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#sugar-meeting, 2019-06-24

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All times shown according to UTC.

Time Nick Message
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16:29 Hrishi_ Hi everyone!
16:29 Aniket hello everyone
16:30 sparsh0204 hello
16:30 NikhilM98 Hello!
16:31 pikurasa <pikurasa!~devin@fsf/member/pikurasa> has joined #sugar-meeting
16:31 pikurasa hi
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16:36 pikurasa Hi all, do we have our meeting today at this time?
16:36 sparsh0204 <sparsh0204!9d2584c4@> has joined #sugar-meeting
16:36 Aniket probably yes, no updates for any change.
16:36 pikurasa hi sparsh0204
16:37 hi fakela
16:37 hi all
16:37 ashish0 <ashish0!b644b104@> has joined #sugar-meeting
16:37 sparsh0204 hi pikurasa
16:37 Swarup1414 Hey!
16:37 pikurasa I need to go soon-ish. May I ask Music Blocks interns to go first?
16:38 #start-meeting
16:38 meeting Meeting started Mon Jun 24 16:38:06 2019 UTC. The chair is pikurasa. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
16:38 Useful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #endmeeting
16:38 walterbender hi
16:38 sparsh0204 May I start
16:38 pikurasa sparsh0204: go ahead
16:38 AvinashAgarwal <AvinashAgarwal!75c2164e@> has joined #sugar-meeting
16:38 pikurasa walterbender: there you are...
16:38 sparsh0204 Work I did in last week.
16:38 * I have completed the sorting notes part. If there are similar blocks the second one is removed.
16:38 * Added pie menu for drums.
16:38 * Added pie menu for hertz
16:38 pikurasa +1, +1
16:39 sparsh0204 * Added pie menu for graphics.
16:39 pikurasa yeah!
16:39 sparsh0204 * Added pie menu for arc and setxy.
16:39 * Changed color to that of graphics for arc and setxy(currently it was similar to drums).
16:39 * One typo in the existing code
16:39 * Pie-menu for drums and pitch now contains a sound preview.
16:39 * Pie-menu of graphics contains option to change graphic blocks.
16:39 Link to work done - https://github.com/sugarlabs/m[…]cblocks/pull/1785
16:39 walterbender all nice changes
16:39 sparsh0204 Plans for next week
16:39 I am looking forward to completing remaining freatures discussed for phrase maker
16:40 I was unable to finish my blog(as I am out of town due to some family function). I will complete it by tomorrow.
16:40 fakela Hi
16:40 sparsh0204 That's all from my side
16:40 pikurasa sparsh0204: please be sure to check some corner-cases, such as what happens when the user scripts their phrase maker with repeats, for example
16:40 (and other conditionals, variables)
16:41 If it is difficult to account for them, you could write about it on the blog (to prepare for the future development)
16:41 any questions for sparsh0204?
16:41 sparsh0204 I think I will work on those case once I complete all the discussed features
16:41 pikurasa sparsh0204: +1
16:41 walterbender all good
16:42 pikurasa fakela: maybe you can go next?
16:42 fakela Sure
16:42 sparsh0204 Another request I am currently out of town due to family function so can I leave early
16:42 fakela I was able to get Travis karma and Jasmine working
16:42 But then I have few fixes
16:42 I need to do
16:43 Made a pull request for it
16:43 pikurasa fakela: yes, I see a lot of activity, which is good.
16:43 fakela: what are your TODO's?
16:43 fakela https://github.com/sugarlabs/m[…]cblocks/pull/1793
16:44 After I make the fixes I write test for the other things I added then have a meeting for this week Todo
16:45 pikurasa any questions for fakela?
16:45 walterbender not from me
16:46 llaske_ <llaske_!~llaske@lfbn-1-12513-3.w90-91.abo.wanadoo.fr> has joined #sugar-meeting
16:46 pikurasa walterbender: can you take over from here, please?
16:46 walterbender sparsh0204, you can leave, yes
16:46 pikurasa thank you fakela
16:46 thank you sparsh0204
16:46 please excuse me. bye!
16:47 pikurasa has quit IRC
16:47 walterbender NikhilM98, can you please report?
16:47 sparsh0204 walterbender
16:47 thanks
16:47 NikhilM98 Hello Everyone
16:47 sparsh0204 has left #sugar-meeting
16:47 NikhilM98 My last weeks tasks were:
16:47 1. Fix add student directly in classroom issue
16:48 2. Increase coverage for unit tests
16:48 3. Testing and bug fixing for teacher-role feature
16:48 The feature for Teacher-Role is ready to be merged
16:48 Summary of my last weeks' work can be found here: https://medium.com/@nikhilmehr[…]e-iv-e870fcd707c4
16:48 I have a meeting with Tarun at Tuesday 8am IST, where we'll discuss this weeks task.
16:49 Link to the PR: https://github.com/llaske/suga[…]r-server/pull/185
16:49 Any questions?
16:49 walterbender sounds like things are on track
16:49 any roadblocks?
16:50 NikhilM98 We begin with tackling the roadblock encountered during the previous week
16:50 llaske_ has quit IRC
16:50 walterbender +1
16:50 thanks NikhilM98
16:51 sparsh0204 forgot to mention that all of his previous work was merged this past weekend to master :)
16:51 Hrishi_, wanna go next?
