreach to Japan... see if that net brings anything in
20:12 llaske I think I had about 10 mails regarding GSoC and Sugarizer
20:12 Quozl i agree, we wait for slot assignments.
20:13 pikurasa There has been more activity on GH, which I assume is from prospective interns
20:13 llaske I organized also a conference on GSoC in a computer school here in Paris
20:13 MrBIOS when is the official start time/date for GSoC?
20:13 Quozl pikurasa: yes.  llaske: thanks.  MrBIOS: a while yet.
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20:13 llaske https://twitter.com/SugarizerA[…]634043072513?s=20
20:14 samsongoddy I saw the post, nice one
20:14 ibiam MRBIOS: May 18th.
20:14 Quozl MrBIOS: application period begins 16th march, deadline is 31st march, slots requests from us 14th april.
20:14 https://developers.google.com/[…]rce/gsoc/timeline
20:14 MrBIOS Okay, thanks.
20:14 Quozl okay, anything further on gsoc?
20:14 pikurasa not from me
20:15 Quozl #topic discussion of a new logo
20:15 MrBIOS: please speak to this.
20:15 llaske There is a challenge to complete on the Sugarizer side https://github.com/llaske/sugarizer/issues/592
20:16 MrBIOS sure, back on February 8th, Peace Ojemah e-mailed a few mockups of possible logos/re-designs, and I wanted to solicit SLOB feedback here. Has anyone else seen these? The link to the original message, with PNGs, is at  http://lists.sugarlabs.org/arc[…]ruary/020823.html
20:17 llaske Do we need to change the logo?
20:17 samsongoddy Personally, yes, we need to.
20:18 pikurasa looks now.
20:18 Quozl llaske: i don't think so, but that's a different issue to what would be chosen if we wanted to change it.
20:18 MrBIOS llaske: we don’t _need_ to do anything. I don’t think that question is the right one to be asking.
20:18 I asked in last months meeting if anyone was attached to our legacy logo, and only Quozl spoke up and said he had a slight emotional attachent to it.
20:18 llaske Okay, so my question is: do we want to change the logo?
20:19 pikurasa There are a lot of things to consider, so I hesitate to give an answer to "want to change the logo"....
20:19 but I do like http://lists.sugarlabs.org/arc[…]tachment-0002.pdf
20:19 Quozl i don't want to change the logo, llaske.
20:19 llaske I don't want too
20:19 Any other opinion?
20:19 pikurasa It is in style with what people typically see (on apps)
20:20 MrBIOS llaske: there is no we. We think independently. If you don’t want to change the logo, just say so
20:20 don’t hide behind "we"
20:20 samsongoddy From SLOBS or from the community?
20:20 llaske MrBIOS: I gave my opinion, the "we" is for other SLOB members
20:20 Quozl MrBIOS: i think llaske's point is valid; if we as a board can agree not to change the logo, then we can simplify the discussion.
20:21 MrBIOS the logo has been our logo for 12+ years, and I don’t personally think it would hurt anything terribly to change it, but I also don’t hate our current logo.
20:21 samsongoddy Personally  I think a refresh is healthy, especially with the new move for SL
20:21 MrBIOS that said, we don’t, and have never really had, a coherent branding strategy, and logos are a part of that.
20:21 pikurasa We can always have multiple logos, for different purposes
20:21 MrBIOS pikurasa: I disagree, that really just muddies the waters further.
20:21 pikurasa (although we do not want too many)
20:21 Quozl i count only two board members who don't want to change it.  i think we proceed with discussion unless we get another two who don't want to change it.
20:22 MrBIOS it’s a shame Claudia isn’t here. Her presence would certainly be appreciated.
20:23 walterbender FWIW, even IBM used multiple logos in their marketing... recall the remus by Paul Rand?
20:23 ibiam I agree with MrBIOS, we haven't had a coherent branding strategy and these logos are a part of that.
20:23 walterbender https://www.ibm.com/ibm/histor[…]icons/gooddesign/
20:24 pikurasa ibiam: what is the other parts of the coherent branding strategy?
