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#sugar-meeting, 2018-08-10

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All times shown according to UTC.

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13:39 GrannieB OK... let's see how it goes!
13:40 Iqra... do you want to start the meeting log
13:40 iqra ok
13:40 GrannieB ?
13:40 iqra I'll start it right now
13:40 GrannieB ignore
13:40 the ?
13:40 iqra what was it?
13:40 #start-meeting
13:40 meeting Meeting started Fri Aug 10 13:40:54 2018 UTC. The chair is iqra. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
13:40 Useful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #endmeeting
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13:43 GrannieB Hey! Samson... we thought you might not make it!
13:43 samsongoddy Yeah, i am having some connections problems
13:43 GrannieB How is your event in Nigeria coming along?
13:43 samsongoddy Pretty Big
13:44 And exhausting
13:44 GrannieB But, fun I'll bet!
13:45 samsongoddy Yes
13:45 Fun
13:45 GrannieB Iqra, do you want to summarize what all has been done on your project for the record here?
13:45 iqra Hi! So this week marks the end of GSoC. My overall project summary is available on this blog post:
13:45 https://iqragsoc.wordpress.com[…]l-project-report/
13:45 My Project Documentation can be accessed at:  https://github.com/iqraceme/Pr[…]/master/README.md
13:45 The project on sugar labs sugarizer repo can be viewed as a branch added to the repo:  https://github.com/sugarlabs/s[…]/iqraceme/primero
13:46 You can view all my blog posts on:  iqragsoc.wordpress.com
13:46 I will be releasing the Amazon and Android app from my account after consultation with mentors.  The testing versions are available on beta testing links mentioned in final report.
13:47 GSoC has taught me a lot aboout the importance of open source development.
13:47 I would like to thank all my mentors for their support throughout GSoC.
13:47 GrannieB :)
13:47 samsongoddy 🤗
13:48 iqra Yeah, just let me know about the kindle app release thing
13:48 and I'll release it to the store
13:48 GrannieB Iqra wants to know if she should release in her name or SugarLabs or something else.
13:48 Lionel has Sugarizer under his name only
13:49 iqra I can release it under Sugar labs
13:49 name
13:49 samsongoddy You can use it for now
13:49 iqra *use the sugar labs name for now
13:49 ok
13:50 samsongoddy Publishing under Sugar Labs name will require us to review Play store policy
13:50 GrannieB But, where it says "Contact Developer"... put your info
13:50 iqra oh
13:50 samsongoddy Yeah
13:50 iqra I dont know about the copy rights
13:50 stuff
13:50 *copyrights
13:51 ok. so Sugar labs name requires reviewing play store policy
13:51 *or kindle store
13:51 GrannieB or both
13:52 I wonder if that is why Lionel has just his name on it?
13:53 iqra Lionel is the creator of sugarizer. Why wont he have his name. I am just part of Google Summer of Code program
13:53 *developer
13:53 GrannieB Maybe we should see if we can get you a sugarlabs email address and you can put it under your name, but have the it as your contact address
13:53 iqra Maybe either of you can release it then..
13:54 you have sugar labs emails
13:54 GrannieB Not me... mine is laptop.org!
13:54 iqra oh
13:55 GrannieB What if you file it under your name and put both you and Samson as contacts so his sugarlabs address is included?
13:56 in fact, you might be able to put all 3 of us and include my laptop.org address (from the OLPC project where Sugar got its start)
13:56 iqra Yeah I can do that. We can ask samson if we can use his email address
13:56 ok
13:56 GrannieB Samson... what say you?
13:58 He seems to be here....
13:58 so, mine is caryl at laptop dot org
13:59 iqra ok. I'll put your email..last question: Can I contribute to any of sugar labs or primero after GSoC?
13:59 GrannieB Yes!
13:59 Yes!
13:59 Yes!
14:00 Absolutely!
14:00 In fact, MathStix would be a great place to start
14:00 iqra ok. You can then let me know which things to improve in primero maybe this saturday then
14:01 GrannieB tomorrow
14:01 ?
14:01 iqra Yes
14:01 GrannieB are we meeting again tomorrow?
