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#sugar-meeting, 2019-07-26

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All times shown according to UTC.

Time Nick Message
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11:05 fakela Hello
11:09 Am here
11:09 walter__ hi
11:09 not sure if Devin is around.
11:10 anyway, how is it going?
11:10 I am a bit confused about where you are re the timeouts in logo.js
11:10 fakela The timeouts
11:10 Lemme check the code
11:12 walter__ Well, in general, about the logo.js changes.
11:12 Should I be testing that PR again?
11:12 fakela Lemme explain
11:12 I added the async/await in two different functions
11:12 Then I reverted the changes in one
11:13 And left it in one
11:13 The this._runFromBlock is the one that is with async/await now
11:15 And when I ran the performance test when it had settimeout it took over 30-54 Ms to complete
11:15 It seems i didn't add the image in the comment
11:15 But after the change i tested again and no warnings on that
11:15 walter__ OK. I'll try to test later this morning.
11:16 fakela Alright
11:16 Any feedback will be waiting
11:16 So I should still continue with the DevTools analysis
11:17 walter__ The analysis is super interesting to me.
11:17 fakela Alright
11:18 walter__ where else do you think we can do some optimizing? Other places where it slows down?
11:18 fakela I have uploaded the image to github
11:18 walter__ Maybe to begin with you could open a ticket to itemize all of the places where there are opportunities for optimizing?
11:19 and then we can pick and choose the ones to tackle next?
11:19 (the timeout in the main loop is very tricky, as we discussed, so maybe we don't do that yet)
11:20 fakela Some of the other places that shows warnings are in the libraries
11:21 Okay that sounds good
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11:23 fakela Sorry I went off
11:24 walter__ I need to go off line for 10 minutes too :P
11:24 Be right back.
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11:25 fakela I might not be here after 10 mins but we still have our discussion maybe outside here
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