20:24 MrBIOS pikurasa: Of the three, I also like that “attachment 2” option the most, though I am not sure “Sugarlabs” is the same as “Sugar Labs”
20:24 perrie for branding purposes, we can't have multiple logos, pikurasa. I agree with MrBIOS - we haven't had a coherent branding strategy and these logos are a part of that. With the new wave of Sugar Labs, I think we should pay attention to it
20:24 Quozl Claudia should have got the mail by Perrie, as Claudia is on iaep@ list.  Just checked.
20:24 MrBIOS again, I’ll ask, since I have not had any response in the affirmative, has everyone here seen the three designs that were submitted for consideration of the community nearly one month ago?
20:25 ibiam pikurasa: Marketing also comes as a branding strategy and we haven't done much of that lately.
20:25 pikurasa ibiam: I understand that, but what is the overarching strategy?
20:25 llaske llaske: I've seen the designs, it's a good work
20:25 Thanks to perrie
20:25 Quozl MrBIOS: thanks for asking, i saw the designs, and had a discussion with ibiam about the designs on the #sugar channel some weeks ago.
20:26 pikurasa: i agree, we do not do marketing, we do not have any strategy.
20:26 ... individuals may do things, but as a whole we do not.
20:26 MrBIOS Here’s my take…_if_ we were to adopt a new logo, the first places we’d want to use it would be on our website, as well as social media.
20:27 ibiam pikurasa: MrBIOS is in a better position to discuss an overarching strategy, I haven't been told of any. I agreed because we need a rebranding at SL and the move been made is good.
20:27 MrBIOS We’ve not had a Facebook post in five+ months, and I don’t even know who has control of that page. Does anyone else?
20:27 samsongoddy I am
20:27 walterbender I am a member of that group
20:27 Quozl ibiam: i don't think we do branding at all, so rather than "rebranding" i'd suggest using the word "branding".
20:27 samsongoddy with walter, ibiam, claudia
20:28 MrBIOS got it.
20:28 ibiam @Quozl: Agreed, we haven't had any rebranding.
20:28 pikurasa perrie: I appreciate the effort, and I am open to this. May I have some more time to think about it?
20:28 ibiam s/rebranding/branding/g
20:29 Quozl Interesting, I didn't know there was a Facebook presence, or that we have people who control it.  Is that fact recorded anywhere or should we just remember it?
20:29 walterbender The new Sugar Labs Inc. is a nice thing to rally a marketing campaign around
20:29 pikurasa perrie: By the way who are the "design volunteers(all cc'ed)"? Students? High School? College? All from Port Harcourt?
20:29 walterbender but we need someone driving it
20:29 MrBIOS Okay, so, I’m going to be pro-active here, and make a motion that we consider adoption of this logo/branding strategy: http://lists.sugarlabs.org/arc[…]tachment-0002.pdf since there doesn’t seem to be anyone who hates it. I rather like it, though I would like to see the typeface say “Sugar Labs” instead of Sugarlabs, but I’m not hugely hung up on that.
20:30 ibiam MrBIOS: I was one of the admins for the Facebook page but I no longer use Facebook like I used to.
20:30 MrBIOS it’s obviously another matter entirely, how we actually go about re-branding, if we decide to do so.
20:30 pikurasa I agree with "I would like to see the typeface say “Sugar Labs” instead of Sugarlabs"
20:30 ibiam walterbender: +1.
20:31 MrBIOS The only other consideration I would have for that particular mock-up is that we would need to obtain rights to use that font, Bariol, which is owned by a Spanish company, or find another similar typeface.
20:31 llaske MrBIOS: +1 will be better to use a free font
20:32 perrie Here is my suggestion - we need to create a good branding for SL. and it all start from the logo. I was at the booth at FOSDEM with MrBOIS and samsongoddy, we didn't have any marketing materials(stickers etc) which was quite important(people kept asking BTW). I am willing to take up the responsibility of creating a proper branding for SL
20:32 MrBIOS Quozl: I do agree we should have a list of our social media accounts, and who has access, but that’s a different topic of discussion, which we can have later this meeting?