14:01 iqra not here. you can tell me on fb
14:01 just a rough idea
14:02 GrannieB Yes... can do
14:02 iqra basically I can give more time to this on friday, saturday and sunday
14:02 GrannieB This has been a good summary for the record with all of your links
14:02 iqra but my whole day is occupied by university till 5pm
14:02 GrannieB we can "talk" this weekend
14:03 iqra *talk? Google hangouts?
14:03 GrannieB Probably just fb. Samson has too many connection issues right now for Google Hangouts :(
14:04 iqra ok. fb then.
14:04 GrannieB all right... do you want to close the meeting now?
14:05 iqra Yes, I am closing the meeting
14:05 #end-meeting
14:05 meeting Meeting ended Fri Aug 10 14:05:13 2018 UTC. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot. (v 0.1.4)
14:05 Minutes: http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]-10T13:40:54.html
14:05 Log:     http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]18-08-10T13:40:54
14:05 iqra You can save these meeting logs links
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16:23 amanharitsh123 Hey everyone ,are we having weekly meeting on this channael?
16:23 vaibhavdaren <vaibhavdaren!~vaibhavda@> has joined #sugar-meeting
16:23 amanharitsh123 or any other?
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16:23 jaskirat Hi amanharitsh123
16:24 amanharitsh123 hello jaskirat :)
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16:24 jaskirat We are having spam on IRC since long so meeting will be on sugar-meeting only
16:24 pikurasa: hi
16:24 pikurasa hi
16:24 jaskirat Nice yo see you !!
16:24 pikurasa jaskirat meeting will be in this room, correct?
16:24 jaskirat pikurasa: yes
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16:25 pikurasa a-ritwik: hi
16:25 a-ritwik pikurasa: hi
16:25 divyanshu Hello all :)
16:26 walterbender hi everyone
16:26 pikurasa hi walterbender
16:26 jaskirat walterbender: G'Day !!
16:27 divyanshu hi walterbender :)
16:27 Guest66298 hello :D
16:27 walterbender is back from traveling, finally
16:28 home for a few weeks :)
16:28 jaskirat Great!!
16:28 Pratul1997 Hello Walter :)
16:28 jaskirat walterbender: any chance on book ?
16:28 vipulgupta2048 <vipulgupta2048!~vipulgupt@> has joined #sugar-meeting
16:28 vipulgupta2048 Hi
16:29 riyalohia <riyalohia!dfeef810@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sugar-meeting
16:30 walterbender #start-meeting
16:30 meeting Meeting started Fri Aug 10 16:30:08 2018 UTC. The chair is walterbender. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
16:30 Useful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #endmeeting
16:30 walterbender I think this is the final group meeting of the summer
16:30 sammeister Wonderful summer
16:30 vipulgupta2048 Indeed
16:31 perrie_ <perrie_!~perriefid@> has joined #sugar-meeting
16:31 walterbender are we A-Z or Z-A this week?
16:31 amanharitsh123 sammeister +1 :)
16:31 pikurasa Yes, I almost cannot believe it. It has been a long journey.
16:32 vipulgupta2048 Z-A I believe
16:32 walterbender is yashagrawal3_ here?
16:32 samsongoddy has quit IRC
16:34 walterbender vipulgupta2048, let's begin with you
16:34 perrie_ has quit IRC
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16:34 vipulgupta2048 Sure thing
16:34 perrie <perrie!~perrie@> has joined #sugar-meeting
16:34 vipulgupta2048 Hi everyone,
16:34 - Prepared and tested documentation, worked on open and new issues with Quozl, checked help activity for activities of missing metadata. Found some; In pipeline.
16:34 - Tried mystery person, same problem presists as last time. Hence dropped it.
16:34 - Made the fixing script to be completely dynamic, hence anyone can use it on Linux. Abdul is working on MacOS, and I am making it work for Windows.
16:34 - Added a final report which I will be sending on the mailing list
16:34 - Will also finish my eval today. I guess completing GSoC '18 for me.
