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#sugar-meeting, 2018-12-07

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All times shown according to UTC.

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00:34 satellit_` test
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19:35 ifeanyi_ Hi
19:37 Quozl t minus 90 minutes
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19:48 octamois nips in for meeting
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20:01 sammy Hello all
20:02 walterbender hi
20:02 ifeanyi_ Hi all
20:02 FreddieNGCI hi
20:03 sammy I am also samsongoddy
20:04 amaan_iqbal9 Hi everyone
20:07 sammy walterbender, i think it is 21:00 already
20:07 perrie hi
20:08 sammy hello perrie
20:14 walterbender IT IS 20UTC now. But I forgot to take into account US changed its clocks last month
20:14 sammy Oh
20:14 walterbender So I am guessing many people will be coming in an hour :P
20:15 Mea cupla
20:15 sammy Yeah timezone issues
20:15 WAT time hardly change
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20:17 perrie yeah
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20:26 Quozl oh, i see, 20utc was half an hour ago, and 4pm us/eastern is in half an hour from now.
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20:46 walterbender Quozl, yes... I messed up
20:47 We could do the India thing and be on the half hour... or the Nepal thing and do 15 minutes from India :P
20:49 is looking forward to not being the one to run meetings
20:50 MrBIOS what got messed up?
20:52 Quozl copy and paste error, is all.
20:52 some country somewhere changed their offset to utc.
20:53 walterbender I was a ploy to see if I could get some SLOB members to show up :P
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20:55 callaurrea good afternoon
20:56 walterbender hi callaurrea
20:56 sammy hello callaurrea
20:56 callaurrea Good to be here
20:57 early
20:57 and no drama with irc
20:57 :)
20:57 sammy Lol
20:57 amaan_iqbal9 Yes, lol
20:57 callaurrea hehe
20:57 I was nervous
20:57 amaan_iqbal9 Many times I had faced the problem of IRC blocking me
20:57 perrie lol
20:58 Quozl the irc blocking may return, it depends on the war.
20:58 MrBIOS so far, so good. For now.
20:58 Quozl so work on your registration.
20:59 and get a good irc client that knows how to do registration.
20:59 walterbender I heard it is some guy in his bedroom in New Jersey.
20:59 MrBIOS Quozl: s/bedroom/parent’s basement/g
20:59 Quozl i heard it was a rogue ai.
20:59 callaurrea that explains it all
20:59 MrBIOS walterbender: , rather
20:59 Quozl one of those silly chatbots nobody needs.  ;-)
20:59 walterbender Well... we should get started
21:00 amaan_iqbal9 Yup
21:00 MrBIOS returns to lurking
21:00 walterbender welcome to the last SL oversight board meeting of 2019.
21:00 Any SLOB members here?
21:00 MrBIOS is samson joining?
21:00 walterbender callaurrea,
21:00 sammy i am here
21:01 samsongoddy is sammy
21:01 MrBIOS ah ok :)
21:01 walterbender One more and we have a quorum
21:01 But we start regardless.
21:01 #topic GCI
21:01 We are entering the last week of GCI
21:01 It has been really busy from the start
21:02 callaurrea great
21:02 ifeanyi_ I'm here
21:02 walterbender more than 500 students are participating
21:03 Quozl i think the quantity and quality of coding is substantially down from last year, and i think that is reflection of the number of mentors who haven't made comprehensive contributions.
21:03 but then, i'm only measuring pull requests and commits.  not the stuff that generates nothing.
21:04 walterbender I think is it less about mentoring and more about the tasks we made available
21:04 MrBIOS is there a comprehensive list of GCI tasks that have been worked on and completed, outside of the GCI web UI?
21:04 it seems there is a transparency problem on that front
21:04 walterbender That is a structural problem.
21:04 Not sure how to fix it
21:05 Quozl MrBIOS: as it is a competition, there is a private group that has access, and limited review of task definitions.  the more people who have access, the greater risk of solutions being sold in advance to students.
21:05 walterbender But I didn't get much input from devel when making the initial task list before the contest began
21:05 MrBIOS I understand.
21:05 amaan_iqbal9 Its also a problem
21:05 callaurrea hmmm
21:06 MrBIOS when does GCI wrap up?
21:06 walterbender One week
21:06 amaan_iqbal9 Around 5 days
21:06 callaurrea It would be good to organize the tasks in different buckets and see if we have data that support the most successful ones
21:06 walterbender The bottom line, somewhat correlated with Quozl 's observation, is that the areas where there are active mentors get the most attention.
