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#sugar-meeting, 2019-02-01

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19:02 MrBIOS hey folks
19:03 looks around
19:06 walterbender: ping
19:06 Quozl: ping
19:06 Quozl hello.
19:07 MrBIOS: pong.
19:07 MrBIOS g’day, you still melting?
19:07 did we move the meeting time??
19:08 Quozl we moved the meeting time for the march meeting, but not for the february meeting.
19:08 MrBIOS right
19:08 okay, I am not mis-remembering
19:08 Quozl my understanding is that today's meeting is in about 50 minutes.
19:08 phew.  ;-)
19:08 as for the melting, we had our first cool night for about a month.
19:08 MrBIOS ah, for some reason I’d put it in my calendar for an hour earlier :)
19:09 well that’s good to hear
19:09 Quozl cool as in 23C  ;-)
19:09 MrBIOS hey, it’s a start :)
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19:26 ifeanyi_ <ifeanyi_!uid291517@gateway/web/irccloud.com/x-bzrbddnsuqhjzzuu> has joined #sugar-meeting
19:27 ifeanyi_ Hi
19:29 GrannieB Hi
19:38 pikurasa <pikurasa!~devin@fsf/member/pikurasa> has joined #sugar-meeting
19:51 Quozl pikurasa: hi.
19:55 pikurasa hi Quozl
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19:59 GrannieB Hi Samson
19:59 llaske Hi all
19:59 Quozl g'day.
19:59 GrannieB Hi Lionel1
19:59 Quozl walterbender: you here?
20:00 callaurrea <callaurrea!122837b7@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sugar-meeting
20:00 Quozl callaurrea: hello!
20:00 samsongoddy Hello
20:01 Quozl #startmeeting
20:01 meeting Meeting started Fri Feb  1 20:01:00 2019 UTC. The chair is Quozl. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
20:01 Useful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #endmeeting
20:01 samsongoddy GrannieB, you made it
20:01 callaurrea Hello Quozl
20:01 Quozl i see we have james, alex, devin, samson, claudia, lionel.
20:01 GrannieB yep
20:01 callaurrea Hi Everyone
20:01 ifeanyi_ Hello all
20:01 callaurrea I may need to leave early... I am in a meeting with Save the Children
20:01 Quozl welcome to visitors ifeanyi_ and GrannieB.
20:01 walterbender hi
20:01 Quozl callaurrea: okay.
20:01 okay, we have everyone.
20:01 #topic agenda
20:02 briefly we have today; formally receive those reports, and discuss goals.  any other agenda items to add?
20:02 GrannieB SCaLE 17X
20:02 samsongoddy #Marketing update
20:03 MrBIOS yes, SCALE 17x attendance and recruiting efforts there
20:03 Quozl MrBIOS: thanks.  samsongoddy: thanks.
20:03 callaurrea thanks for the report!
20:03 Quozl so our agenda is receive reports, marketing update, scale 17x, and discuss goals.  moving on ...
20:03 #topic receive reports
20:03 pikurasa #Remake-music-LLC
20:04 Please add ^
20:04 Quozl we have reports from membership and elections committee, and gci.
20:04 pikurasa thanks!
20:04 Quozl pikurasa: thanks, added.
20:04 Motion: we formally receive the reports from Membership and Elections Committee, Google Code-in project team (motion 2018-08).
20:04 any seconder and discussion?
20:05 (revised agenda, receive reports, remake music, marketing update, scale 17x, and discuss goals).
20:06 walterbender seconded
20:06 Quozl thanks, i liked the reports, they kept us informed and showed good results.  i've nothing further to add.  i call for votes or discussion.
20:07 MrBIOS I would also like to note that just over 36% of the "participants" actually seem to have in a substantive way, and I do not understand what constitutes “participation”
20:08 since the report states that 674 students participated. In what way did they participate, if they didn’t actually complete a task?
20:08 walterbender MrBIOS, that is not atypical
20:08 MrBIOS walterbender: I don’t doubt that, I’m just curious to unpack it a bit
20:08 walterbender there is a long tail
20:08 a lot of schools force kids to participate
20:08 Quozl MrBIOS: my understanding is that participation is that registered by google's systems, not ours.
20:08 walterbender and those kids tend to shop around for minimal work
20:08 MrBIOS right, I guess I take issue with the term “participation” to mean ‘registration'
20:09 walterbender it is not just registration
20:09 all of the 600+ at some point chose a Sugar Labs task
20:09 MrBIOS okay, I am 100% unfamiliar with what the process actually looks like, which is why I’m asking these questions
20:09 walterbender but they may not have completed it
20:09 or may not have submitted their work
20:09 lots of scenarios
20:10 MrBIOS is there any way to export data out of the GCI web interface for us to examine the level of “participation”?
20:10 walterbender Yes. I am doing that (as I do every year)
20:10 MrBIOS does it have to be done manually, or is there some way to export in some sort of structured way?
