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#sugar-meeting, 2019-06-28

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03:36 llaske <llaske!~llaske@lfbn-1-12513-3.w90-91.abo.wanadoo.fr> has joined #sugar-meeting
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11:05 walterbender <walterbender!~walter@c-73-126-75-183.hsd1.ma.comcast.net> has joined #sugar-meeting
11:06 fakela <fakela!~androirc@> has joined #sugar-meeting
11:06 fakela Hi
11:07 walterbender hi
11:09 fakela, can you summarize all the commits from yesterday. I was traveling and hadn't gotten a chance to review yet.
11:09 fakela Okay ...how was your trip
11:09 The commits from yesterday
11:10 1. I added promises to blocks.js
11:10 2. Then wrote a test to check if it works as expected
11:10 I tried to explain the flow of the test
11:10 From what I understood
11:11 walterbender I'll check both out today. Hopefully get it all merged.
11:11 fakela I) set completed to false
11:11 ii) create promise
11:11 iii)Run promise callback which sets completed to true
11:11 iv) Expect that completed is true
11:11 i used the async/ await as this relieves you from putting asserts in the then and catch block and async functions implicitly returns a promise but then it can also be re written to explicitly return a promise instead
11:12 walterbender I'll have to learn more about that.
11:12 fakela Okay will be waiting for a feedback
11:12 Lemme send you a link
11:12 walterbender re unit tests, maybe we can think about some performance tests? how long it takes to load a project? how long it takes to run some code?
11:12 fakela https://jasmine.github.io/tutorials/async
11:13 walterbender thx
11:13 fakela Performance test using some performance testing tool
11:14 I ran an audit on Musicblocks
11:14 walterbender something so we can see if a change impacts performance
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11:16 pikurasa <pikurasa!~devin@fsf/member/pikurasa> has joined #sugar-meeting
11:17 walterbender fakela lost the connection
11:17 fakela <fakela!~androirc@> has joined #sugar-meeting
11:17 walterbender she is back
11:17 fakela Sorry my network was unstable
11:17 walterbender fakela, something so we can see if a change impacts performance
11:18 is what we should try to test...
11:18 fakela I didn't get the previous messages before this
11:19 Okay
11:20 walterbender The idea is we can test the performance impact of every PR
11:21 for example, I suspect your async changes will improve performance and it would be nice to be able to measure it.
11:21 fakela Okay I understand what you mean now
11:22 walterbender pikurasa, any feedback for fakela ?
11:22 fakela The unit test written though is to actually check if it works as expected and they are no errors
11:23 walterbender fakela, that is one purpose
11:23 but "error" could mean the code doesn't run
11:23 or it code mean that the performance is impacted.
11:25 pikurasa no particular feedback for fakela other than, if you are able please test on multiple devices
11:25 (e.g. Android, iPhone, etc)
11:25 fakela Multiple devices sure I can do that
11:25 I have friends devices I can use to test
11:25 pikurasa I find testing on iPhone to be a pain as it requires multiple Apple devices
11:26 iPhone also = iPad etc in my mind
11:26 fakela Ipad too am not to sure about getting an iPad to test but Android yes and iPhone too
11:26 pikurasa Lately I have found that on mobile apple devices (e.g. iPad) it does not get past splash screen
11:27 Before, it got through splash screen, but no sound
11:27 Not directly "performance related", but if you see something suspicious please look into it.
11:28 fakela When I wrote the test for promise in the palette.js I had an error it didn't show in the console but when I wrote the test it pointed out the error
11:28 Which I had to make adjustments to
11:28 walterbender maybe related to the problem we had/have with firefox export audio
11:28 I was referring to the iphone audio bug
11:29 pikurasa just FYI, I have not tested fakela's changes on iPad, only master branch
11:29 fakela Also I mistakenly added something I wasn't supposed to add in the blocks.js the test passed but it failed the build cause of what I added that didn't make sense
11:30 pikurasa hmmm, does that mean some tests return false positives?
11:31 walterbender sounds like the tests are catching errors :)
11:32 fakela Lemme send a link
11:34 My network is really slow it's about to rain here
11:37 walterbender fakela, OK.
11:37 I'll try to review today in any case.
11:37 anything else for today, before the rain begins?
11:38 pikurasa I don't have any comments other than I appreciate the daily activity on GH from fakela
11:39 fakela Okay first thing first I will test on various devices
11:39 Then you pointed something out
11:40 walterbender OK. thx everyone
11:40 fakela About testing the performance impact of the PR
11:40 pikurasa thank you fakela
11:40 fakela Will look more into Jasmine test
11:40 Any questions will let you know
11:40 pikurasa needs to disconnect for a bit. bye!