20:32 Quozl Is that the one in purple, green, brown, grey and orange, with Walter Bender, President, 1 (832) 349 3921?
20:32 MrBIOS anyways, I’ve made a motion. Anyone care to second?
20:32 Quozl: this one http://lists.sugarlabs.org/arc[…]tachment-0002.pdf
20:33 Quozl I ask because I don't want to download that attachment again.  I guess I'll go SSH and check the md5sum.  I'll be a while.
20:33 pikurasa I second "consideration" MrBIOS
20:33 MrBIOS Quozl: it’s a63d5d1455883b6aeeb8b601a44078c6
20:34 Quozl Okay, that's Option 3.pdf
20:34 perrie pikurasa, the design volunteers were locals, we had a design sprint in Port Harcourt, Nigeria
20:34 pikurasa perrie: Do you have anything else planned for branding for the future? If so, please let us know via email. Thanks
20:34 Quozl I didn't like Option 3.pdf because L here has a meaning when used with yellow that is unwelcoming.
20:34 pikurasa perrie: I like the story behind its creation. Thanks
20:35 perrie Yes I do .. I'll send an email across
20:35 MrBIOS I also see value in adopting a design that’s created by community members, frankly.
20:35 Quozl "A Community for Learning and Software Development" doesn
20:35 "A Community for Learning and Software Development" doesn't actually match our mission or what we do.
20:35 MrBIOS Quozl: can you explain that like I’m five? I don’t understand the relationship
20:36 ibiam pikurasa, MrBIOS: +1 re "consideration".
20:36 Quozl The colours are unlike our existing colour palette.
20:36 MrBIOS Quozl: by proposing we choose a design, I’m in no way condoning the verbiage used in the design documents. Those are two separate things.
20:36 Quozl MrBIOS: thanks.
20:37 pikurasa MrBIOS: of course
20:37 Quozl MrBIOS: the L in yellow is an Australian learner driver license plate, and means "please avoid, i'm an error-prone car driver, distracted and weak, and can only be taught by avoidance".
20:37 MrBIOS Quozl: there are multiple color iterations for a reason, we can choose which ones to use or not use
20:38 perrie yes, Quozl. all the colours used were derivations from our existing colours
20:38 but colors can always be re iterated as well
20:39 Quozl MrBIOS: thanks.  perrie: thanks.
20:39 MrBIOS got it, yeah, they use similar signs in Europe and probably elsewhere in the world, although not here in the US. I have no problem amending my proposed motion to explcitly rule out one or more design interations.
20:39 pikurasa I need to discuss boring 1023 things at some point...
20:39 Please put me on next.
20:40 MrBIOS pikurasa: we’ll get there, we still have 20 minutes, unless you need to leave early?
20:40 Quozl proposed and seconded motion is to adopt http://lists.sugarlabs.org/arc[…]tachment-0002.pdf as a logo and branding strategy.
20:40 llaske -1 I don't want to change the logo
20:40 MrBIOS anyone else for or against the motion?
20:40 pikurasa I need to leave in 20 min on the button.
20:40 ibiam +1.
20:41 MrBIOS llaske: while you’re under no obligation to explain why, I think it would be good for you to articulate why not, and it would be good for the other board members to understand as well.
20:41 but we can leave that for the end of the meeting
20:41 ibiam @Quozl: I think we need a different motion for rebranding.
20:42 As MrBIOS just pointed out, I think llaske is voting not to change the logo but I don't know if he's also voting against a rebrand.
20:42 llaske I think the current logo is good, I think it's a loss of time and energy to change it
20:43 Quozl -1; because we don't have the board skills or intention to do strategy, branding, or marketing, and the pdf is only artwork, not a strategy or implementation plan.
20:43 MrBIOS llaske: of whose time? I personally think the proposed option pays somewhat of an homage to the original logo, which I think is a wise thing to do, when possible.
20:44 Quozl ibiam: just confirming, you are proposing to amend the motion to "adopt URL as a logo"?  MrBIOS: do you agree with the amendment?