20:10 walterbender but I cannot make it public due to Google privacy concerns
20:10 these days there is an easy mechanism for export into JSON
20:11 I just haven't gotten to it yet.
20:11 pikurasa Just FYI: From Google --> "GCI 2018: Site will be archived Feb 20th - be sure to download task data before then"
20:11 Quozl as organisation board members, you have right to access the information from google, even if you can't publish it here or on mailing lists.  thanks, good questions and answers; but can we move on to vote now?
20:11 walterbender +1
20:11 MrBIOS understood, perhaps we could anonymize the data exported, since I’m not really concerned with the names or contact information of the participants, nor is it necessary for this kind of investigation
20:11 walterbender (to the motion)
20:11 llaske +1
20:11 pikurasa +1
20:11 callaurrea +1
20:11 MrBIOS +1
20:12 Quozl thanks.
20:12 samsongoddy +1
20:12 walterbender MrBIOS, I will see what I can do and certainly can work with you to formulate queries against the data
20:12 Quozl #agreed Motion 2019-05: we formally receive the reports from Membership and Elections Committee, Google Code-in project team (motion 2018-08).
20:12 #topic Remake Music
20:12 pikurasa: go ahead.
20:12 perrie <perrie!~perrie@> has joined #sugar-meeting
20:12 Quozl welcome perrie as a visitor.
20:13 pikurasa I just sent an email to the SLOB's list. It would be helpful to read it as it has more detail than I can put here.
20:13 GrannieB Hi Perrie... we need to have a chat!
20:13 pikurasa but the gist is that Walter and I made an LLC to provide professional teaching services and support to teachers and schools for utilizing MB in the classroom.
20:14 callaurrea What is the name, musicblocks?
20:14 Quozl i've read it.  i've review the conflict of interest forms privately.  i've no questions, it all seems in order.
20:14 pikurasa It is a for-profit corp. We just signed a "conflict of interest" from SFC to disclose this.
20:14 Quozl callaurrea: the name is Remake Music LLC.
20:14 perrie most definitely GrannieB, been a while
20:14 pikurasa Yes, Remake Music, LLC
20:15 callaurrea great
20:15 pikurasa We have not received funds other than our own initial investments (Walter and myself), so we are telling the group early in the process. We do not know exactly where we will take this, but have hope.
20:15 callaurrea thannks
20:15 ibiam <ibiam!~myirc@> has joined #sugar-meeting
20:16 Quozl Motion: we formally receive report on and notification of conflict of interest with respect to Remake Music LLC.
20:16 ibiam Hi
20:16 Quozl welcome visitor ibiam.
20:16 llaske Seconded
20:16 Quozl can i have votes please?  or further questions for devin and walter.
20:17 samsongoddy +1
20:17 walterbender should probably recuse himself
20:17 ifeanyi_ +1
20:17 llaske +1
20:17 pikurasa One thing we mention is that we will recuse ourselves from voting on matters involving MB
20:17 ...therefore, I will recuse myself as well.
20:17 Quozl sure, if you like, but i think no need to recuse, as it's not a matter you have a conflict of interest with; the receiving report on and notification of coi.
20:18 callaurrea What is the motion?
20:18 Quozl Motion: we formally receive report on and notification of conflict of interest with respect to Remake Music LLC.
20:18 MrBIOS seconded
20:18 ibiam LLC?
20:18 pikurasa Limited Liability Coporation
20:18 Iqra <Iqra!272810b7@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sugar-meeting
20:19 Quozl #agreed Motion 2019-06: we formally receive report on and notification of conflict of interest with respect to Remake Music LLC.
20:19 seconded
20:19 welcome visitor iqra.
20:19 walterbender corporation :P
20:19 ibiam Got it
20:19 pikurasa thanks. too much typing today
20:19 Quozl #topic Marketing Update
20:19 samsongoddy: go ahead.
20:19 samsongoddy Thanks
20:20 I have been working on reaching out to schools, makers club
20:20 and Also further plans for marketing for SL in 2019
20:20 Which going to be reflecting on the goals for 2019
20:21 MrBIOS presumably the 2018 goals have not really changed for 2019? :)
20:21 samsongoddy I have sent in overview of the marketing plan to SLOBS, I am yet to receive comment on it
20:21 MrBIOS: Well Yeah
20:21 I am guess that since we didn't do much in 2018 regarding goals, I am working on what was stated in 2018 for 2019
20:21 Quozl samsongoddy: we have some draft goals for 2018, but we don't have an agreement on goals for 2019, as far as i am aware.  yes, i've received some plan-like things, but i admit to being mostly confused by them.
20:22 samsongoddy You mean what i sent? or the wiki?
20:22 MrBIOS correct, all we have for goals are what I cobbled together and put on the wiki. There has been zero formal agreement on anything there.
20:22 GrannieB Maybe the marketing Committee needs to meet?
