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#sugar-meeting, 2018-06-28

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13:30 GrannieB <GrannieB!c0a14648@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sugar-meeting
13:30 GrannieB Hi!
13:30 samsongoddy Hello
13:30 iqra_ hi
13:30 samsongoddy Could you lead the meeting
13:30 As i am walking
13:30 GrannieB Sure
13:31 Is Perrie here?
13:31 Samson, can you turn on the record function?
13:32 Iqra, how was your week?
13:32 iqra_ it was ok. This week:  1.I was able to run the android apk on HTC android device.  2 . At the moment I have been working on getting the app on windows 10 platform.   2.I just bought the kindle so that I could get started with amazon app Samson, if you have an android device want to run the app on your android device. I want to keep track issues currently appearing in the android .
13:32 samsongoddy #start-meeting
13:32 meeting Meeting started Thu Jun 28 13:32:36 2018 UTC. The chair is samsongoddy. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
13:32 Useful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #endmeeting
13:32 iqra_ This week:  1.I was able to run the android apk on HTC android device.  2 . At the moment I have been working on getting the app on windows 10 platform.   2.I just bought the kindle so that I could get started with amazon app Samson, if you have an android device want to run the app on your android device. I want to keep track issues currently appearing in the android .
13:34 https://wordpress.com/post/iqr[…].wordpress.com/98
13:34 last blog post has the android apk link
13:35 GrannieB For some reason, I can't get the blog to load
13:36 Maybe it is my slow internet... here in rural MT
13:36 iqra_ *wait
13:36 https://iqragsoc.wordpress.com[…]21/gsoc-9th-week/
13:37 GrannieB got it!
13:37 iqra_ * i wasnt able to lend a MAC so that will become a problem
13:37 *for ios
13:39 GrannieB I have a Mac and could help with testing, but you need more than that, right?
13:39 iqra_ yes
13:40 samsongoddy Where is apk
13:40 GrannieB Is there somewhere you could go and use a Mac? Like at your university, maybe? Could one of your Professors help?
13:40 iqra_ https://drive.google.com/file/[…]/view?usp=sharing
13:41 download link for apk
13:41 I would need the MAC for a week or so. I didnt think of asking my professor
13:42 GrannieB It's worth a try ;)
13:42 iqra_ * yeah I will ask professor then .
13:43 GrannieB Great!
13:43 iqra_ If you want me to change the UI of any present activity do tell me, and Caryl if you want me to do the Math Sticks Subtraction thing also let me know.
13:43 jaskirat <jaskirat!uid272023@gateway/web/irccloud.com/x-ywstknoksagrhouq> has joined #sugar-meeting
13:43 GrannieB I have an idea for the subtraction part of MathStix... I'll write it up and send it to you
13:44 ibiam <ibiam!~ibiam@> has joined #sugar-meeting
13:44 iqra_ Caryl: okay
13:44 GrannieB But, if you don't have time for subtraction, just getting everything else in order will be great... subtraction is the "frosting on the cake"
13:46 iqra_ ok.
13:46 GrannieB Could you give me a link to where I can check the UIs?
13:47 iqra_ of the activities?
13:47 you can install the apk on your android device
13:47 I'll send you a link of screenshots
13:48 GrannieB Ha, Ha! The only thing close to an Android I have is the Kindle
13:48 samsongoddy Just open
13:48 GrannieB Screenshots OK
13:48 samsongoddy The Android need alot of work
13:48 I will test more
13:48 Mainly on UI
13:48 iqra_ does the main screen appear?
13:49 samsongoddy Yes it does
13:49 The select colors
13:49 Not working
13:49 GrannieB The biggest problem with the UI on Sugarizer seemed to be getting it to work on many different screens of many different sizes
13:49 iqra_ ok. which device you are using samson?
13:49 *I mean the model etc
13:50 samsongoddy Samsung Galaxy 6 edge
13:50 *S7 edge
13:50 5.5 inch
13:50 Display
13:50 iqra_ ok.
13:53 GrannieB Have you made the icon for MathStix?
13:54 iqra_ The black blocks are MathStiX
13:54 samsongo_ <samsongo_!~samsongod@> has joined #sugar-meeting
13:54 iqra_ icon.
13:54 GrannieB OK...
13:54 samsongo_ I am here too on my PC
13:55 I think the most thing is that the homepage is not responsive
13:55 As it should be
13:55 iqra_ *will fix it
13:56 samsongo_ Cool
13:56 So what is the update and what is left
13:56 base on the timeline
13:56 iqra_ based on the timeline I need to also get a MAC for ios
13:57 samsongo_ Wow
13:57 How did you intend to solve that problem?