21:07 Lots of work done on Music Blocks, for example
21:07 and Sugarizer.
21:07 callaurrea great
21:08 MrBIOS has any work been done on Core Sugar during GCI?
21:08 walterbender very little
21:09 Quozl none on Sugar, some metadata fixes for activities, some API changes.
21:09 walterbender To be honest, I got caught by the earlier dates of the program this year. Not a good match with my work schedule.
21:10 Quozl thanks for the update, i'm fine to move on, i don't see any need to make a decision on this topic.
21:11 walterbender Just fodder for next year.
21:11 #topic election
21:11 sammy, can you give a quick update?
21:11 sammy Sure
21:11 Everything is going fine
21:11 So far
21:11 About 40 voters already
21:11 walterbender One more week?
21:11 sammy No complaints yet
21:12 Quozl 40 out of how many again?
21:12 sammy 165
21:12 Quozl erk
21:12 callaurrea sammy: can you please change the invitation to callaurrea@gmail.com
21:12 Quozl how many undeliverable bounces?
21:12 callaurrea I don't use the laptop account
21:12 sammy Okay sure
21:12 walterbender better than the usual turnout in the States
21:12 sammy I will
21:12 callaurrea thanks
21:12 sammy Two bounces
21:12 Fixed all
21:12 Quozl walterbender: none of us would think the united states to be a reasonable representation of a democracy.  ;-)
21:13 ibiam <ibiam!~myirc@> has joined #sugar-meeting
21:13 walterbender anything else on this topic?
21:13 Quozl next year i'd hope for seven days instead of 14.
21:13 MrBIOS would it make sense to try and organize a Q&A session, on IRC, between now and the end of the election cycle?
21:14 ibiam Hi, sorry I'm late
21:14 Quozl MrBIOS: isn't this it?
21:14 sammy callaurrea, done
21:14 callaurrea MrBIOS: great ideas
21:14 thanks, sammy
21:14 MrBIOS Quozl: I would argue it’s a better idea to have more isolation between open campaigning and that, but sure, it could be
21:14 sammy +1 MrBIOS
21:14 walterbender is ahmed idris here??? from Kano?
21:15 MrBIOS is there anyone in this room who hasn’t voted yet? ;)
21:15 sammy You mean, Kano, Nigeria
21:15 ?
21:15 walterbender sammy, yes
21:16 sammy I don't think ahmed idris is here
21:16 MrBIOS was he supposed to be?
21:16 walterbender anything else re the election?
21:16 sammy No
21:17 walterbender #topic local lab in Kano
21:17 sammy I think i am done
21:17 walterbender I was approached by Ahmed about getting a local lab started in Kano, Nigeria
21:17 He had developers and educators and interest.
21:17 sammy In person?
21:17 ibiam Great
21:17 walterbender I was hoping he'd be able to join us today, but apparently not.
21:18 But I will ask him to introduce himself by email
21:18 ifeanyi_ Why Kano? How many active SL members are there?
21:18 MrBIOS Good question. Kano is big, 9 million+
21:19 perrie great!
21:19 sammy Yes
21:19 ibiam ifeanyi_: and it's probably where he resides too
21:19 sammy One of the biggest in Nigeria
21:19 walterbender I will follow through... would be great.
21:19 ibiam Yeah
21:19 walterbender Maybe we can transition to marketing...
21:19 sammy sammy, i am interested in the conversation too
21:19 walterbender It seems we have several vectors for growth
21:20 things like Kano...
21:20 MrBIOS perhaps it would make sense for it to be pan-Nigeria?
21:20 walterbender and platforms like RPi
21:20 and OS work like Quozl has been doing on Ubuntu
21:20 MrBIOS, let's see what their interests are...
21:20 ibiam Yeahhh
21:20 MrBIOS of course. Too bad he didn’t make it
21:21 sammy RPi will be a good move
21:21 As per marketing
21:22 We need hardware to our software
21:22 walterbender It has been a halfhearted effort to date, but should be a serious on
21:22 one
21:22 We keep getting distracted
21:22 But focus has to be the order of the day for a small org with few devel resources
21:22 Quozl i make hardware, you could always ask my ceo.
21:23 walterbender Quozl, I haven't spoken to the Zamoras in a few years :P
21:23 Quozl i think for marketing a big problem we have is a web site made by volunteers or students that hasn't been provably successful; i suggested a/b testing in one of my github comments.
21:24 leah is my ceo.
21:24 walterbender Oh. I didn't know she was the CEO.