20:22 walterbender samsongoddy, we have discussed some of your document. I'll try to help you clarify it perhaps over the weekend
20:22 Quozl GrannieB: thanks, but we don't have a marketing committee.
20:22 MrBIOS it’s just collective brainstorming
20:22 Quozl: err
20:22 samsongoddy I am personally reached out to folks that stated some plans
20:23 Quozl GrannieB: at the moment, the board is responsible for marketing, and samson has been concentrating on it, with volunteers.
20:23 samsongoddy like for Example the Educational team
20:23 GrannieB Maybe you should have a marketing team. I know several people expressed interest in working on one
20:23 callaurrea I attended one meeting
20:23 MrBIOS samsongoddy: that’s great, what came of those interactions
20:23 callaurrea It is hard to join every week, but we should arrive to some goals and actions
20:24 samsongoddy Yes, so I plan to reach out to more folks
20:24 Quozl GrannieB: there is a team, there are volunteers, just that it isn't a committee of the board.  i'm chair, so i have to say that.  there's a difference, mostly procedural.
20:24 GrannieB Jaskirat was interested in helping
20:24 samsongoddy to make sure that the plans still make sense
20:24 ifeanyi_ Quozl: don't you think changing that would help hasten the process and reduce the headaches for the board?
20:24 Quozl ifeanyi_: no.
20:24 samsongoddy Alot of folks are interested but spend less time helping
20:25 So I am currently seeing if I need anyone to help me on what I am doing.
20:25 Quozl ifeanyi_: because even if we did make a committee, we don't eliminate the board's responsibility altogether.  samsongoddy: yes, i agree.  lots of interest, but mostly you doing it.
20:26 ifeanyi_ Quozl: The board can play the supervisory role
20:26 samsongoddy So I am assuming that 2018 ideas are going to be in 2019
20:26 Quozl any further discussion on marketing update?
20:26 ifeanyi_: we are.
20:26 samsongoddy So that is what I am focusing
20:26 GrannieB Yes... the board needs to have the final say on all "team" or committee things
20:26 samsongoddy A school is deploying Sugar
20:26 Right now in Port Harcourt
20:26 GrannieB What machines?
20:27 samsongoddy Desktops
20:27 Quozl GrannieB: no, we don't have to have the final say on non-committee teams, they can mostly do what they like, and they do.
20:27 samsongoddy Soas
20:27 GrannieB great!
20:27 samsongoddy orgs are currently using TB and MB
20:27 pikurasa BTW, I have noticed more contributors from Port Harcourt for MB
20:27 samsongoddy Yes
20:27 Quozl that's good (more contributors).
20:27 samsongoddy That is part of the outreach
20:27 pikurasa So, evidence of progress
20:28 MrBIOS samson, that’s great, we would love to know more detail. Is there someone at the school that is primarily responsible for the deployment there?
20:28 samsongoddy Yes
20:28 I am
20:28 with Ibiam
20:28 And the computer science teacher
20:28 walterbender FWIW, I have been in continued discussions with the Kano team and they are gearing up to set up a workshop series...
20:28 Sugar on the desktop
20:28 samsongoddy So Nigeria is almost covered
20:29 I am planning to replicate what I am doing to other countries
20:29 But will need things to be in place like Educational team
20:29 ifeanyi_ What if the marketing is also decentralised and localised. Maybe a team of 3 for each county or so for better progress reports.
20:29 samsongoddy Especially in countries like UK
20:29 I will keep the community updated
20:30 and the board updated on policies and funds
20:30 if needed
20:30 Quozl ifeanyi_: we don't have enough interested people to split the marketing team further.
20:30 samsongoddy I think I am done
20:30 walterbender Things are picking up in BR lately too :)
20:30 Quozl samsongoddy: thanks.  others; any questions?
20:30 walterbender: what is BR?
20:30 samsongoddy BR?
20:30 ifeanyi_ Nice job so far @samsongoddy
20:30 walterbender Brazil
20:30 samsongoddy Oh nice
20:30 Quozl walterbender: thanks.
20:30 any further questions for samsongoddy?
20:31 MrBIOS samsongoddy: which languages do the particular students at this school primarily speak?
20:31 just curious
20:31 Quozl #topic SCALE 17x
20:31 MrBIOS: go ahead.
20:31 samsongoddy English
20:31 and maybe Pidgin
20:31 MrBIOS Thanks. We can take that discussion offline
20:31 samsongoddy Great
20:31 MrBIOS First off, is anyone here unfamiliar with what the SCaLE conference is?
20:31 walterbender MrBIOS, do you need me to ship the standing poster? where? when?
20:32 GrannieB SCaLE is March 7-10 in Pasadena
20:32 samsongoddy I think I have an Idea about it
20:32 GrannieB We have a Free "dot.org" booth
20:32 callaurrea I don't know about the conference
20:32 MrBIOS It is important to note that it’s a bit different, and, while it’s rather large, it is volunteeer organized and run
20:32 GrannieB It is in Pasadena
20:32 ifeanyi_ Would like to know, I'm lost ....