11:41 fakela: great
11:41 bye
11:41 fakela Thank you
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14:12 samsongoddy <samsongoddy!~samsongod@> has joined #sugar-meeting
14:17 Hrishi_ <Hrishi_!uid200307@gateway/web/irccloud.com/x-rhtaaznlbeabtdin> has joined #sugar-meeting
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14:32 ibiam hi
14:32 Hrishi_ Hi ibiam, samsongoddy, perrie, walterbender
14:33 Let's start
14:33 perrie hi
14:33 samsongoddy Hello
14:33 Hrishi_ Should we start?
14:34 samsongoddy sure
14:34 Hrishi_ #start-meeting
14:34 meeting Meeting started Fri Jun 28 14:34:07 2019 UTC. The chair is Hrishi_. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
14:34 Useful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #endmeeting
14:34 Hrishi_ #topic Dashboard Activity
14:34 ibiam I have a few comments
14:34 re code review
14:35 Hrishi_ We have a couple of issues with Dashboard activity right now.
14:35 ibiam: yes, please go on
14:35 https://github.com/Hrishi1999/[…]activity/issues/3 Earlier code-review here
14:35 ibiam yeah seen
14:36 there's quite some spaces in try statements in utils.py and activity.py
14:36 Hrishi_ Will check and indent them.
14:36 ibiam activity.py L182, signal name "size-allocate"
14:37 typo "size_allocate
14:37 also make setup.py executable
14:37 as one will have to make it executable first before being able to make a .xo file
14:38 Hrishi_ I can run setup.py to generate xo bundles, generate pot files.
14:39 ibiam from your repo it isn't executable
14:39 Hrishi_ How do I make it executable? I am confused :|
14:40 ibiam chmod +x setup.py
14:40 and push
14:40 Hrishi_ Ok, will do. Thanks!
14:40 ibiam git status would show you a mode change
14:40 Hrishi_ I hope I've written quality code
14:40 samsongoddy, perrie: let's discuss design issues?
14:40 ibiam You've done great
14:41 some comments re design issues
14:41 Hrishi_ ibiam: I've problems running this activity in Fedora18/20 and it has been frustrating. I will try to run it tonight.
14:41 ibiam I don't have a flash drive to create an image so I could test and my xo has some issues with wifi
14:42 So I can't connect it to a wifi
14:42 I'll fix it and test
14:42 Hrishi_ You will get similar results probably: https://github.com/Hrishi1999/[…]activity/issues/2
14:42 samsongoddy, perrie: ping
14:43 samsongoddy I am here
14:43 Hrishi_ What should we do with the pie chart?
14:43 ibiam re design comments, the label texts in the frame in perrie's design are right justified
14:43 samsongoddy with the image i sent the activity isn't fully optimized
14:43 ibiam yours is centralized
14:44 Hrishi_ You mean the top 3 blocks right?
14:44 ibiam yeah
14:44 samsongoddy The yes
14:45 perrie my main issue with the dashboard is the 1. the way the pie chart currently looks, like I mentioned earlier, each section of the pie chart should contain distinct colours, easier to read, easier to differentiate between activities .
14:45 Hrishi_ I can't find any CSS examples which could be applied on a Gtk.Label() I will keep looking
14:46 perrie: I will try to modify the existing sugarpycha library and get back to you.
14:46 ibiam re the pie chart, with more journal objects the pie chart becomes smaller
14:46 and the labels too
14:46 become a bit displaced
14:47 It's difficult to identify which item belongs to what part of the chart
14:47 samson_ <samson_!~samsongod@> has joined #sugar-meeting
14:47 perrie "re design comments, the label texts in the frame in perrie's design are right justified" centralised looks okay too
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14:47 Hrishi_ Should I keep it centralized?
14:48 ibiam perrie, do you want it centralized?
14:48 Hrishi_ *centered
14:48 perrie yeah .. it's okay centralised
14:48 Hrishi_ Ok. So I will try fixing pie chart
14:49 And make it work on Fedora18/20 (OLPC OS)
14:49 ibiam I'm yet to look extensively in sugarpycha
14:50 Hrishi_ ibiam: I haven't looked in pycha thoroughly. Just understood how it works.
14:50 perrie there should a little more spacing in between layouts.. everything seem jam packed
14:50 Hrishi_ perrie: The Journal entries part and pie chart part specifically?