21:24 ibiam Quozl: Leah Saddle?
21:24 walterbender Nice
21:24 sammy Oh i spoke with her some months back
21:25 walterbender I will reach out to her because it is kind of silly we have zero direct communication with our biggest user group
21:25 Quozl for the web site it isn't enough to say "let's add a video", the question should be does it increase the time on page or not.
21:26 MrBIOS yeah, low quality content is a problem
21:26 it deserves some attention
21:26 sammy Most of the stuff on the site was basically an upgrade of content from the old one
21:26 walterbender is that the right metric? or some action by the visitor to do something, e.g., contact us, download something...
21:27 Quozl i know we have stock of hardware, i just won't tell you how much.  contact leah.  you'll need to give a shipping address for quotation.
21:27 sammy I am thinking about getting an NL3
21:28 MrBIOS the PineBook is also something worth looking at, for bundling Sugar
21:28 Quozl just don't think of olpc as a web store.  ;-)
21:29 walterbender we should survey the possible platforms... haven't done that in a while...
21:29 MrBIOS RPi3+ is much more performant than its ancestors
21:29 walterbender but making it easy to opt in to Sugar on a platform should be our approach
21:29 ibiam Yeah
21:30 walterbender Sugar on RPi3 is more than adequate performance-wise
21:30 Quozl MrBIOS: selling preloaded microSD cards with Sugar would be a start, but nobody has offered to do so yet.
21:30 MrBIOS I’ll do it
21:30 walterbender we need someone(s) dedicated to each platfrom
21:30 callaurrea I also did not know Leah is the CEO
21:31 walterbender maybe time for a new org chart for Sugar Labs
21:31 MrBIOS I already buy SD cards in bulk for my side business.
21:31 callaurrea walterbender: have you been in touch with Paraguay?
21:31 walterbender has thousands of USB drives we can hand out for free with Sugar on a Stick
21:31 sammy What about Rwanda
21:31 callaurrea Miguel Martin is the Secretary of Tech in Paraguay
21:31 walterbender callaurrea, not for a few months.
21:32 callaurrea And Cecilia is also an advisor to the president
21:32 walterbender :)
21:32 callaurrea I just saw news about a new Fab Lab
21:32 ibiam Yeah I did too
21:32 callaurrea we should connect with them
21:32 walterbender yes... I saw that
21:33 callaurrea I did meet with Miguel
21:33 recently
21:33 MrBIOS to what extent are XO’s or Sugar actually in use in Paraguay these days?
21:33 has no clue
21:33 walterbender I was hoping we'd get some GCI input from PY. That was when Pacita and I last spoke
21:33 amaan_iqbal9_ <amaan_iqbal9_!9d2a33b1@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sugar-meeting
21:33 walterbender MrBIOS, they still use Sugar
21:33 amaan_iqbal9 has quit IRC
21:33 callaurrea let's coordinate a meeting with Pacita and Cecilia
21:33 walterbender ok
21:33 callaurrea I will reach out
21:33 and cc you
21:34 walterbender anyway, I think organizing around platforms and places might work for us...
21:34 MrBIOS yes, and the barrier to entry for that is low
21:34 walterbender and have a regular report of each
21:34 focus
21:35 amaan_iqbal9_ Any suggestions for the website?
21:35 sammy Revise content
21:35 walterbender Revert back to the one we had in 2008?
21:35 MrBIOS it requires too much scrolling, and there is no actual explanation of what Sugar is and why you would want to use it
21:36 no, but some of that content is frankly of better quality, copy-wise
21:36 so I’d say bring the copy back, at the very least, and having it be in a CMS is also highly advisable.
21:36 Quozl i suggest stopping all style and appearance changes until there is a/b testing of content happening.
21:36 walterbender Quozl, +1
21:36 MrBIOS I would recommend Django, since it’s python based, or Wagtail, which is Django-based
21:36 amaan_iqbal9_ Where can I find the 2008 website BTW?
21:36 MrBIOS and very widely used
21:36 perrie +1 Quozl
21:36 MrBIOS amaan_iqbal9_: archive.org
21:36 Quozl i suggest wordpress.  even more widely used.
21:37 amaan_iqbal9_ Quozl +1
21:37 MrBIOS wordpress also has a much larger attack surface
21:37 Quozl yes.  ;-)
21:37 walterbender how about github.io
21:37 MrBIOS it’s a bit of a security nightmare
21:37 walterbender that would force us to keep it simple
21:37 amaan_iqbal9_ We should think of collaborators from that domain too
21:37 sammy GitHub.io uses the jekyll
21:37 I think
21:37 Quozl still, choice of tool or cms is not relevant.  we need content and testing.