16:34 Next up
16:34 Deployment ASLOv3
16:35 rishabh42 <rishabh42!~rishabh@> has joined #sugar-meeting
16:36 vipulgupta2048 walterbender, I wanted to know if the meetings would still be there after this
16:36 rishabh42 hey everyone
16:36 walterbender vipulgupta2048, I thin we'll switch to the regular dev meetings on Tuesdays
16:36 vipulgupta2048 Noice +1
16:37 walterbender vipulgupta2048, great effort this summer
16:37 I think we should push the button on ASLOv3
16:37 vipulgupta2048 Thank you walterbender, Also Quozl. Thanks to all the people that helped me as well.
16:37 We really should.
16:38 walterbender Quozl, deserves a special thanks for all his mentoring
16:38 vipulgupta2048 Indeed +10
16:38 sammeister +1
16:38 walterbender very patient man
16:38 jaskirat +1
16:38 GrannieB +1
16:38 octamois +1
16:38 jaskirat GrannieB: oh hi
16:38 Guest66298 Quozl: helped me too with instructions for final pull request :D
16:39 walterbender Guest66298, can you switch your identify so we know who you are?
16:39 Guest66298 vaibhavdaren
16:39 yes sure
16:39 walterbender Ok :)
16:39 vipulgupta2048 I don't think mine or anyone else's projects could have been completed without his guidance. Thank you Quozl !!
16:40 walterbender Guest66298, I think you are next
16:40 Guest66298 This week i finally completed my project by making the tutorials.md page.
16:40 and sent the final pull request which can be found at:
16:40 https://github.com/sugarlabs/t[…]blocksjs/pull/440.
16:40 Waiting for my project pull request to be merged :)
16:40 I devoted my time to documentation and final report.
16:40 Link to report:-
16:40 https://vaibhavdaren.wordpress[…]018-final-report/
16:40 which I planned to get reviewed till tomorrow and finish submission by sunday.
16:40 walterbender hasn't done a final review yet, but I hope to merge this weekend
16:40 it is really nice to have all these great challenges
16:40 It can serve as a model for more by others as well
16:41 thank vaibhavdaren
16:41 Guest66298 next i would like to work on "fixing the plugins for chrome"
16:41 walterbender Yes... would be great
16:41 Guest66298 :) :D
16:42 jaskirat Guest66298: thats awsome !!
16:42 Guest66298 is now known as vaibhavdaren
16:42 vaibhavdaren thankyou everyone for your support
16:42 jaskirat Guest66298: i guess there are few issues you can make your hands to resolve that !!
16:43 vaibhavdaren it was a very awesome experience for me
16:43 walterbender riyalohia, I think you are next?
16:43 riyalohia yes :)
16:43 SiLuman20 <SiLuman20!~SiLuman@> has joined #sugar-meeting
16:43 riyalohia This week:
16:43 SiLuman20 kaniini has invited you to join #litepub
16:43 pikurasa hi riyalohia
16:43 riyalohia 1. Fixed existing bugs.
16:43 SiLuman20 has quit IRC
16:43 riyalohia 2. Made few enhancements.
16:44 3. Worked on final report : https://medium.com/gsoc18-with[…]port-3c1daf9c98e9
16:44 hi pikurasa
16:44 pikurasa, I have updated the report and included challenges faced.
16:44 walterbender riyalohia, did you see my email re restoring the values from temperament1 block?
16:45 ozy8 <ozy8!~ozy@> has joined #sugar-meeting
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16:45 riyalohia walterbender, yes
16:45 pikurasa walterbender: she already fixed ratio and exponent
16:45 I just tested and it works
16:45 riyalohia walterbender, I wanted to discuss about that.
16:45 walterbender pikurasa, this was another issue :P
16:45 riyalohia, maybe after the meeting?
16:45 pikurasa ok
16:46 riyalohia Can we discuss that after meeting if you are free?
16:46 walterbender I'll be free
16:46 riyalohia walterbender, +1.
16:46 okay :)
16:46 walterbender riyalohia, really looking forward to merging the temperament code
16:46 we are very close
16:46 pikurasa yes, we are!
16:46 I love the "custom pitch" block
16:47 riyalohia pikurasa, whenever musicblocks is loaded, previous custom values get lost. I and walterbender are working on this issue.
