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#sugar-meeting, 2019-08-23

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Time Nick Message
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11:07 walterbender hi pikurasa
11:08 pikurasa hi walterbender
11:09 walterbender pikurasa, I recall that Doraemon-theme had graphics. But not the version in examples.
11:09 Is that the version you have been testing?
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11:11 pikurasa Doraemon theme has never had graphics
11:11 walterbender Oh.
11:11 I guess I must be thinking of something else.
11:11 pikurasa The example is the same as the student made for GCI (2?) years ago
11:11 walterbender In that case, the Sachiko-related patch would have no impact.
11:12 pikurasa The Doraemon theme just has a lot of notes (and many fast notes), which is why it is a good test.
11:12 walterbender So you think the performance has degraded?
11:12 pikurasa I do not think it has degraded
11:12 I just cannot tell how much it has improved
11:12 walterbender Oh. I don't know that we'd see improvement there.
11:13 pikurasa The rhythm not perfect. It would be nice if the rhythm was--more or less-perfect.
11:13 Grandma needs to be able to tap her foot to Music Blocks
11:13 walterbender We should write a good test case.
11:14 Does the performance get worse over time? Or is it a problem throughout?
11:14 We
11:14 pikurasa walterbender: I need to go. Reminder: We have our open house events tonight and tomorrow 10-2
11:14 walterbender: I do not think the performance gets worse over time
11:14 walterbender I will try to attend some of tomorrow if I can.
11:15 pikurasa walterbender: we were thinking it would be great if you led an activity around 11 am
11:15 walterbender 50-50
11:16 pikurasa Re Performance: It is just that sometimes the notes get behind, and then catch up which changes the rhythm.
11:16 walterbender: Please text me when you know.
11:16 walterbender OK
11:16 Would be good to understand what causes them to get behind
11:16 pikurasa I gotta go now. 7am has been a very diff time, since we gotta eat as fam and go to daycare.
11:16 walterbender and to implement a better catch up strategy
11:17 pikurasa Bye for now. Thanks!
11:17 walterbender ok. bye
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