21:38 sammy Which SL.org uses
21:38 Quozl the choice of tool or cms depends on who offers to maintain the content.
21:38 sammy yes, content is what is important
21:38 Quozl ultimately, the board is responsible for the content.
21:38 if the board can't get anyone to do it, the board must do it.
21:39 amaan_iqbal9_ Hmm
21:39 walterbender wrote all the original content... but lost interest in all the graphics fussing about.
21:39 MrBIOS amaan_iqbal9_: https://web.archive.org/web/20[…]://sugarlabs.org/
21:39 ifeanyi_ I agree completely with @Quozl, it wouldn't matter what tool/platform is used if the content is engaging enough and the CTAs are pointing correctly for a better user experience/interaction
21:39 MrBIOS you can scrub back and forth through the history of sugarlabs.org at the top of that page
21:40 the engagement on our website is awful, people leave after a minute and a half
21:40 that should be a point of concern
21:40 amaan_iqbal9_ +1
21:40 ifeanyi_ It's certainly a huge point of concern
21:40 Quozl they see a web site made by a bunch of students.  ;-)
21:40 walterbender not if they leave to download SoaS :P
21:40 Quozl if the download links operated on page, they wouldn't leave as they downloaded.
21:40 MrBIOS walterbender: that download page is pretty awful too, on the wiki
21:41 Quozl yes, the wiki looks like it was cobbled together by wiki editors.
21:41 ifeanyi_ We also need to keep track of where users are coming from and where they go to after interacting with the website
21:41 walterbender yes... that was tongue in cheek
21:41 MrBIOS correct, ifeanyi_
21:41 Take a look at https://web.archive.org/web/20[…]lery&page=gallery
21:41 as far as I know, we have nothing like that on the replacement website
21:42 amaan_iqbal9_ Thanks for the link, MrBIOS
21:42 walterbender the original website was not done by "a bunch of students"
21:42 Quozl i don't hear much of a consensus except "content".
21:42 walterbender Quozl, not sure what we as asked to agree on
21:43 MrBIOS I would personally argue that restoring old content that is still relevant, within the context of the new web site design, can and should be done
21:43 it’s the easiest move
21:43 perrie exactly a new website design
21:44 MrBIOS no, not a new design.
21:44 amaan_iqbal9_ Yup, for now I agree with MrBIOS
21:44 Quozl no, not a new design.
21:44 MrBIOS I do think the navigation on the existing website kinda sucks, too, though, which contributes to the very short visit times
21:44 but that’s neither here not there, because the content is weak
21:44 ifeanyi_ @walterbender: hinted about the graphics as well, that can immediately discourage interaction on a website (it all falls under content).
21:45 Quozl and we can't just guess what the right content is, it must be tested.
21:45 walterbender how do we set up an A-B test?
21:45 MrBIOS walterbender: CMS makes this trivial
21:45 perrie restucturing should come after the A-B
21:45 walterbender randomize where people land?
21:45 Quozl and with random strangers coming to our web site, the only option is a-b testing.
21:45 perrie yeah
21:45 ifeanyi_ Testing is the first thing to do now before any other upgrade/update/changes
21:45 MrBIOS CMS with the right plug-ins
21:46 callaurrea it may be good to have something new...
21:46 Quozl there are tools to make that easier, but we have to want to do the testing.
21:46 MrBIOS ifeanyi_: well, it’s difficult to produce different content for different users with the existing static content
21:46 callaurrea but we would need to know the target audience, etc
21:46 sammy our Target audience from my research are Developers
21:46 MrBIOS we also need to pay attention to page load times, and not just from the continental US
21:46 walterbender I suspect (not an expert) that this is a well-understood process these days?
21:46 sammy Visiting the site
21:47 MrBIOS how long pages take to load directly impacts visit duration. this is well documented.
21:47 sammy India on top
21:47 amaan_iqbal9_ We may think of developing the CMS in next year GSoC, but it will not be easy for someone now
21:47 sammy Nigeria second
21:47 Quozl i think we make our own target audience.  we pivot toward the demand.  we shouldn't pivot toward india and nigeria developers.
21:47 MrBIOS correct, we do. And we should.
21:47 Quozl one demand i've sensed is parents of children who want no advertising or tracking of their children.