20:45 ibiam @Quozl: Yes.
20:46 llaske changing logo need to change web site, wiki, some part of sugar, ... it's time we could better use
20:46 ibiam @Quozl: I think we have the intention to do strategy, branding or marketing. So far no one has said anything against any of those things.
20:46 MrBIOS The motion is for _consideration_ of that particular design set, which does include a logo,  so yes, the logo within it is what I’m proposing we consider.
20:46 llaske:  that’s a classic fallacy in open source projects, someone who wants to control how others spend their time.
20:46 Quozl MrBIOS: okay, i'm lost, we can't have a motion that calls us to consider something.  please restate the motion in full.
20:47 (because considering something isn't doing anything)
20:47 ibiam llaske: If we eventually decide to change the logo, I don't think changing it where necessary would be a problem.
20:47 MrBIOS why can’t we? I phrased it that way for a reason, I’m sorry you don’t like my choice of words.
20:48 Quozl MrBIOS: because a motion that asks us to think is of no value, it does nothing, it binds us to nothing, it is an empty decision.  i doubt the community would like us to decide nothing.
20:48 MrBIOS it’s committing to the broad design, and there are small design things that need to be put to bed before we can adopt it as-is, I mentioned one of them, the font.
20:48 typeface licensing, looking at alternatives, etc.
20:48 alternative (free) typefaces, that is
20:49 llaske MrBIOS: allocating resource (money or volunteers - GSoC/GCI) must be a choice, including in Open Source projects
20:49 MrBIOS anyways, this is about what I was expecting would happen, any time anyone proposes we do anything more than lift a finger, someone says “we don’t ahve the resources or bandwdith or we shouldn’t spend our time that way” and it’s a complete shit-show.
20:50 llaske: you shoot nearly everything that’s ever proposed down. What good does that serve?
20:50 it doesn’t drive this organization forward.
20:50 it just keeps us where we are
20:50 ibiam llaske: If someone has done designs at this point, I'm sure they're willing to allocate time to see it through.
20:50 What's more, it's their choice.
20:51 You can't decide how a volunteer spends their time.
20:51 llaske MrBIOS: It's your opinion and I respect it but I'm not sure it's shared by all members
20:51 MrBIOS llaske: that’s fine, I don’t expect everyone to share it.
20:52 Anyways, pikurasa need some time to discuss 1023 forms.
20:52 and he has mere minutes
20:52 shall we shift gears?
20:52 pikurasa Ready?
20:52 Quozl Our mission for the oversight board is to ensure that the Sugar Labs community has clarity of purpose and the means to collaborate in achieving its goals.  I think we have had a robust discussion, and we haven't had enough time to agree on a goal.
20:52 pikurasa: go ahead.
20:52 #topic form 1023
20:52 pikurasa We are almost finished with 1023 -- this is good news.
20:53 The bad news: 1. We have taken very long to get this far
20:53 2. We may have lost our pro bono lawyer because of #1
20:53 Quozl (for the record, the chair acknowledges the participation of community members perrie and samson).
20:53 pikurasa 3. other reasons (implications of agreement with SFC, etc)
20:53 What we need to do:
20:54 I need a very *simple* list of duties, qualifications, and estimated hours from:
20:54 !. samsongoddy
20:54 2. walterbender
20:54 MrBIOS pikurasa:  I’ve been searching for another resource we might be able to engage to help us on that front, since I really think we should have someone who is familiar with the process of non-profit application with the IRS, and with Kyle’s abdication, I believe the most responsible thing to do would be to find someone else, not necessarily a lawyer, who is familiarw with the process, and can help us get the app submitted, and be confident it won’t b
20:54 rejected.
20:54 pikurasa 3. MrBIOS (Alex)
20:54 And Claudia
20:55 walterbender pikurasa, I will do it tonight... (I thought I had already done it)
20:55 pikurasa The other thing that we need is (and I am waiting for it) a confirmation from the accountant that one of the sections is correct
20:55 llaske pikurasa: I will do it too. I didn't catch the inital goal
20:55 Quozl (for the record, the chair acknowledges the attendance of gci student srevin saju).