16:47 pikurasa that is very useful
16:47 riyalohia walterbender, pikurasa, thank you :)
16:47 pikurasa riyalohia: oh, ok, yes that is important
16:47 riyalohia yes..
16:47 walterbender any final comments for riyalohia ?
16:48 super effort this summer
16:48 riyalohia walterbender, thank you :)
16:48 walterbender I think we all learned a lot
16:48 riyalohia yes.
16:48 pikurasa riyalohia: you have been fantastic worker
16:48 and asked great questions
16:48 and did great research in-between
16:48 riyalohia pikurasa, thank you :)
16:48 pikurasa this was not an easy problem to solve by any means
16:49 walterbender Pratul1997, I think your turn?
16:49 Pratul1997 Yes
16:49 riyalohia I got to learn a lot if things :)
16:49 Pratul1997 This summer has been a great learning experience for me.
16:49 My blog post: https://medium.com/@pratulkuma[…]nity-ed47e04e3051
16:50 This week I completed the integration of both the front end and backend, Divyanshu helped me a lot in it, also I am continuously changing the front end dummy data from Sugarlabs data as provided by Jaskirat, showed the integration to Divyanshu. Work remaining is testing of the project.
16:50 I guess my GSoC work is nearly completed, but I would be working on this project for the next 2- 3 months more, improving the UI, and more functionality in Dashboard like email related things.
16:50 walterbender nice
16:50 Pratul1997 Thanks for the support everyone, mainly Walter, Jaskirat, Divyanshu, Abdul.
16:50 divyanshu Pratul1997: +1
16:50 jaskirat Pratul1997: nice
16:50 divyanshu Pratul is doing fine till so far and I have been reviewing his work, and it’s great that he relied on angular 4 at this point of time, and followed code conventions and javascript design patterns as well, and I can see there is a huge scope in this future in terms of scalability and I and pratul have discussed to work on it for upcoming months as well to eliminate some bugs and writing test cases for the same. It has been
16:50 jaskirat Pratul1997: sure, +1
16:51 walterbender what is needed to get it in front of the community?
16:51 jaskirat walterbender: testing
16:51 For bugs
16:51 divyanshu walterbender: deployment in cloud and testing as well.
16:52 walterbender let's bring it up at the next dev meeting
16:52 jaskirat Yup
16:52 divyanshu walterbender: +1 okay :)
16:53 Pratul1997 Yes walterbender +1
16:54 walterbender Pratul1997, could you please add some links/illustrations to your final report/blog post?
16:55 Pratul1997 Okay Sure , I will update it, I have provided all the links in the each week as work completes, I will sum them up and display at last of blog post.
16:55 walterbender +1
16:55 thanks. looking forward to seeing this deployed as well
16:55 jaskirat Pratul1997: putting on mailing list would help to get feedback more
16:55 walterbender octamois, you there?
16:55 octamois yes
16:56 Hello, After the ups and downs in my journey.
16:56 For this week, I worked on final submission blog available at octamois.help.blog , My project has been stalled for a while now, trying to fix everything in my capabilities, trying to install sugar[ported]. Before 14 august, I will complete documentation and my blog and try for my commits too. Quozl did message me on sugar-devel, try the fix ( was b
16:56 usy today).  Before submission, I will complete this blog (working on the same).
16:56 The summer has been learning experience for me, and upcoming months will be same. :-)
16:56 I officially thank walterbender, Quozl, divyanshu, vipulgupta, jaskirat and amanhariths123, I may have been least efficient guy among 12 being all of PR still open.
16:56 walterbender yes.. everyone, please email both sugar-devel and iaep lists with links to your final blog posts
16:56 GrannieB +1
16:56 octamois +1
16:57 walterbender octamois, glad you learned a few things this summer. I think that is why Google runs this program :P
16:57 octamois Thanks to Pro-Panda as well.
16:57 +1 walterbender
16:57 walterbender yes...
16:57 jaskirat octamois: you are welcome , this summer had been a great experience to learn new things
16:57 walterbender pro-panda did a great job this summer.
16:58 sammeister Yeah
16:58 octamois Saviour of the project : Quozl and Pro-Panda
16:58 walterbender yes
16:58 divyanshu octamois: It was great exp. mentoring you :)
16:58 walterbender iqra, are you there?