20:32 MrBIOS It’s in its seventeenth year: https://www.socallinuxexpo.org/scale/17x
20:32 Quozl it's a geographical conference, local to california.
20:32 GrannieB Why don't you come out for it?
20:33 MrBIOS Quozl:  yes local to but people from all over the world do attend
20:33 Quozl yes, as do people attend linux.conf.au
20:33 GrannieB It is one of the largest open source conference in the world
20:33 Quozl so, it's another linux and open source conference.
20:34 MrBIOS correct, and due to its low cost, being volunteer-run, it is a lot more accessible than most Linux conferences, which cost at least $200-300 USD
20:34 GrannieB Here's a link to their website https://docs.google.com/docume[…]/edit?usp=sharing
20:34 ibiam GrannieB, is it just you and MrBIOS who would be attending?
20:35 Quozl yes, i'm familiar with volunteer run linux conferences, that's what linux.conf.au is.
20:35 GrannieB But the hotel is very expensive... $189/nite for a double
20:35 and they are out of rooms at that "discounted rate"
20:35 samsongoddy California effect
20:35 MrBIOS ibiam: my wife, who is a first grade teacher here in California, will also attend.
20:36 GrannieB This conference gets all the biggies there... facebook, google, disney, oracle, etc.
20:36 ibiam MrBIOS, great
20:36 MrBIOS I intend to have a handful of OLPC XO-1 laptops on display (this gets people to come talk to us), as well as a tablet running Sugarizer.
20:37 GrannieB Plus a lot of non profits... So Cal Astronomical Society for example
20:37 samsongoddy Nice
20:37 walterbender MrBIOS, be nice to show Sugar on RPi too
20:37 MrBIOS walterbender: we can certainly do that, I have the necessary hardware.
20:37 Quozl MrBIOS: fedora soas is best for rpi.
20:37 MrBIOS yep
20:37 GrannieB We need people to help with the booth, a banner (Walter has one he said he can lend... but maybe we should get a new one... there is time]
20:38 callaurrea is there an opportunity for a workshop?
20:38 GrannieB They are looking for hands-on activities. But they wouldn't be listed in the program
20:38 MrBIOS callaurrea: at this point, not really, since that requires too much planning for the timeframe we have.
20:38 callaurrea beyond having XOs in display? Music blocks? running in dif platforms?
20:39 GrannieB Some one would need to come to show MB
20:39 MrBIOS we can certainly attempt to put together a “birds of a feather” meet-up for those who are interested in discussing things with us off of the show floor.
20:39 I have zero familiarity with Music Blocks, so I am not a good candidate to do that,
20:39 GrannieB Yes... those are very well attended
20:39 MrBIOS Anyways, we will have a presence there, and the booth is free, but there are some logistical issues, with the cost of lodging, primarily. The most cost effective thing to do would be for us to share a rented home for a few nights (probably something via AirBnB)
20:40 Quozl llaske: you still here?  been quiet, worried you might have dropped away.
20:40 GrannieB So far, we are 4
20:40 llaske No I'm here
20:40 Quozl llaske: thanks.
20:40 GrannieB But, before we get a place we would like to know if others will be coming
20:41 MrBIOS Correct. My wife and i can get ourselves there no problem, I can do that on my own dime
20:41 samsongoddy How many SL folks live close to Cali?
20:41 GrannieB Lionel... we want to show sugarizer and talk about your new deployemt
20:41 callaurrea not me
20:41 Quozl samsongoddy: we don't track that in membership list, sorry.
20:41 samsongoddy OLPC SF?
20:41 walterbender will be there end of March for Open edX  :(
20:42 pikurasa wishes he were in Cali in the warmer weather right now
20:42 Quozl sameer and aaron?
20:42 callaurrea me to, pikurasa
20:42 GrannieB Some people often come down from SF and sometimes from the east too
20:42 samsongoddy Yes, Sameer and aaron
20:42 GrannieB yes, aaron. Sameer... not yet
20:42 samsongoddy maybe hilary
20:42 MrBIOS sameer has not responded to a single e-mail in a long time. I can ask Aaron
20:43 walterbender MrBIOS, sameer is quite active on FB. Maybe ping him there
20:43 GrannieB I talk with Sameer on FB all the time. I'll ask him
20:43 llaske Yes, he liked few Sugarizer recent posts on FB
20:43 GrannieB His wife is a math teacher now. She might like to come too
20:43 samsongoddy I saw someone on twitter living in the bay area
20:43 MrBIOS GrannieB: that would be great.
20:43 samsongoddy that is interested in MB
20:44 I will ping him
20:44 GrannieB Then, there are some of the folks from the Unleashed kids project who live in Pasadena
20:44 Quozl order; can we wrap this up?  we have a goals discussion next.