13:58 iqra_ *ask my professor. the last option is to rent it out it would cost
13:58 GrannieB Try the professor first
13:58 iqra_ *ok
13:59 GrannieB maybe you can use it in their office?
13:59 iqra_ I can do that if he agrees
14:00 *there is another option.. there are a couple of cloud platforms where we can remotely access
14:01 a mac device , install whatever we want for a few dollars.
14:01 samsongoddy has quit IRC
14:01 samsongo_ I think so
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14:02 samsongoddy <samsongoddy!~androirc@> has joined #sugar-meeting
14:02 ibiam <ibiam!~ibiam@> has joined #sugar-meeting
14:02 samsongo_ Interesting
14:04 sammeister <sammeister!~androirc@> has joined #sugar-meeting
14:05 GrannieB What version of the Mac OS would you need to do that?
14:05 iqra_ I only need XCode to run
14:05 the version doesnt matter
14:06 GrannieB Let me check on my husband's MacBook and see if XCode will run on it.
14:07 iqra_ oh ok.
14:07 GrannieB It's pretty old...
14:08 iqra_ *I'll get the problem solved.before next week.
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14:08 samsongo_ Sure keep us updated
14:08 blog?
14:08 iqra_ *ok
14:08 *i send the blog post for this week tonight
14:09 GrannieB I see there is a version of Xcode for Windows
14:09 samsongo_ well that is a bad idea
14:09 Apple apps work smoothly with Macbooks
14:10 GrannieB You have to use a Virtual Box
14:10 iqra_ I have tried using VMWare
14:10 for MAC OS
14:10 samsongo_ Well the Mac OS X isn't working smoothly
14:10 iqra_ its very very slow
14:10 samsongo_ but have you tried hackintosh?
14:10 iqra?
14:10 iqra_ no I haven't tried that
14:11 samsongo_ that is the solution
14:11 iqra_ hackintosh ok i'll look into it
14:11 samsongo_ https://hackintosh.com/
14:11 thank me later
14:11 lolz
14:11 GrannieB Like the name ;)
14:11 iqra_ *woah. I guess maybe I wont have to spend money renting things out
14:12 GrannieB Let's hope so!
14:12 samsongo_ Samson Goddy the real superman
14:12 lolz
14:12 iqra_ I'll try setting it up in VirtualBox
14:12 thanks samson
14:12 samsongo_ Sure
14:12 Mac OS X is light
14:12 as linux
14:12 so I don't think you need much ram
14:12 to play with it
14:13 iqra_ yes, you are right..
14:16 GrannieB Well, it looks like you have a big list of "to-dos" for this week
14:17 iqra_ yes
14:17 samsongo_ Yeahd
14:17 *yeah
14:17 keep me updated with the hackintosh
14:17 cool name though
14:17 iqra_ yeah I'll update you on hackintosh
14:18 samsongo_ Did you manage to solve the issue with building for android?
14:18 GrannieB I'm also interested
14:18 samsongo_ the last time you mentioned you had some issues
14:18 iqra_ *yes I solved the issue. i used the --force option
14:19 samsongo_ Nice
14:21 Any other technical issues?
14:21 iqra_ no I need to fix the homeview first
14:21 * and get hackintosh running
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14:22 GrannieB So, we have talked about a lot of different things today.... why don't you make a revised, prioritized list of what you hope to do in the coming week and share it with us via email or FB?
14:22 ibiam <ibiam!~ibiam@> has joined #sugar-meeting
14:22 iqra_ yeah sure
14:22 I'll do that
14:22 *make a list
14:23 GrannieB Sort of "prioritized" list
14:23 iqra_ *"prioritized" list got it
14:23 GrannieB Great
14:24 Are we about finished for today?
14:24 iqra_ yes
14:24 GrannieB Samson
14:24 ?
14:25 iqra_ *i'll send a prioritized list
14:25 GrannieB +1
14:26 Samson, do you want to "close" the meeting now?
14:27 sammeister #end-meeting
14:27 samsongo_ #end-meeting
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14:28 samsongoddy #end-meeting
14:28 meeting Meeting ended Thu Jun 28 14:28:06 2018 UTC. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot. (v 0.1.4)
14:28 Minutes: http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]-28T13:32:36.html
14:28 Log:     http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]18-06-28T13:32:36
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