16:58 octamois #fingers_crossed now
16:58 iqra yes,
16:58 Hi
16:58 My overall project summary is available on this blog post:  https://iqragsoc.wordpress.com[…]l-project-report/
16:58 You can view all my blog posts on:  iqragsoc.wordpress.com
16:59 octamois goes afk
16:59 iqra I would like to thank all my mentors for their support throughout GSoC.
16:59 GrannieB It has been a wonderful experience working with Iqra this summer. She is both flexible and persistent while learning about Sugar and open source in general. Her product is going to really be useful… my 7-year-old granddaughter approves of her work on Primero1°!
16:59 iqra thanks Caryl
16:59 :)
16:59 walterbender nice to hear
16:59 sammeister It is
17:00 walterbender I am looking forward to hearing about how kids use your work
17:00 sammeister It was also great working with a female
17:00 GrannieB It is for really young students
17:00 iqra Yeah, I am planning to have the app installed on android tablets in some computer labs of government schools
17:00 walterbender wonderful
17:00 sammeister Awesome
17:01 iqra I have talked to a couple of friends and teachers. Schools open on 15 august
17:01 GrannieB It is non-language dependent so it can be used almost worldwide
17:01 iqra so will definitely do that
17:01 walterbender please share your experiences
17:01 iqra yes I will make some video and photos
17:02 of the visits
17:02 walterbender perfect
17:02 iqra soon around 15 august
17:02 GrannieB Where is the best place for her to share the video and photos?
17:02 iqra I'll email them
17:03 sammeister What type of videos?
17:03 walterbender share links from anywhere it is easy to upload them
17:03 sammeister For the app?
17:03 iqra lol the computer labs visit videos
17:03 GrannieB :D
17:03 walterbender of kids using the app :)
17:03 iqra yeah
17:03 sammeister Okay
17:03 Google drive will do the trick
17:04 iqra yeah
17:04 walterbender or YouTube or any other similar service
17:04 iqra +1
17:04 GrannieB Send the links to the iaep list too
17:04 iqra yeah, youtube sounds good
17:04 shivank <shivank!0e8bf2c3@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sugar-meeting
17:04 iqra ok
17:04 walterbender amanharitsh123, I think it is your turn?
17:04 amanharitsh123 yes :)
17:05 Hey Everyone ! So last week I tested my images for the last time and open a PR for Final Improvements.
17:05 https://github.com/amanharitsh[…]chool-box/pull/16.
17:05 I improved my documentation and made a final submission report.
17:05 https://amansharmablogblog.wor[…]oject-submission/
17:05 I discussed with my mentors , to check if anything is left to include in the image. Lionel pointed out to add wget and told that he will send a PR regarding
17:05 README update. I am waiting for the Lionels PR then will begin releasing the images as suggested by quozl.
17:05 https://github.com/amanharitsh[…]ool-box/issues/17
17:05 Also I would like to thank quozl for adding me as a collaborator on sugarizer-school-box fork of sugarlabs.
17:05 If there is anything I can still improve or Any feedback you will like to provide . Then please let me know. :)
17:06 walterbender will do... nice project
17:06 amanharitsh123 walterbender Thanks :D
17:07 walterbender any other comments for amanharitsh123 ?
17:07 a-ritwik, I think it is your turn?
17:07 a-ritwik yes
17:07 1) Work done during last week
17:07 Added mapping between frequency and notes.
17:08 BPM input and beats input added in pitch tracker.
17:08 Used better icons, added beep sound and other minor changes.
17:08 Wrote documentation for pitch tracker and software keyboard.
17:08 walterbender a-ritwik, it is working much better
17:08 pikurasa a-ritwik: please send link to documentation here
17:08 has yet to test. I am in a really noisy place right now...
17:09 a-ritwik walterbender: yes, It is working nicely for musical instruments
17:09 walterbender a-ritwik, It is not easy for me to sing in tune, but I will also test from a piano :)
17:09 a-ritwik walterbender: Please do
17:09 GrannieB try a tuner if you have access
17:10 walterbender a-ritwik, Do you think a separate button for starting/stopping record work make sense, since the mic button usually involves getting the browser to approve?