20:44 MrBIOS samsongoddy: if you would share his twitter information with me, that would be great, as I am here in the Bay Area as well
20:44 samsongoddy Sure
20:44 He follows SL on twiiter
20:44 GrannieB Can we get approval for some $$$ to buy swag?
20:44 samsongoddy I will check
20:44 Yes, you can
20:45 maybe some budget for it will be helpful
20:45 callaurrea I need to fade out
20:45 sorry
20:45 Quozl callaurrea: thanks.
20:45 GrannieB Claudia... come to Pasadena!
20:45 Quozl what about travel, accommodation, registration fees?
20:45 GrannieB registration is free to people working in the booth
20:46 Quozl you've mentioned accommodation costs.
20:46 GrannieB we could use some help with lodging
20:46 MrBIOS Motion: to cover reasonable lodging and marketing expenses related to SCaLE attendance and promotion of Sugar and Sugar Labs, not to exceed $2,000. I am already registered. It only cost me $35.
20:46 Quozl MrBIOS: seconded.
20:46 samsongoddy MrBIOS: his twitter handle is @maxslug
20:46 +1
20:46 MrBIOS I would really like to use the opportunity to attempt to recruit some new python developers to work on core Sugar
20:46 llaske +1
20:46 walterbender +1
20:46 ifeanyi_ +1
20:47 pikurasa +1
20:47 MrBIOS Can I +1 a motion I tabled? If so, +1 :)
20:47 GrannieB :)
20:48 Quozl #agreed Motion 2019-07: to cover reasonable lodging and marketing expenses related to SCaLE attendance and promotion of Sugar and Sugar Labs, not to exceed $2,000.
20:48 perrie +1
20:48 Quozl #topic discussion of goals for 2019
20:48 anyone want to take a lead on this discussion?
20:48 #link https://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/[…]/2018_Submissions
20:48 GrannieB samson has the EdTeam's goals
20:48 Or I can give you a link
20:49 https://docs.google.com/docume[…]/edit?usp=sharing
20:49 MrBIOS GrannieB: you had those two goal proposals
20:49 samsongoddy I think the 2018 should be looked into so it can make a sense for SL
20:49 MrBIOS “Develop written guides, in multiple languages, for using Sugar Activities on a variety of of platforms to help students reach stated educational goals.”
20:49 and
20:49 Quozl can that be added to the wiki?
20:49 MrBIOS “Curate and create a collection of visual media resources showing ways to use a variety of forms of Sugar on a variety of platforms inside and outside the classroom”
20:50 Quozl good, so we can ignore the google doc as predating the wiki.
20:50 MrBIOS we can add it, no problem.
20:50 Quozl okay, please do.
20:50 MrBIOS to me, “visual media resources” is something we have been desperately lacking
20:51 samsongoddy We need professions for that
20:51 to get some videos out
20:51 MrBIOS so I am all in favor of proposing we spend some time, effort, and possibly money towards that particular goal.
20:51 samsongoddy Me too
20:51 llaske "Maintain an active community of learners/developers" is key for me
20:51 samsongoddy +1 llaske
20:51 I agree
20:51 MrBIOS llaske: completely agreed, it’s something I intend to spend a decent part of 2019 focused on
20:51 Quozl naturally i think keeping the software _working_ is key.  ;-)
20:52 MrBIOS it’s a pre-requisite, yes
20:52 samsongoddy I will see if i can talk to someone to get that part working
20:52 I mean the visuals
20:52 llaske Quozl: active community will help to keep the software work :-)
20:52 GrannieB also... adding Activities to the current Sugar versions
20:52 samsongoddy +1 llaske
20:52 Quozl GrannieB: or not dropping activities because we have no maintainers for them?
20:52 walterbender thinks we have a real deficiency in helping people on-board Sugar in different settings: classroom, afterschool, makerspace, homeschool, etc.
20:52 MrBIOS agreed, but we have lots of actitivites, and significant technical debt to address.
20:52 ifeanyi_ +1 @llaske
20:53 callaurrea GrannieB: I wish
20:53 ibiam MrBIOS, I agree
20:53 samsongoddy walterbender is also right too
20:53 callaurrea but wish I can see a few of you soon
20:53 pikurasa well, if they are crazy teachers like myself they would be happy to participate in the improvement/development process
20:53 callaurrea including walterbender
20:54 bye now
20:54 perrie_ <perrie_!~perrie@> has joined #sugar-meeting
20:54 pikurasa bye callaurrea
20:54 samsongoddy bye callaurrea
20:54 perrie has quit IRC
20:54 MrBIOS if we can find someone truly qualified and willing to work on Core Sugar, modernize it such that it works properly on Python in 2019/2020, we should consider paying for this work to be done, so it is done properly and the code is maintainable.
20:54 ifeanyi_ By callaurrea
20:55 samsongoddy MrBIOS i think we discussed about that part too
20:55 How do we find someone? a recruit?