21:48 sammy first the Sugar users are not meant to be on the website
21:48 MrBIOS which is probably a segment that’s only going to grow.
21:48 sammy In browse activity
21:48 MrBIOS sammy: we’re not talking about that, though.
21:48 ifeanyi_ We need a typical persona to be able to get accurate stats of the target audience
21:48 Quozl i'd like to point the browse activity _away_ from the sugar labs landing page.
21:48 walterbender needs to disappear in 10 minutes. Can we converge on a set of concrete actions?
21:48 MrBIOS on the original website, there was a section that said “more information for learners / parents / teachers / contributors”
21:48 with links to each page
21:49 we need to restore something like that
21:49 amaan_iqbal9_ I guess chatbot will be best to know audience perspective
21:49 sammy That can work
21:49 vipulgupta2048 has quit IRC
21:49 MrBIOS amaan_iqbal9_: I have very little confidence that a meaningful quantity of people will actually interact with a chatbot
21:49 but I could certainly be wrong
21:49 Quozl it woudl need a-b testing.
21:49 MrBIOS correct
21:49 perrie me too
21:49 Quozl because i too think it would fail.
21:50 MrBIOS and just make the page load times worse
21:50 walterbender so maybe Step 1 is to figure out how to set up A/B testing
21:50 amaan_iqbal9_ Yes
21:50 ifeanyi_ +1 @walterbender
21:50 MrBIOS https://github.com/mixcloud/django-experiments
21:50 walterbender Anyone want to take that task on?
21:51 perrie yeah
21:51 I would
21:51 walterbender Maybe put together a plan and run it past devel?
21:52 amaan_iqbal9_ That will be better
21:52 iqra <iqra!~Mutter@> has joined #sugar-meeting
21:52 amaan_iqbal9_ But mostly as far as I have seen, nobody responds
21:52 Quozl it's the way to kill an idea; post to sugar-devel@
21:52 or pretty much any other forum we seem to inhabit.
21:52 MrBIOS correct. anybody can fork the existing git www-sugar repository
21:53 honesty, the percentage of people who actually care about the content on the website is probably 1% of the subscribership of sugar-devel, or IAEP for that matter
21:53 Quozl i don't think a plan is as good as a fork.
21:53 walterbender we need someone with tech chops to see this through
21:53 MrBIOS I didn’t mean to argue that it was :)
21:53 walterbender I am fine with a fork
21:54 MrBIOS I have personal experience running production websites with millions of visitors, however my problem is time.
21:54 if we can find someone with sufficient time, and a desire to learn and keep at it, I am happy to assist them
21:54 walterbender perrie -- maybe you could use MrBIOS as a sounding board?
21:54 sammy MrBIOS, i will
21:55 Let work on it
21:55 MrBIOS agreed, let’s do it
21:55 sammy perrie?
21:55 callaurrea +1
21:55 perrie yeah
21:55 amaan_iqbal9_ +1
21:55 walterbender #agreed perrie will set up an A/B testing mechanism with advice from MrBIOS
21:55 MrBIOS I propose a separate mailing list for discussion of this technical effort, and the content, since it’s not really “marketing” related.
21:55 callaurrea could I suggest, before we run out of time, that we talk about budget?
21:56 MrBIOS callaurrea: by all means :)
21:56 walterbender callaurrea, OK. I may have to mostly disappear, but go for it
21:56 #budget
21:56 #topic budget
21:56 callaurrea would it be possible to understand the funding we have available?
21:56 Quozl MrBIOS: i disagree with yet another mailing list; we need to remove them, not add them.  xkcd, standards.
21:57 callaurrea plan some activities and establish process for requesting findung?
21:57 funding.
21:57 ifeanyi_ I can help @perrie and the team
21:57 MrBIOS we have decommissioned some, I believe.
21:57 walterbender callaurrea, that falls under Adam's domain, but he hasn't made an appearance in many many months
21:57 MrBIOS we don’t want people to unsubscribe from -devel or -marketing because they don’t care about what’s being discussed.
21:57 Quozl MrBIOS: i do.
21:57 walterbender callaurrea, as far as I know, we have > $50000 US in the bank
21:58 but no budget regarding what it is for
21:58 MrBIOS and the budgeteer is AWOL
21:58 callaurrea how can we move that out of his plate, if he is not coming to meetings?
21:58 Quozl decide as a board to replace him.
21:58 walterbender As of next week, we can have the new board appoint someone new
21:58 ifeanyi_ Probably contact him and see why he's been away
21:58 MrBIOS assuming he doesn’t get replaced?