17:10 is thrilled with the idea of singing to write code :)
17:10 a-ritwik walterbender: should we use just one button?
17:11 walterbender One button to enable the mic
17:11 a-ritwik https://github.com/a-ritwik/mu[…]n/guide/README.md
17:11 walterbender one button to start/stop
17:11 a-ritwik walterbender: OK
17:11 https://github.com/a-ritwik/mu[…]n/guide/README.md
17:11 2) Issues faced None
17:12 walterbender a-ritwik, you'll be making two separate pull requests -- keyboard and pitch tracker?
17:12 pikurasa a-ritwik: I agree with Walter that the need to also allow the Browser to record every time broke the workflow
17:12 a-ritwik walterbender: yes
17:12 iqra_ <iqra_!b6b1045f@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sugar-meeting
17:12 walterbender looking forward to landing these new widgets
17:13 they add a much needed addition to MB
17:13 move ways in to coding
17:13 a-ritwik pikurasa: okay
17:13 3) For next week
17:13 Adding input using hardware keyboard.
17:13 iqra has quit IRC
17:13 a-ritwik Writing final report
17:14 walterbender thank you
17:14 and thanks for all the daily updates
17:14 they are very valuable
17:15 I think that is everyone.
17:15 a-ritwik walterbender: they helped me as well.
17:15 walterbender Unless yashagrawal3_ is here
17:15 pikurasa a-ritwik: great work
17:15 a-ritwik pikurasa: Thanks
17:15 walterbender I'd like to ack the mentors and give them a chance to speak up -- we always seem to focus on the interns
17:16 GrannieB We don't want to all talk at once :D
17:17 walterbender please do give devin and I feedback... I know I was absent a bi tmore than I expected this summer
17:18 one last topic: the GSoC mentor summit
17:18 jaskirat walterbender: our experience of being mentors in this summer was splendid...! This summer was gave many opportunities to learn new things and put them on actions , special thanks to all teams, who were active in making community goes good way !
17:18 walterbender We discussed this a few weeks ago and there were three people who expressed interest
17:18 but I think there are others also interested
17:19 I told google that we'd be sending devin (as admin) +2 and also applying for an extra slot.
17:19 to help with the decision, I'd love to hear back (in confidence) from the interns about your mentors
17:20 (Or feel free to sing their praises publicly)
17:20 yashagrawal3_ has quit IRC
17:20 pikurasa re: mentor feedback: I enjoyed mentoring very much. It is a bit of work, but enjoy the experience and the new functionality for our Music Blocks tool. And really love to tell people that our team includes college students (GSoC) and high school students (GCI). :)
17:20 walterbender I want a diverse representation from SL and also ack the mentors who put in extra effort
17:21 jaskirat walterbender: sounds great !
17:21 walterbender anything else for today?
17:22 once again, thanks to both our interns and their mentors
17:22 lots of great work this summer
17:22 shivank Mentor feedback: Just glad to be first time gsoc mentor, learned lot about community, pitfalls and most importantly timely production of software here with my students. Although for me SL community has been welcoming :) Thanks
17:22 jaskirat walterbender: so when can we expect on final concludion on summit !!?
17:22 sammeister Big Thank You to walterbender and pikurasa
17:22 amanharitsh123 My experience with all the Gsoc mentors was very good.
17:23 They were helpful ,polite and readily available to sort things out :) .
17:23 walterbender jaskirat, I hope by early next week for the 2 slots... the last slot will be somewhat last minute, depending on Google
17:23 amanharitsh123 I mentioned this acknowledgement in my final report :)
17:23 jaskirat walterbender: okay ! You mean in sep for last one ?
17:24 llaske <llaske!~llaske@host-185-104-27-104.ip.spadhausen.it> has joined #sugar-meeting
17:24 ibiam has quit IRC
17:24 walterbender jaskirat, Google won't announce extra slots for at least one more month
17:24 of <of!~of@138-204-69-23.wantel.net.br> has joined #sugar-meeting
17:24 of kaniini has invited you to join #litepub
17:24 of has quit IRC
17:24 jaskirat walterbender: oh yeah !