20:55 Quozl GrannieB: we have about 52 Sugar activities with maintainers.
20:56 MrBIOS samsongoddy: recruitment. we are perilously close to being dropped by distros moving forward, towards the end of 2019, if we can not get our act together and finish the work of making core sugar 100% compatible with Python 3.
20:56 walterbender MrBIOS, we should clearly define the problems/deficiencies
20:56 Quozl we might also offer inducements.
20:56 MrBIOS correct, it must be clearly codified.
20:56 and milestones would need to be defined
20:56 ibiam Yes
20:56 perrie_ +1
20:56 ifeanyi_ +1 MrBIOS
20:57 Quozl bounties on released tested activities, for instance.  we have several members who may increase their output if they could cover their costs more.
20:57 ibiam At the moment one of the milestones would be to complete the port to TelepathyGLib
20:57 samsongoddy Qouzl that can work
20:57 MrBIOS ibiam: yes, that is very important core work. It’s worth paying for to have it done properly.
20:57 samsongoddy *Quozl
20:58 Quozl unfortunately, a process to make a system of rewards brings with it the problem of people trying to manipulate those who give the rewards, as the manipulation is easier than the coding for some.  ;-)
20:58 samsongoddy MrBIOS can you make this goal work?
20:58 or Quozl?
20:58 MrBIOS we have limited human resources, and the most commonly accepted method on the planet for changing that is to pay people to do the work you know needs to be done
20:59 I would be happy to be the sponsor for this particular goal, as I feel passionately about it, but I would like to request some help on the technical end.
20:59 Quozl i think i'm the one least conflicted, given that i'm paid for by olpc.  but i can't see that idea flying with the rest of you.  ;-)
20:59 ifeanyi_ Then priorities have to be set right
20:59 MrBIOS code review, etc.
20:59 ibiam Quozl: with laid down rules on that manipulation would hardly occur
20:59 walterbender In the past, it has been effective to have a deployment drive this process... they have tangible needs and deliverables
20:59 Quozl ibiam: plenty of sock puppet opportunities out there.  github users like me who don't yet use 2FA.
21:00 GrannieB Lionel has a new deployment
21:00 maybe he needs something
21:00 llaske Yes, 3 schools in March with 100 tablets in each
21:00 And potential 5 other schools before the end of year
21:00 GrannieB That is Huge!
21:01 samsongoddy Sounds huge!!!
21:01 Nice work
21:01 llaske Yes, very proud of that.
21:01 perrie_ great!
21:01 samsongoddy all in Paris?
21:01 MrBIOS llaske:  great, where at?
21:01 ifeanyi_ 👌
21:01 llaske Near Paris, in Saint-Ouen a defavorised suburb of Paris
21:02 GrannieB "defavorized?"
21:02 llaske Poor
21:02 ifeanyi_ And perfect place llaske
21:02 GrannieB ah
21:02 MrBIOS I see, just outside the ring :)
21:02 llaske Yep
21:03 We have already a school deployed there with 25 tablets, since 2 years
21:03 GrannieB Would you like to put togetheer a short video about it that we could show at the booth at SCaLE?
21:03 Quozl order; our time allocated for the meeting is up; do we have any definite plan to decide on?  i think not yet, but the discussion has been good.
21:03 GrannieB Yes, excellent meeting
21:03 Quozl (any board members who need to depart now, please say so).
21:04 llaske GrannieB: I've got few marketing material on that. We can't have picture of children
21:04 samsongoddy I am still here
21:04 So MrBIOS I think we should meetup after now
21:05 GrannieB llaske: let's chat on FB about what you would like to share at SCaLE
21:05 samsongoddy PyCOn plans?
21:05 llaske GrannieB: Ok
21:05 MrBIOS samsongoddy: I intend to do my best to attend PyCon
21:05 samsongoddy So I am still waiting for Pycon folks to accept my talk
21:05 MrBIOS I am registered.
21:05 Quozl please all remember our code of conduct to chat as openly as possible and using the best forums for the chat; such as our mailing lists.
21:05 samsongoddy and Iqra poster
21:05 MrBIOS yes, 1:1 communication is perfectly fine however it'
21:06 it’s best if we can share the results of those conversations whenever possible
21:06 Quozl 1:1 does not scale.  ;-)
21:06 MrBIOS correct, it does not
21:06 samsongoddy MrBIOS can you come with PyCon with some hardwares?
21:06 liek RPI? and XOs?
21:06 MrBIOS samsongoddy: I can, but it will be limited to what I can practically check on a commercial airline flight
21:07 samsongoddy walterbender, do you have any XOs?
21:07 MrBIOS samsongoddy: I have over 100 :)
21:07 samsongoddy Oh wow
21:07 MrBIOS in fact I just sent 15 XO-1’s to New York, which next week will be taken to Lesotho
21:07 pikurasa needs to unplug or will sight will diminish.