21:59 ifeanyi_: I have been in contact with him
21:59 walterbender He did not run for reelection as far as I recall.
21:59 MrBIOS he did not.
21:59 callaurrea should we wait until end of elections, but have a plan for future discussion and funding allocation
21:59 ifeanyi_ Ok, then his replacement is due
21:59 callaurrea and fund raising tasks
21:59 MrBIOS He wrote this to me on Sunday: “Yes but am wicked sick here in Boston,  Good luck in the ongoing election!”
21:59 if he wanted to be here, he would be here
22:00 walterbender we need to know who is on the board in order to make an appointment, unless you volunteer :)
22:00 callaurrea silence
22:00 Quozl next week, i'll decide.
22:00 callaurrea let's discuss you and I
22:00 walterbender ok
22:01 needs to go to a meeting.
22:01 Quozl i suggest the board might set up a patreon account.  ;-)
22:01 callaurrea Thanks, Walter
22:01 Quozl bye walterbender.
22:02 sammy bye
22:02 amaan_iqbal9_ Bye
22:02 sammy walterbender
22:02 perrie bye
22:02 amaan_iqbal9_ Okay guys, I am too leaving now. Its already 3.30 AM in India.
22:02 Quozl amaan_iqbal9_: bye.
22:03 ibiam Bye
22:03 sammy perrie when are we meeting tomorrow?
22:03 amaan_iqbal9_ has quit IRC
22:03 ifeanyi_ Bye @walterbender and @amaan_iqbal9_
22:03 perrie flight is by 1
22:03 walterbender bye everyone...
22:03 thanks
22:03 #end-meeting
22:03 perrie should be in ph by 2:30 at most
22:04 sammy I mean with MrBIOS
22:04 callaurrea thanks everyone
22:04 to be continued... the budget topic
22:04 ifeanyi_ Thanks @callaurrea
22:04 perrie oh, anytime other than 12 - 14utc is okay by me
22:05 sammy Great
22:06 Bye everyone
22:06 Make sure you vote
22:06 Remember your votes count😋
22:06 perrie lol
22:06 bye
22:07 ifeanyi_ Is vote editing possible? @satellit
22:07 callaurrea bye
22:07 ifeanyi_ @sammy:
22:07 sammy I am here
22:07 ifeanyi_ Bye
22:07 Quozl MrBIOS: added self on jita, looking at meeting robot.
22:08 iqra has quit IRC
22:08 ibiam has quit IRC
22:08 MrBIOS Quozl: excellent
22:10 callaurrea has quit IRC
22:12 sammy has quit IRC
22:24 meeting <meeting!~sugaroid@rev-18-85-44-69.sugarlabs.org> has joined #sugar-meeting
22:24 Quozl #startmeeting
22:24 meeting Meeting started Fri Dec  7 22:24:47 2018 UTC. The chair is Quozl. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
22:24 Useful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #endmeeting
22:24 Quozl testing
22:24 testing
22:24 testing
22:24 #agreed finish the meeting
22:25 #link http://example.org/
22:25 #topic testing
22:25 #agreed finish
22:25 #endmeeting
22:25 meeting Meeting ended Fri Dec  7 22:25:14 2018 UTC. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot. (v 0.1.4)
22:25 Minutes: http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]-07T22:24:47.html
22:25 Log:     http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]18-12-07T22:24:47
22:26 Quozl MrBIOS: seems to be working now.  actions taken; familiarise, invoke-rc.d supybot {stop,start}
22:26 MrBIOS great
22:26 it was just not running
22:26 perrie has quit IRC
22:26 MrBIOS is the service configured to start by default?
22:26 Quozl looking at logs above, i think it was running, just that walterbender did not startmeeting.
22:27 MrBIOS ah
22:27 Quozl yes, i'm fairly sure it is configured to start by default.  the process was present, as was the nick here.
22:28 MrBIOS also, for the record…correction, Kano, Nigeria is ~3.9 million, estimated, at present
22:28 we should probably capture the meeting logs somehow (put them in a github gist?)
22:29 I dont know how it was done before, when the meetbot was absent
22:29 Quozl i'll reply to walter's mail on sugar-devel@ with a copy and paste.
22:34 MrBIOS thanks
22:42 walterbender has quit IRC
22:57 iqra <iqra!~Mutter@> has joined #sugar-meeting
23:00 iqra has quit IRC
23:30 perrie <perrie!~perrie@> has joined #sugar-meeting
23:34 perrie has quit IRC

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