14:50 ibiam also it'll be cool if the frame size becomes bigger
14:50 or larger
14:51 instead of being as fixed as it is
14:51 Hrishi_ ibiam: I tried to do something like wht Facebook desktop does.
14:52 ibiam I haven't used Facebook desktop
14:52 Hrishi_ July will be mainly focused on fixing Dashboard and Tamagotchi
14:52 perrie yes ... the space between the statistics the journal entry/pie chart section and activity
14:53 ibiam perrie, samsongoddy, walterbender: are you okay with the frame size?
14:53 samson_ nope
14:54 perrie the frame size is too small
14:54 Hrishi_ This might mess layout on XOs
14:56 perrie on larger screens, it looks horrible .. is it possible to have fit different screen sizes? smaller on XOs on larger screens appears bigger?
14:56 Hrishi_ perrie: Yes, it could be done. I would've to learn how other activities do it
14:57 Anything else for the  Dashboard?
14:57 ibiam I have an idea how that works
14:57 I can't remember at the moment
14:57 Hrishi_ ibiam: Please help me out :)
14:58 perrie cool, then that solves it .. just need to figure out how
14:58 ibiam I'll communicate with you when I figure it out
14:58 Hrishi_ It might be complex with Grid. But I don't know. I will try.
14:58 Anything else for Dashboard?
14:59 Moving to Tamagotchi
14:59 #topic Tamagotchi
14:59 perrie move the drop down in the journal section to the right, so I aligns well with the time
14:59 Hrishi_ perrie: will do.
15:00 This week I changed the logos of Tamagotchi. There is an issue I need to ask @ibiam
15:01 ibiam: Since we are having 3 phases (embryo, teen, adult), the will be too many icons. Around 15. Is that ok to do?
15:01 The other solution is to use Cairo, but it will be hard to draw different phases because of complex logo designs
15:02 ibiam yeah, they'll be icons for every phase
15:02 what I had in mind earlier though was
15:02 using the adult image, and filling it when it's full and reducing it when there's change
15:02 Hrishi_ I already have it working. The code and logos are available
15:02 ibiam it's implemented in browse, progress bar for downloads
15:02 Hrishi_ perrie: Can you help me figure out how the battery should affect logos?
15:03 perrie okay .. will do
15:03 Hrishi_ ibiam: Am I doing it correctly?
15:04 Code here: https://github.com/Hrishi1999/[…]b91ba8c9525762db9
15:04 perrie, samsongoddy: did you check the new logos out?
15:05 perrie I've not been able to check .. but I will
15:05 samson_ I haven't but I will
15:06 Hrishi_ Alright
15:06 ibiam Hrishi_, the timeout_add for __tamagotchi_thread shouldn't be part of the function
15:06 Hrishi_ ibiam: Yes I know. It was an accident xD
15:06 ibiam okay sure
15:06 Hrishi_ I didn't clean the code before pushing, sorry
15:07 ibiam it's cool, it can still be done
15:07 Hrishi_ ibiam: So am I going in the right direction?
15:07 walterbender^^
15:08 ibiam there's been an agreement about the images so yes you're going in the right direction
15:08 Hrishi_ Thanks.
15:08 Anything else?
15:09 ibiam nothing more from me
15:10 perrie nothing more from my end too
15:10 Hrishi_ Ok. This and next week's focus will be back to Dashboard, and Tamagotchi improvements
15:10 walterbender +1
15:10 Hrishi_ I hope I did well for Phase 1
15:11 Thanks for you time everyone :)
15:11 walterbender yes... generated lots of solid ideas and a good basis from which to proceed
15:11 Hrishi_ Have a nice weekend.
15:11 ibiam walterbender: what do you think re dashboard activity being a system level implementation
15:11 like having it in the control panel
15:11 Hrishi_ walterbender: Thanks alot! Hope you had a great time at GCI summit ;)
15:11 ibiam rather than as an activity
15:11 perrie +1
15:12 ibiam that way whenever people install sugar, they have the feature
15:12 they don't have to download the activity
15:12 Hrishi_ Maybe something like the out of the box activities? Like Log, Browse?
15:14 ibiam nah
15:15 like a feature in the control panel
15:16 Hrishi_ Could be a possible option
15:16 Should we discuss this now? Or keep it for a later meeting?
15:19 I will set a reminder for this topic for next meeting. Have to go now. Thanks again everyone!
15:19 #end-meeting
15:19 meeting Meeting ended Fri Jun 28 15:19:36 2019 UTC. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot. (v 0.1.4)
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15:19 Log:     http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]19-06-28T14:34:07
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