21:07 walterbender has a few XO-1s that is all
21:08 samsongoddy I am connecting in NY
21:08 pikurasa Where are we wrt today's topics?
21:08 samsongoddy so if you can ship some to dave
21:08 Quozl order; board members please vote; to close the formal meeting.
21:08 samsongoddy +1
21:08 walterbender +1
21:08 GrannieB Wow! I wanted to get one somehow to Iqra
21:08 MrBIOS +1
21:08 GrannieB: I’ll send one anywhere for the cost of shipping.
21:08 Quozl llaske: ?  pikurasa: ?
21:08 MrBIOS to someone who works on Sugar
21:09 walterbender shipped most of his XOs and spare parts to Bolivia a few years back...
21:09 samsongoddy I need one
21:09 Iqra Yeah, I want to have an XO :P
21:09 Quozl pikurasa: we have completed the agenda.
21:09 llaske +1
21:09 Quozl llaske: thanks.
21:09 pikurasa Thanks, Quozl
21:09 ibiam MrBIOS: if we meet at pycon can I get one, the one with me has keyboard issues..and xo1.5
21:09 samsongoddy the one walterbender sent years back isn't working anymore.
21:09 Quozl pikurasa: give consent to close meeting please.
21:10 samsongoddy Since we will be targeting teachers and students at the educational summit, it will be great to have them play with Sugar
21:10 MrBIOS samsongoddy: chances are, it’s a pretty easy fix
21:10 samsongoddy Broken
21:10 like bad
21:11 pikurasa +1
21:11 Quozl #endmeeting
21:11 MrBIOS it’s a lot cheaper to send parts than a whole system, so if I know what specifically, I can help
21:11 meeting Meeting ended Fri Feb  1 21:11:05 2019 UTC. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot. (v 0.1.4)
21:11 Minutes: http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]-01T20:01:00.html
21:11 Log:     http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]19-02-01T20:01:00
21:11 walterbender thx Quozl
21:11 samsongoddy I will check what happen to it and ping you
21:11 do you have RPI?
21:11 ifeanyi_ Thanks all, nice being here.
21:12 MrBIOS yes, several. eg does it power up, do anything at all? just a bad battery, etc
21:12 llaske Bye
21:12 pikurasa Bye. Thanks!
21:12 pikurasa has quit IRC
21:12 samsongoddy I will like to have some RPIs
21:12 if Possible
21:13 MrBIOS Iqra: where are you located?
21:13 Iqra Pakistan
21:13 GrannieB Great meeting. Hope to see several of you at SCaLE (besides Alex and myself with our respective spouses)
21:13 samsongoddy Quozl, how easy can an Individual order NL3?
21:13 Quozl samsongoddy: easy.
21:13 samsongoddy Coming from a teacher in Port Harcourt
21:13 ibiam MrBIOS: Hopefully I'll meet you at pycon and I can bring the XO along, I need a keyboard...it's an XO1.5
21:14 Quozl samsongoddy: just write to countries@laptop.org with your address and telephone number so a quote for shipping can be prepared.
21:14 samsongoddy Great
21:14 callaurrea has quit IRC
21:14 Quozl samsongoddy: people who don't supply that information up front get asked to supply it.  as we are a non-profit, we can't make a profit on the shipping, so we can't use a blanket price.
21:16 samsongoddy Quozl and MrBIOS did you look at the marketing overview?
21:16 Quozl samsongoddy: but be honest with your teacher; there are probably cheaper laptops now than the NL3, if you're willing to install Sugar yourself using the instructions on GitHub.
21:16 samsongoddy: which specific overview?  you've sent several overviews.  give date and subject?
21:17 samsongoddy walterbender, I am currently discussing with UN to get MB as part of their project in Africa
21:18 I sent it via whatsapp
21:18 walterbender cool
21:18 samsongoddy This year we are going to South Africa
21:18 so I am part of the technical lead and I discussing with the person in charge to make it work
21:19 But I will need something more on curriculum
21:19 FYI I got one from the MindAfrica folks
21:20 Quozl samsongoddy: the one you sent me on monday 14th january on whatsapp i forwarded to my desktop systems and it had the same checksum as files you had attached to mail. yes, i looked at it.
21:20 samsongoddy comment?
21:22 walterbender I have not seen anything from MindAfrica to comment on
21:22 samsongoddy I just forwarded the mail
21:22 Quozl samsongoddy: it's confusing.  it begins by saying it is a marketing _and_ strategy report, then looks like a meeting report, refers to 2019 goals (i can't find that), and after that i just got lost.
21:22 samsongoddy I see that they are having issues 19 laptops with Soas on it
21:22 They are having issues with login
21:23 and how to reset passwords, I will have to visit them
21:23 Quozl installing soas gets you login and password management.  it's a fedora decision.  we turn that off with olpc os.  you might figure out how to do the same, if they don't need separate profiles for users.