20:55 srevinsaju thanks
20:55 MrBIOS I spend at least 10 hours a week on Sugar Labs, my responsibilities include attending board meetings, maintaining infrastructure, testing Sugar software, and interacting on the mailing lists.
20:55 pikurasa That is pretty much it, but there are still a few outstanding issues
20:56 (although not quite as top priority)
20:56 MrBIOS Qualifications, I’m not sure what they want there. Just level of education?
20:56 pikurasa MrBIOS: Yes
20:56 and the fact you own a business may be helpful
20:56 and work experience
20:57 llaske pikurasa: make sense
20:57 samsongoddy pikurasa, I can mail you what you need from me
20:57 Quozl Qualifications are very important when the shit hits the fan and someone with a legal hat on asks if the directors of the company had the skills needed to direct.
20:57 pikurasa Y'all can look at our predecessors 1023 for some guidance, too. https://sfconservancy.org/docs[…]ncy_Form-1023.pdf
20:57 Very simple
20:57 Claudia_ <Claudia_!~webchat@> has joined #sugar-meeting
20:57 MrBIOS I’m a high-school graduate, I studied anthropology in college, got accepted at a handful of University of California campuses, and then couldn’t afford to continue my studies, so that makes me aollege  drop-out.  “some college”
20:58 Quozl Claudia_: welcome, we're about nearly finished.
20:58 MrBIOS s/aollege/a college/g
20:58 pikurasa MrBIOS: I don't really care, just write what you do do
20:58 ibiam Welcome Claudia_.
20:58 Claudia_ hello
20:58 samsongoddy It will be helpful if I get a mail of what exactly I need to provide.
20:58 MrBIOS pikurasa:  I wrote it, see above.
20:58 pikurasa I just need it (like 2 weeks ago)!
20:58 MrBIOS samsongoddy: he’s already sent one
20:59 Quozl #topic next meeting 2020-04-01 at 20:00 UTC
20:59 any other business?  we're pretty much out of time.
20:59 pikurasa Ok, that time works for me. Thanks!
20:59 samsongoddy Oh, I am on transit, I will send when I am settled.
20:59 llaske Fine for me
20:59 MrBIOS I don’t think an hour a month is enough time to get any meaningful discussion done. I guess I’ll leave it at that?
21:00 ibiam I agree with MrBIOS.
21:00 pikurasa MrBIOS: Please send your duties and estimated hours as well.
21:00 Quozl MrBIOS: i agree, it has always been my intention that sugar labs oversight board meet in person or by voice, but we just don't seem to be interested enough.
21:01 samsongoddy Same here, I am not part of the board. But I am a board on two orgs, virtual and more time a month get things done.
21:01 Claudia_ I think it would be great to explore voice... it is not always effective to write...
21:01 srevinsaju has quit IRC
21:01 pikurasa Thank you everyone. Bye!
21:01 perrie one last question: what's is the conclusion on the logo? I need to know what the next steps would be
21:01 pikurasa has quit IRC
21:01 samsongoddy I encourage the new SLOBS to make it virtual
21:02 MrBIOS Claudia_:  I agree with you 100%.
21:02 Quozl perrie: there was no decision made, we were unable to reach a consensus.
21:02 #topic closing
21:02 All in favour of closing the meeting?
21:02 pikurasa has already left.
21:02 walterbender +1
21:02 llaske +1
21:02 Claudia_ +1
21:03 ibiam +1
21:03 Quozl perrie: could you stick around for five minutes?
21:03 MrBIOS Claudia_: now that you’re here, can you review the discussion at http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]20-03-04T19:58:52 and provide any feedback you have via the SLOBs mailing list?
