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#sugar-meeting, 2019-06-14

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11:07 AndroUser Hello
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11:10 walterbender fakela, hi
11:11 fakela Hello
11:12 For the unit tests
11:14 I had to study testing using karma Jasmine and travis
11:15 I haven't really set it up
11:15 Cause I wanted to understand it a bit more
11:16 walterbender fakela, The basic idea behind unit tests is that they test specific aspects of the code to make sure that they don't break when changes are made.
11:16 they also can be used for performance measures.
11:17 the frameworks are there to set up and run the unit tests.
11:17 many of which can be automated (to run after each update to the code)
11:18 fakela Okay
11:18 This makes sense more
11:19 walterbender I don't have strong feeling about what framework to use... just that they be somewhat github friendly since that is where we host. I think most of them are.
11:20 Have you looked at https://travis-ci.org/ ?
11:20 fakela Yes I have
11:21 walterbender did you try using the tutorial?
11:22 fakela Yes I did but I had issues
11:24 Where I had issues was in powering up Jasmine with karma and travis
11:25 walterbender https://medium.com/@koalamango[…]avis-c118a98223d9 looks pretty helpful
11:26 fakela Oh thank you
11:26 Will look into this now
11:27 walterbender try setting up a small project as a test bed
11:27 then we can talk specifics about MB testing
11:27 fakela Alright
11:27 walterbender please don't go silent for days at a time. ask questions early and often
11:28 there are many on the devel list who can help with these things, not just me.
11:28 fakela Okay
11:29 Will ask questions more frequently when am stucked
11:29 Thank you for pointing that out
11:30 walterbender the devel email list can be super useful
11:30 lots of people smarter than me
11:31 fakela Will ask questions more on the devel list
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