16:51 Hrishi_ Sure
16:52 Last week my focus was on the Tamagotchi widget. I emailed to devel about how I am proceeding. I did:
16:52 1)Designing icons
16:52 2) Modify existing icons for different variations
16:52 3) Run a test to see if the method I am using is working fine
16:52 4) Implement embryo, teen and adult transformations.
16:52 All the details in this week's blog: https://medium.com/@hrishipate[…]ss-5-605eb779b5ae
16:55 Any questions?
16:55 walterbender nope
16:55 thanks Hrishi_
16:55 Hrishi_ Welcome
16:56 walterbender who have I missed?
16:56 AvinashAgarwal Hello!
16:56 walterbender yes...
16:56 you are next :)
16:57 AvinashAgarwal My last weeks tasks were:
16:57 1. UI Improvements for MCQ Template.2. Multimedia integration in Cloze template.3. Multimedia integration in Reorder template.4. Testing new changes with for web and android platform.I have a meeting with llaske on Wednesday at 8am ISt, where we will discuss this week's task. It will be mainly to integrate detailed results display for all the exist
16:57 ing templates(MCQ, Cloze, Reorder) in shared mode.  Link to PRs: https://github.com/llaske/Exer[…]iserReact/pull/71
16:59 walterbender Any roadblcoks? concerns?
17:00 AvinashAgarwal No as of now.
17:00 walterbender thanks AvinashAgarwal
17:00 ashish0,
17:00 ashish0 Hello Everyone ,
17:00 Tasks completed last week are :
17:00 fakela has quit IRC
17:01 ashish0 1.Export to PDF , HTML , TXT
17:01 2.Image handling UI polish
17:01 3.Multi user collaboration base version .
17:01 Tasks for next week :
17:01 1.Undo and redo for multi user collab
17:01 2.All users in multi collab have edit access to images .
17:01 3..Display cursors of other users research .
17:01 Link to blog -  https://medium.com/@ashish0910[…]blishedType=repub
17:02 Any questions ?
17:03 walterbender Do you have any blockers?
17:03 ashish0 No , not as of now .
17:03 walterbender thanks ashish0
17:03 Aniket,
17:04 Aniket yeah sure :-)
17:04 Work I did in last week
17:04 * Worked on making gwebsockets compatible with python 3.(https://github.com/sugarlabs/g[…]sockets/issues/5)
17:04 * Ported convert to python 3 with flake 8 fixes.
17:04 * Spent a couple of days on working replacing dbus with TelepathyGLib classes.
17:04  But afterwards we decided not to proceed that way and instead favor use of dbus in place of telepathy
17:04  low level binding.
17:04 I worked on making changes in favor of that, made changes in Toolkit, Collabwrapper and Sugar.
17:05 Remaining is testing and making changes followed.
17:05 Work for this week:-
17:05 * Try to wrap up TelepathyGLib work for sugar, sugar-toolkit-gtk3, collabwrapper.
17:05  if we don't face any unexpected hurdle :-)
17:05 * Work on making gwebsockets compatible for python 3.
17:05 walterbender wow... would be great to finally get that wrapped up
17:06 Aniket yeah.... hope things go all right now
17:06 walterbender you've been coordinating with James?
17:06 Aniket yeah... you can see your conversation on threads ;-)
17:07 we also  talk by voice
17:07 some times
17:07 walterbender :)
17:07 any questions for Aniket ?
17:07 Aniket one more task for this week
17:07 * Try to figure out a way to package multi-version toolkit.
17:07 Link to blog - https://medium.com/@aniketmath[…]ek-5-7d3f9c357e54
17:08 walterbender thanks Aniket
17:08 anyone else we missed?
17:08 Aniket thanks :-)
17:08 walterbender I think that was everyone
17:09 Swarup1414 Hi
17:09 walterbender Swarup1414, hi
17:09 Swarup1414 What I worked on the last 2 weeks
17:09 1) PR: #59 (Continued), #60 , #61, #62 [Calculate-activity]
17:09 2) PR: #13 [Biorhythm]
17:09 3) I: #8 (closed) [GTranslator]
17:09 This week, I shall try to get all the ones I've opened, merged into master.
17:10 Thanks.
17:10 walterbender Swarup1414, are there things that are slowing you down?
17:10 Swarup1414 Yes Walter
17:11 I had a small family emergency a wekk back
17:11 walterbender oh. sorry to hear that.
17:11 hope everything is ok
17:11 Swarup1414 My grandfather was a bit ill so I slightly rushed.
17:12 walterbender and that you can get some momentum again...
17:12 Swarup1414 Yes, definitely.
17:12 This week onwards
17:12 walterbender great
17:12 any other questions? for Swarup1414 or anyone else?
17:14 OK. I guess we are finished for today. Thanks for the reports everyone.
17:14 And please, if you have not already done so, update your blogs.
17:14 #end-meeting
17:14 Hmm. Maybe pikarua needs to end the meeting?
17:17 Aniket #endmeeting
17:17 Yeah looks like that
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18:09 pikurasa #end-meeting
18:09 meeting Meeting ended Mon Jun 24 18:09:45 2019 UTC. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot. (v 0.1.4)
18:09 Minutes: http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]-24T16:38:06.html
18:09 Log:     http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]19-06-24T16:38:06
18:09 pikurasa okay, there it is!
18:10 Back to work for me -- have great day!
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