21:23 walterbender I'm not sure what login they are referring to in the email
21:24 oh... I see from Quozl what the reference is
21:24 samsongoddy Login for Sugar Desktop, walterbender
21:24 Yes
21:24 Quozl fedora has a guest session feature that can be used, i thought.
21:24 samsongoddy Guest doesn't work
21:25 Tested it recently
21:25 Quozl it requires configuring.
21:25 anyway, that's all a fedora problem, not sugar.
21:25 samsongoddy Yeah
21:25 Quozl ubuntu can at least log in automatically, which avoids the problem.
21:25 samsongoddy But there isn't Soas with Ubuntu
21:26 the last time I checked
21:27 walterbender samsongoddy, the very first picture is an old version of Music Blocks... everything else is Turtle Blocks, in the Sugar Desktop if I am not mistaken.
21:27 Quozl there's sugar, and some activities in ubuntu.  my olpc os build has more activities.  but not the same activities as soas; i'm not liking the soas selection, and it is constrained by not having had any people doing fedora packaging of new activities.
21:27 samsongoddy Yes, everything was in Sugar
21:27 walterbender not MusicBlocks :P
21:27 samsongoddy But the also did MusicBlocks on Browser
21:28 walterbender And it worked?
21:28 samsongoddy Yes it did
21:28 walterbender I didn't know that worked.
21:28 Good to know.
21:28 samsongoddy But they were more interested in TB export to Python and Hardware like Arduino
21:28 walterbender +1
21:29 samsongoddy Which Sugar TB was working
21:29 So I will visit them next week to take a look of what happened
21:29 walterbender they should checkout Turtle Bots which has the Arduino support built in.
21:29 samsongoddy They are planning another workshop in March
21:29 walterbender need to disappear...
21:29 ttyl
21:29 samsongoddy so I am keeping contact with them to see what they need
21:29 Sure
21:30 MrBIOS samsongoddy: how far away are they from your home?
21:30 samsongoddy MindAfrica?
21:30 A bit far
21:30 ibiam Quozl: I have no experience with packaging on fedora else I would have taken on packaging new activities
21:31 MrBIOS ibiam: it’s quite straightforwarded, and well documented
21:31 Quozl ibiam: really, "no experience" just means "learning opportunity", if you want to do it you can.
21:31 ... i really don't like it when people say they won't do it because they don't want to learn.  ;-)
21:31 samsongoddy So Quozl: What is the best way to run Sugar aside OLPC from the technical side
21:31 MrBIOS I know how, I just don’t hvae the time :)
21:32 Quozl samsongoddy: OLPC OS replaced the usual display manager package with one of our own which does not ask for username and password.  An equivalent on Ubuntu may be nodm.
21:33 samsongoddy: Ubuntu also has lightdm which can be configured in a similar way.
21:33 MrBIOS Quozl:  that’s also possible to bypass with lightdm
21:33 you can make it autologin
21:33 ibiam Quozl, I'll look into ti
21:33 It
21:34 Quozl MrBIOS: yes.
21:34 walterbender has quit IRC
21:34 MrBIOS https://wiki.debian.org/LightDM#Enable_autologin
21:34 Quozl On the other hand, OLPC OS did this because of the one laptop per child principle, that there's no need to authenticate because the laptop stays with the child.
21:35 samsongoddy Yes, that was helpful
21:35 Quozl For computers that are shared across a group of children, profile directories are needed, hence the need for authentication.
21:35 samsongoddy as I found Sugar fun
21:35 while I was in Junior High
21:35 Quozl So it depends on whether the computers are shared or per child.
21:36 samsongoddy FYI there are alot of XOs in Akwa Ibom
21:36 I am not sure how I can make that trip to that deployment
21:36 Quozl I'd like it if I could hand my iPhone to my wife and have her log in with her identity, but somehow that feature has been blocked.  ;-)
21:36 samsongoddy Maybe I will need to ask SL for help regarding funding
21:36 I heard a 1000-2000
21:37 Xos
21:37 Quozl We think we made above 3 million, so there should be a few thousand such stashes.
21:37 samsongoddy And I am thinking about visiting Rwanda
21:38 too
21:38 Quozl ... I'm worried for the dolphins; will they like the antennas when they float?
21:38 samsongoddy But I want know how they use Sugar
21:38 they Biggest Deployment in Africa
21:38 Quozl samsongoddy: we have two staff in Rwanda.
21:38 samsongoddy Nice can you link me up?
21:40 Iqra has quit IRC
21:40 perrie_ has quit IRC
21:40 perrie <perrie!~perrie@> has joined #sugar-meeting
21:41 samsongoddy perrie you have been quiet
21:41 Quozl samsongoddy: i've let them know.
21:41 samsongoddy What's up
21:41 Thanks
21:42 I should be going for Scratch conference in Kenya in June
21:42 So I will probably see if I can route to Rwanda
21:42 which is close
21:44 ibiam has quit IRC
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