17:25 pikurasa If you have anything specific about your mentors (to help tip the scale if you think they are really deserving to go) please let walterbender and/or me know by email/IRC/etc (in some way) as soon as you can
17:25 walterbender any final words before we end the meeting? Hopefully we will see many of you at the Tuesday devel meetings (announced on the devel list)
17:25 thx
17:25 vaibhavdaren Jaskirat has been very helpful throughout the summer.
17:25 He was always there to help me.
17:25 He helped me always provided feedback helped me keep timelines in check.He also invested time in with me in  designing and testing .
17:25 There was a time when I was worried about the progress and pace of the project but he was always for help and motivated and kept me on track.
17:26 walterbender nice to hear
17:26 jaskirat Thanks a lot !!
17:26 I apreciste your efforts
17:26 octamois nips in
17:26 amanharitsh123 walterbender Thanks a lot for making this summer a nice learning opportunity for all of us :)
17:26 vipulgupta2048 walterbender, Can we now apply to be a member for Sugar Labs
17:26 pikurasa I really enjoyed working with everyone! We could not do it without everyone's efforts. Thank your family members, too. I am sure it was not easy for them either. :p
17:26 walterbender vipulgupta2048, yes... any time...
17:27 vaibhavdaren amanharitsh123:+1
17:27 vipulgupta2048 I mean, I am unsure of the qualificatio  Oh great.
17:27 walterbender ping samson who chairs the membership committee :)
17:27 sammeister You are welcome to apply
17:27 amanharitsh123 vipulgupta2048 +1
17:27 sammeister Samson here
17:27 walterbender vipulgupta2048, the qualification is to be a contributor... all of you qualify
17:27 octamois On my end, my mentors divyanshu and shivank have been very helpful this summer.
17:27 vipulgupta2048 walterbender, great thanks.
17:28 iqra_ I am also interested in contributing to sugar labs after GSoC.
17:28 GrannieB +1
17:28 jaskirat This sounds great !!
17:28 octamois it really takes a lot of management and skills to mentor 4 students ( aced by divyanshu)
17:28 riyalohia It was really a great learning experience. Thank you walterbender and pikurasa for your guidance :)
17:28 sammeister We will really need the help iqra
17:28 walterbender please do continue your work... even though the GSoC program is ending
17:28 octamois +1 walterbender
17:28 iqra_ yes, I will for sure :)
17:28 vipulgupta2048 +1 walterbender
17:28 amanharitsh123 +1 walterbender
17:28 riyalohia walterbender, for sure :)
17:29 a-ritwik Thanks walterbender and pikurasa
17:29 divyanshu octamois: +1
17:29 octamois walterbender any space at committee for me or being expelled?
17:29 walterbender we are at the end of our hour. I look forward to continuing to work with you. Many thx
17:30 octamois, feel free to join any of our teams/efforts
17:30 with that...
17:30 #end-meeting
17:30 meeting Meeting ended Fri Aug 10 17:30:28 2018 UTC. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot. (v 0.1.4)
17:30 Minutes: http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]-10T16:30:08.html
17:30 Log:     http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]18-08-10T16:30:08
17:30 sammeister Remember we are welcoming members
17:30 vipulgupta2048 I pinged sammeister
17:30 octamois +1 sammeister
17:30 sammeister Especially from interns that want to be part of Sugar Labs
17:30 riyalohia walterbender, ping!
17:30 iqra_ +1
17:30 sammeister https://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Sugar_Labs/Members
17:31 This will help
17:31 walterbender riyalohia, hi
17:31 shall we go to #suagr?
17:31 riyalohia hi walterbender
17:31 yes..
17:31 jaskirat walterbender: if you get a chance please nake a bit review on book part documentation
17:31 GrannieB has quit IRC
17:32 walterbender riyalohia, I meant #sugar :)
17:32 riyalohia yes.
17:32 Pratul1997 jaskirat and divyanshu thanks for support throughout the GSoC period, your support was vital :)
17:33 jaskirat Pratul1997: thanks a lot man !!
17:33 sammeister May the source be with you all
17:33 perrie has quit IRC
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17:58 Abdul Hello
17:58 Really bad internet
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