21:03 perrie sure
21:03 MrBIOS +1
21:03 Quozl #endmeeting
21:03 meeting Meeting ended Wed Mar  4 21:03:26 2020 UTC. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot. (v 0.1.4)
21:03 Minutes: http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]-04T19:58:52.html
21:03 Log:     http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]20-03-04T19:58:52
21:04 Claudia_ MrBIOS: yes, I will take a look
21:04 Quozl perrie: thanks for working on the logo.  please read the logs of the meeting and see if you can make any minor adjustments to your work, and then repost it.  we may then reconsider it using our slobs@ mailing list, or we may end up talking about it next month.  if you can also add a strategy or implementation plan (a list of what to change), that may help.  but in saying this i'm not suggesting it will pass or be approved, it's just the next step in
21:04 winning over opposition.
21:06 perrie okay, that makes sense.. I will that and put together some sort of documentation
21:06 Quozl perrie: and also ... if you could use github we'd find it easier to engage responses, and save on downloads.  the mailing list has a large attachment filter.
21:07 perrie okay
21:08 Quozl perrie: we'll also eventually need the logo as SVG so it can be integrated into software products.  but that can come later.  thanks!  i've nothing further.
21:09 perrie yeah ..that is in the plan after a conclusion is reached - in every file formate needed
21:09 walterbender perrie, for what its worth, I think it would be easy to slip the new logo in as an alternative/complement to the old logo.
21:10 and as I mentioned on the original thread, I really like #2 the best :)
21:10 samsongoddy has quit IRC
21:11 Quozl walterbender: alex was talking about the one with the S and L in coloured squares.  i prefer the other one myself; in those mix of earthy colours.
21:12 perrie walterbender, I'm not really sure about having 2 logos. but I'll make more research around that
21:12 and I'll apply changes on #2 and #3
21:12 Quozl ... that is, the one with concentric half circles.
21:12 Claudia_ I have not seen the logos, but it is confusing already to have to boards
21:13 walterbender perrie, read the link I posted re IBM... I think it can work
21:13 perrie and send across, maybe that can help the conclusion :)
21:13 Quozl Claudia_: yes.
21:13 ibiam has quit IRC
21:13 perrie yes, walterbender ... thank you
21:14 Quozl Claudia_: http://lists.sugarlabs.org/arc[…]ruary/020823.html
21:14 MrBIOS Claudia_: the reality is that we don’t really have two boards. There is a list of corporate officers, as required by law, but we’re not making any binding decisions within that entity.
21:14 pvsh1999 has quit IRC
21:14 MrBIOS so I’m not really sure what the concern is
21:14 that entity exists because it has to before we apply for non-profit status.
21:15 Quozl i'm concerned that the old board is wasting time working on the new board's responsibilities, but as we only lost seven minutes to it in this meeting, it's not currently an issue.  ;-)
21:15 MrBIOS Quozl: would you mind un-packing that a bit?
21:15 how, specifically?
21:16 Quozl MrBIOS: the time taken by devin for the form 1023 issue was about seven minutes.  it's an issue that is faced only by the new board; that is the board of sugar labs inc.  the old board; of sugar labs the project of the software freedom conservancy, gave that time away from their meeting, and i'm fine with that.
21:17 MrBIOS ah yes, I understand, thanks
21:17 ibiam <ibiam!~myirc@> has joined #sugar-meeting
21:18 walterbender Quozl, the formation of newco is of concern to the SL community in that the SFC is kicking us out... we need a place to land. so I don't see it as a waste of the board's time. it is a critical issue that the board needs to help the community address.
21:19 Claudia_ walterbender: agree! I want to make sure there is clarity on the transition... and avoid starting new tasks from the SLB board
21:19 MrBIOS yes, agreed, to me it seems that you’re taking an unnecessary “us vs them” approach to this
21:19 we have no choice btu to leave
21:19 the question is how
21:24 Claudia_ Quozl: thanks for sharing
21:28 Quozl` has quit IRC
21:28 Quozl So webchat.freenode.net worked fine during the meeting.
21:35 MrBIOS Quozl: bottersnike’s comment re: qwebirc being ten years out of date is kinda neither here nor there.
21:36 It’s hosted at https://github.com/qwebirc/qwebirc/ and their website news section hasn’t ben updated since 2017
21:36 though there’s clearly some dev activity
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