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#sugar-meeting, 2018-07-12

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00:56 llaske <llaske!~llaske@2a01cb00074daf00917e7de1f8c​de7eb.ipv6.abo.wanadoo.fr> has joined #sugar-meeting
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06:10 llaske <llaske!~llaske@2a01cb00074daf00917e7de1f8c​de7eb.ipv6.abo.wanadoo.fr> has joined #sugar-meeting
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11:15 meeting <meeting!~sugaroid@rev-18-85-44-69.sugarlabs.org> has joined #sugar-meeting
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13:06 iqra <iqra!2724bbd9@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sugar-meeting
13:16 iqra <iqra!2724bbd9@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sugar-meeting
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13:33 GrannieB <GrannieB!c0a14648@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sugar-meeting
13:34 iqra Hi
13:35 GrannieB Hi Iqra1
13:35 iqra hello
13:36 samsongoddy <samsongoddy!~androirc@> has joined #sugar-meeting
13:36 GrannieB Will you join me for breakfast? Cereal, yogurt, and tea?
13:36 samsongoddy Hello
13:36 perrie <perrie!~perriefid@> has joined #sugar-meeting
13:36 samsongoddy #start-meeting
13:36 meeting Meeting started Thu Jul 12 13:36:21 2018 UTC. The chair is samsongoddy. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
13:36 Useful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #endmeeting
13:36 GrannieB Hi Samson and Perrie!
13:36 iqra let me start the with the update
13:36 This week I did the following tasks:  1. Remove nav bar 2. Remove name textbox 3. Changed animation 4. Changed background of homeview 5. have added green and yellow dropdowns
13:36 Website link: http://iqragsoc.com/iqragsoc.com/primero/
13:37 With pressing of green button like in paint activity icon a new activity starts, then user draws something and  then press red stop button and then press yellow drop down and you can previous version of paint
13:37 perrie Hello 👋🏽
13:37 iqra Hi.I mean after animation the we got directly to homeview
13:37 and the dropdowns have been changed to what caryl sent
13:38 GrannieB Wow! Really cool!
13:38 iqra the drop down appears once we take the arrow to the lower part of icon
13:38 I mean check it on homeview
13:38 GrannieB I like the opening Primero1° screen
13:38 iqra you'll see the green and yellow circular dropdown
13:39 *the website takes some time to load
13:39 GrannieB and the buttons work perfectly... at least they do on paint... I haven't tried the others yet
13:40 iqra others will too
13:40 i am still working on it
13:40 samsongoddy Awesome
13:40 iqra updated github link: https://github.com/iqraceme/Primero1
13:40 What I plan to do in next coming days  1. Write blog post on friday 2.Remove unecessary journal dropdowns from all activities 3. make the all above previous web version changes in android  4. Start working on the app restart and log off button on XO man 5. Add sounds to MathStiX
13:40 perrie Great
13:41 iqra I will work on sounds part soon on weekend
13:41 GrannieB and attend tomorrow's intern meeting
13:41 iqra yeah
13:41 perrie_ <perrie_!~perrie@> has joined #sugar-meeting
13:41 GrannieB ;-D
13:41 iqra *these were only changes in UI
13:41 some green and yellow buttons still need some work
13:41 working on it
13:42 *dropdowns
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13:42 iqra I will write blog post about this week soon
13:43 perrie_ <perrie_!~perrie@> has joined #sugar-meeting
13:43 iqra will send an update email of it
13:44 GrannieB If you have some extra time this week (ha, ha!) maybe you could change the background color on the screen with the icons to be a lighter, paler version of the Primero1° screen?
13:44 a lighter blue instead of the pale green?
13:44 iqra the homeview?
13:44 GrannieB yes
13:45 iqra change icon to pale?
13:45 *icon colors
13:45 GrannieB no
13:45 change the background color. The icons are fine
13:45 iqra thr background oh right ok I will try it this weekend
13:45 *the
13:46 samsongoddy The homeview on landscape is have some position conflict
13:46 iqra *dont worry I'll correct it
13:46 *the position
13:47 will do things one by one
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13:48 samsongoddy Great
13:49 perrie has quit IRC
13:49 GrannieB In the paint activity the big arrow changed to a smaller one after a few seconds. Is that planned?
13:49 perrie <perrie!~perriefid@> has joined #sugar-meeting
13:50 iqra *yeah
13:51 when i make changes to a single thing, some other things get disturbed.
13:51 I will check it
13:51 GrannieB it happens as soon as I move it
13:51 right! I know how that is... one thing leads to another unexpected thing
13:52 iqra I will correct it.
13:52 GrannieB First you  have to find out what is causing it
13:53 iqra yeah, I'll do a search
13:56 samsongoddy Good job so far
13:56 iqra +1. there are a bugs will solve them first then move towards next thingd
13:56 *things
13:56 samsongoddy iqra, any more things to share?
13:56 iqra blog post I will send an email
13:56 *i have to write it
13:57 GrannieB Yes! And, I see your schedule for tomorrow says to "look for bugs!" right on time
13:57 vipulgupta2048 <vipulgupta2048!~vipulgupt@> has joined #sugar-meeting
13:57 iqra yeah the schedule says that I'll do that
13:59 perrie has quit IRC
13:59 GrannieB I also see you plan to release it to the Sugar Labs community for testing a week from tomorrow. Is that still your plan?
14:00 iqra 20 July
14:00 it was initially, bugs need to be fixed first
14:01 GrannieB that is a week from tomorrow... tomorrow is "Friday the 13th" which is considered a bad-luck day in the US
14:01 iqra lol, okay I'll avoid tomorrows bad luck :D
14:02 perrie <perrie!~perriefid@> has joined #sugar-meeting
14:02 Hrishi <Hrishi!uid200307@gateway/web/irccloud.com/x-jofkeptbswulusqe> has joined #sugar-meeting
14:04 samsongoddy Anything to share before I end the meeting?
14:04 perrie has quit IRC
14:04 GrannieB We need to figure out the best way to recruit testers ... maybe IAEP? There are other mailing lists too. Samson, what do you think? We could just invite certain people who we know work with kids
14:06 samsongoddy Sure
14:06 GrannieB We have a small Education Committee... we can ask them or... put it on iaep as an Education Committee project and invite people to help
14:06 samsongoddy We can share it to Sugar-devel
14:07 GrannieB that would be good too.
14:07 samsongoddy And the IAEP
14:07 GrannieB We need both developers and educators ... and some people who are both... like Tony Anderson
14:08 samsongoddy +1
14:08 We could do a public beta testing
14:08 iqra +1
14:09 GrannieB OK. So next Friday we can plan to send the link out for testing
14:09 samsongoddy Share a link to our Twitter page and Facebook? So we can get a public opinion too. What do you think? Similar to the steps the Scratch Team did on Scratch 3.0
14:09 iqra yes okay next friday
14:09 GrannieB That might take a while, but we could try it
14:10 iqra... what would you think about sharing it on one of the CS50 pages?
14:10 iqra cs50 great. okay next friday then
14:10 I'll share a post in the group
14:11 GrannieB Great! We can deal with the details next Thursday
14:11 iqra okay sure.
14:11 GrannieB OK.... anything else for the record?
14:11 iqra no not at the moment
14:12 GrannieB OK Samson... sign us off!
14:12 samsongoddy Interesting meeting
14:12 GrannieB Yes
14:12 samsongoddy #end-meeting
14:12 meeting Meeting ended Thu Jul 12 14:12:31 2018 UTC. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot. (v 0.1.4)
14:12 Minutes: http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]-12T13:36:21.html
14:12 Log:     http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]18-07-12T13:36:21
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